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19 May
I got a bit inspired by @andrewtychen's great thread on the new NZ COVID-19 tracing app.

I heard that MBIE would be releasing the ability for businesses to generate QR codes, so I decided to try and figure out how that process works.
First - how is MBIE going to be managing the generation of these QR codes?

I heard a rumour that it was going to be through a new tool they'd recently rolled out called "Business Connect".

I own a business and work with many businesses, but I've never heard of it.
So what is Business Connect?

"Business Connect is a new digital service platform that will allow businesses to apply for things like licences and permits from different government agencies in one place."

I guess if you want to tie these codes to NZBNs, this is the spot.
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20 Apr
Basically we're doing amazing by nearly every statistic.
#COVID19nz #lockdownnz
We're confident that there is no widespread community transmission in New Zealand.
#COVID19nz #lockdownnz
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16 Oct 19
Good morning @kawaiiconNZ!
This seems fine. @kiwicon
#Kawaiicon @kawaiiconNZ
Current status:
#Kawaiicon @kawaiiconNZ @kiwicon
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18 Jul 19
Another day, another early start!

Catching an Uber at 1:30am to pick up a car and (hopefully) get to Yosemite around sunrise.

Our trusty mountain chariot!
Its Yosemite time!
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4 Jul 19
This narrative that the Titirangi community is fully against this water plan pisses me off.

I live just down the road and I am fully behind Watercare on this - they've really taken a lot of effort to do everything right.
The current water treatment plant is nearly a hundred years old. It needs to be replaced if we want to continue to have access to the water captured in the Waitakeres.
Even though they had land right next to the existing water plant that was already consented for the new water plant, they reviewed many alternative build sites.

The final two were Oratia and the land next to the existing plant.
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16 Mar 19
Kicking off day 2 of Varanasi adventures!

So we've been wandering around with our guide, Pintu, and he is either explaining things or hustling us around which leaves no time for tweeting.
So you lot just get to enjoy my recap now that we're back at the hotel. 😁
And we're off!
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21 Feb 19
Must be #OWASPNZ time...
I'm modifying my #OWASPNZ sticker to "GOT OW" - so I can use it to query where the fuck @ow is.
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16 Nov 18
Ready for #Kiwicon Day 2!

This will be an interesting angle... I blame @rafaelmagu

I have JUST discovered that the #Kiwicon screens are rear projection.

Now @Metlstorm is (finally) thanking the sponsors.

Starting with @InternetNZ!

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15 Nov 18
"If you're sitting in the front row beware your eyebrows. Apparently they're not 'pyrotechnics' they're 'flame-fans'"

Interpretive dancing from @Metlstorm

Now its @mjg59 talking about what fun you can have with electric scooters!

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14 Nov 18
Its nearly #purplecon time with @kanocarra!
Front row with some of the #purplecon krew.

Almost showtime!

@pikelet @hipsterjazzbo
Some ace haikus.

And a @mangopdf
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9 Nov 17
Around the public sphere there is growing hostility towards voices of dissent.

We need a more participatory environment that listens to & empowers all views - Marianne

How do we co-design the future in a scalable way?

How do we co-design better processes that allow everyone to participate in government & public service? - Pia

What do we do about the ubiquity of big corporate presence in the education system & the lack of other products?

It is incumbent on the schools that students get a variety of choice.

We need to focus on the skill, not the product.

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8 Nov 17
Its #Nethui time!
Now its "Sex Sells: who's paying?"

With @theJDuce & @NatDudley!

Quick interlude: #shoesofnethui

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26 Oct 17
Its @CHCon_nz time!!
Kicking off @CHCon_nz!

Now it's @yappare talking about jow to get in & stay in the top 5 in bug crowd!

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