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Napoleon Busch asked me to tag you in a tweet so you can see one of his numerous trailer/billboards
@byroncclark and Marc Leonardus a.k.a @marcdaalder of @NewsroomNZ

@CounterspinM - FACTS AND EVIDENCE, instead of govt paid elusive rhetoric and agenda ridden sensationalism
Wow... better stats than your few thousand ALLEGED You Tube followers and few hundred reactions Byron

.... and your half dozen or so reactions on twitter Daalder from your blathering tweets
Still going on about face nappy wearing in your articles Daalder....


Are you double stupid Marc?
You wearing 2 face nappies here?

If you truly believe the psuedo mask bullsh¡t Daalder, THEN BY DEFAULT YOU MUST BELIEVE IN "social distancing"
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Well Marc Leonardus a.k.a Daalder?
Why did she get a FAKE covid "vaccine"....?

.... by her FAKE grubby hands/filthy fingernails "nurse"
..... just like MANY of the other @wef / Klaus Schwab agenda ridden RIGGED "leaders" are

@covidscam2 Image
Agenda is to totally bugger this country so all your elitist scum cohorts have a "refuge" in paradise down under Daalder? Image
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The left are losing the plot over a FEW local majority's going "right" or centre right....
They will crazily MANIFEST when the sh¡t truly hits the fan - and it will…
Is this why the Wasp's Nest/Termite Mound AND PREMIER HOUSE have NO 5️⃣G @jacindaardern @chrishipkins @marcdaalder @nzlabour @TheBFD_nz

Why not? You lot ALLEGEDLY claim to be the busiest "most transparent" government ever #COVID19nz
Pure bullsh¡t by the vile NZ government corporation


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Which tweeted about in Oct 2019 on Question The Narrative
You remember don't you Marc Leonardus a.k.a Daalder son of the genocidial @IvoHDaalder a.k.a ivo Leonardus Image
All the evidence will and is coming out showing that the alleged covid "vaccine" was/is a dangerous diabolical bioweapon

Why...? For same reason they removed the Georgia Stones…
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Hey @jamespeshaw of the cow supporting @green party...

Now you have a dilemma. ..
Support cattles health at the sacrifice of your support for the totalitarian global control freaks, your "bosses" at the @wef

Link to article on tw2 ImageImage
So what ARE you going to do James?
Get one of your Czarina Cindy's spin doctor departments to come up with some sort of bullsh¡t? (pun intended)

Remember this hypocrite Kiwi's?

The agenda ridden leftie politician who claimed 5G was healthy, he was the one who went "mountain bike" riding in Lockdown level 4, when APPARENTLY 5G tower installers were ESSENTIAL SERVICE PROVIDERS #COVID19nz

government hypocrisy 101 #nzpol Image
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1/5 Now ain't this about right...! Image
2/5 Truth Squashed Image
#COVID19nz #COVID19Aus

The truth..
SQUASHED and IGNORED by @chrishipkins and cohorts Image
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THIS IS NOT AN ANTI VAX POST about the NZ government corporation but an ANTI HYPOCRISY, ANTI MISinformation peddling and ANTI LIARS statement as the govt (all of them irrelevant of party), are sanctimonious hypocritical, misinfo spreading LIARS.

#COVID19nz #nzpol #COVID19Aus
👆 includes the NZ MSM, Muck Spreading Media machine @NewshubNZ @NewsroomNZ @Breakfaston1 @MutchJessica @WendyPetrieTVNZ

What the hell were you doing wearing TWO FACE NAPPIES @marcdaalder ?
You live in fear, what a sad life

Masks will be known as the symbol of STUPIDITY
For the totally brainwashed fear ridden double face nappy wearer👆

Or maybe the double masking idiocy was all for SHOW and DRAMATICS for your brainwashed sheeple Marc?

A few corrections of his OLD Twitter profile. WHY'D YOU REMOVE YOUR "VACCINATE" TAG Marc Harris Leonardus?
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"Monkey pox" all planned, but of course under the guise of "discussions" in various "scenarios"

Despot leaders around the world like @jacindaardern , sleepy @JoeBiden etc all given their instructions at the WEF, parroted by global groups like @IvoHDaalder of Chicago council
"Monkey pox" all planned 2

Int. media machine kicks into action ramping up fear mongering using particular sensationalised words and phrases

Their placed operatives keeping check on feed back and collating with the govt paid monitor's of "social media extremism"

"Monkey pox" all planned 3

Link to PDF of above attached screenshots…

#monkeypox #COVID19nz #nzpol

Hey @covid19nz when are you launching your @monkeypox22nz to blather about how important it is to get your "monkey shot"?

Why shoot cute monkey's?
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"“You Maniacs! You blew it up! ......damn you all to hell!”
Charlton Heston from the movie “Planet of the Apes”

#nzpol #COVID19nz

Through the justification of "covid" we are watching the leftist/socialist/democrat/globalist totalitarians do just that with their "great reset" Image
It was never about "the virus"
It was, as Ardern said, their great reset using the Agenda 2030 blueprint"

Justified "legally" by two MUMBLED WORDS by psuedo lawyer/politician @DavidParkerMP

Economic effects

Ya'll think that DEATH CULT care about you, your health, your life? Image
If you genuinely think 99% of the NZ governmental bureaucratic corporation cares about life it's time to WAKE UP

"Health" (i.e "ministry of health" etc) it their definition is "sustainability"

As Ardern's WEF programme taught them, all of these "useless eaters" must be removed Image
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More kiddie scribble from Daalder

Over 50 years of climate hysteria "predictions" AND NOT ONE SINGLE

'All life on Earth is vulnerable to a changing climate'…
Your kiddie scribble climate claptrap all go on this mysterious "pause" for two and a half years @marcdaalder


Did your "prediction" of a 250mm PER YEAR sea rise go mysteriously on hold during your "oh so scary" covid couple of years @Jamienzherald

You claiming to be like Jesus or Moses and able to hold the sea?

Why'd pull your rubbish Herald article?

Screenshots are a bugger huh..
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The answer is YES, and via research (known by brainwashed populace as "conspiracy theories"), my decision to not comply to being SHOT with their NON VACCINE mRNA MODIFYING Inoculation


I will take a bullet before your evil SHOTS @covid19nz…
The world renown leading virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier

He stated that the "wave of death follows the wave of vaccination"

So why not believe Luc but trust @chrishipkins and @jacindaardern "take the jab it won't kill you"

Jab won't but it's ACTION WILL
As the co-host of it was fantastic to then meet and converse via zoom with members of (notice the vile NZ govt blocked their website on an ISP level)

Later from that platform over 120 thousand listened to research and truth
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My rule of thumb is that Australia is similar to NZ on Omicron but 50 days ahead. Their highest ever day for new cases was 151k on 13-Jan. In NZ terms, that'd be 30k on 4-Mar. We're not forecast to exceed 30k until 8-Mar with a peak of 34k a few days later. #nzpol #covid19nz
With a similar population profile (in terms of vaccination, prior exposure, etc) & other factors (weather, isolation rules, etc) their hospitals held up. Maybe we are gonna go a little higher & our health system is a little weaker but Oz broadly indicates we shouldn't collapse.
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Overseas, Omicron has upended conventional wisdom about how to respond to the pandemic. It will do the same when it arrives in New Zealand. We must have a new playbook ready before it takes off - and we're running out of time.… #nzpol #Covid19 #Covid19nz
Three key things when Omicron gets here:
1. We won't be able to control it like previous variants, only slow it.

2. Even if we slow it down, far more people will be infected than in any previous phase of the pandemic, leading to labour shortages.
3. The health system will still be threatened. Even though Omicron has a lower hospitalisation rate, it will likely infect enough people to send more patients to hospital than in previous outbreaks. Plus, shortages of health workers will reduce capacity.
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@tereoputake 1/4 Toxic right wing idiotical propaganda, shared by Antivaxxers on social media, has convinced people that the governments are trying to poison them and the children with vaccine. Of course the more deluded deranged people are acting accordingly, online&public.
#nzpol #COVID19nz
@tereoputake 2/4 The vitriolic replies from the right wing and Anti-vaccination brigade to the quoted tweet from NZ HRC, sadly show dialitdown to be a noble but hopeless cause.
#nzpol #COVID19nz
@tereoputake 3/4 I admit to being the worst of the other side, but until their unreality bubble is burst, Antivaxxers will continue to incite violence. Luxon has already spoken out against the "Freedom" protests, we need the leaders from all parties to denounce this toxic group of morons.
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It seems to me that the proposed traffic light system is about having fewer tools across a less optimistic range of outcomes... and making it as unclear as possible that that's what is happening. #nzpol #covid19nz #lockdownnz
Due to variations in definitions and practices over time, and the traffic light system being under development, this chart is intended as merely conceptual.
Or reflection the boundaries between the traffic light colours need to be at least 45 degrees. Any other suggestions for version 2?
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Far out... the #nz govt #covid19nz response over the last two weeks is depressingly terrible. It's clearly turned into a politically-driven strategy now that is at odds with the best health outcomes. The messaging has stopped making sense and is contradictory. 1/n
The government is now avoiding answering basic questions like who is advising them, why they are ignoring public health experts, what modelling they are using, what sort of case numbers, hospitalisation numbers should we expect, whether Level 3 is likely for long term. 2/n
A few weeks ago govt said: 80-85% of 12+ fully vax'd could result in 4-7k deaths and 2.5 - 5.7k peak in hosp. Yet that is the exact scenario we face given with R1.2 now and it likely to be over a month before double vax rate reaches 80%. Now it's "we use a range of models". 3/n
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🧵What happened to #NewZealand's elimination strategy for #covid19? Why did it happen and why was it stopped?
When #covid19 first arrived in force in Aotearoa NZ in March 2020, China had already beaten the original Wuhan outbreak through the unprecedented Hubei lockdown and restrictions on the scale of the whole country. NZ epidemiologists were keen to follow that proven example.
NZ also had a lot to fear from an uncontrolled outbreak. Our run down neoliberal health system faced early collapse. With only 4 beds per 100k people, intensive care was especially vulnerable. The original strategy to “flatten the curve” of cases could not have avoided disaster.
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We are now suppressing the virus, which means a goal of keeping hospitals from being overwhelmed by #Covid19 patients rather than reaching zero cases. But there are three major threats to the success of our new approach:… #nzpol #Covid19nz
The first is outbreaks in unvaccinated or under-vaccinated populations, like children (not yet eligible) or Māori and Pasifika. It's no coincidence that the 11 district and city council areas with the greatest proportion of Māori residents are also among the 15 least vaccinated.
The second risk is that our hardworking public health teams may not be able to keep up with widespread community transmission. Public health officials will be the backbone of our suppression strategy, but they have not been resourced sufficiently throughout the pandemic.
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This morning, I examine at the widening gap between Māori vaccination rates and those of the general population, why the Government's excuse for this gap doesn't hold up and how the situation might even be worse than it appears:… #nzpol #Covid19 #Covid19nz
Just 19 percent of eligible Māori have been fully vaccinated, compared to over 30 percent of those in the "European or other" category. About 25 percent of Pasifika are fully vaccinated.
When asked about this disparity, the Govt has long pointed to different age structures in the population, saying that because younger people haven't had a chance to be vaccinated, the % of unvaxxed Māori will be higher. 60+ Māori and Pasifika were more vaccinated than others.
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#BREAKING: The community case is a 58-year-old man from Devonport in Auckland. The infectious period is considered to have started on Thursday, August 12. Still no obvious link to the border or MIQ. Genome sequencing not due till tomorrow. #nzpol #covid19 #covid19nz
The Government is treating the situation as if the case has the Delta variant. This is highly likely - all of the cases in MIQ over the past three weeks and all but one since late June have been Delta.…
The case lives with his wife, who tested negative when tested yesterday. The case travelled to Coromandel Township over the weekend. The man is not yet vaccinated, but was making efforts to do so. His wife is fully vaccinated. The man was a "frequent user" of the NZ COVID app.
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Warm welcome for fellow GPs from @DrMurton. It’s so good to get together with ones people! #gp21 #RNZCGP
Now hearing from @AndrewLittleMP, the Minister of Health, acknowledging the hard work of the last 18 months. “No room for complacency” #gp21
The usual platitudes acknowledging workforce shortages, GP burnout and the important place of #primarycare in our NZ health system. What is going to be done to address this? #gp21
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THREAD: The situation explained at the 9pm conference is dynamic and very difficult,  with Auckland being plunged into a high level of uncertainty again. #covid19nz
Our sense of psychological safety is being challenged from multiple directions - not only by the potential spread of the virus that is being actively tested and traced, but also through people breaching advice to self-isolate.

The reasons for these breaches seem to be complex and we certainly need to understand this to ensure it doesn’t happen again. #covid19nz
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There is one new case of COVID-19 in managed isolation and no new community cases of COVID-19 to report in New Zealand today.

The new case is a person who arrived in Auckland on 19 October from the United Kingdom. The person is now in Auckland’s quarantine facility. COVID-19 Case Update, Tuesday 27 October 2020, 68 Active Cas
Seven cases have now recovered, meaning the total number of active cases is 68. 64 are imported cases in MIQ facilities, and 4 are community cases. Our total number of confirmed cases is now 1,585.
There has been 42,966,344 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported worldwide to the WHO with 1,152,604 deaths.

Yesterday our laboratories completed 2,311 tests for COVID-19, bringing the total number of tests completed to date to 1,072,492.
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They key things you need to know today.

People who were at The Malt pub in Greenhithe, Auckland from 7:30-10pm on Friday 16 October should get a test and isolate while waiting for results. Their household contacts should also get a test and isolate. The key things you need to know today. New Zealand Governmen
A pop-up community testing centre has been set up in the Greenhithe area, and a surge centre is open from today until Thursday 29 October at Northcare Accident and Medical off Constellation Drive.
Testing is also available across the city at the six permanent community testing centres, and at urgent care clinics and all general practices.
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