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4 Mar 20
📢The new #OCI VPNConnect wizard and the CPE Configuration helper is really cool!

Nice integration with existing workflow for #networking and propose to automatically create an #OCI alarm with notification (something you should do for any provisionned resource).
The created resources are well tagged. I totally approve this usage of Freeform Tags #oci_tagging 😉👍
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4 Mar 20
✊An opinionated thread about designing your #OCI @OracleCloud #datacentre — Describe the purpose and context of items with Tags 👇

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Feedback and suggestions are very welcome. Please comment, share via RT 👍 #oci_design_tweet_by_tweet #oci_tagging
On the Tagging options for #OCI

Tagging is the act of putting labels on objects. There is 1:n relation, meaning one object can have many labels applied to it.
Traditional systems that implement tags are usually backed with a “set” data structure: an unordered/unindexed collection. The key is the value. E.g: `Prod, Dev, CC127638, Finance`
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2 Mar 20
✊An opinionated thread about designing your #Cloud #datacentre — Principles for a clear and obvious Naming Convention 👇

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Thoughts here are not specific to #OCI and can be applied to any #Cloud or on-premise #infrastructure to some extent.
On the Resources Naming Conventions in Enterprise #IT

When (1)Naming, (2)Filing and (3)Labeling are done right for your resources, we can assume that you have a well defined environment. The problem is to agree upon what "done right" is.
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