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President @JoeBiden is visiting NY and NJ today to talk about #infrastructure in the wake of flooding. Talk that includes more $ for sea walls, levees, stormwater drains. But to solve flooding, we have to consider how #water behaves.
It can come from the sky, from the sea, and even from up from underground due to hydrological pressure. #ClimateCrisis is showing us a quantity of water our #infrastructure is not built to handle. B/c our concrete water infrastructure is inflexible.
Will @JoeBiden talk about natural #infrastructure? #wetlands, floodplains, and marshes are absorbent and flexible -- and also STORE CARBON to reduce climate change. Yet cities including NYC are building new development on filled-in wetlands.
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At Near ecosystem , it's a good day.🌚🌝
@etherscan will be launched soon on @auroraisnear !🤩
#NEARProtocol #NEARster #cryptocurrecy #digitalcurrency #bitcoinnews #money #bitcoins #RonaldoReturns #NEAR
We are pleased to learn that the first #major #infrastructure project with whom @auroraisnear collaborated on integration was: @etherscan .🤝🚀
What does that #entail?🧐
🚀Aurora, an #Ethereum scaling solution that lets #programmes built on Ethereum to employ #NEAR's cutting-edge #technology, has partnered with @etherscan, the premier Ethereum #block explorer, to allow #developers can use the same tool they're used to.
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Our #infrastructure bill will bring the funds necessary to build a completely new @CBP port at the Highgate Springs Land Port of Entry on Interstate 89. Vermonters have been asking for improvements to this crossing for years. Image
@USGSA Administrator Carnahan knows, as Vermonters do, that Highgate currently experiences long delays at peak travel times, and the completion of the A35 highway in Canada will only increase traffic in the coming years. Image
Our #infrastructure bill will also make major upgrades to crossings at Alburg Springs, Richford, Norton & Beebe Plain, all ports that have seen little investment since they were constructed in the 1930s. Glad to visit our border today with @USGSA Administrator Carnahan.
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**New publication alert**
What could happen to communication networks if a large #earthquake happened in the SF Bay Area, along the Hayward fault? 📞📱☎️📳
The new #HayWiredScenario chapter on telecommunications & ICT asks “what if” & explains why we should #TextNotTalk Map depicting SCENARIO distribution of shaking severity in a
Using proxies including power shutoffs, wildfires, & other earthquakes to model what happens to #telecom in a #HayWiredScenario, they found vulnerabilities in power service, cell sites on buildings and poles, and data lines crossing the fault surface rupture. Map of the San Francisco Bay region, California, showing fib
Contributing to the issue are multiple competitive service providers in a largely unregulated industry, convergence of analog and digital systems, layers of hardware and software functionality, dependence on electric power, and the rapid evolution of technology. Photo showing co-located electrical and telecom infrastructuThese photos show repair dependence between telecommunicatio
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#NMP #Financing #infrastructure
In current situation, we run the 'risk of mispricing risk, even for de-risked assets'.
Why: It is not easy to estimate cash flows from infrastructure assets in an uncertain environment with limited clarity about eco policy and potential growth?
I would host these assets in NIIF & do a Public issue for raising finance, so that the Indian public shares the upside, as they are ones who have been bearing the risk all these years. We need Indian HHs to start providing risk cap, if India has to grow.
We can use banking system or the shadow banking systems where we have debt bearing the cost of risk and uncertainty, arising our poor policy choices and business decision.
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#MMTweet Weekly Review!
Political will is King, so how do we wrestle back the reigns in this country? Start with blasting neoliberal lies about the economy via #MMTruth, water the grassroots we need to win, by nurturing and growing, to keep the pressure where it belongs! The 1%!
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As of 31 March 2021, B.C. has zero active long-term drinking water advisories affecting their public water system. Since November 2015, First Nation communities have lifted 20 long-term drinking water advisories from public systems on B.C. reserves.…
The 2nd-last advisory applied to Wet’suwet’en First Nation. In place since March 13, 2012, the advisory was lifted on March 18, 2021.…
32 Indigenous Communities Nearing End To Boiled Water Advisory…
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Tim Driscoll: Rich Trumka's legacy is long & deep; the best way we can pay tribute to that is by moving forward on the PRO Act & the infrastructure bills.
@Tdriscollbac @IUBAC #infrastructure
Tim Driscoll: The $1.2 infrastructure bill was a great down payment. Roads, bridges, water, broadband, ports. These roads are to get us somewhere, like work, school, etc., so we need a lot of broad investment.
@Tdriscollbac @IUBAC #infrastructure
Tim Driscoll: When we put people to work, they put that money right back in the economy by spending it.
@Tdriscollbac @IUBAC #infrastructure
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Officially, the German federal government wants to save nothing less than the world #climate. In order to achieve this megalomaniac goal, it does not shy away from any expenditure that costs our economy around 50 billion euros annually in the form of high taxes and subsidies. /1
This moralizing #climate activism makes every German citizen poorer by at least 600 euros per year. /2
But among the heads and chief ideologues of large lobby organizations, there is the naive hope that this massive transformation will finally make #Germany the world champion exporter again - through the export of #climate technology. /3
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#OffTheBlocks, Vol 129 | Some thoughts on NFTs and the sports and entertainment markets in today's newsletter.…
The #NFTization of the world of sports and entertainment is a major shift away from the fan experiences that we were all accustomed to pre-Covid seem like an ancient world now.
As a #fan there was not much to choose from previously - they went to the game/event, made a beeline through security, showed their tickets, and went in and savored overpriced beverages and hot dogs.
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"No more Flints, no more Jacksons," says @POTUS of lead levels in drinking water in those cities in #Michigan and #Mississippi. Image
More than 1,500 governors, mayors, county officials, tribal officials and other elected officials are virtually attending this @POTUS meeting to discuss the bipartisan #infrastructure investment, according to the @WhiteHouse. Image
From #Florida to #Delaware, "buildings will be sinking or tilting" due to rising seas caused by #climatechange,
@POTUS tells officials. Image
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And we’re underway with @PressSec.
"We're pleased to see the progress, looking forward to the next step," says @PressSec of the Senate's approval of the #infrastructure bill.
The #IPCCReport "told us what President Biden has believed all along," says @PressSec.
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The bipartisan #infrastructure bill (#BIB) just passed the Senate. It would create jobs & take significant, but inadequate, #climateaction. Here are a few major investments–and what must be added in budget reconciliation to meet the scale of the #climatecrisis. [Thread]
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: at least $5 billion to create the first-ever national investment in EV charging infrastructure to create thousands of jobs and accelerate the transition to EVs.
Electric School Buses: $2.5 billion to replace diesel-powered school buses w/ electric pollution-free buses
*Another $2.5 billion for “clean” buses, which could be used for polluting “alternative fuel” buses (CNG, propane)(needs fix before final passage)…
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THREAD: The Biden admin has been talking a big game about being "tough on Big Tech" and Silicon Valley monopolies. But right now they're quietly defending a provision in the #InfrastructureBill that targets software developers who are trying to build alternatives to Big Tech
Here's what's going on: the administration has been pushing a "pay-for" measure in the bipartisan infrastructure package that would expand US government surveillance of #cryptocurrency projects. @EFF has a good summary of concerns with the provision here:…
The provision has been sold as being about taxes. But it's so poorly written that it would create reporting requirements that would demand people like software developers and even volunteers within decentralized tech projects hand over data or conduct surveillance of their users.
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Welcome to August and to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 08/01/21.

We’re here to help you keep an eye on what our MoCs are saying🗣 and how they are voting🗳.
#MoCTrack 1/25
@IndivisiblePHL @IndivisibleLNH @pa_indivisible @IndivisibleBUX @TuesdaysToomey @indivisibleccpa @indiwhitpain @IndivisibleHCAN @fridays_fire @indivisiblefohi The #Pennsylvania #Indivisible Legislative Scorecard shows you how our MoCs vote re: the Indivisible principles of
See how YOUR MoCs are doing and how they got these scores here.⬇️
#MoCTrack 2/25…
I know we’re supposed to be excited about the #Infrastructure agreement in the Senate, but I can’t help but think the #GOP succeeded in delaying and slicing it down to the bone.

This @NYTimes infographic tells the story.
#MoCTrack 3/25
learn more ➡️
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"Today, the President and the bipartisan group announced agreement on the details of a once-in-a-generation investment in our infrastructure, which will be taken up in the Senate for consideration," according to the @WhiteHouse.
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@setcoingroup double efforts into #green cycling economy transition by facilitating #investments into greenfield projects and brownfield (operational) assets of #greenbuildings, #datacenters, green #realestate facilities
Check the thread 🧵 👇
Futuristic commercial constructions, affordable housing etc.

For #LP’s who are interested to join for @dseinnovations transformations, contact directly or email, PM @igorperep

#infrastructure #digital #finance #commercialrealestate #investments #investment #realestate
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And we’re underway with @PressSec.
Tomorrow, on his trip to the Lehigh Valley in #Pennsylvania, @POTUS will talk about the "importance of American manufacturing" and tour the @MackTrucks facility, according to @PressSec.
"We are still in the midst of a once-in-a-generation pandemic" with a new strain of a mutating #coronavirus, says @PressSec when asked about the new @CDCgov guidelines on masks.
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
Next 👇
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
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#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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China unveils 600 kph/370 mph High Speed Superfast #maglevtrain prototype makes public #debut, "Fastest Ground #Vehicle Globally": Report
Using electro-magnetic force, #maglev #TRAIN "levitates" above track & no contact between body and rail.
#Thread #tech #technology #Transport
China has been using maglev technology for almost 2 decades on very limited scale. Maglev train could go from Shanghai to #Beijing in 2.5 hours, versus 5.5 hours by high-speed rail. Self-developed by China and manufactured in coastal city of #Qingdao. @CRRC_global new model.
Cutting-edge #scientific and technological achievement in field of #railway transit in world. Train uses electromagnets to suspend itself above rails, and because there's no friction from contact with rail lines, train can run quietly and smoothly. Unveiled in glittery ceremony.
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🧵AMA to #Congress:

•Do not extend 2% #Medicare sequester as a spending offset in soon-to-be considered #infrastructure package.

•Do not divert scarce health-related offsets to meet objectives unrelated to healthcare.

Physicians already face steep Medicare fiscal challenges.
2/ AMA expresses “deepening alarm concerning the growing financial instability of the Medicare physician payment system.”

“Not only does Congress seem indifferent to the confluence of fiscal uncertainties confronting physician practices at the end of this year, but…”
3/ “…lawmakers’ pursuit of policies to extend the current Medicare sequester that, in effect, will require physicians and health systems to pay for
hard infrastructure amplifies our ongoing concerns.”
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Thanks to @steve_sedgwick & @cnbcKaren for having me on #CNBC #SquawkBox this AM.

What did we discuss? Well, #inflation of course!

I prepared some slides for the show which I'm happy to present in this thread.
#macro #Fed #Yellen #JeromePowell #bankofengland #QE
Are people in denial or is the #centralbank money flood just drowning all the signals?
#Commodities, #freight, #carbon - and a whole lot besides - sure do cost a lot more, these days.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/15/2021…
To Manage Wildfire, California Looks To What Tribes Have Known All Along…

#wildfires #ForestryManagement #NativeAmericans #IndigenousKnowledge
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