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🇺🇸 President Trump made America energy independent🛢️💪

The Biden administration sabotaged that achievement.

Come November 5, 2024, America will reclaim its independence.

(1/21) Image
1/ For the first time in nearly 70 years, the United States became a net energy exporter, unleashing oil and natural gas potential.
America became the world's number one producer of oil and natural gas! 📈🌍 #EnergyIndependence #USA
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India's construction market is set to be the third largest in the world by 2025.

The driving power of India's infrastructure growth is unstoppable


#India #infrastructure… Image
1. A Govt with vision and A country with unforeseen potential
Under the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), projects worth Rs. 108 trillion (US$ 1.3 trillion) are currently at different stages of implementation.… Image
2. The vision and resolve of the Govt.
In November 2022, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) is set up as a collaborative investment platform between the Government of India, global investors, multilateral development banks (MDB), and domestic financial…… ImageImage
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Excited about PM @AlboMP upcoming visit to #Vietnam (and his @IISS_org #SLD2023 keynote!).

A short 🧵 from me about the 🇦🇺🇻🇳 relationship, its momentum, opportunities and future trajectory on the occasion of 50th anniversary 👇 1/
Fairly new-found strategic closeness under the Coalition gov resulted in a strategic partnership.
"The 2 countries are increasingly aligned in their strategic outlook and both find each other supportive and, frankly, useful, for their own strategic goals."…
#Australia has been a reliable partner in providing assistance to #Vietnam's #UN #peacekeeping forces, and it has supported #infrastructure in the vulnerable #Mekong region or donating #vaccines during #Covid #pandemic...
@FinancialReview 3/…
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Unveiling the shocking truth behind #Bihar's notorious nickname, #JungleRaaj. Brace yourself for a riveting thread 👇👇 that delves into the tumultuous history.
#JungleRaaj, the dark legacy of @laluprasadrjd 's 15-year rule in Bihar, where our beloved state Bihar plummeted to the rung bottom of economic and social rankings. Law and order crumbled, kidnappings soared, and gangsters turned politicians thrived.
August 5, 1997, the fateful day when during a hearing, #Patna High Court declared, '#Bihar me sarkar nahi, Bihar me jangal raaj hai.' A moment of truth that exposed a state plagued by lawlessness, where progress was devoured by chaos.
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Long Pending Projects completed
1:-6623km long Saryu-Nahar irrigation Canal in UP
> Year of approval 1978( delayed-43 years) Completed under modi govt. in 2021
2:-1.9km Kosi Rail Maha setu in Bihar
> Year of approval 2003(delayed- 17years) 1/n
Completed under modi govt In 2020
3:-13km Kollam Bypass project in Kerala
> Year of approval 1975(delayed-44 years) Completed under modi govt In 2019
4:-Bogibeel Rail-Cum Road bridge over Bhrahmputra
>Year of approval 1997( Delayed 21 year) Completed under modi govt in 2018..2/n
5:-9.02km Long Atal tunnel- longest tunnel at 10,000 feet in H.P
>Year of approval 2000( delayed-20 year) Completed under modi govt in 2020
6:-Goa's Mopa Airport
> Approved in 2000( delayed-22 years) Completed under modi govt in 2022
7:-9.5km long Bhupen hazarika setu, Assam 3/n
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TCN hereby states that nine towers, from Tower 56 to Tower 65
along the Papalanto/Abeokuta 132kV transmission line has collapsed due to the activities of vandals.

The towers located in the Obafemi Owode area of Ogun Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity
State were all massively vandalized, leading to their collapse.

According to General Manager (T) Lagos Region, Engr. Mojeed Akintola, the towers collapse, was discovered yesterday after a tripping was recorded, and a team was dispatched to trace the fault, leading to the Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity
discovery of the collapsed towers.

As a result, Abeokuta and its environs are presently out of power supply even as efforts are ongoing to supply bulk electricity through an alternate line, to enable Ibadan DisCo to distribute electricity to its customers whose supply is Electricity Electricity
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Yesterday I tweeted on b’lore’s shabby #infrastructure that killed a 22 yo. Today I write about what happens if you survive an accident on B’lore roads. My story. Of 2 accidents & 2 surgeries. In 2 years. See the pictures below? That’s my leg that I have to live with bcos of bbmp…
Ironically I was walking & cycling both times I fell. Was a big believer in sustainable mobility. Now? Am not sure. I share this story to highlight two issues - money & mental health that shatter because of bad infrastructure. Statistics can only give you numbers. I am the face. Image
It has cost me an upward of 6 lakhs, had me bedridden for a year and almost broke me mentally to survive it. I worked in the field of journalism and this injury almost forced me to give it up. I have paid for bad roads and footpaths with my taxes and then my health and my mind. Image
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"In March 2023 the #Forest #Conservation Amendment bill was plaed before the LokSabha. Ms Prakriti Srivastava,IFS (PCCF #Kerala) & I jointly wrote a submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee, link provided at the end of the (long) thread. 1/n
highlighting the imp pts:
Fundamental changes in the proposed bill:
a)Limits the scope & ambit of the original FCA (1980), removing crucial safeguards from a vast majority of India's #biodiverse rich #forests, thereby opens the floodgates for diversion for other uses
b) Undoes many provisions of the existing #ForestConservationAct; c) dilutes the 202/1996 #SupremeCourt ‘Godavarman’ #judgement, overturns its #conservation gains
(d) facilitates privatisation of forests to create plantations
e) shifts focus from conservation of forests to 3/n
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It's time to update the ecosystem, as well as the long-awaited launch of our website 🔥 Well, get ready because there are indeed many projects 🧵

You can sort them, find official sources, and a description for each one through this link - ♻️

#layerzero Image
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Gravity is public goods #infrastructure fostering a thriving ecosystem of participants that operate, maintain, and utilize the multi-chain interconnections. 🌉

Discover some of the exciting projects in this ecosystem in this thread - Image
2/ The Gravity Bridge ecosystem supports multiple cross-chain wallets, including @keplrwallet, @leap_wallet, and @IBCwallet. These non-custodial blockchain wallets enable users to securely store, swap, and send various cryptocurrencies and NFTs (soon) across multiple blockchains.
3/ Multichain Apps: The intuitive multichain apps on the GB ecosystem include and @EZStaking offer a user-friendly UX/UI, providing a range of features such as extended analytical functionality, staking, and voting. 🗳
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@meeintdao is an Asian #web3 social gathering place for professionals, focusing on the growth of #web3 & keen on #web3 social experience.

@meeintdao & @BuidlerDAO jointly initiated 4 large-scale online summits, called the “Web3 Online Summer Summit”

It covers #blockchain topics such as #metaverse, #DeFi, #infrastructure, #gaming, #NFTs and more.🔥

Various #investors, #developers, application layer project third-parties and infrastructure representatives will be present at the event too.

One of the panels is called: “Metaverse, Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence and the new digital frontier”

The Guests lineup:
@dayuanb - @tencentcloud
@beniaminmincu - @MultiversX
@Nils_Wollny - @holoride
@ThisIsMarkPaul - @itheum
@StatescuRazvan - @GiantsVillage

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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman met Mr. Hayashi Nobumitsu, Governor, Japan Bank for International Cooperation #JBIC, on the sidelines of the 56th #ADBAnnualMeeting, in Incheon, today. (1/5)

@IndiainROK ImageImageImage
FM Smt. @nsitharaman encouraged engagement of JBIC with Indian financial institutions such as Exim Bank @IndiaEximBank, NIIF and lending banks to leverage the strength and complementarities of both countries for facing local, regional and global financial challenges. (2/5)
FM spoke of GoI intiatives towards facilitating #investment, like #PLIs scheme, #NIP, reforms in #GST & Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code #IBC, among others & hoped JBIC will use this enabling environment as an opportunity to expand marine products & seaweed processing in India. (3/5)
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A 🧵 on the recent outreach event
"Climate change: #resilience, #transformation, and #equity" on the #IPCC Sixth Assessment Report key findings and their relevance to #Asia, hosted by @SMARTS_AIT


Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“ With every increment of global warming, regional changes become more widespread and pronounced” @sorensson_anna
[2/19] Image
Session 1: Observed warming and future scenarios: Impacts and vulnerability.

“Rebuilding overexploited or depleted fisheries reduces negative #climatechange impacts on #fisheries and supports #foodsecurity, #biodiversity, human #health and #wellbeing” William Cheung
[3/19] Image
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@risa_staking is a #Staking provider & #node operator on @MultiversX & @ethereum, and a Digital Assets Manager for #EGLD & #rETH 🔥

On #MultiversX, they are Rank 79; 5 Nodes; 26K $EGLD in Delegation Cap & 1715 Delegators:…

🧵👇 Image
As a Proof-of-Stake #infrastructure provider and #validator on @MultiversX, @risa_staking rewards their Stakers with $RISA token, apart from the $EGLD rewards:…

$RISA token details from the #MultiversX Explorer:…

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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️… ImageImageImage
WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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Our #Infrastructure Progress Review shows that despite some progress, government is off track to meet its long term infrastructure goals

More devolution, fewer, bigger interventions, & unblocking of barriers to delivery among steps needed in response…
If you want just the topline findings from today's #Infrastructure Progress Review 2023 assessing government's progress against its infrastructure commitments, scroll through our online summary here:…
Our #Infrastructure Progress Review 2023 assesses whether government has 'met', 'not met' or 'partly met' five tests of progress in delivering on Commission recommendations

Here's an at-a-glance view - read the report online to get the full picture:…
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Live from #GartnerDA | Smart #Analytics for Even Smarter #CostOptimization with Adam Ronthal, Gartner VP Analyst: Adam Ronthal on stage prese...
About this session: Within a #recession, orgs will be desperate to save every cent and penny they can. Adam will explore how #analytics can help make optimal saving decisions. #GartnerDA
To start off, Adam examines the hype cycle for emerging #tech focused on #CostOptimization ⚙️ #GartnerDA Image
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1/15 📰 "@reda_getachew From Spokesperson to President" 🇪🇹 Introducing Getachew Reda, former Tigray gov't spokesperson & now its president. Despite his resilience, his controversial past raises concerns. @ervstours #Ethiopia #Tigray
2/15 🚨 Getachew's tenure as spokesperson was marked by controversial speeches against the Amhara ethnic group. His inflammatory rhetoric has been widely criticized, and many question his ability to establish peaceful relations with other ethnic groups. #Amhara #Controversy
3/15 📣 During the war in Tigray, @reda_getachew was accused of engaging in criminal activities, which raised doubts about his moral standing and suitability to lead the region. #WarInTigray #CriminalActivities @NeaminZeleke
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[1/🧵] "#ISO20022 is bigger than you think"

You've probably heard that term a few times and wondered what it meant. 🤔

In case you are curious now:

A brief explanation of everything important.
There will be nothing complicated ahead, so don't worry. 🧵👇 Source:
[2/24] — Outline —

🔹 Origin & Timeline
🔹 What's the big deal?
🔹 Details regarding the transformation
🔹 Migration Approaches
🔹 Relations to #Crypto (#DTI)
🔹 @Ripple & #JSON formats Source:
[3/24] — Origin & Timeline —

The #ISO 20022 standardization efforts began very early on. Indeed, you may be wondering how you missed it until this date. 😅 Source:
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The Future of Money is Happening Now: Why You Need to Get Involved in #Crypto Today

$QUACK #RichQUACK #Crypto #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews

-THREAD - 🧵👇 Image
1/ It's 2023, and some people still think it's too late to get into crypto. But the truth is, we're still in the early stages of this technological revolution. As the latest Consensus Magazine article shows, there are many reasons why we're just getting started. $QUACK
2/ For one, the #adoption of cryptos and blockchain technology is still in its infancy. While some businesses have started accepting crypto payments, there are still many more that haven't even dipped their toes in the water yet. This represents a huge growth opportunity. $QUACK
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Excited to be sharing lessons learned from #American #wildfires and #disasters @imperialcollege.

Our friends in #Britain face some of the same #resilience challenges with #fire, #infrastructure, & #publichealth.

CAGB building, room 765
11.00 GMT

@NSF @WaterResearch @EPA
Thanks to Prof. @GuillermoRein @ImperialHazelab and everyone for organizing and participating in the seminar. I truly learned a lot. Some really brilliant and insightful researchers here in working on global building #fire and #wildfire challenges.
I even got to see aluminum composite burn, a material examined after the #GrenfellTowerFire.

I also learned about smoldering.

(@TheRock your name came up … in a good way)
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🇨🇳🇮🇷⚡️ Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Beijing to discuss cooperation on infrastructure projects and Iran's nuclear program.
#china #iran #beijing #trade #infrastructure #nuclear #usa
Chinese state media, however, linked the meeting to the confrontation between China and the US, and both leaders expressed a rejection of the US-dominated world order.
Xi called for a "quick and proper resolution" of the Iranian nuclear issue and reiterated China's commitment to the negotiations to renew the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, from which the US withdrew in 2018.
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1/8 🚀 Introducing Althea, a purpose-built Infrastructure platform and #blockchain, enabling the coordination of multi-stakeholder networks and machine<>machine payments. Its design focuses on eliminating the highly centralized structure of telecom and legacy systems.
2/8 Connected to #Althea, @gravity_bridge enables distributed bandwidth networks to use #stablecoins on Althea’s sovereign chain, ensuring telecom-level reliability and seamless UX 🚀 It also enables interoperability within other #Cosmos blockchains via IBC 🔗.
3/8 🛠 With the #EVM integration for builders, Althea is providing a bridge between the #Ethereum ecosystem and its own unique infrastructure, making it easier for developers to build and deploy decentralized
applications and services on the Althea blockchain. 💻
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