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And @PGelsinger takes the stage and immediately confirms that this is the launch of the fourth-generation #Xeon processor known as #SapphireRapids. He’s also emphasizing the #XeonMax brand!
@PGelsinger immediately turns it over to a video featuring @MichaelDell of @DellTech, then the CEO of @InspurSystems, then @AntonioNeri_HPE of @HPE, then @Lenovo
@PGelsinger Next up is @Cisco, @Supermicro_SMCI, Jensen Huang of @NVIDIA #Xeon
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1/ Get rid of complex, traditional backend servers while building your #websites.

According to @HTTPArchive, now more than 1% of ALL websites are based on the Jamstack architectural approach


(image by C. Fayock)

#webapp #coding #developer #innovation
2/ Whether you are an experienced or a novice web developer, your main, urgent goal is to avoid:

🐢Slow loading times

🔒Security vulnerabilities

📈Scaling issues


3/ The Jamstack is a way of building web applications that utilizes modern tools and technologies based on #JavaScript, #APIs, and Markdown (J.A.M. stack), in order to decouple the #frontend from the #backend
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My 2022 Year in Review and look ahead to 2023…

An unusual year of ups + downs that took my research agenda to unexpected places.

Yet the result was invaluable + ended up taking my work to useful new places.

A longish 🧵 on #cio #cloud #digitaltransformation #FutureOfWork. 1/x
First up is my detailed analysis titled “The #Cloud Reaches an Inflection Point for the #CIO in 2022.” It remains very pertinent reading.

Written as the cloud industry reached an early maturity point, it highlighted a top hot issue: Complexity…

Then I took a deep dive into #decentralization, perhaps one of the most significant generational revolutions of our era:

What is #Web3 and Why It Matters…

Regardless of what happens to #crypto, the underlying tech esp. #blockchain, is an inflection.

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What is Search Database?

A thread 👇

#aws #cloud #tech #Searchdatabase

1. A non-relational database called the search database is used to search the data.

2. Indexes are used to organize the data according to shared traits and to improve search functionality.

3. The majority of the time, it is employed with long, semistructured, or unstructured data.

4. It provides certain specific techniques like ranking of search results, full-text search, and complicated search phrases.

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What is ElastiCache?

A thread 👇

#aws #cloud #tech #Elasticache

1. A web service called ElastiCache is used to set up, manage, and expand an in-memory cache in the cloud.

2. By allowing you to access data from a quick, managed in-memory cache instead of only relying on slower disk-based databases, it enhances the performance.

3. For instance, if you run an online business, clients frequently ask for details about a specific product. ElastiCache can be used to cache the data so that the front-end does not constantly go and request information about a product.

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🧵🧵 THREAD: 9 tips for successful #bioinformatics #projects 🧵🧵
1. Start by defining the aim, scope, and objectives of your project, and by identifying the #biological and #computational questions you want to answer.
2. Identify the #data sources, types, and formats, that are relevant and available for your project, and evaluate their quality, quantity, and suitability.
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🧵🧵 THREAD: 10 reasons why #bioinformaticians should use #Nextflow 🧵🧵
1. #Nextflow is an open-source platform for #bioinformatics #pipelines and #workflows, designed to make them #scalable, #reproducible, and #portable.
2. #Nextflow allows #bioinformaticians to write their #pipelines and #workflows in a simple and expressive domain-specific language, called #Nextflow Script.
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🧵🧵 THREAD: The role of #cloud #computing in #bioinformatics 🧵🧵
1. #Cloud #computing allows #bioinformaticians to access and analyze large and complex #biological #data sets in a fast, scalable, and cost-effective manner.
2. The #cloud provides a flexible and dynamic #infrastructure that can be easily adjusted to the changing needs and demands of #bioinformatics projects.
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Live from #GartnerIO | Mission (Nearly) Impossible: Attracting and Retaining IT Talent with Mark Margevicius, Gartner VP Analyst. Follow along for key #GartnerInsights ⬇️
Why is finding, attracting and retaining #talent so difficult in 2022 for I&O leaders? #GartnerIO
"1 in 3 employees are looking for jobs. For every employee in tech looking for a new role today, there are about 10 open roles for them to apply to. You need to be competitive." #GartnerIO #ITtalent #IO
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Live from #GartnerIO | Leadership Vision for 2023: Infrastructure and Operations with Arun Chandrasekaran, Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst. Follow along for key ⬇️ #GartnerInsights
Why is this topic crucial for I&O leaders? "#CIO and tech leaders must support the CxO response to macroeconomic disrupters." #GartnerIO
What are the top challenges facing the infrastructure and operations leader?

"Funding continues to be a challenge." #IO #GartnerIO
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[Dec 2022] AWS Career & Learning Opportunities ☁️

Links down below!👇

#aws #cloud @awscloud Image
1. AWS launches AWS Student Hub - a place for learners to find community events and upskilling opportunities:…
2. AWS Industry Quest - a new interactive, game-based learning experience to develop skills needed build solutions in different industries (starting with Financial Services):…
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hiho - EU digital rights folks, who is tracking the EU's sovereign tech fund & what it will do?

I have questions.…
"When it comes to digital, Europe's resilience will depend on our ability to develop the next generation of cloud and edge capacities and invest massively in developing European alternatives to reduce our current dependencies. (..)"
h/t @FiekeJ for (re)reminding me of the importance of understanding public spending on #cloud as an axe of intervention.

any tips @mikarv @edri @bitsoffreedom @1Br0wn @RazAkkoc @teirdes ?
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At #IWCON2022, we have 15+ amazing #cybersecurity speakers from around the world 🌍

To share unique methods and findings with y’all 😍🙌

Get ready with your questions. Our experts will answer you live 🔥

Book your ticket:

Meet our speakers 🧵👇 Image
#1 Gabrielle Hempel @gabsmashh, #security engineer @Netwitness 🥳

Her topic: #Threat hunting in #cloud environments 🌩️

Time: 17th Dec, 7:30 pm IST

Want to attend this talk? 😍

Book your ticket here:

#cloudhunting #threathunting Image
#2 Luke Stephens @hakluke, founder of @haksecio 🔥

His topic: How I used #recon techniques to identify a prolific #scammer 👊

Time: 17th Dec, 6:30 pm IST ❤️

Don't wanna miss it?

Register today:

#infosec #hacking #hackingthehacker Image
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Let’s explore the @shimmernet ecosystem!


An user-friendly infrastructure for distributed data storage and transfers.

Learn more! 🧵👇 Image

PIPE is built by @Tanglehub_eu and immutably stores and transfers any type of data.

Whether you need edge micro-storage or operate high-frequency + high-bandwidth applications, PIPE solves the problem of how to store and transfer any amount of data!

Possible use cases? You can use PIPE to

🔹 keep your data private
🔹 share your data with someone
🔹 sell your data on a data marketplace

It's all about maintaining control over who has access to your data! 🔐
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#IWCON2022 — The much-awaited virtual #Infosec conference is happening in a month 😍🙌

We have expert talks covering NINE major #security verticals🔥🔥

Join us & learn new skills before 2022 ends: 👊

Here are the session topics 🧵👇 Image
#1 Cloud Security:

1. #Threat #hunting in cloud environments by @gabsmashh (#security engineer @Netwitness)

2. #Hacking #cloud: for fun and profit by Dhiyaneshwaran B (#AppSec #researcher at @pdiscoveryio)
#2 Bug Bounty:

1. My approach to accessing #admin panels by @hunter0x7 (admin pwner)

2. Reading #RFCs for #hacking by @securinti (head of #hackers @intigriti)
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Really proud of what we have built @sectionio over the past few months. An unparalleled distributed computing platform that you can take for a joy ride with industry-standard tooling. Low Bar, High Ceiling is the ethos of our platform. #docker #Kubernetes. Some things I love🧵
Get started with any #container, public or private in less than a minute. I am running my latest side project ( on Section. All hooked up to a #github action. All my containers running in different corners of the world are seamlessly updated in seconds!
Our new Console provides all the requisite tools so that you don't have to deal with the hassle of operating your workload. Just the name of the image is all you need. Focus on building & getting that product market fit #buildinpublic
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Introducing SkyPilot:

Run ML and Data Science jobs on any cloud, with massive cost savings.

🚀 Run jobs on any cloud
⏰ Get GPU/TPU/CPU in 1 click
💵 Reduce > 3x cost
Read blog:…

2/ Clouds are expensive 💵. SkyPilot reduces cloud bills by 3-6x.

Here's SkyPilot training BERT on WikiText-103 from @huggingface on spot instances *across* AWS & GCP. (Video attached above)

SkyPilot offers auto-recovery from preemptions, saving 3x cost for this job. Image
3/ Save more 💵💵💵 by (1) auto stopping idle clusters (2) auto picking cheapest region/cloud.

Here's an example of SkyPilot shopping for the cheapest region/cloud for allocating 8x A100 GPUs.

Single-cloud users also save on intra-cloud price differences (see blog for details). Image
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[1/15] Die News rund um #FLR/#SGB und @FlareNetworks reißen nicht ab! Soeben noch über #FIP.01 geschrieben, postet (FlareN.) $FLR / $SGB jetzt über die neue Partnerschaft mit @GoogleCloudTech

Meine kurze Einschätzung und ein Blick auf den GoogleCloud Blogeintrag in einem 🧵👇
[2/15] Fangen wir damit an die Größe der "#Cloud" einmal zu quantifizieren und in Zahlen einzufangen:

• Welche Player sind auf dem Markt?
• Welche Infra. hat wieviel % vom Kuchen?
• Wie Groß ist der Kuchen und wird er noch größer?
• Was wird angeboten? Source: https://cdn.statcdn...
[3/15] 👉 Wer sitzt am Tisch?

Wenn wir ganz ehrlich sind gibt es nur 3 namenhafte Anbieter, die heute ihre Anwendung finden.

Dazu gehören:
#AWS (Web/Email-Server, Dev-Tools, ML, Container)
#MS #Azure (Interne Firmen- u. Netzwerkinfra.)
#GCP (VM, AI, Storage, IaaS) Source: https://intellipaat...
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🇫🇷 « La #souveraineté, c'est comme la stratégie, il faut choisir ses combats et ce qu'on veut maîtriser. Les entreprises françaises ont des offres très performantes mais certains clients demandent plus. » @marc_darmon
@thalesgroup #S3ns #cloud…
« On pourrait rêver qu'à budget infini, nous développions en France l'équivalent de Google ou de Microsoft. Toutefois, atteindre leur niveau de performance nécessiterait des budgets colossaux, nous n'avons aucun intérêt à nous mentir. » #cloud #S3ns
« L'offre de Cloud de confiance de #S3ns est une offre de #cloud public de niveau commercial avec un niveau de protection #SecNumCloud suffisant pour résister à une fuite de données massive. »
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Hello hello London! 👋🏻 We’re at IET Savoy Place, London for DSS London 2022 by #YugaByteDB. It’s gonna be super interesting tech session starting at 2 pm today! Don’t miss my #Live #Tweets in this #thread! 🤩🧵
@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImageImage
Yes, the setup is going on for the grand presentation of the #Tech #Track. The master is teaching the student here! #JustKidding Say hi to Julie Wise and Dave Roberts from #YugaByteDB! 👋🏻

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImage
We’ve got our Social Media / Content Director @rachel_pescador from #YugaByteDB here, who’s busy at work and got some cool #swag! 🤩

@Yugabyte #DSS22 #DistributedSQL #PraveenScience ImageImageImage
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