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22 Jan
Reporting that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia personally hacked the phone of Jeff Bezos is terrifying; MBS is a murderer who has also imprisoned and tortured human rights activists, including @LoujainHathloul. But it gets scarier. 1/…
It means MBS almost certainly owns the Trump family, via desperate failson Jared Kushner.

Quick context: 2/
In 2005, Charles Kushner went to prison for illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering (he hired a prostitute to seduce his sister's husband, who was cooperating with the Feds, recorded them, and sent the tape to his sister.) 3/…
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16 Oct 19

- Donald J. Trump (mixed media, 2019)
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15 Oct 19
Let me get this straight...

Ronna Romney McDaniel is accusing someone of nepotism?
.@GOPChairwoman is the Nordstrom Rack of @SarahHuckabee
Seriously, this twit ran for chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party after a distinguished career in low-middle-management. How could she possibly win?
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12 Oct 19
Re: the news that @GavinNewsom signed a bill to phase out private prisons and privately-run immigration detention facilities in California... a friend of mine did six months in a minimum security private prison years ago. Quick (interesting!) thread:…
When my friend was driven from court to the minimum security prison he was sentenced to, the car detoured to the (private) high security facility next to it. He was told there was a problem with his paperwork. He was placed in solitary confinement and asked if he wanted a Bible.
Confused, he said no. And he sat there for two days, treated like a violent criminal. Meals through the slot in the door. You know: solitary. Third day, he was told to turn backwards and put his hands through the slot to be cuffed. He was taken to a smiling corrections officer.
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11 Oct 19
Trump is most engaged and energetic as President of the United States when he’s getting laughs at rallies. Seriously. It’s the most powerful job in the world, and usually he’d rather watch tv or play golf. But when he’s killing in a room of rubes? He can’t get enough. 1/3
Remember: getting roasted at the White House Correspondents Dinner was, apparently, one of the things that motivated him to want to erase Obama’s presidency. Getting laughed *at* is a trigger. 2/3
But give him a microphone and someone to punch down at, and he’s a whore for laughs. What does it sound like to him? Love? Acceptance? Power? Honestly, who cares. But I’m always struck by how much a profoundly humorless man loves to play hack comedian. 3/3
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7 Oct 19
I’m tired of non-Fox TV anchors getting praise for politely pushing back against @GOP propaganda. It’s not “getting tough” with @Jim_Jordan to let him monologue bullshit for 30 seconds then say, “Um, you didn’t answer me.” THAT’S NOT WHY HE’S THERE. 1/
He just wants a platform to spread disinformation. That’s it. There’s no good faith dialogue from him or @GOPLeader or @RonJohnsonWI. Calling them out for regurgitating talking points? THEY DON’T CARE. They got them out; the points are, in some way, legitimized. 2/
So first, stop booking bad faith guests. @CLewandowski_ shouldn’t be interviewed by legitimate media until his next domestic violence arrest. 3/
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4 Oct 19
What we're seeing in @realDonaldTrump is the same guy he's always been, but (for the first time in his life) with a brand that's hard to destroy: the United States. 1/
Because he wrecked the Trump™️ brand in the 1980s and 90s. Slapped it on everything and failed every time. I mean, really, who thought a steak endorsed by Trump added value? He stiffed vendors and suppliers and sued them if they demanded what he owed. 2/
He put cheap gold plate on casinos to make them "classy"... then defaulted on debts and had to declare bankruptcy. He was, in New York, a crass punchline. 3/
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24 Sep 19
Play this out: the @HouseDemocrats seem to (finally) be moving to impeachment. The Manhattan DA subpoenaed 8 years of his taxes. And based on his #UNGA speech, he's cognitively impaired. What if Trump just makes a break for a Trump Tower bunker? Boom. We sort of have Die Hard.
First he'd text Ivanka to join him. She'd pretend to have missed it ("Was at the gym! XX") and try to blend in at Sant Ambroeus. She'd text Don Jr. and Eric ("Uch I'm sure u heard from Daddy too"), who would say "Oh yeah, definitely," then check their phones, then sob a little.
The adult sons rush to Trump Tower for the family's Last Stand. Eric gets lost, end up in Bushwick, and is never heard from again.
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15 Sep 19
A long time ago, I worked at the New York Observer with Robin. We were walking back to the office from lunch one day when we came upon some cops speaking to a woman who had just been mugged, along with a few eyewitnesses...
As I wondered what might have happened, Robin took her reporter's notebook from her bag and moved in to get the story. And as Robin spoke with everyone, I...stood back, profoundly uncomfortable. Because, I realized, I wasn't a reporter. I wasn't wired to do what Robin did:
Ask the tough questions to get the truth.

I haven't seen her in years, but it's no surprise that she (and Kate Kelly) did this work to write this book. This is why we need a free press. It's also why we need a free @FBI and DOJ.
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13 Sep 19
Based on a quick scan of the life of @BriscoeCain he didn’t mean to type “My ART PROJECT is ready for you.” So: just another dummy who memorizes insult lines from Trump rallies threatening a Presidential candidate.

And other details about him are so predictable...
Most conservative member of the Texas legislature, where he is also considered one of the worst. Science frightens him. He regularly puts the Bible above the Constitution and his own extreme personal faith above the rights of others. No surprise, right? And then there’s...
“Bergundi.” That is the *perfect* name for his wife. The kids are probably Bronko, Calebb, Kahmaro, and Briscoe, Jr.

Congrats, Briscoe, you’re one messy affair from filling your evangelical Republican bingo card.
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11 Sep 19
Yeah, no, I’m aware of those, Nick. I’m just saying this looks... less exciting. But as long as you’re not complaining!
We can just swap you out for Robert Davi.
And I don’t want to waste time shitting on your credits, @yesnicksearcy. (Hell, I wrote on “Nikki.”) The important point is that this is what you and other ‘conservatives’ defend: our government orders officials to lie about the weather or be fired.…
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6 Sep 19
It's annoying when "Hollywood celebrities" like Kristy Swanson, Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo, Nick Searcy, or whoever "come out" as Conservative and then whine about how difficult it is for them.

First of all, I have to look them up and be, like, "Oh, right. Basic cable Hercules."
But here's the thing: the "intolerance" that they feel is, um, bullshit. Supporting Donald Trump isn't conservative. He's objectively an unstable, venal, racist liar who should be in the middle of an impeachment investigation. He's hurting our economy, military, and environment.
Every intelligence agency we have is convinced that Russia influenced our last election and that they will try to influence the next one. Yet he has done nothing to make the bedrock of our political system safe from a hostile foreign power; worse, he has made it more vulnerable.
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27 Aug 19
If Saud al-Qahtani is dead, let’s not just remember him as the ringleader of the team who murdered @JKhashoggi. He also, on behalf of MbS, supervised the torture of women’s rights activists, including @LoujainHathloul, who he personally threatened with rape and death.
Just a few weeks ago Loujain was offered freedom if she retracted her accusations against al-Qahtani and others. She refused, saying that would would constitute a cover-up. She wanted justice.…
That may be yet another thing the Crown Prince has taken from her.

Anyway, here are @saudq1978 and MbS in happier times, when they were literally getting away with murder. Not pictured, but also involved: @jaredkushner and his father-in-law.
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11 Aug 19
Watched Footloose for the first time last night. I have some thoughts.

1984 was a big year for US gymnastics. Still, there’s...a lot of gymnastics.
“Hey new guy, you wanna go to the gym and hang out? Get to know each other?”
“Sure, Chris Penn. You can watch my horizontal bar routine.”
“Or we could shoot hoops?”
“Spot me!”
Also, I’d love to know how the powerhouse Beaumont gymnastics team did that season. If they could afford to cut Kevin Bacon, they must be a powerhouse. As you’d expect in a small town.
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4 Aug 19
.@DanCrenshawTX Have you denounced white supremacist terrorism today? If not, why not? #ElPaso
.@senatemajldr Have you denounced white supremacist terrorism today? If not, why not? #ElPaso
.@SteveScalise Have you denounced white supremacist terrorism today? If not, why not? #ElPaso
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31 Jul 19
In January, I wrote a thread about meeting @LoujainHathloul and Fahad Albutairi. Since then, I've been involved in advocating for Loujain's release from prison, where she has been held and tortured for over a year and where, today, she spends her 30th birthday... #FreeLoujain
The failure of the US government to push for the release of Loujain and other human rights' activists (or for the punishment of those responsible for the murder of @JKhashoggi) is one of many stains left on the world by the Trump administration.
Members of Congress have pushed for sanctions, called for justice. Meanwhile, Trump and his family make side deals with MbS, taking payoffs for nuclear tech and weapons. Jared Kushner is on his way to KSA right now. Will he mention Loujain? Unlikely. There's no money in that.
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27 Jul 19
This is where the #WGA (of which I am a proud and long-time member) gets silly. I know a lot of people who signed the letter from Nagy/Mazin/et. al. I haven’t decided yet which slate I will support because I also do not understand where the daylight is between them.
But the idea that big picture negotiating strategy differences will be explained in phone calls to certain people who ask (and, perhaps, have the social media clout to be influential voters) is counterproductive to the collective ethos of the Guild that I know Craig supports.
So maybe let’s take it off Twitter and set up some meetings. Or, if you’re running to unseat the existing leadership in the midst of a delicate, multi-front negotiation, be prepared to say more publicly than “trust us.”
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25 Jul 19
.@maggieNYT This is such a disingenuous, performatively self-pitying stance to take. Of COURSE you dictate what people should care about. You’re still the nation’s premier newspaper, and column inches are limited. You choose what stories get oxygen, and how they’re framed.
Last July, when you wrote that Jared and Ivanka were “ready to make a more visible push for their projects,” were you reporting real news? Or were you dictating what people should care about? (In that case, an image-repairing narrative for two sources?)…
Judith Miller and the @nytimes helped legitimize the narrative of Iraq’s WMDs. You and your colleagues did the same with the Clinton email server, elevating that story in the national conversation. What news was buried in back pages, or killed outright, to make room?
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21 Jul 19
My “virtual polygraph” lives in Canada. You can’t meet it, but it’s totally real and I fuck it all the time.
There are really nice, smart, polite people who follow me and I feel like they’re going to question that now.
The rest of you are, obviously, trash.
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16 Jul 19
Tonight is the premiere of #HumanDiscoveries on @FacebookWatch. First three episodes drop at 9pm EST/6pm PST, then a new one every Tuesday until September. I hope you’ll give it a shot. It’s funny! And it has without a doubt one of the best casts on TV...…
I mean, come on: @ZacEfron, @AnnaKendrick47, @LamorneMorris, @jillianbell, @paulscheer, @edbegleyjr, @LisaKudrow, @SamRichardson, and @JAdomian – plus an insane group of guest stars.

That’s pretty good, right?
It’s set thousands of years ago, at the moment humans went from desperately trying to stay alive to finally having some time to think about life – and overthink it. They talk like us but are discovering everything (good and bad) for the first time.

And on a personal note...
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14 Jul 19
*Chris Rock voice*

Obviously I *don’t* understand what it’s like to be an American citizen of color who is told to go back to their country by a racist. But the rage I feel towards @realDonaldTrump and his enablers in the @GOP is unlike anything I’ve ever felt.
I reviled George W. Bush as President. His administration did terrible things. But I didn’t feel that he was a terrible person. I didn’t look forward to the end of his existence.

Trump triggers – in his supporters and his opponents – a desire for violence.
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