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What an incredible message, @BTS_twt. They have brought so much inspiration and optimism to the world through music, dance, and public address, and this #UNGA speech and performance was no different. Absolutely loved that they delivered this as a collective speech and +
how they took this as an opportunity to redefine our conception of young people at this moment: today's youth are not a "lost generation" but a "welcome generation." Sharing the stories and images from responses to their #YouthToday #YourStories invitation/prompt+
was also a powerful way to deliver this collective message. And to top it all off with #PermissiontoDance, a song with a music video and message all about inclusivity, diversity, hope, and joy, was just perfect!
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric for 1229th day,
he's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #Haiti case, Carney conflict, whistleblower Reilly, #Burma Cmr Hnd #UNGA vax #Nigeria #Cameroon #Burma UN rapes. Thread below
Banned Inner City Press has asked in writing, "What conflict of interest rules apply to UN official Mark Carney, given his positions with Brookfield, and it seems PIMCO and Stripe?
Inner City Press has asked, "what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Mozambique’s opposition Renamo has demanded that parliament hold an session to discuss the presence of foreign forces fighting armed groups in the Cabo Delgado province?
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric for 1229th day,
he's gotten its Qs by email, incl on #MSF out in #Cameroon & #Tigray, if UNGA require vax or cancel, Cuomo, #Nigeria #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below
Banned Inner City Press asked On #Cameroon / #Ambazonia, what are the comments and action sif any of SG Guterres on that Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has withdrawn from Cameroon’s North-West region after months of suspension by the authorities?
Inner City Press asked AGAIN Amid Aug 3 reports that NYC will require proof of vax for indoor events, with full enforcement mid-Sept, & in light of UN's planned "honor system" in person #UNGA high level week Sept 21, will that be canceled or proof of vax required?
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In UN briefing Inner City Press is banned from, by
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric (back from Greece) he's gotten its Qs by email, incl if UNGA require vax proof or canceled, Cuomo whistleblowers, Tigray, #Nigeria #Cameroon #Burma #Haiti UN rapes. Thread below
Inner City Press has asked in writing, "Amid reports that NYC will require proof of vax for indoor events, =\with enforcement mid-Sept, & in light of UN saying "honor system" in person #UNGA high level week Sept 21, will that be canceled or proof of vax required?
Banned Inner City Press asked: "What are SG @AntonioGuterres' comments if any on the findings of sexual harassment and retaliation by NYS Government Cuomo? And why has Guterres covered up for Hochschild, and retaliated incl against Press reporting on Hochschild?
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The world has made significant progress but #HIV is far from over. In 2020, there were:
🚨 37.6 million people living with HIV
🚨 690000 AIDS-related deaths
🚨 1.5 million new infections

Despite the challenges of #COVID19, the #UNGA 🇺🇳 High-Level Meeting offers us a chance to end #AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.
Over the past 4 decades more than
7⃣7⃣ million people have been infected with #HIV
3⃣5⃣ million people have died from #AIDS
This #UNGA 🇺🇳 High-Level Meeting must ensure the effective prevention tools we have are used as widely as possible. 👉
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This 1980s clip shows our #CultureWar started DECADES ago, with academic elites focusing on Marxism/Socialism, pushing government run social programs & redistribution, while Capitalism & the Constitutional Republic are being denounced!

🧵 Thread: 1/20 ⤵️
The future does not belong to globalists.

The future belongs to patriots.

The future belongs to sovereign & independent nations who protect their citizens & honor the differences that make each country special & unique.

— President Trump, #UNGA

If you want freedom, take pride in your country.

If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.

And if you want peace, love your nation.

Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.

— President Trump

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#UNGA convenes today to discuss the situation in the M.E, BUT another UN meeting won't contribute to de-escalation & is counterproductive.

However it's an opportunity for @UN members to condemn Hamas indiscriminate rocket fire & acknowledge Israel's right to defend its citizens.
The full responsibility for this escalation and for those harmed on both sides falls entirely on Hamas and the other terrorist organizations operating in #Gaza.

Since 10 May 2021, more than 4,000 rockets have been launched from the #Gaza Strip towards Israel, directed at civilian population centers throughout the country including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and Ashdod, killing 12 and injuring hundreds.
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2day 60years ago #UNGA voted 4the #Independence of Fmr British #SouthernCameroons (SCs) that became an Int'l SCAM by de #Unfair,#Deceptive,#ColonialSchemes of🇨🇲&🇫🇷on #SCians! ImageImageImageImage
A Franco-British axis of evil schemed to deny the Former British #SouthernCameroons her fundamental right to #SelfDetermination via a TRUNCATED UNJUSTIFIED PLEBISCITE with 2 DEVIL OPTIONS in 1961 in BLATANT VIOLATION of @UN STATUTES & MANDATE ImageImageImage
Serious violations 2 wh Int'l Boundaries under Int'l TREATIES were frozen btw the 2sovereign states @Independence in1960 for La Rép. du CameroUn🇨🇲 which didn't & have never included #SCs and 4the latter in1961.

Prof. ImageImageImageImage
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📽️@UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to #Food, @MichaelFakhri, delivers a special video message ahead of our #CFS47 side event tomorrow:

💡 Global Response to #COVID19 #Hunger Crisis: Developing Effective Policy Responses through the @UN_CFS [🧵thread]

"COVID19 has not only been a public health crisis, but it has also generated a hunger crisis. The virus is new, but it has been predictably harshest on marginalised people. In fact, the world was falling behind on realising the right to food even before the current pandemic." /2
"Even with new vaccines, it will be some time before the global #health situation stabilises & it will be at least a decade before the world recovers economically. Meanwhile, Member States and international orgs have not yet come together to tackle the looming hunger crisis." /3
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When will all 34 member countries, 1 liason country and 7 observer countries of the IHRA…
Bring a motion to the #UNGA to adopt it's definition?
Israel has diplomatic relations with 164 out of 192 members of the UNGA yet not one of these countries has brought such a proposal to the UNGA.
The UNGA is infamous for its disproportionate singling out of Israel, how can we as a country keep on accepting this most blatant form of Antisemitism?
If IHRA & countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel are unable/unwilling to do so Israel should to reconsider:
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🔴 📺 Watch now:…
#ICC President Chile Eboe-Osuji addresses @UN General Assembly to present the Court’s annual report #morejustworld #justicematters #UNGA @UNWebTV Image
Referring to #UN75, #ICC President recalls that “the need for both the ICC & the @UN originated directly from the horrors of World War II” & both institutions share a common mission: “to achieve a world free of violence and conflict – with human rights for all” #UNGA
#ICC President Chile Eboe-Osuji: “That is the future that the ICC strives to foster. It is the future that assures that there will be accountability through the rule of law, justice for victims, when atrocities that shock the conscience of humanity have been committed” #UNGA
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1. Many #Zimbabweans think 2008 situation in #Zimbabwe was unique n this has been largely due to the fact that we are so insular n so polarized we look at things in terms of @ZANUPF_Official n @mdczimbabwe. Bt 2008 there was a Global Financial Meltdown.
2. In First World Countries, Governments had to step in to save Financial Institutions from collapse m folding up. There was a Financial Crisis across the World. #Zimbabwe as a country already under sanctions was severely affected coz it had no external credit lines.
3. The ZWD as it was then, was deliberately shorted...yes, attacked deliberately. Many will doubt this but there is precedence to it you know. George Soros once shorted the British Pound itself. Its a deliberate position adapted in the Money Market.
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Live with @DrTedros from Ministerial Meeting on #HealthForAll. #UNGA…
"One year ago, the nations of the world came together in solidarity to endorse the #UNGA Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage"-@DrTedros #HealthForAll

"The day before that landmark event, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board launched its first report, warning that the world was unprepared for the next pandemic, and that it was only a matter of when, not if the next pandemic struck"-@DrTedros #UNGA

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LIVE: Health Security Preparedness High Level event at #UNGA with @DrTedros…
"The impacts [of #COVID19] go far beyond the disease itself, with disastrous consequences for health systems, and services for immunization, nutrition, family planning and more.

And yet none of this should come as a surprise"-@DrTedros #UNGA
"Over the years we have had many reports, reviews and recommendations all saying the same thing: the world is not prepared for a pandemic.

#COVID19 has laid bare the truth: when the time came, the world was still not ready"-@DrTedros #UNGA
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Bisht has bitten off more than he can chew. It is time for the Congress to muster its full on-ground presence. Each time you let Bisht get away with his totalitarianism, you help him set a higher baseline. Normalise his dictatorial tendencies.

No more.

Push Back.
Where are Mayawati and Akhilesh? Counting their millions in some quiet corner? This is the time for some good old street politics, count your millions later!

If your rears r still parked on some plush sofa somewhere, then you r are not worthy of being called leaders of any party
If you can not mobilise a full-fledged mass political agitation on the ground now, that shakes the foundations of the regime, then I am afraid, you are not Opposition parties but just actors in this theatre of the absurd where BJP has prime role and you all play your bit roles.
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Governments, the private sector, civil society & int. organizations commit over 1 billion US$ at #UNGA event to support the Access to #COVID19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator initiative, to bolster access to lifesaving tests, treatments & vaccines

The ACT-Accelerator, launched 5 months ago, is an unprecedented 🌍 collab. of the top health organizations working together to ↗️ the development, production, & equitable access to #COVID19 tests, treatments & vaccines

Since the launch the ACT-Accelerator achieved:
✔️ the availability of 120 million affordable & high-quality #COVID19 rapid tests for low-& middle-income countries
✔️ breakthrough in trials of Dexamethasone
✔️ the creation of the COVAX Facility
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LIVE: #UNGA High-Level event on #COVID19 ACT-Accelerator with @DrTedros. #ACTogether…
"Yesterday marked a grim milestone in our shared fight against #COVID19.
1 million people are confirmed to have lost their lives to this new virus. The real number is certainly higher.
Thousands more are fighting for their lives in hospitals all over the 🌍"-@DrTedros
"Science is giving us solutions, in the form of new #COVID19 tests, therapeutics and – hopefully – a vaccine.

But science and solutions will be ineffective without solidarity"-@DrTedros #ACTogether
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#Israel|i PM Netanyahu at #UNGA has revealed a #Hezbollah missile depot in #Beirut, #Lebanon ImageImageImage
Literal PowerPoint, and yes I’m out for a walk playing Pokemon Go 😂 Image
3 sites.... Image
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♦️ #Pakistan in Deep Soup ♦️

PM Imran Khan lately was seen supporting #Azerbaijan over its conflict with #Armenia. He has been ranting the Kashmir issue at the #UNGA.The same leader was also seen defending his country in the latest #FATF meeting.

#ImranFailsPakistanAgain Image
But before going global, he should focus on what's local. #Pakistan speaks about human-rights abuses in #Kashmir, but seeing the Shia genocide, the forceful conversion of minorities to Islam & its brutality in #Balochistan & #GilgitBaltistan.

#balochistanisburning Image
No one in the world takes #Pakistan seriously. After all, one has to fix his own house first before pointing fingers at others. How long the deep state of Pakistan will keep the masses hostage to the delusional state of mind & failed narratives of foreign policy.

#Pakistan Image
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Today @eucopresident will give his third keynote speech on "strategic autonomy" in as many weeks. EU leaders will likely declare that strategic autonomy is a "key objective" of the Union. But what do these Greek-derived words mean? Our newsletter today👇…
Judging from the draft of the summit’s conclusions, strategic autonomy means, first of all, relative autarky (here’s another Greek word) in certain sensitive industries. Here’s more from our Supply Lines trade newsletter last week:…
This protectionist push may seem weird. In his #UNGA speech, Michel explained that it’s partly a reaction to a world where might makes right and in which rules aren’t respected. It’s what has been described in International Relations as (last Greek word) kraterocracy: Image
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Indians have been waiting for a long time for United Nations reforms to get completed, PM Modi says in his UN General Assembly address. #UNGA
PM Narendra Modi questions United Nations’ joint fight against the #Coronavirus pandemic. #UNGA
The Indian pharmaceutical industry has sent essential medicines to over 150 countries even during difficult times of the pandemic, says PM @narendramodi at #UNGA.
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"With the northern hemisphere flu season approaching, & with #COVID19 cases & hospitalizations increasing, many countries find themselves struggling to strike the right balance between protecting public health, protecting personal liberty & protecting their economies"-@DrTedros
"So-called lockdowns and the impact on global travel and trade have already taken such a heavy toll.

The global economy is expected to contract by trillions of dollars this year"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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LIVE: Ensuring universal access to #COVID19 health technologies with @DrTedros. #UNGA…
"Since the beginning of the #COVID19 pandemic, WHO has supported 🌍 efforts to develop vaccines, diagnostics & therapeutics to suppress transmission & save lives.

From the beginning, we have insisted that these tools must be available equitably to all countries"-@DrTedros #UNGA
"Every day counts and every part of the world needs to be covered.

Moving quickly means sharing data and information that may normally be kept secret or protected by intellectual property"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #UNGA
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