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New: U.S. jury convicts Honduran congressman Antonio "Tony" Hernández of a drug trafficking scheme implicating his brother, that country's president.

Trial painted a portrait of a virtual narco-state.

USAO statement.

From closing args, @CourthouseNews:…
@CourthouseNews The president of Honduras, who compared claims that received bribes from El Chapo to something out of "Alice in Wonderland," has not been charged with wrongdoing.

During #UNGA recently, Trump reached a deal with him that would trap asylum-seekers in the Honduras they fled.
@CourthouseNews A New York jury's verdict today could cause political shockwaves in Honduras and complicate Trump's deal stranding asylum-seekers in a country U.S. prosecutors depicted as a violent narcostate.

My developing roundup, for @CourthouseNews.…
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Coming up:

@CHarlandICRC (Deputy Permanent Observer & Legal Adviser, @ICRC_NYC) will deliver a statement to #UNGA 6th Committee on "Measures to eliminate international #terrorism"

Watch live:…
@CHarlandICRC #Terrorism negates the fundamental principle of humanity. It is contrary to many underlying principles & core objectives of int'l humanitarian law (#IHL).

The @ICRC condemns acts of terrorism & is deeply distressed by the devastating impact of these acts
@CHarlandICRC @ICRC Member States must be clear and firm about the need for counter-terrorism activities to be conducted with full respect for the protections afforded to all individuals by international law, in particular #IHL and #HumanRights law

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Coverage of Tuesday’s session of the #UNGA 4th Committee:…

#Gibraltar was one #NSGT covered on Tuesday, as was #Anguilla and French Polynesia
The @GovAnguillaUK representative argued that the relationship between the UK and #Anguilla is “... not a modern relationship, nor is it one that offers respect to our citizens.”
The @GovAnguillaUK representative also made this interesting point at the #UNGA 4th Committee on Tuesday: “The United Kingdom’s bundling of Territories together for administrative reasons means that only the agendas of the most dominant members of such a forum receive attention.”
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Seguimos avanzando en la consolidación de más apoyos por una #VenezuelaLibre. Hoy junto a nuestra diáspora venezolana en Sur de la #Florida recibimos el respaldo de las autoridades del Congreso de #EEUU @SpeakerPelosi @RepShalala @RepDMP @RepSires @RepDWStweets a nuestra lucha.
En el gobierno del Pdte. (e) @jguaido contamos con el contundente y sólido respaldo de la administración del Presidente @realDonaldTrump y del Congreso de #EEUU para maximizar la presión que permita lograr la salida de la dictadura criminal de Nicolás Maduro de #Venezuela.
El apoyo de los senadores @marcorubio @SenRickScott @SenatorMenendez y del representante @MarioDB ha sido clave. Con sus pares dentro del Congreso y el Senado mantienen el foco y la atención de #EEUU sobre la lucha libertaria que libramos millones de venezolanos.
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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019🤨👇🏼…
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019 🤨👇🏼…
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Imran was not making an appeal to the world, he was issuing a call to fellow Jihadis, may they be in any country, to come to his support. Imran is staking a claim to the moral leadership of the Ummah.

Now, listen to his speech again, this will become obvious to you.
Imran knows that the world will not be sympathetic to his pleas for a long time. He is just using the UN platform to amplify his message to the Islamists countries as well as individuals.
Lessons of the ISIS experiment will help it create ISIS 2.0. A pan-global militant organization well aligned with a military built along modern lines.
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My take from Imran Khan’s speech at #UNGA

~We beseech the UN to instruct India to accept our terrorist attacks.
We have been doing this since nearly three decades & more.

I want to know why have they made Kashmir inaccessible to us ?
They have no right to deprive us of our killing fields.

We miss the Congress so much!
They never complained or retaliated.
We simply exchanged dossiers ....

They understood our blood lust.

That’s why we were plugging for Rahul during their elections.
We are true soul mates - coke, weed & all. But that story is for another day.....
50 mins ticktock ticktock*

However, these Hindutva & RSS sort are most intolerant !! Bloody fascists, Nazis !

They won’t accept a few soldiers killed here & there !
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😂🤣😂🤣🤣One Day We shall speak on the evolution of a single client law firm that suddenly became a megalomaniac overnight. ‘Proxies’ happeneth to them all. Nothing is hidden under heaven. He who loves untruths will soon be lost in the labyrinth of his lithany of lies. ⏰
Let me say this categorically for it has to be said and someone has to make it clear. There is no connection or semblance of association of the word INTEGRITY with @ProfOsinbajo & @MBuhari. You say what you can’t put into action. The only consistent thing is your love for lies.
Only the brain damaged will sing the praises of economic gormandizers and rule of law subjugators, abusing the power of the state to perpetuate themselves in office. The blatant show of irresponsibility & lack of accountability prove they are the most corrupt duo in our history!
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#UNGA #India's hard hitting Right to Reply against war mongering #Terroristan will continue to haunt @ImranKhanPTI in all the years to come, here's the excerpt of sixer hit by Vidisha Maitra first secretary, MEA on body line bowled by #ImranKhan


Right of Reply
27 September 2019
Threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinksmanship, not statesmanship
Mr. President,
I take the floor to exercise India’s right of reply to the statement made by the Prime
Minister of Pakistan.

2. Every word spoken from the podium of this august Assembly, it is believed, carries the
weight of history. Unfortunately, what we heard today from Prime Minister Imran Khan of
Pakistan was a callous portrayal of the world in binary terms.

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In UNGA that Inner City Press is banned from by corrupt Sec-Gen @AntonioGuterres, Iceland just said "Western Sahara remains unresolved," without more specifics. #UN. Despite 451+ day ban by the worst SG ever, Inner City Press is covering: thread
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @WSahara1 @iburundi @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC In #UNGA from which @AntonioGuterres bans Inner City Press, last scheduled speaker Sept 27 is #EquatorialGuinea which tortures its opponents and partners with the UN Censorship Alliance… Banned Inner City Press ready to cover rights of reply
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @WSahara1 @iburundi @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC OK, it's on: first right of reply is Serbia, saying that Albania was the only country calling for recognition of Kosovo during this UNGA (which which corrupt @AntonioGuterres and @MelissaFleming have banned Inner City Press.) #GuterresMustGo
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Dear @PMOIndia @narendramodi
I hope that you see my heart here over your 17 minutes speech. You took 13 minutes to speak only as you were addressing you elections campaign. GW is well touched but remained short of actions one could talk.
Now you quoted 3K old Quote but missed to tell world how you violated in Haryana and Kashmir. You talked of peace, can you really see peace under bullets and guns?
55 days gone under siege of curfew in Kashmir. Did you think, you could control 180 Mln Population with this 👇👇
Then you spoke of terrorism, didn't you really forget telling your lifetime membership of #RSS? Further you just missed use of official terrorism on #GoldenTemple? I think Sir you also missed telling actual history of #TamilTigers there. Either memory is short or 👇👇
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Just now in #UNGA Israel's speaker threw down, saying "Turkey is not the Ottoman Empire." As @InnerCityPress, banned from #UNGA74 by AntonioGuterres, asked last night, when is @UN_PGA @BandeTijjani going to belatedly allow rights of reply? It's already Day 3
@UN_PGA @BandeTijjani @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @lnnercitypress @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC Now in #UNGA, SaudiArabia blames entirety of blame for killing Rafic Hariri on Iran. But a man said to be involved is now the head of UN Security in Jordan, banned Inner City Press has asked without answer, and exclusively reported:…
@UN_PGA @BandeTijjani @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @lnnercitypress @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC Worst #UNGA speech so far is Cameroon Foreign Minister, about whose meeting with @AntonioGuterres amid his Biya killing in SW & NW @UN_Spokesperson @StephDiujarric has refused to answer Inner City Press banned from UN for asking about Guterres taken golden statue
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#UNGA के पहले पाकिस्तान की उच्चस्तरीय समिति की मीटिंग की ख़ुफ़िया रिपोर्ट -

फवाद चौधरी- खवातीनोहजरात, आप सबकी तवज्जो चाहूँगा, कल अक्वाम ए मुत्ताहिदा के बयान के पहले आज आख़िरी शब है। आज ही आज है, कल ग़ाज़ियाबाद है।

मलीहा - फवाद, ये ठेला लगाने के अँदाज में मीटिंग की घोषणा न करें
मोना आलम- अरे वज़ीर ए आज़म को तो आने दो। और ये लाल तौलिया बनियान पहने कौन घुस आया है?

फवाद- वो वज़ीर ए आज़म हैं, शेरवानी कल के लिए ड्राईक्लीनिंग करने को दी है, वो तो रेड कार्पेट वाला तौलिया मिल गया वरना आज मीटिंग ही न हो पाती।

इमरान भाई - मीटिंग शुरू हो बाजवा सर फ़ोन पर है
नेपथ्य से महिलाओं के रोने की आवाज़। हाय, हाय, मार डाला, हम पे ये किसने, हरा रँग डाला

तबले की आवाज़ बढ़ती है, भाई के पाँव में थिरकन।

फोन पर बाजवा-अरे, कौन लोग हैं ये, जिनको हमले ज़्यादा दुख हो रहा कश्मीरियों पर। कौन हैं ये बुर्कानशीं मोहतरमाएँ।

फवाद - सर, हिंदुस्तानी पत्रकार
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Our Side-Event on #Youth4ClimatePeaceSecurity @ #UNGA is about to start.

We titled it "Time for Action: Climate Change & Youth, Peace and Security Nexus".

It will bring together two agendas crucial to the future of our increasingly urban🏙️ , young👦👧, and climate ravaged 🌍.
You can follow the event live on UN WebTV 10 minutes after this tweet is posted.

We will tweet too, and add interesting information and key quotes of our panel and audience to this developing thread.

#Youth4ClimatePeaceSecurity #UNGA #ClimateChange…
Why should you follow?

We have an excellent set-up!

Our ED @MaimunahSharif , His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway @Kronprinsparet, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate @k_satyarthi .

We have @SofieNordvik , Norwegian #UNYouthDelegate to #ClimateSummit2019 , @Shan_Agrwl ...
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Japan's #AirForceOne & back up out from JFK #UNGA

🇯🇵 Japan Air Self Defence Force
B77W 80-1111 JF001
B77W 80-1112 JF002
5 hours on... JF001 @AbeShinzo at 29,000ft heading over southern England 👇
🇯🇵 Japan's #AirForceOne @AbeShinzo just landed in Brussels
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Front and center at the entrance of the #UNGA building without a hint of irony: the “King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre”

It lists Yemen, a country which Saudi keeps under medieval style siege and has bombed since 2015, as a recipient of the Kingdom’s aid program
The UN says the Saudi-led war in Yemen has created the worst humanitarian catastrophe currently in the world, the most dire since WWII

Yet it allows Saudi Arabia to promote its “Development & Reconstruction Program” for Yemen at the entrance of the 74th UN General Assembly
One panel exhibited by Saudi Arabia at the #UNGA entrance touts the Kingdom’s support for Yemen’s agriculture & fishing sector

No mention of Saudi Arabia’s targeted killing of Yemeni fishermen throughout the war, which my friend @MnarMuh covered here:…
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Thread / Rouhani's #UNGA speech this morning was constructive from a diplomatic point of view, and there were several new phrases (if not ideas) worth noting. But it's equally important not to get too carried away with the implications of what he said. 1/9
Disclaimer: as @laurnorman's reporting showed yesterday, there is much going on behind the scenes with the French. It's possible that portions of the speech validated (or refuted) elements of the secret talks. For the time being, we'll have to take the speech at face value. 2/9
Much attention has been placed on Rouhani's apparent endorsement of "more for more." This framework means very different things to different people, but the basic idea is that JCPOA could be a floor to multilateral diplomacy, not the ceiling. 3/9
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Trump begins his #unga news conference by saying that the whistleblower doesn't have "first class" information, whatever that is
Speak for yourself, Mr President
Trump on his diplomacy regarding the conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir: "You look at the two gentlemen heading those two countries ... I said, 'fellas, work it out. Just work it out.'"
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Oh my Godness… le directeur du renseignement national #Maguire aurait, selon le @washingtonpost, menacé #Trump de démissionner s'il ne le laissait pas transmettre des infos sur le signal du lanceur d'alerte au Congrès demain (comme il le doit par la loi).…
@washingtonpost 2) Cette nouvelle info est très importante même si elle est (évidemment) niée par la Maison Blanche.Elle démontre que #Maguire, qui est 1 intérimaire nommé par #Trump durant l'été, et a été contraint de bloquer la transmission de l'alerte au Congrès ne veut plus "jouer" davantage
@washingtonpost 3) Pour la 1ère fois, si on en croit le @washingtonpost (mais ils sont pas mauvais ces derniers temps, hein?), 1 officiel de l'appareil d'Etat de #Trump semble prêt à lâcher la barre si on le force à ne pas remplir ces devoirs légaux. Signe d'1 1er lâchage façon Watergate?
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(1/9) I was unable to share my thoughts on #HLMUHC #UNGA on day of, but will do so with tweetorial below & my @nytimes commentary "Reversal in Health Coverage":…

I also want to thank everyone for warm words of support: my mother is doing better day by day.
(2/9) It’s been a landmark event as #HLMUHC moved mountains with political attention for #Health4All #UHC and the adoption of the Political Declaration. As per my op-ed for @ghn_news, reduced financial commitment but inclusion of #SurgeryUHC now apparent:…
(3/9) Major congratulations for the important #ChildHealth event by @Smiletrain et al.: “quality surgical care is a driver & outcome of development” #SurgeryUHC

1.7 BILLION CHILDREN live without access to surgery. #UNGA #UNGA74, what about that future?…
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#SCOOP Big narrative completely overlooked right now because it doesn't fit #ImpeachTrump narrative.

Sources in Zelensky camp on coming #UNGA Speech:

"Not a matter of partisan politics, should not be twisted by media as such."

@OANN Zelensky expected to say Ukraine welcomes any help from US and @realDonaldTrump to help fight corruption in Ukraine.
@OANN @realDonaldTrump (paraphrasing) - "As Trump has correctly pointed out, the fight against corruption [here in Ukraine] is essential."
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The second day of the #freeIran rally in front of the building of #UNGA,
The Iranians call for #RegimeChange in #Iran and pledge to support Iranian resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi
#WeSupportMEK #NoImpunity4Mullahs
Hundreds of participants in the #FreeIran rally appealed to delegations attending the United Nations #UNGA74, Call to #RegimeChange in #Iran by the Iranian people and resistance.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs @USAdarFarsi @secpompeo
Rajavi Yes, Mullahs No, they are terrorist the must go
The adherent of the Iranian Resistance & opponents of the dictatorship of religious mullahs in #Iran have sent anti-government slogans to delegations attending at #UNGA
#FreeIran Rally-#NewYork
#WeSupportMEK #IranRegimeChange
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❤️🇺🇸 #UNGA
4:00 PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a press conference

New York, NY • Pre-Credentialed Media…
❤️🇺🇸 President Trump Participates in a Press Conference via @YouTube
@YouTube This is why the President is late getting started.. I approve @drawandstrike 👇😂
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A member of the @OrgIAC march to urge "recognition of the Iranian people's right 4 #RegimeChange," outside the #UNGA in #NewYork. They declared their support for the leader of the democratic opposition, #MaryamRajavi.
Rudy Giuliani, speaks at #FreeIran Rally outside the #UNGA74 on September 24, 2019. The Iranian urged recognition of the Iranian people's right for #RegimeChange in #Iran & declared their support for the leader of the democratic opposition, @Maryam_Rajavi.
#AFP #BlacklistRouhani
Iranian #women oppose #Iran's repressive regime at a #FreeIran rally in #NewYork.
They hold a placard of #MaryamRajavi and shout Hassan Rouhani does not represent the Iranian people.
#No2Rouhani #BlacklistRouhani #IranRegimeChange #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #UNGA
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