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13 May
Minister @s_guilbeault's latest tactic to dismiss critics of #C10 is to paint us as crazy supporters of "this concept of Net Neutrality."

As the man trying to regulate the entire Internet, Minister Guilbeault's lack of understanding of how the Internet works is truly astounding.
You're new to "this concept" @s_guilbeault, so here's some helpful Net Neutrality background information:

A) Yes. We are. BIG fans of Net Neutrality. The entire country is. And if you plan on C-10 violating net neutrality, you're taking things even further than we thought.
B) As it happens, @JustinTrudeau is also a big fan of Net Neutrality.
So, you might want to get caught up on your own government's policies, @s_guilbeault.…
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18 Jun 20
Trudeau announces national #COVID19 tracing app coming.…

Despite some good steps to protect privacy, a thread on why this is not the technological panacea for privacy - or COVID - some might hope:

cc @justintrudeau @DavidLametti @PattyHajdu @NavdeepSBains
1. Contact tracing apps are fundamentally reliant on rapid, and ubiquitous, testing. Which has been far from consistently available throughout Canada. That means that these apps do not have the full picture, right from the start.
2. But let's pretend for a moment that we have universal, daily testing.

Low adoption rates have rendered these kinds of apps ineffective around the world. These apps are voluntary (which is good!) -- but they only work if everyone is using them. Which people just aren't.
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16 Nov 19

Big Telecom just asked @JustinTrudeau's cabinet to overturn a #CRTC decision that is *actually lowering Internet costs.*

Tell the government to stand up to Big Telecom's bullying & #StopTheInternetPriceHike
Some background:

In August, the #CRTC lowered the rates that smaller providers pay to sell internet service to customers. Big Telecom was caught overcharging these guys by so much they now have to reimburse them by hundreds of millions of $$$.
💰 Big ISPs like Bell and Rogers have been gouging smaller providers for years, and finally got called out on it by the #CRTC.
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