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It’s noteworthy #NevrePoilievre marched with ubiquitous & extremely dodgy character, Paul Alexander. Many have heard his name by now, but it’s important to note how Alexander keeps turning up. He wasn’t just a Trump appointee, he was handpicked by Michael Caputo. #Freedumbers
Michael Caputo created controversy, even within the Trump administration. Caputo has ties to both Putin & Roger Stone. So how he came to personally pluck Alexander, an obscure part-time instructor in 🇨🇦, to help him bully scientists at #HHS, is still a mystery to me. #cdnpoli
Paul Alexander shows up again & again. He was a central figure in #FluTruxKlan 1, & shows up again in #CoupTruxKlan 2.0. #cdnpoli #FreeDumbConvoy
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4649: Ted Cruz's reverse Rorschach.

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #TedCruz
2/ Why is Ted Cruz standing in this particular manner? Dissecting this moment gives us a peek into the Senator's Psyche.
3/ Clasping hands in front of the lower abdomen/groin region is known as a Fig Leaf configuration or Genital Guarding.
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Colorblind Racism

“If race disappears as a category of official division, as it has in most of the world, this will facilitate the emergence of a plural racial order where the groups exist in practice but are not official recognized - and anyone ....

... and anyone trying to address racial division is likely to be chided for racializing the population.”

— Professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Racism without Racists: #ColorBlindRacism…
The ironic and inevitable consequence: Racial and Ethnic Violence. Those dissimilar identities that predate Nationalism will not bend a knee. They will refuse to be nationalized, de-negrofied, Putinized.

They will resist.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4617: Ted Cruz and men who stand with/suddenly place their hand(s) in their pocket(s).

#BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #EmotionalIntelligence #TedCruz
2/ Having evaluated Ted' Cruz's body language for over a decade, one thing is clear in this moment: The facial expression Ted Cruz is expressing in this moment is one of his very few default faces.
3/ When a person has very little facial expression variation (lots of repetition) one of the first things that should spring to mind is, "Is this person a sociopath/psychopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder [APD])? The answer is with significant possibility, "Yes".
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'Kremlin Cruz' slammed for his ignorance about Russia after the Texan's latest tantrum

He complained about being labeled #KremlinCruz by MSNBC's Williams for sharing Russian propaganda

#TedCruz said it couldn't be true, because he hates communists.

That resulted in historian Kevin Kruse asking if Cruz thought communists currently run the Kremlin.




"Yes, Colonel Vladimir Putin of the KGB is—and always has been—a communist," Cruz argued.
That resulted in historian #KevinKruse asking if Cruz thought communists currently run the Kremlin

"Yes, Colonel Vladimir Putin of the KGB is—and always has been—a communist," Cruz argued…

#Putin is more like a dictator today… like #Trump
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MARCH 20, 2017
FBI’s Russian-influence probe includes a look at #Breitbart, #InfoWars news sites…
2/Breitbart partially owned by Robert Mercer, exec of a NY hedge fund & a co-owner of #CambridgeAnalytica, a firm credited w/giving Trump a significant advantage in gauging voter priorities last year by providing his campaign w/5,000 data points on each of 220mil Americans.
3/Additional Russian tool was the news from its prime propaganda machine, Russia Today, w/a global TV & digital media operation & US arm, RT America.

2016 #Breitbart announced that its website traffic had set a record the previous 31 days w/300mil views, driven by social media.
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In texas, Dildos are more regulated than the utility companies.

Factual tweet prior:

Ted Cruz wrote: The Texas Penal Code prohibits the advertisement and sale of dildos, artificial vaginas, and other obscene devices” but does not “forbid the private use of such devices.”…
Ted Cruz wrote in his brief: “obscene devices do not implicate any liberty interest.” And its brief added that “any alleged right associated with obscene devices” is not “deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions.
The devices he was referring to are dildos
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1. About the seriousness and importance of GOP neglect in natural disasters - #TedCruz and beyond

Adding another tweet about how much of creep Cruz is adds zero content to the conversation.
2. The growing consensus that he was a creep, is a creep and will continue to be one is established.…
3. The jokes about Cruz inverting roles with Mexican refugees is fine but inaccurate: he doesn't come from a privileged Mexican family. He comes from a privileged Cuban family, Batista people, complicit with the murder of the Cuban people.
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Abbott is pushing a lie to protect incompetence. There is no Federal oversight of the Texas Grid, ergo fewer regulations (sound familiar) - so point one: state legislature needs reform. 2/
2. Point 2: there were clear signs the grid would get overloaded under extreme cold conditions. Why? Due to a vacuum of regulations mandating winterization of turbines and power generators. This from sources, in Texas!
3. Point 3: Of the power shortfall that hit Texas, over 80% was due to problems at coal and gas fired plants. Power generators were just not winterized. Decisions to do so have been ignored since the 1990s.
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31.52b/ This is a continuation of the week 31 (Feb. 13-19) thread which is getting too big for stable threading. This is an experiment for this week: to split a thread when it gets to 50 or so.

Part one is here:
31.53/ I've been thinking the same thing (not so well put, of course). How did Skype become the fax machine of this tech crisis?
31.54/ This is good to see! I'm glad the effects are empirically demonstrated.

It's nice when virtue is demonstrably effective. Social science for the win!
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They should Not Sit in Judgment of Trump


#Hawley #Cruz #Graham #Johnson and others who pushed the big lie are co-conspirators and should not sit in judgment of Trump, rather they MUST BE DISQUALIFIED!


Are the Senators who voted to overturn the election results and particularly Hawley and Cruz who helped incite insurrection going to be permitted to vote in the trial to convict Trump?

#MOG Image

So many of the GOP Senators (e.g. #Graham #TedCruz, #Hawley, etc.) were complicit in Trump's Big Lie and the instigation and provocation of insurrection, we need to DEMAND their recusal from the Impeachment Trial.

If they won't, we need to charge as conspirators.
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From TG

From a Marine at #CIA headquarters

The #US Marines raided the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia this past weekend. The Marines retrieved a lot of evidence implicating well-known politicians of embezzlement, election rigging, identity fraud.....
......assassination plots, murders, domestic terrorism, and pedophilia. I’ve listed the following 23 ITEMS to pique your interest and summarize what’s happening:
ITEM 1: CIA headquarters has been raided, the #FBI has been neutralized, and $35 trillion of U.S. Treasury embezzled funds have been recovered. About $100 trillion has been embezzled by the Bushs and the Clintons.
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14 corporations that gave money to the senators who tried to overturn the election


Its PAC gave TRAITOR Sen. #JoshHawley (R-MO) $1,000 and Sen. #RickScott (R-FL) $1,000


Its PAC gave $10,000 to Sen. #RogerMarshall (R-KS).


Its PAC gave $5,000 to Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and $10,000 to Marshall.


Its PAC gave $10,000 to Marshall.


Its PAC gave $3,000 to Scott and $1,000 to Sen. #TedCruz (R-TX)


Its PAC gave $5,000 to Lummis and $10,000 to Marshall.


Its PAC gave $1,000 to Marshall


Its PAC gave $2,000 to Marshall.

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@RepNancyMace You and your party calling for UNITY and all is a LAUGHABLE dog whistle for you to invoke your privileges. Have you considered the Brown and Black people that have fell victim of such heinous acts of violence that are now dead? It is safe to say they wish you were
singing this same song prior to the police, etc...…destroying/.taking their lives! #cnn @cnn, why do you keep allowing the @gop use of your broadcasting airwaves to push their dogmas on us as if we should all NOW unite and don't fuel the fire. @RepNancyMace ask #EugeneGoodman
what he thinks of your call for UNITY and Calming the flames. As a representative, we want you to hold the perps responsible for attacking our Capitol. We also want an investigation of those in public service (Congressman, Officers, Gov Employees, etc) that was involved. #USNews
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Ted Cruz on fire🔥

a Jack Dorsey CEO de Twitter:

"Sr. Dorsey... Existen los Fraudes Electorales?"

"Por qué siguen actuando como EDITORES de
contenido, censurando y etiquetando material?"


Las preguntas de Ted Cruz que
dejan en evidencia al Ceo de Twitter
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The Silence of the Lambs...
The Silence of the Lambs...
The Silence of the Lambs...
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#BREAKING:FINALLY @JerryFalwellJr CONFIRMS what we've suspected all along, that his wife did indeed HAVE AN AFFAIR with the young "pool boy". OH BOY!!

#TheResistance #MondayThoughts #FBRParty…
#JerryFalwellJr and his wife say they chose to keep this secret because the "pool boy" was EXTORTING them for "a large sum of money." Are you kidding me?

#TheResistance #MondayThoughts #FBRParty
Question now is--Will #JerryFalwellJr ALSO FINALLY confirm the fact that #TeamTrump blackmailed him and his wife with this info, into ditching #TedCruz in 2016 and throwing the #Evangelical support to #Trump?

#TheResistance #mondaythoughts #FBRParty…
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#BREAKING:There are a lot of #MSM reports that #GOP Senators, fearing a #Trump loss in November, are beginning to REBRAND themselves, with @tedcruz & @RandPaul for example, shoring up their "fiscal conservative" creds. Are you kidding me?

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty Image
Think about folks--SUPER Trumpers #TedCruz & #RandPaul still believe people will take them seriously as "fiscal conservatives" or "civil libertarians" after they BLINDLY supported Trump's authoritarianism and record deficits? MADNESS!!

#TheResistance #SundayThoughts #FBRParty
This was #TedCruz lamenting #Obama's supposed "imperial presidency". Boy, Ted Cruz's HYPOCRISY knows no bounds

#TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #Yahoo #SundayThoughts #FBRParty…
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On July 1, Senators Kirsten #Gillibrand, Senator Chuck #Grassley & Senator Ted #Cruz announced they will offer the bipartisan #Military Justice Improvement Act as an amendment to this year’s National #Defense Authorization Act.… #NDAA #MJIA #PassMJIA
From Senator Gillibrand's press release: "The Military #Justice Improvement Act would professionalize how the #military prosecutes serious crimes by moving the decision over whether to prosecute them to independent, trained, professional military prosecutors." #MJIA #PassMJIA
"Despite years of Congressional reforms, thousands of service members are raped & sexually assaulted every year. In many of those cases, the assailant is someone in the survivor’s own chain of command." -- #military #MST #MilitarySexualTrauma #MJIA #PassMJIA
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Just think of this South Carolina @thestate @harrisonjaime a president in the USA is silent about a true enemy of the state Russia puts a bounty on American soldiers to the Taliban. @LindseyGrahamSC spends Sunday GOLFING with that president at his exclusive golf course.
So get ready for Lindsey @senatemajldr and the rest of the @SenateGOP to be quiet once again. @dallasnews @HoustonChron @elpasotimes @TexasTribune why are your Senators missing in action? #TedCruz #JohnCornyn
VoteVets Ad - Don't Thank Us via @YouTube
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1) If you claim to be a #Liberal today, your world must be incredibly strange. There are two types of Liberal, the #elite overlords, and the useful idiots. You can decide for yourself where you fit. But there is no doubt that you EMPOWER the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT. Lets sum it up:
2) You believe that killing a baby is your "right", but killing newborn puppies or bird eggs should land you in jail.
3) You believed, without evidence, that #Trump was a puppet of #Russia. When he imposed brutal sanctions, you ignored it to preserve your world view.…
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Due to current influx of election concerned followers, I'd like to remind everyone that Ted Cruz's campaign sent voter/supporter data and polling data to a Russian national named Yaroslav "Yarek" Leontenko (through his work as a web app developer at AggregateIQ).

Yaroslav's work included contributing to and modifying the code in Ted Cruz's "CruzCrew" campaign phone app.
Through his employer, Yaroslav also had access to the wealth of details within the GOP's Data Trust voter database (as AggregateIQ could pull from it).
On at least one occasion, Yaroslav's sister referred to him, on social media, as "from rus mafia".
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. @SRuhle @MSNBC To sum up#DonaldNorcross & #BretStephens: #Trump is the same guy he was 2 yrs ago when #MikePence, #MittRomney, #LindseyGraham, #MarcoRubio, et al, ALL WARNED US that Trump is dangerous. A egocentric know nothing. A traitor. A criminal. & instead of sticking...1
@SRuhle @MSNBC what they know damn well to be true, they’ve elevated this piece of shit above the best interests of our country, our citizens, the world. Lest we forget the words of #TedCruz whose wife was viciously attacked by Trump & who is now supporting him. HOW CAN ANYONE VOTE...2
...for a politician who doesn’t have the moral fortitude to even defend his own family? Texans better think long & hard about having someone like that represent them. Because it’s clear: the GOP is no longer interested in what’s best for the country./3
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