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Mar 11 5 tweets 5 min read
a nice move by @googlecloud recently. they've cleaned up the already great developer experience

the moves are summed up in this post…

some thoughts 👇

🧵 #cloud #devops @googlecloud these changes are non-breaking. that SHOULD be the standard when dealing with APIs and SDKs but, sadly, it isn't everywhere

nice to see @googlecloud setting an example here

🧵 #cloud #devops
Mar 10 9 tweets 10 min read
before I dive in here, did you know that @awscloud Audit Manager exists?

probably not. tl:dr > it helps map your usage to various regulations & standards to give you a better idea of your risk & compliance posture

some thoughts & a blog post analysis 👇

🧵 #cloud #security @awscloud this 👇 is the workflow for @awscloud Audit Manager. it's not bad for the basics

🧵 #cloud #security The AWS Audit Manager workflow: - review, customize, or crea
Mar 9 7 tweets 8 min read
on the @awscloud Cloud Operations & Migrations blog, @MahanthJayadeva has a great post up about Custom Lenses in teh AWS Well-Architected Framework

read that at…

some thoughts 👇

🧵 #cloud #devops @awscloud @MahanthJayadeva Custom Lenses add your own questions to the AWS Well-Architected Tool

remember, the Tool is basically a managed, versioned Q&A system to help your teams work through various architectural chocies

a Custom Lens means your questions appear alongside AWS'

🧵 #cloud #devops
Oct 6, 2021 7 tweets 7 min read
the biggest disappointment I have with @awscloud IAM is that people don't use it like a dynamic system

permissions are still granted on/off, very few teams add a time component in there but they are starting to with roles

...I think there's more there

🧵☁️ #cloud #security of course, that tweet probably gave @ben11kehoe a heart attack (sorry Ben!)

...on that note, Ben just published ANOTHER fantastic post on @awscloud IAM, he's on a roll lately

🧵☁️ #cloud #security
Sep 2, 2021 45 tweets 36 min read
containers on @awscloud: a rant 🧵

problem: I want to run a single container every so often

☁️ #cloud #devops I start with a search. the first result is straight forward and promising

I click on "Containers on AWS"

☁️🧵 #cloud #devops
Aug 24, 2021 17 tweets 10 min read
next up is IAM with Karen Haberkorn

@awscloud #reinforce …and the challenge of virtual events rears it ugly head. other more pressing matters popped up and I’ve missed what seems like a great talk and discussion on IAM 😔

@awscloud #reinforce
Aug 24, 2021 34 tweets 25 min read
Eric Brandwine up now at @awscloud #reinforce

he’s talking about building a culture of #security scale quickly became a problem in building the #security organization at AWS

@awscloud #reinforce
Aug 24, 2021 15 tweets 12 min read
new thread to cover, “Governance, Risk, & Compliance”

@awscloud #reinforce Anil starts things off with compliance landscape…

@awscloud #reinforce
Aug 24, 2021 37 tweets 26 min read
up now at @awscloud #reinforce, “Data Protection & Privacy” with @JKenBeer, @jennybrinkley, & @clean_freak

☁️ #cloud #devops . @StephenSchmidt introduces the session, which is a “fireside chat”

@awscloud #reinforce
Aug 24, 2021 121 tweets 92 min read
. @awscloud #reinforce // here we go…


☁️ #cloud #security #devops Adam Selipsky (CEO, AWS) up first with an opening message for @awscloud #reinforce
Aug 13, 2021 25 tweets 19 min read
yesterday I spun up 36x @awscloud EC2 instances to build out a weird sample data set

today, trying to get an exact cost for that work, it hits home (again) why @quinnypig has a very successful business

a story...

🧵 ☁️ #cloud #devops ok, so I spun up the instances via python/boto3 (all old-school like) because I had a unique user-data script to each to execute and then shutdown

super simple 👇

🧵 ☁️ #cloud #devops