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The stock is up a STAGGERING 289% 📈 since its March lows 🚀

It has ALL IT TAKES 🧠 to BECOME the LEADER 🥇 in #Cybersecurity 🛡

COMPETITION in intense 🔥 Let’s see what it takes to WIN 👑

Here is an EASY thread 👇
CrowdStrike is a founder-led company est. in 2011 & IPO in June 2019

uses #MachineLearning to target malware threats 💀 by providing endpoint & cloud security

✅ This is built around 11 modules in the cloud on CrowdStrike Falcon 🦅 platform
Time to BREAK DOWN this hard to understand TECHNICAL jargon 🤯

☠️ Millions of new cyber threats appear every day leading to theft of *very sensitive* data

⚔️ combines *endpoint security* & *cloud security* with *threat intelligence* to stop these threats 👇
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Great article on how #ByteDance's #tiktok algorithms made it such a success in #China; mainly because in #China, AI algorithms have been applied at scale to entertainment. With AI, the more inputs you have, the better and more accurate the algorithm becomes.
2/ #Tiktok would not likely be as effective in the US because the market is smaller (fewer inputs) than in China. This means that the algorithms could not be optimized as it has with #Douyin in China. In the US, algorithm optimization at #Microsoft, #Google, #Facebook, #Apple
3/ is a much slower and better documented process. With #facebook, it monetized advertising mainly through small ads and political ads targeting extremist subcultures and conspiracy groups, which adds to social fracturing in the US. #Facebook makes money from US collapse.
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🎖 Oracle Autonomous Database 2019 #Certified Specialist
🔗 Acclaim Badge: 1/2
🔖 Exam No: 1Z0-931-20
🔖 Duration: 85 mins
🔖 No of questions: 60
🔖 Passing score: 65%
🔖 Cert validity: 18 months
🔗 Exam details: 2/3
💡 Skills I learned & validated from this exam:
- Features & workflows
- Managing it using Rest APIs & CLI
- Monitoring & Migration in AD
- Data Pump & Golden Gate 3/4
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🥇 I've successfully cleared @Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2020 Certified Associate exam.

Acclaim Badge:…

@OracleCloud is an enterprise cloud delivering powerful compute & networking performance with a wide range of cloud services. THREAD
🌈 Skills gained & validated:
- Cloud Concepts
- Core OCI Services
- OCI Pricing, Security, Support & Compliance

💡 Tips:
- Focus more on OCI Regions, AD, Databases, Storage & Network.
- You can easily pass with the passing score being 68%, 19 questions can be incorrect.
🔖 Exam Resources:
- Oracle University Course:
- Free Full Course:
- Study Guide:
- Presentations:
- Practice Exam:
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Put economics aside for a sec, #edge will be used in mission critical use cases (like hospitals and autonomous driving) only where latency of data is important for life/death sitauation before it moves into other applications where user experience matters a lot like gaming. 1/2
Now let’s tack on economics on edge vs cloud discussion. You will move to edge to reduce egress cost of #edge (an argument I often hear). What if that saving is smaller than the decentralized management cost of edge (boxes applications security maintenance)? 2/2
I meant to say

You will move to edge to reduce egress cost of #cloud
You will move to edge to reduce egress cost of #edge

dang! I can't even call that a typo... too much was going on LOL
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Secure cloud storage is mostly a lie until cryptographic splitting becomes the default standard.…

#netsec #security #privacy #future #soon #cloud #evolve #adapt
The major cloud storage platforms will push back against this necessary step forward. Cryptographic Splitting inherently reduces each cloud provider's revenue stream by pitting them with-and-against their competitors. And the end user comes out on top.
The basics of it:
-DataX is encrypted on the user end.
-Every other byte splits off (goes into either FileA or FileB. Like: A-B-A-B-A-B-A-...).
-Both resulting files are then, again, encrypted.
-FileA is stored within Amazon's Cloud.
-FileB is stored within Microsoft's Cloud.
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I needed a space to deploy simple web page over weekend. Requirements:
- static web page
- custom domain (apex)
- HTTPS enabled.

I gave a try to #Azure storage as a web hosting. Thread: (hint: documentation sucks at least a bit).
Storage: simple, yet useful service in all #cloud. #Azure storage host static website:
Pro: simple, cheap, custom domain
Con: No HTTPS for custom domain
Basic setup:…
- Create storage account
- Enable web hosting
- Change public access level
Done. Works.
I have DNS zone on #Azure DNS. No apex ("naked") domain support. How to overcome HTTPS and custom zone support?
Go for #Azure CDN service - in my case, Verizon premium (rules). It might take some time to provision it.
Basic setup:…
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Researchers & app developers, are you trying to synchronize your CareKit app data to the cloud? My team, #NetReconLab at the @universityofky has released a set of open-source tools to help #WWDC #Swift #CareKit #Cloud #synchronization #Postgres #mongodb…
Apple engineers discussed all of the new synchronization features they added today within CareKit (19 minutes - end of the video). I was fortunate enough to make some contributions to this effort on CareKits official GitHub Page (I'm " cbaker6" 🙃)…
The CareKitSample-ParseCareKit which shows off all of the tools at once. It combines the data sync tool (ParseCareKit) that syncs the data from your device to parse-hipaa. The sample app will have you synching data to your server in 3 minutes!…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/14/2020-2…

Americapox: The Missing Plague - YouTube

#America #Europe #epidemic
Mutation Allows Coronavirus to Infect More Cells, Study Finds. Scientists Urge Caution. - The New York Times…

#mutation #coronavirus
The American Press Is Destroying Itself - Reporting by Matt Taibbi…

#press #decline
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Last Saturday, @souvikdg and @hallidude chatted about the pros and cons of @CraftCMS on…. If you are deciding on whether to adopt #CraftCMS, you will find this thread useful. (1/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS is a general purpose Content Management System (CMS) which differentiates itself from other #alternatives by offering a clean starting point coupled with great tools to build a #website. (2/13)
@souvikdg @hallidude @CraftCMS .@CraftCMS features a clear separation of concern between the content models, presentation and business logic. Since you begin with a clean slate, you have to bring your own #HTML and #design. There is no starter theme.
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Thread: Cloud is one of the most underrated technology in the middle of this pandemic. While we praise Zoom and others, we all couldn't have adapted to #workingfromhome without the advancements in the scale and power of the cloud. (1/8)
Imagine we were in this crisis 15 years ago when the cloud was in its infancy. It wouldn't have been easy to do everything we do today around meetings, file sharing, online events and more all powered by cloud. (2/8)
I would argue, many millions would be out of work if not for #cloud. Also the entertainment industry. The @netflix’s of the world would not be merely this effective without the scale we have today. (3/8)
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Data surfaced by LinkedIn from 20+ million jobs revealed the 15 most in-demand soft & hard skills. The study looked at the skills that are in highest demand (based on hiring rate) relative to the supply of people who have those skills.
The top 5 most in-demand soft skills are:

#1 #Creativity

Connecting dots—that are seemingly unrelated—to generate original, useful solutions is an incredibly valuable skill in every employee, regardless of what industry or country you’re doing business in.
#2 #Persuasion

Persuasion is convincing others to buy into your idea or a different way of doing things to build consensus or make a decision. It’s one of the most powerful communication skills for all employees to have in their skillset.
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This @ProVideo x @editblog interview became part demo, part Q&A, part announcement:…

Some highlights...

#Remote #Collaboration #Editing #Workflow #Cloud #CloudStorage #PostChat

What is Postlab?

@paul_matthijs: Postlab saves you from emailing project files, keeping versions around, and shuttling media.

(Video jumps to 04:13, watch through 04:56)
How do Productions work in Postlab?

• They can store #FCPX Libraries *and* #PremierePro Projects.
• Changes are tracked.
• Libraries and Projects are versioned.
• Think Project Locking, not Bin Locking.

(Video jumps to 04:56, watch through 05:51)
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1. ancora una volta, io sento il dovere di NON stare zitta e dire quello che in una fase di grande "distrazione" (come nooo...) non viene detto sulla "APP" (#sorveglianzaDiMassa) contro #COVID, perché gli sviluppi che vedo sono a dir poco preoccupanti
2. dopo una fase in cui abbiamo temuto il peggio del peggio, ovvero una #sorveglianzaMassa stile #CoreaDelSud con integrazione #datiLocalizzazione,#DatiSanitari,#CarteCredito,#videocamereTelefonini e di tutto di più,ora ci viene proposta una soluzione apparentemente più decente
3. ci viene lasciato intendere che abbiamo scampato il pericolo del modello #CoreaDelSud e che non verrà usata la #geolicalizzazione spinta nelle intenzioni originali di #VittorioColao, ma verrà usato il #bluetooth
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Lesenswert & kurzweilig, der #Tätigkeitsbericht 2019 der #BlnBDI:
1⃣ Ist einem #Algorithmus eine Entscheidungsbegründung unmöglich, darf dieser keine Empfehlung aussprechen (S.27)
2⃣ Adressvermietung begründet gemeinsame Verantwortlichkeit (S.33)
3⃣ Einsprüche im One-Stop-Shop-Verfahren gegen #Beschlussentwürfe anderer ABs (S.43/45)
4⃣ Probleme mit gütlicher Einigung als Verfahrensende in 🇪🇺-Staaten (S.44)
5⃣ #Windows10 ohne Internetzugang + getrennte Umgebung für Internetnutzung genügt nach DSK-Papier (S.55)
6⃣ Nach #Ransomware-Vorfall erhält das KG mobile Dienstgeräte. Man empfiehlt das für alle #Richter und #StAs bei #Homeoffice (S.58f)
7⃣ #Polizei & POLIKS: Aktuell rw. System der Personensuche (S.64)
8⃣ Art. 6 I f #DSGVO für #Kundenzufriedenheitsumfrage im Nachgang (S.86)
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✊An opinionated thread about designing your #Cloud #datacentre — Principles for a clear and obvious Naming Convention 👇

I am planning to run a series about cloud design. Follow me for more 😍

Feedback & suggestions are very welcome. Please comment & share the wealth via RT 👍
Thoughts here are not specific to #OCI and can be applied to any #Cloud or on-premise #infrastructure to some extent.
On the Resources Naming Conventions in Enterprise #IT

When (1)Naming, (2)Filing and (3)Labeling are done right for your resources, we can assume that you have a well defined environment. The problem is to agree upon what "done right" is.
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1. ora voglio aiutarvi a leggere inchiesta del #WashingtonPost sull'azienda #CryptoAG che, rivelava il WashPost era un completo asset della #CIA. Ecco l'inchiesta che avete letto tutti (inglese):…
2. intanto non potete capire l'inchiesta del #WashingtonPost sull'azienda #CryptoAG se non mettete a fuoco una cosa fondamentale: l'inchiesta è del #WashingtonPost, che non è più quello di #TuttiGliUominiDelPresidente,#WashPost oggi ha un padrone: #Bezos,Signore di #Amazon
3. #Amazon è la nuova potenza militare, come ricostruisce #TechnologyReview (inglese):… #Amazon puntava forte fortissimamente a uno dei contratti più lucrosi di sempre: il progetto #JEDI
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I've been using #AWS for 8+ years now, so IAM is relatively second-nature to me. But I just sat down to explain it to someone new to AWS and... wow, it is a confusing service. (thread) #aws #cloud #security #cloudcomputing
First, we've got policies - what can the role do and what services can it access? Policies are JSON-based (although AWS added a "friendlier" UI recently, which honestly creates some really confusing output). Most common security mistake here: using wildcards.
An IAM user or role can then have multiple policies, each with 1+ statements. Policies can be inline, AWS-managed, or account-managed (i.e. shared). Policies can be attached directly to users or roles or to the groups those users are in.
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I'd like to preface this thread with the following Q drops referencing our US Military, who's in control, current news that unlocks the map, and a series of Tweets with hidden messages for us Anons. #HowDoYouHideAMessageInClearSight
#NewsUnlocksMap #FutureProvesPast #RedOctober
"...the continued 'validation(s)/confirmation(s) thru covert' (series of mathematically impossible coincidences)...
So, on October 18th, I started digging more into #Blackberry due to recent news of Barr/Durham obtaining #MisfudPhones & as Q post #777 was the ONLY post that popped up re: BlackBerry.

(Remember this post & content for later).
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Been thinking a lot about #cloud #security lately and I am starting to believe that the "shared responsibility model" is fundamentally broken. Securing an storage bucket or server in the cloud shouldn't be as difficult as it is. Thread...
The big providers advertise how easy it is to deploy infrastructure in the cloud, but they don't seem to talk about how easy it is to screw it up and loose half the country's SSNs because of an extra * in a JSON policy. It doesn't help that the default settings are rarely secure.
We've got companies with 100s of engineers and combined decades of cloud security experience who are still getting it wrong. Not a day goes by without mass exfiltration of user data because of what amounts to really tiny mistakes.
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Love the simplicity of #Serverless #FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) but hate the setup process? Look to these 7 open source projects to ease #AWS Lambda deployments:
#BigData #StreamingAnalytics #Cloud #DataScience #MachineLearning #IFTTT #EventDriven #AI
13 free tools for #API design, development, & testing — for example, Amazon API Gateway allows you to build front-end APIs for applications built on Amazon EC2, #AWS Lambda, or any web application:
#microservices #cloud #serverless #FaaS #coding #IoT
#IFTTT alternatives for developers of #EventDriven workflows:
#IoT #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #Microservices #DataScience #BigData #FaaS #ML
+See the book “AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven #Serverless Applications” at
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(1/4) On #cloud technology and #climatechange...the narrative around cloud is about business agility and modernization. That's fine, let's do that. A more compelling reason is to reduce the power consumption of all those corp data centers.
(2/4) We are in a #climatecrisis. Crisis means, extraordinary action is needed. IT professionals have three responsibilities because business as usual does not cut it.
(3/4) 1.) Advocate for/demand that cloud providers use renewables 2.) Advocate for the use of cloud solutions 3.) Re-imagine your tech stack using #serverless
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01. #BlackoutInfo
Was für Folgen hat ein landes- oder noch schlimmer, europaweiter, länger als 72 Stunden dauernder #Blackout, also #Stromausfall, in unserer zu 100% von #Strom abhängigen Gesellschaft? Wie ist der #Staat darauf vorbereitet? Wie engagiert sich unsere #Politik?
02. #BlackoutInfo
Innerhalb weniger Stunden nach einem landesweiten #Blackout wird bei 90% der Haushalte kein Wasser mehr aus der Leitung kommen. Auch die Toilettenspülung funktioniert nicht mehr, so daß in Ballungsräumen sehr schnell massive Probleme & Seuchengefahren entstehen.
03. #BlackoutInfo
In der Folge eines landesweiten #Blackout ist die Lebensmittelproduktion nicht mehr möglich. Noch vorhandene Vorräte zu verteilen wird immer schwieriger bis unmöglich. Logistikfirmen stellen Lieferungen sofort ein, da die automatisierten Lager offline sind.
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