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O @badtux_ foi generoso em me convidar para falar na #fiqueemcasaconf no canal @LINUXtipsBR , falei um pouco se #DevOps é Cultura ou Ferramentas. O vídeo está logo abaixo e as referências estão no fio a seguir

Não tem disponível o livro "Culture; a critical review of concepts and definitions" de Kroeber e Kluckhohn, mas tem uma série de textos publicados pelo @swardley sobre Cultura e Wardley Maps, vale a pena ler estes textos.

What culture is right for you?…
O livro sobre Toyota Production System é The Machine That Changed the World. Ele descreve como foi processo de criação e evolução do TPS, como foi a implementação na NUMMI, GM e outros casos.…
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I'm spending some time getting familiar with bare-metal provisioning projects. What's your favourite, and why? #baremetal #provisioning #oss #devops #itoperations #hybridcloud #privatecloud #onprem #pxe #firmware
I'm thinking that @dave_universetf, @mccabejohn, @Codydearkland, @vielmetti, @thebsdbox, @robbiej, @SFoskett, and @andrew_randall might have some suggestions.
@monadic does @weaveworks have a story here?
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The governor of New Jersey called explicitly for COBOL programmers to help with the development of the unemployment system:

This is how the software environmentalism crisis looks like. An explanatory thread. 1/
In the software development industry, we focus exclusively on building systems. The conversations are dominated by new languages, new frameworks, new deployment options. And the body of software grows exponentially. At the same time, we are unable to remove old systems. 2/
From this perspective, our software industry behave not unlike the plastic industry: we focus on building without any regards to recyclability. That is not sustainable. And, given the breadth of software’s reach, it is not responsible either. 3/
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1 of 9: Working on my "#DevOps on an #IoT World" talk for @DevopsNotts... I've got a full @AzureDevOps CICD pipeline working for #IoTEdge using two @Raspberry_Pi s. @MicrosoftIoT @azure @msdevUK
2 of 9: The IoT Edge Module code is checked into a @AzureDevOps Git Repo.
3 of 9: The Build Pipeline is triggered off the check in.
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So excited for How to Become an Automation Engineer with @techgirl1908 at @testingatl #automation #testing
Nice gathering this evening with @techgirl1908 at @testingatl #automation #testing
Thanks for the grub @saucelabs at @testingatl #automation #testing
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1/ The Phoenix Project #ebook is *free* today (Dec 19) on @amazon & other bookseller sites.

If there’s someone you think should read it, now’s your chance. Retweet + tag your friends, colleagues, bosses.


(A Thread) @RealGeneKim @kevinbehr @gspaff
2/ PS: The Phoenix Project ebook should be free for 24 hours across all ebook platforms (Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook, etc…)

Keep reading for book & #DevOps history.
3/ Since 2013, The Phoenix Project has sold over 500,000 copies, and is constantly given by consultants as gifts to clients, by managers as training to employees, and by co-workers to peers as an example of a new way of working.

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.@RealGeneKim says John Smart's "Better Value; Sooner, Safer, Happier" is a more manageable definition of #DevOps compared to the long-winded one. #YOW19 [ed: I love the focus on _happier_... more on this in my talk]
@RealGeneKim He's discussing the unsolved problems in DevOps... it's no longer about pushing to production, it's also about unlocking data from silos. #YOW19
His 5 ideals [ed: taken from the caption stream <3]: (1) locality and simplicity (2) focus, flow, and joy (3) improvement of daily work (4) psychological safety (5) customer focus.

And elite performing teams, from the DORA report, have happier customers. #YOW19
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It is not possible to create a customer-centric product without culture and tooling. - @MarcJBrooker #reinvent
#DevOps is about a loop - @MarcJBrooker
@MarcJBrooker This loop can get broken if you refuse to analyze failures. Most of the time it is broken because we don't change that particular culture. - @MarcJBrooker #reinvent
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#awsTip 10: naming things is still hard. if you use #awsCdk to provision your infra, avoid hardcoding names. any resources that requires a replacement will fail and will cause the stack to be in a bad state until that resource is deleted.

#aws #devops
some additional two cents from the author: moving forward in a cloud centric serverless world, it will be bad form to hardcode the names of things vs relying on service discovery
as a bonus, this will protect you from name squatting attacks like what was just disclosed by @iann0036…
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#AI #DevOps #Hackathon reminder. The final mile in any applied #ML project is deployment into the hands of the people that need it. This is an engineering problem requiring a specific set of skills which this hackathon will test. 1-4 people/team. Is your team ready for this? 1/n
Interested? Send a structured email to with header "AI DevOps." Email should contain:

1) Team name
2) Names & emails (cc) of all team members
3) Relevant skills & experience of team members, with link to Github if available. & member role(s) 2/n
4) Brief description of the specific pre-qualifying exercise you intend to submit.

A pre-qualification exercise is due by Jan 20. Based on that, qualifying teams will be selected and announced by Jan 22, 2020. 3/n
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Some slides from today does talk at #DOES2019

We explored used our secret decoder key to decode MVP

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
We explored a CORRECTED version of the product model .

Shit Umbrella
PdM is Idea Generator?
PdM as context adder

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
We explored the magic tropical paradise of "product thinking" which can range from "product managers do the thinking" to "whole company as the product"

@Amplitude_HQ @DOESsummit #prodmgmt #ux #design
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I have some interesting and hopefully useful insight for the improvement-focused #ITSM community, coming from the Accelerate State of #DevOps 2019 report which you can download from here:…. Starting from the top (a thread with 11 pointers):
(1) Availability is seen as an important aspect of operational performance. SLAs, among other items, remain a useful tool to define and track availability targets. Google's #SRE practices are a useful resource to check out for cloud-based availability practices.
(2) A clear change management process, along with automation, monitoring, and a healthy culture, is one of the foundational capabilities for improving technology delivery and, as an outcome, value delivery.
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Embracing failure and failing fast is something @jrosaproenca learned from being a researcher. You need to fail in order to later succeed. #CAST2019
Frustrations were felt as work was passed from developers to @jrosaproenca in test. He was finding very simple bugs, finding there was a lack of testability in the product, which lead to slow flaky tests. There wasn't a quality mindset in the team. #CAST2019
These frustrations led @jrosaproenca moving to a developer role. Led him to empathise with developers as there were pressures to develop as much as possible. There was a slow feedback loop and estimation fallacies (such as testing shouldn't take as long as development) #CAST2019
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I was speaking with an executive with 20+ years of experience recently. And I asked them if they had ever seen a feature/effort “flop”. And they said No. And I found this very curious. So I dug... (1/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops many cases, they claimed “poor execution” had left the “on their back foot”. Meanwhile, new silver bullets had emerged. So they didn’t really know — or weren’t focused on — whether the original idea worked or not (2/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops other cases, they described competitive pressures or “market shifts” that again left them “late to the party”. Notice the trend: it is all about speed and time in their mind. Perfect ideas that couldn’t be executed on quickly enough. (3/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops
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In addition to #serverless (see link), my other new favorite piece of hashtag-compliant vocabulary for Pantheon is #WebOps

Let me explain.

The default short-hand for what we do is, of course, "hosting." The dreaded H-word. It's part of our story for sure, but it misses out on the value Pantheon provides.

It's an incomplete "what" that thoroughly misses out on the "why."
Don't get me wrong. Hosting is super important, and if your hosting setup is bad or broken, it's really hard to see past it.

A burning platform is an all-consuming emergency. If that's your situation you should call us; we can help!
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Listening to @johnbdickson at #RMISC - AppSec in a World of Digital Transformation
@johnbdickson Businesses are demanding speed in software development over and above nearly every other requirement. This can be an opportunity for AppSec teams – @johnbdickson at #RMISC #RMISC2019
"Digital Transformation" is a business-oriented term, and as such it's a little ill-defined. It's basically code for "we don't want to get stomped by people like Netflix who are moving fast" – @johnbdickson at #RMISC #RMISC2019
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Kent Beck (1999) @KentBeck
Kent Beck (2004) @KentBeck
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A few weeks back, we've noticed our snapshot bills to grow weirdly high.. after some debugging, I've found the snapshot billing and way snapshots stored as an interesting concept..
As the graph says, the usage vs snapshot billing isn't growing proportionally linear.. (1/n)
I decided to debug how snapshots are billed.. fundamentally, snapshots are block-level backups of EBS volumes.. since AWS can't see data inside your block, they read disk blocks occupied and take a copy of them and store them as objects in their s3.. (2/n)
Every time there's a data change inside your EBS volume, by nature of linux and hard disks, the new blocks is where data is written.. So, AWS knows there's change of data (this could be deletion of data too) and marks those blocks as the difference in data..thus incremental (3/n)
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There are just over two weeks left to submit a talk for #GR8Conf EU 2019 at

If you need ideas, here's a thread.

#groovylang #grailsfw #gradle #spockfw #gebish #griffon #springboot #micronautfw #ratpackweb #sdkman #android #devops #ci #cd #cfp #jenkins
Feel free to like/❤ a topic you’d attend and @ people you think should submit a talk on this topic. I have A LOT of ideas so I’ll spread this out over a few days maybe a week depending on how this goes.
1/ an intro to @spockframework

- using #spockfw in a polyglot organization including any tips/tricks for integrating with other languages like #Java and #Kotlin
- the top things you wish you knew when you started using spock
- good testing practices in general
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#prod365 #fr Les Plans de Continuité d'Activité (#PCA) ont pour but de retablir le SI après un "désastre". Un tel événement est aussi appelé "Disaster Recovery" (#DR) et inclus de nombreux événements graves, notamment la perte de #datacenter ou de données.
Citons quelques exemples: corruption silencieuse, destruction du medium de stockage (par erreur ou par nuisance: piratage ou rogue employee), isolation réseau (coup de pelleteuse dans la fibre), script d'administration mal fait / boucle foireuse, clause WHERE oubliée...
Pour de multiples raisons, certaines applications ne peuvent pas être disponibles en Actif/Actif, seulement Actif/Passif.
Cela implique de pouvoir répliquer les données live et de les réutiliser sur une autre machine.
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Central organizations != silos. Looking forward to hearing from @rusmeshenberg about how Netflix utilizes central teams to enable #devops in “The Role of Central Teams in DevOps Organizations” at #reInvent
How do central orgs develop at a company? It’s all tied to growth. You may have a central-central team or even local-central teams @rusmeshenberg #reInvent
Did you know Daredevil DevOps? He definitely DevOps #reinvent
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The place where "testing vs. checking" starts to really leak (as all metaphors do but still…) is the Cartesian division of "things a human does" and "things a computer does."

First, Safety-II and therefore #devops, explicitly reject the Cartesian view of complex systems.
For instance the idea that there exists a computer activity called "checking" and what "checking" does is it validates assumptions.

There is a problem right there. Validation assumes some kind of goal-oriented behavior — telos — which computers do not on their own, have.
As covered pragmatically in the classic paper "The Ironies Of Automation" and further explored by Donna Haraway: computers on their own are not capable of "validation" because validation implies an understanding of some set of moral *values.*

But computers can't do that.
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Next up is my colleague @drensin on why #SRE and #DevOps are friends! (likely quoting me and @sethvargo a bunch) #VelocityConf
@drensin @sethvargo [ed: full disclosure, this is a sponsored talk.]

How many people have heard of SRE? like 80% of people. But 3 years ago, it was crickets. #VelocityConf
"Obviously in the age of Twitter, they must fight, right? But no, they actually reinforce each other."

And you should look at @lizthegrey and @sethvargo's video series for more details.

But the key message is: they developed independently but landed in same place #VelocityConf
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So let’s take an org that is experiencing 50%+ drag due to technical debt.

You would think that would ring alarm bells everywhere, right? It would be all hands on deck fixing the issue, right?

Well... (1/13) #leanagile #devops
“How could YOU ever let it get this way?”
“Well, WE’VE been warning YOU about it since.”
“But YOU never said it would be THIS bad!”

“We did. You’d ask for a plan. We’d give you a plan. You’d say no way. And then we’d settle on a band-aid like 10% time” (2/13) #leanagile #devops
Typically, someone was raising the alarm, somewhere. But it all got watered down...

the org was experiencing growth, hiring lots of people, launching new products. So much noise. Little signal.

“Oh, it’s just developers complaining...” (3/13) #leanagile #devops
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