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6 Jan
Right now you’re probably seeing hundreds of photos and videos from the chaotic scene on #CapitolHill at the #CapitolBuilding. Or are you?
When protestors began streaming into D.C. yesterday, an unverified Twitter account with less than 1,000 followers shared a photo claiming to show the action that racked up more than 14,000 RTs. It’s false. Image
It was ACTUALLY an image from the 2018 #MarchForOurLives protest. Using out-of-context pics is one way bad actors push disinformation out to thousands of social feeds during breaking news events. You could have figured that out right away with a reverse image search. Image
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6 Jan
Social media is hitting a fever pitch about the lockdown at the #CapitolBuilding. Please STOP before you click retweet or re-share anything you see on this subject and ask yourself these 3 key questions to fact-check it and prevent yourself from sharing misinformation... (THREAD)
1. WHO IS BEHIND THE INFORMATION? Click on their bio. Are they an expert on the subject // verified? Why should you trust what they say? Any indications they have an agenda? Any bot-like activity on their account? If you have an extra sec, Google them. Any red flags?
2. WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE? What in their post proves to you what they are claiming is accurate? Be skeptical. Do they provide context? Social media rewards short form posts, if you don't have enough info in the post to answer this question, go on to question 3...
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6 Jan
#CapitolHill is on lockdown. This is a breaking news situation and a VERY important time to slow down, take a breath and be diligent about how you find reliable information and get the facts on social media. (THREAD)
STEP 1: Check your emotions. This is a highly volatile situation and emotionally charged moment. It's crucial that you take a step back and make sure your emotions are not clouding your judgment as you try to figure out what is going on.
These are the moments that bad actors thrive on -- when you are not thinking straight and just click share on anything you see. This is when you really need to PAUSE. Go for a walk if you need to. This is super important.
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11 Nov 20
This video is misleading, and it’s a good reminder that misinformation is easy to check.

So, how could you have investigated this clip to see whether it really shows @JoeBiden admitting to voter fraud? Just google what he said.
Searching for “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” brought up a bunch of results, including articles from @washingtonpost, @USATODAY and @nytimes.
@nytimes and @USATODAY reported that Biden’s campaign said he meant to describe efforts fighting voter suppression.

@washingtonpost included more of the interview, which showed Biden accusing Trump of suppressing votes.
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9 Nov 20
You’ve probably heard that pharmaceutical company @pfizer has announced that early analysis of its coronavirus vaccine suggests that the vaccine is more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19.… Image
There has already been A LOT of speculation about the timing of the announcement and #Election2020. REMEMBER: speculation without evidence is how baseless conspiracy theories are born. Image
So, let’s stick to the facts: @pfizer is not a part of Operation Warp Speed, the federal effort to develop a vaccine. Kathrin Jansen, the head of vaccine research and development, said politics does not drive how Pfizer conducts itself. @nytimes… Image
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2 Oct 20
Early this morning, @realDonaldTrump announced that he and @FLOTUS tested positive for COVID-19. Since then, there has been A LOT of speculation and reactions circulating. REMEMBER: this is a developing, breaking-news story. Here’s what to do and what NOT to do to follow it:
Read AT LEAST 3-4 reliable sources. When possible, seek out primary sources too. This includes updates from the @WhiteHouse or the @JoeBiden campaign on contact tracing. The more sources you read, the better you’ll understand the facts and the full scope of the story.
Avoid conjecture conversations or stories about the “what ifs.” Focus on the information we have right now and updates rooted in facts as they become available. Doom scrolling through nightmare scenarios will not be beneficial to you or the people who read the content you share.
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22 Sep 20
If you didn’t fact-check this tweet from @JimDabakis, you might be a bit confused by the news that @MittRomney plans to vote on a Supreme Court nominee.

This tweet popped up hours after RBG died Friday. Did you question it using #medialiteracy?

Sure hope ya did!

When you see someone making controversial claims -- things that make you react emotionally -- you gotta check the facts.

So how to verify this one? Look to primary sources.
@MittRomney’s Twitter is a great place to start. He tweeted his condolences Friday, but didn’t share his voting plans then.

Today @SenatorRomney (second account) put out a statement making it clear that he is willing to vote on a nominee before election day.
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18 Sep 20
There’s less than 50 days left until #Election2020 🗓️. In other words, you’re running out of time ⏳ to request your absentee ballot 🗳️ . Confused? You’re not alone. But worry not, we’re here to help! #MVP2020
🗳️ Check your local Supervisor of Elections website to (a) see if you’re eligible to vote absentee and (b) find out the deadline to request your ballot. ⚠️ HEADS UP ⚠️ EVERY STATE HAS DIFFERENT DEADLINES FOR REQUESTING BALLOTS ONLINE AND BY MAIL.
🗳️ 🗳️ Once you’ve requested and received your ballot, it’s time to vote 🗳️! Different states have different witness, notary, ID, and signature requirements for absentee ballots. Make sure you’ve fulfilled every requirement before you return your completed ballot.
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18 Sep 20
Before you vote in #Election2020, you should know there are loads of distorted facts out there meant to sway your vote. If sorting facts from fiction feels impossible, then it’s time to try lateral reading. Check out this video and thread to see how it works 🧵👇 @SHEG_Stanford
To understand the information you’re reading, you need to put it in context. Start by diving into the internet rabbit hole 🐇 🕳️ and reading what different sources are saying. Open up multiple tabs so it’s easy to compare each source.
Search for keywords from the post and ask yourself, “Who shared this information and why?” Do they have something to gain from you spreading this information?
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18 Sep 20
Today, MediaWise is proud to announce that we’re teaming up with nine other fact-checking organizations through @factchecknet to fight misinformation and disinformation this election season. 🗳️…
This partnership will bring together U.S.-based journalists and fact-checkers in a bilingual alliance to give voters 🗳️ the information they need to make their decisions based on facts, not fiction.
From now until Inauguration Day in 2021, we’ll be sharing our content with @TelemundoNews and @UniNoticias who will translate fact-checks before reposting them on their websites. All fact-checks will be available in English and Spanish through the #FactChat bot on @WhatsApp. 💬 Image
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14 Sep 20
Last week, @USPS sent postcards to some voters that offered tips for voting by mail. But, since every state has different rules for voting by mail, some of these tips don’t apply to voters in each state.
Colorado sends every voter a mail-in ballot. So, voters do NOT need to request a ballot, despite @USPS' recommendation to request ballots 15 days before the election.…
Although some voters have already received the @USPS mailer, Colorado filed a lawsuit and restraining order against @USPS to avoid worsening confusion. A federal judge has now banned USPS from sending similar mailers until September 22.… Image
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11 Sep 20
(Might be worse than ghosts tbh)

Cheap fakes are here.

GOP officials shared a series of easily altered, misleading videos targeting @JoeBiden. Let’s check them out and talk about how to avoid falling victim to misinformation: Image
White House social media director @DanScavino shared a video of Biden falling asleep during a local TV interview… that never happened.

Here’s the local TV interview the video really came from:
The video of Biden (from an interview with Hillary Clinton) was placed over the original interviewee’s image to make it look like the VP dozed off. Snores were added too *sigh*

A bunch of fact-checkers called out the clip. Here’s what Reuters wrote:…
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11 Sep 20
🚘 BUCKLE UP 🚘 The road to accurate information can be a bumpy one, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re a first-time voter struggling to sort fact from fiction, start by asking yourself these three questions developed by @SHEG_Stanford.
1️⃣ Who is behind the information? A quick detour 🚧 to someone’s bio to see who they are won’t slow you down that much and it will help you determine if you can trust what they’re saying.
2️⃣ What is the evidence? Make sure the person giving you directions 🗺️ can back up the things they’re saying.
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8 Sep 20
NEW AMBASSADOR ALERT! BUT WAIT...There’s 3 of them! We’re so happy to announce that @margbrennan, @IAmAmnaNawaz, and @JessicaYellin are joining the MediaWise Voter Project as MediaWise ambassadors! #MVP2020 Image
.@margbrennan is the moderator for @FaceTheNation and the senior foreign affairs correspondent for @CBSNews. Here’s why she’s supporting the project… #MVP2020 Image
.@IAmAmnaNawaz is the senior national correspondent for @NewsHour and hosts #BeyondTheCanvasPBS. Why is she joining the project? To help empower others to sort fact from fiction in the flood of online information. #MVP2020
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8 Sep 20
*gets horse, puts on Paul Revere outfit*


Well actually they’re here… GOP officials recently shared some easily altered, misleading videos targeting @JoeBiden. Let’s check them out and talk about how to avoid falling victim to #misinformation:
White House social media director @DanScavino shared a vid of Biden falling asleep during an interview… that never happened.

The news clip came from a 2011 local TV interview. Biden’s image was spliced in from another interview and snores were added too.…
GOP Rep. @SteveScalise shared a clip of activist @AdyBarkan asking Biden if “we can redirect some of the funding for police.”

But Barkan, who has ALS & uses an artificial voice, didn’t say that. "For police” was spliced in to make it look like Biden agreed to cut police funding. ImageImage
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8 Sep 20
🚨ATTENTION FIRST TIME VOTERS!🚨 Want to know how to prep for the polls as a first-time voter this election season? Step one: take this free text message course from the MediaWise Voter Project! (#MVP2020)… Image
FACT: More than 15 million Americans have become eligible to cast ballots since the last presidential election. But that doesn’t mean anything if they don’t vote. 🤷‍♀️ That’s why #MVP is ready to give you the knowledge and resources you need to cast your ballot. 🗳️
For just five minutes a day for 10 days, you’ll receive messages from MediaWise that will help you unlock your fact-checking superpowers.
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4 Sep 20
ICYMI: Russia is trying to undermine U.S. elections by promoting false allegations that #MailInVoting will lead to widespread fraud. However, it’s been proven that mail-in voting does NOT lead to fraud.…
It’s always a great idea to get information from MULTIPLE sources for a story this big. Luckily we compiled a few of them for you. Check them out in the next few tweets!
@DHSgov issued a warning after finding with “high confidence” that “Russian malign influence actors” have targeted the absentee voting process by spreading disinformation. @ABC…
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28 Aug 20
If you watched the #RNC2020 this week, you might be wondering which claims were legit. 💡TIP💡: Organizations like @PolitiFact and @factcheckdotorg are great for separating fact from fiction during and after conventions. Here are some of the fact-checks that stood out to us:
Patricia McCloskey falsely suggested that @JoeBiden is trying to destroy the suburbs. In actuality, Biden’s plan is to bring back the Obama Administration’s fair housing rule that @realDonaldTrump overturned.…
FYI: Obama’s fair housing rule didn’t mandate low-income housing or rezoning. It just established a more structured reporting process to address fair housing issues in communities.…
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28 Aug 20
Wondering what happened at the #DemConvention? During political conventions, speakers make claims about candidates’ records and platforms. To determine what’s legit, read coverage from fact-checking groups like @APFactCheck and @factcheckdotorg. Here’s a thread of some examples:
There was speculation that @JoeBiden pre-recorded his speech, but that speculation was false. @USATODAY proved that he delivered it live.… Image
@BernieSanders inaccurately claimed that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 would give 40 million workers a pay raise. @USCBO projects that it would only increase the wages of 17 million people.…
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22 Jul 20
This video is ❌NOT LEGIT!❌ Although it’s been circulating a lot lately, it’s already been debunked SEVERAL times.
You can read the debunk by @Forbes here:…
And the debunk by @Reuters here:…
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14 Jul 20
This is NOT LEGIT. Using the death of a celebrity to spread misinformation is really harmful to their fans and others who love them! Here's a a thread on how we fact-checked this #conspiracy theory:
Despite there being no text in the tweet, the attached image attempts to link Naya’s death to the recent #Wayfair conspiracy, which we debunked here as well. .
The photo looked like it might’ve been manipulated, as the price and size of the mat don’t line up with those around it. 🤔
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