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A chemical engineer from Andhra Pradesh became viral on social media by talking against vaccines. He now appeared in mainstream media channels and quoted that every family will have one death in the third corona wave.
#Vaccine #misinformation
Thread 👇 (1/n)
He has made multiple misleading claims on Vaccines which may raise #vaccinehesistancy among the public. let's see the facts (2/n)
#AndhraPradesh #coronavirus #CovidVaccine
He claims that Vaccine #efficacy was reduced to 60 % against delta variant (which is first found in India). He also says that out of 100, only 60 people are safe, and the remaining 40 people are will surely get coronavirus which he termed as vaccine are not safe. (3/n)
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1/11 16% was the tax rate for ultra wealthy, revealed by tax documents.…
2/11 When you see people opposing fair rates of taxation for them and officials objecting despite the fact it would help their constituents, prod a little more around that, instead of repeating what we are told. You have nothing to lose by exploring the idea.
3/11 Fairly taxing those who accumulated extreme wealth through poor treatment and underpayment of employees is not socialism. If you're arguing that, I would explore how you came to use a "thought-stopping" technique, which is not a natural response to real conversation.
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It would be swell if @JohnMooneyST
influenced his editors to correct the headline at least. No #RuAF 🇷🇺 aircraft were in Irish airspace at any time. That's misinformation at best, #disinformation at worst; they were in international airspace the whole time…
Journalists are regularly fed bad info by their trusted sources who want to mislead them and spin the story, so I can hardly blame @JohnMooneyST who did his due diligence. The Flight Information Region #FIR is the correct term, the international airspace controlled by Irish ATC.
Sovereign Irish airspace extends 12 Nautical Miles out to sea, the flight information region #FIR extends hundreds of miles out to sea. #NORAD is much more diligent in explaining that difference, as they do in the linked PDF below, from a few years back.…
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Inspired by @PeterHotez #grandrounds, we started a pilot elective to teach #scicomm & debunking #misinformation to @uchipritzker medstudents

Each student selected a myth to debunk & created an infographic with science/#visualart guidance
#medtwitter #scienceupfirst 🧵
Inspired by @tropical_toxic cover art @TIME assignments, @sara_serritella and I are sharing their work here w/permission.
Students could choose any misinformation to debunk. While some chose COVID19, not all did! They also specified their audience.
For those skeptical of government creating vaccines by Zachary Newman MS1:

We have risen to the challenge before and accomplished amazing things through working together. The mRNA vaccines show us at our very best. #Getvaccinated #amazingthings #COVID19vaccine #thisisourshot 3/x
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This deserves a blog post, maybe a YouTube video, and has been said many many times before, but I'll try to make it concise.

The difference between #Propaganda, #Misinformation, and #Disinformation, in a bite size Twitter thread.
Misinformation is just a mistake.

Me: Hey Bob, Alice likes cheesecake.
Alice: I hate cheesecake.
Me: My bad, I was misinformed, I thought you LOVED cheesecake.

Telling Bob that Alice loved cheesecake had no ultietior motive, there was no malice, it was just a "whoops".
Disinfo is intentional misinfo; I know Alice hates cheesecake.

Me: Hey Bob, for her birthday, you should really get Alice a cheesecake, it's her favourite

(Bob gets a cheesecake and ruins Alice's birthday)

Me: Mission accomplished!

*Intentionally* feeding ppl #misinfo = lying
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BREAKING: New report reveals that #Facebook is systematically spreading #climatedenial across its platform….

Please read and share the report, but THREAD 🧵 of findings below (1/9)
(2/9) Our 40-page review summarises over 100 academic studies, empirical reports and journalistic investigations. It finds that Facebook has been failing on all fronts when it comes to preventing #climatemisinformation
(3/9) Total disclosure - this was initially an internal document that we were never planning on publishing. But once we put all the evidence together, it felt overwhelming, and that we had a duty to release it to the public.

So what are Facebook doing? Or not doing?
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Have you shared fake news on Twitter? I designed an app that will tell you!

It will also tell you how many right-leaning, left-leaning, or hyper-partisan/low-quality news sites you have shared.

Try it out here, and share your score:…
You can also see how much fake/low-quality websites that other people with public Twitter handles have shared.

I calculated the fake news "scores" of all US congress-members. Use the app to see which congress-member shares the most low-quality news.
Additionally, you can see the kind of language you've used on your Twitter profile (e.g., positive, negative, moral-emotional, or polarizing).
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#Facebook has deleted page of latest fake cure for #Covid19 in #SriLanka, widely promoted on platform since 2 May mostly due to @Sajeewa_Wijewee's investigative report. All videos on #Instagram & #YouTube accounts also now deleted. Some questions remain.
As I did yesterday, will not be linked to any active #misinformation sources or content in following thread. Have posted fake cure's name in pages that have been depopulated of content or taken down by Facebook or other publishers.
Seed content, on Chamuditha Samarawickrama's #YouTube page, still present. Video now viewed 410k+ times w/ 10k likes. That's 110k+ more views than yesterday speaking to #Covid19 #misinformation's spread over just this platform in #SriLanka.
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Thanks to @NalakaG's highlight of @Sajeewa_Wijewee's excellent investigative journalism, can highlight spread of this on #Facebook & platform's inability to implement its own guidelines to curtain #Covid19 #misinformation in #SriLanka.
#Facebook's "COVID-19 and Vaccine Policy Updates & Protections" from April 2020 are very clear… Implementation of them in #SriLanka is an abject failure. Evidence to this effect sent to company, but @NalakaG/@Sajeewa_Wijewee flag latest issue.
To stop the spread of this #misinformation that aids profit & may result in offline harm including health risks, no links will be provided in following tweets. Also got link to this latest fake cure over #WhatsApp, compounding company's failure to rein in this misleading content.
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1/n Increasingly @wsj has published misleading, inaccurate articles that divide us and erode trust in credible intelligence. "Anonymous sources...smear Republicans with false claims of collusion. Three corrections later, has the media learned anything?"…
1.5/n I trust the @WSJopinion editors have access to the Rubio Report, the 5th installment in the investigation into Russian interference. Since this article indicates perhaps not, here is a section you should read.…
2/n narrative appeared in campaign material. The intelligence bulletin warned about Russian efforts to influence the election, which is to say, anyone familiar with the last 100 years of disinformation efforts...…
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In view of the rising #misinformation campaign, I'll attempt to debunk some of the most common and widespread myths surrounding #COVID19India.

Educate others.


Wearing masks will reduce O2 and cause CO2 poisoning.

Masks DON'T affect the O2-CO2 gas exchange at all. Masks won't reduce the oxygen or increase CO2 in your blood.

A study was also done to prove it. -…

#Lemon juice through the nose will kill the virus.

Lemon juice is acidic. Taking undiluted lemon juice through the nose will damage the inner lining, cause irritation, and may cause bleeding as well. It will not kill the virus either. DON'T SNORT LEMON JUICE.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/22/2021…
Opinion | Set Up Branches of Elite Colleges to Expand Access…

#HigherEducation #accessibility #OpEd #BranchCampuses
Vartan Gregorian, Savior of the New York Public Library, Dies at 87…

#obituary #PublicLibrary #scholarship #leadership #service
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/21/2021…
Planting the Anthropocene’s roots in globalization-Book Review by Wolfgang Lucht…

#anthropocene #globalization #history
Lumber frenzy drives up home prices as suppliers can't keep up…

#HomePrices #LumberShortages #ConstructionCosts
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1st May onwards everyone above 18 is eligible for a vaccine. That's 90 crore Indians. The question being, how are the states going to make sure everyone gets the 💉 without overcrowding?
Some 💭 here (1/n)
1. The first priority has to be making both the doses reach the vulnerable 30 crore people. They are the ones getting critical and need hospitalization. A vaccine may not give you "God mode" against the virus. But it reduces chances of hospitalization.
2. The Govt has our data and none of us are travelling. Can the government decide ward wise / district wise dates and timing to prevent another vaccine shortage? We don't want crowd outside hospitals do we? It can be a superspreader.
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Evidence online “#vaccine research” by @Illinois_Alma drives anti-#vaccine #SoMe
=prolong #pandemic

@KateClancy’s study: periods in perimenopause “after” vaccine
by 15-minute survey
= bad #data = #misinformation

American feminism has a long history of harming WOC Image
Best practices of #community engaged #research involves
to all important stakeholders

American feminism
frequently believes that it
✅box of the diversity
no need to listen to anybody else

Women & WOC deserve good, not bad #data.…
Theories of infertility “by” vaccine
Draw upon past government sterilization programs
Fears are never unfounded
even if not the case now

Being out of touch with these realities + poor #studydesign
= research that adds harm without adding knowledge…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/18/2021…
Resolving catastrophic error bursts from cosmic rays in large arrays of superconducting qubits

#CosmicRays #QubitCoherence #QuantumComputing #ErrorCorrection
Probable Causation Podcasts, Episode 49: Michael Makowsky…

The Minimum Wage, EITC, and Criminal Recidivism…

#MinimumWage #CriminalRecidivism #EarnedIncomeTaxCredits
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Watch @NickHudsonCT from @PanData19 talk about the “Ugly Truth of COVID-19”
Actuary and data analytics expert.

The false narrative
The unjustifiable fear
The reality

#timetoreopen… Image
2/- #Tedros from @WHO presented a false #Covid19 and #Flu mortality comparison on 3 March 2020 by conflating Case Fatality Rate CFR of Covid mortality with Infection Fatality Rate IFR of Flu mortality which created worldwide fear and panic. This was deliberate. Image
3/- #JohnIoannidis @StanfordMed debunked and refuted #Tedros statement saying CFR 3.4% figure causes horror and was meaningless.
He proved this clinically and @WHO had to publish his paper in Oct 2020.
His results #Covid19 IRF 0.23% and 0.05% for those below 70.
@NickHudsonCT Image
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I would say that society is at fault. The government was not behind Jenny McCarthy, Oprah, Dr. Oz, etc.
#vaccine #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork #MedTwitter #ScienceTwitter
What the government DID do wrong: “#security” & espionage via vaccines Frankenstein monster unleashed on Muslims

If the US government does do things like this it’s not a “#conspiracy

...all while what led to #CapitolRiots was brewing 🤦🏻‍♀️

If Prius-driving Whole Foods-consuming suburbanites would STOP #misinformation #disinformation to #trauma ridden #refugee populations


the jobs of minority & Muslim doctors would not be so hard

This is lack of *societal* control
of the most privileged
who HARM
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I thought very hard about how to use the precious time and attention a few hundred people gave me in my keynote this morning. I have heard countless #scicomm talks, but relatively little about #sensemaking, and I wanted to unite the two. A thread with highlights of my talk: 🧵
1. Although we have wildly disparate disciplinary perspectives, professional roles, and lived experiences, I know everyone who attends a #scicomm lecture shares one thing: constraints. Limited time, training, resources, or emotional bandwidth for doing the work.
2. If we are in search of #scicomm efficiencies, our best step is to examine foundational beliefs. What are the core principles and strategies that drive all your tactics? Let's start there - even (perhaps especially) seasoned veterans benefit from revisiting our assumptions.
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Had a fun time talking about #leadership in #STEM (at any stage of career), #BlackExcellence #WomenInSTEM #DEI #DiversityandInclusion to a range of students and faculty at @tennesseetech. Thanks for the invitation @JosephCSlater. Look forward to building further on this.
Talked about ways to take on community level leadership roles to develop skills in acquiring funding, managing a budget, team building, managing people, executing.

Know what you are good at and balance the rest with your team. Don’t try to be it all.
Particularly on #Twitter, being overt about terms like #bias or #BLM or #racism can result in blowback. That does not mean what you said was wrong rather others may have insecurity or have work to do. Manage your energy as an advocate. Avoid burnout.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/13/2021…
Prevalence of Optimal Metabolic Health in American Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2009–2016…

#MetabolicHealth #SurveyResults #DataAnalysis #ResearchFindings
A new era of innovation: Moore’s Law is not dead and AI is ready to explode…

#InnovationRate #MooresLaw #ArtificialIntelligence
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We live in an attention #economy & what #Tweetiatricians have known for decades (#Twitter started in 2006): importance of drawing attention to factual science-based information as compared to #misinformation & #disinformation, especially on #vaccines…
You have to be fast & prolific to play catch up to this. I have 77K tweets, a moderate sized band of 6K followers interested enough to tolerate my volume but use of hashtags allows reach across Twittersphere. Trending hashtags = better for riding a way for that attention economy
If is unclear if we are now so siloed that tweets are ineffective with anti-vaxx. But not all anti-vaxx are QAnon
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“QAnon is ...a self-sustaining environment of #disinformation & #misinformation...

.. QAnon hijacks the architecture of social media..

..By controlling acceptable forms of information, QAnon traps its members in a downward spiral of radicalization.”…
“As P.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking describe in.. book Likewar: The Weaponization of #SocialMedia, this phenomenon of “junk” or “fake news” is not new. In 2016, a similar, but related, conspiracy known as “Pizzagate” resulted in a shooting at a DC area pizza parlor.” #SoMe
Above is not limited to academic articles

There has been an increase in #antiAsianhate crimes
targeting of #GOTV by minorities
including this attempt to intimidate me for my GOTV, by armed right wing

There was the #Nashvillebombing (with QAnon beliefs)
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This “fertility” fake news has been going on since December, apparently.…
“CDC report found that 62% of nursing home workers are refusing the vaccine”

“...First responders in New Mexico have sued after a county official ordered firefighters, corrections officers and other first responders to receive injections.”

Lawsuits over staff mandates to vaccinate or mask boggle my mind.

This has been brewing for years.

There is SO much anti-science rampant within #healthcare staff more so in those “anti-establishment” on either extreme of political spectrum…
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