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🧵a thread for trolls (as I would no more argue w/ a troll than I would argue w/ a fish), #covid19 in a neurology ward w/ a sizeable number of tracheostomies in March 2020 was INCREDIBLY dangerous.

It wasn’t just a cold, I didn’t kill my patients,Covid did &it spread like 👇
That 🎥is from ward at the time, I leaked my own peer reviewed paper to #Newsnight at the time … I’m not a Big Pharma shill, part of the World Economic Forum or part of a depopulation experiment.

🤪I know, but that’s some of the suggestions!🤪👇
…here is the paper that the trolls are misquoting…..ironically it shows exactly how I have direct first hand experience of how tough #Covid19 was before we had vaccination programme…
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The @FoxNews lie machine is loudly denying the reality of the #ClimateCrisis.🤨

Part of billionaire Rupert Murdoch's media empire (his $ comes from #BigOil) it's his 24/7 #disinformation platform.🤥📢

He's denied the science of #climatechange since 2006:… Image
"When it comes to climate change denial, #FoxNews is leading the pack. Through politically-charged news segments and commentary, Fox is spreading #misinformation about #climatechange, telling viewers that scientists are 'torn' on the #ClimateCrisis issue."…
PS: did you see that the author of the "It's not climate change making wildfires worse" thinks Ottawa is a province? 🤨

It's a city, dude.

If Fox can't even get BASIC facts correct about Canada, why should ANYONE believe them about complex scientific issues like climate change? Image
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#Grifters exploit fear and ignorance for profit.🤑

They push #disinformation on ANY issue that's of big concern to the public, and David Icke is one of the worst.

Which is likely why he's branching out into #ClimateCrisis #denial, citing a garbage #climatechange paper.

1/3 ctd Image
2/3 The paper was mentioned in a reply to me yesterday, intended to sow doubt about the scientific concensus of evidence about manmade climate change.📈📊

Which is FULLY supported by every scientific agency on earth.🌎✅

#Misinformation travels fast and confuses the public.📲🤨 Image
3/3 #BigOil's agents and those they fool are ALWAYS pushing noise, flooding #socialmedia with hundreds of false and misleading 'facts' on climate.👹🌊

Read the comments on this page to understand why the paper is ONLY mentioned on #denier sites like WUWT:… Image
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🧵This article from @nytimes
on #voting machines from ES&S (@essvote) applying for use in #NY focuses on #misinformation.
But what about misinformation from ES&S. Like they lied to @NYSBOE
about where they had pending lawsuits……
Facts about what will happen if #NY uses all-touchscreen #voting machines.
- They will "cost a small fortune to purchase & maintain."
- They cost $10,000 each, double the cost of a standard scanner + you have to buy A LOT more. HIgher costs x more machines = OUCH for taxpayers Image
How many more #voting machines are used w/all-touchscreen (all-BMD) systems?

#BMD = ballot-marking device, All systems have BMDs for voters who want to use them. We don't all need to.

@OSET estimates all-BMD systems require 5 TIMES as many voting machines. Costs go up not down. Image
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So yesterday, I came across this petition to "Remove GB News' Broadcast Licence".

I & many others have legitimate concerns about this "news" channel (which I'll come on to), so without really thinking about it, I quickly signed & RTd it.

I now regret that.

Here's why: Image
The brief text accompanying the petition says "@Ofcom refuse to regulate this nonsense news channel that spreads lies, misinformation & conspiracy. Stop the damage to the UK's media by ending this station preying on the simple & scared."

Allow me address each of these claims:
CLAIM 1: "@Ofcom refuse to regulate this nonsense news channel".

This is patently untrue: GB News has been investigated on at least four separate occasions by Ofcom, two of which resulted in Ofcom ruling broadcast rules HAVE been breached by the channel.…
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Why on earth does this absurd #misinformation channel of unhinged right-wing conspiracy theorists, free-market propagandists, infantile clowns & ridiculous Tory MPs, funded by a multimillionaire hedge-funder & Dubai-based investment firm Legatum, have "News" in its name? Image
Recent Companies House filings for All Perspectives Limited, the firm that controls GB News, shows that Baroness Helena Morrissey was added as a director in November last year.

Who she?…
Morrissey became a life peer in September 2020 after several decades as a financier, currently serving as chair of AJ Bell – an investment platform whose co-founder Andrew Bell appears to have donated more than £600,000 to the @Conservatives since 2019.
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Exactly 3 weeks ago today (April 28 2023) our group met for the first time to stage a die-in with 50 people at the office of BC Health Minister @adriandix in Vancouver to protest the removal of universal masking in healthcare. #DoNoHarmBC #KeepMasksInHealthcare #MaskWeekOfAction Two protest signs reading &...Two protesters on a sidewal...A group of eight protesters...Chalk outlines of bodies on...
Prior to this protest none of us had never met, now we are allies and co-activists. What prompted us to do this was this tweet by @ElaineCarol3:
A lot has happened since our 1st protest on April 28 just 3 weeks ago. It seems some folks in charge of "healthcare" got fired up. Like the 💩 #misinformation by @VCHhealthcare's CMHO Dr Patricia Daly on @CBCVancouver (as debunked 💯 by @SKGandhiMD):
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Countdown - the many reasons why Poilievre is not fit to be Prime Minister

1. Poilievre is attacking and bullying the Speaker of the House - Canada
2. Poilievre and his members continue to attack the PM - he uses bullying tactics on a daily basis
3. Poilievre under Stephen Harper raised the retirement age to 67 and PMJT reversed it, it was scheduled to start this month - he lies when he states he wants to help Canadians
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Now from @PostOpinions: the same by-the-numbers, empirically unserious column about #freespeech on #college campuses. So, my typical response…1/5…
Low key, one of the most significant pieces of #misinformation about #collegecampuses that such columns popularize is the falsehood that an op-ed can meaningfully assess the state of #freespeech across nearly 5K postsecondary institutions in the U.S. It can't. 2/5
This latest example is an assessment of anecdotes--out of context and selectively retold--not a serious survey of the many different forums for free speech that exist in any given #university. 3/5
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1/ 🧵 In today's era of fast-paced social media and the internet, it's easy to be inundated with misinformation and fake news. However, social media grifters and even #MSM news orgs intentionally use misinformation and sensationalist opinions to increase their reach and exposure. Image
2/In the world of politics, the power of information and ability to sway public opinion is crucial for gaining support and popularity. That's why many pundits and movements are using people being more prone to correcting information they believe is incorrect to their advantage.
3/ By spreading lies and half-truths, these “influencers” can generate controversy and encourage engagement from both their supporters and detractors. This leads to conversations/arguments in comments which spreads the lies even further, becoming more polarizing in the process.
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On 3rd of February, 2021, MPs debated ill-defined so-called "Grooming Gangs" in Parliament.

MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi warned of the dangers of spreading falsehoods which are "exploited by the far-right to create racist divisions in our society, perpetuating myths & stereotypes". Image
Braverman’s claims about “grooming gangs” go beyond dog whistles & into overt racism. She asserts perpetrators are “almost all British-Pakistani” & reduces victims to “overwhelmingly white girls from disadvantaged or troubled backgrounds”, contradicting Home Office findings. ImageImageImageImage
A 2020 Home Office report concluded such “group-based CSE (child sexual exploitation) offenders are most commonly white”, while victims come from many backgrounds, & include boys. It found no reliable, generalisable evidence of ethnic disproportionality.

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Divisive Govt rhetoric around asylum seekers & child sex abuse (CSA) is now indistinguishable from far-right rhetoric.

Consequently, people's understanding of these issues is very poor eg in 2019/20, CSA defendants were 92% WHITE & 99% MALE. 🇬🇧…
As with asylum seekers, & probably due to political rhetoric & sensational news reports, people's understanding of child sex abuse is poor. In England, the number of children on sexual abuse child protection plans reduced between 1993 & 2001, but has stayed fairly constant since.
However, the best evidence suggests that far more children are sexually abused than services identify, with up to 500,000 children being sexually abused, every year.
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🧵 Poilievre's #misinformation saying the federal govt has done nothing on #housing is bogus. #Housingsupply is a primarily a Provincial & Municipal issue. During 2022 the federal govt has taken significant steps towards making housing more affordable for Canadians including:
#Budget2023 announces that financial institutions will be able to start offering the Tax-Free #FirstHomeSavingsAccount to Canadians as of April 1, 2023.
#Budget2023 announces the government's intention to support the reallocation of funding from the National Housing Co-Investment Fund's repair stream to its new construction stream, as needed, to boost the construction of new affordable homes for the Canadians who need them most
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My understanding is that @ofcom rules prohibit the issuing of TV licences to any entity whose objects are wholly or mainly of a political nature.

Last August, the founding investor in GB News, Discovery, sold up. The current investors are demonstrably highly political.
Existing shareholders (Brexiter hedge fund tycoon) Paul Marshall, & Dubai-based investment company Legatum, founded by NZ billionaire Christopher Chandler, took control.…
The other major investor in the holding company of GB News, is All Perspectives Ltd. The persons with significant control over All Perspectives Ltd are cited as being Marshall & Richard E Douglas - a Cayman Island lawyer with offices in the same Dubai centre as Legatum Group.
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Concerns are growing over TV impartiality on @BBC, #TalkTV, & GB "News".

A timely new study: 'Does the Political Context Shape How “Due Impartiality” is Interpreted? An Analysis of BBC Reporting of the 2019 UK & 2020 US Election Campaigns'.…
Balance and impartiality are central principles in journalism, but this study argues their conceptual application in news reporting should be subject to more academic scrutiny.
In the UK, the way “due impartiality” has been applied and regulated by broadcasters has raised concerns about promoting a ‘she-said-he-said’ style of reporting, which constructs balance but not scrutiny of competing claims.
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The politicization of science can limit the positive impacts that scientific advances can offer when people reject sound and beneficial scientific advice. Politicization has undoubtedly contributed to hesitancy toward uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine.…
#VaccineResistance Comes From Childhood Legacy of Mistrust.Encouraging the vaccine-resistant will take more than advertising, Duke-led study reports…
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Social media platform companies are reeling from an onslaught of regulatory efforts by all the major governments in the world.
In the United States, the Supreme Court heard arguments this term, in a case that will decide the responsibility of social media companies for the content shown and recommended to users on their platforms.
Platforms are protected from legal liability for that content that users post. So, one cannot sue Facebook for a defamatory article that their rival posted on the platform. The outcome of this case will be crucial in deciding the legal responsibilities of companies.
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Epoch Times: “@WHO⁩ will have the authority to override health measure decisions made by individual nations and grants the organization the capacity to censor what it considers #misinformation and #disinformation, should the amendments be adopted.”…
“Another startling change was the removal of “respect for the dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of persons” in Article 3 of the IHR, replaced with the terms “equity” and “inclusivity.””
“At the same time, the WHO’s new amendments change the advisory nature of the IHR to that of law, meaning that the organization will hold just as much power—if not more—compared with a governing body with legally binding jurisdiction and enforcement capabilities.”
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“We own the science and we think the world should know it.” @MelissaFleming with the @UN discusses their layered approach to handling #misinformation 🧵
One of their most successful strategies was training and deploying physician social media influencers on TikTok through a group called @projecthalo
Here’s one of their most prominent doctors @drsiyabmd calling a doctor he disagrees with a “fucking grift.”
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Mar. 3:
1/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

More on #Russian #Volunteer #Corps” & #Russian freak out over #Bryansk incident:

@TheStudyofWar report:
#Russian officials continued to release limited ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #FalseFlag #Propaganda…
Mar. 3:
2/ #ISW: #Russians #Bryansk reaction

..”#Information” about the Mar. 2 #Incursion in #Bryansk Oblast but 🔸#Failed to provide clarity about what actually #Transpired.🔸[#Russia found the #Incident ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Misinformation…
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@thepollenberry @liverpoolpost @jlaverick99 @PaulGarnerWoof ☑️

Garner had post viral fatigue in March’20 and was scuba diving abroad a few months later.

Short #LongCovid is not #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis

Garner is a #Gaslighting troll
A disgrace to #academia
A charlatan

@b_m_hughes  Garner had post viral fati...
@thepollenberry @liverpoolpost @jlaverick99 @PaulGarnerWoof @keithgeraghty @davidtuller1 @b_m_hughes ☑️

Garner is a confused character who fell under the influence of Professor Sir Simon Wesley

”It is only human for doctors to view the public as foolish, uncomprehending, hysterical or malingering”…
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@PierrePoilievre's dishonest and shameful 'blame it all on Trudeau' campaign for things the PM does not control rages on. In fact, the PM does not control #foodpricing, #fueloilpricing, #rentpricing, #mortgagepaymentpricing or #interestrates in Canada.
IMO @PierrePoilievre 's dishonourable rhetoric on rising food, gas, oil prices, interest rates & rents is evidence of intent to deceive.
Why doesn't the media challenge him to provide alternative proposals instead of publishing his attacks on Trudeau for things he can't control?
@PierrePoilievre knows that #groceryprices result from factors that include yields, weather, wildfires, drought, global supply chain problems and grocery chain price gouging, etc. Implying otherwise is #misinformation.
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#THREAD on yet another divisive shit-stirrer, Martin Costello, former second-in-command of the oddball Trump-supporting group Make Britain Great Again (MBGA), who @hopenothate reported on in 2019 when he stood as a UKIP candidate in the Liden, Eldene & Park South ward of Swindon.
During his time at MGBA he could be found screaming “round up all illegal immigrants and get them out of here” at a pro-Trump event.…
Costello is best known for being part of an incident in 2018 in which he & 11 others entered left-wing bookshop Bookmarks in London, instructed by MBGA leader Luke Nash-Jones to “make a right nuisance”.

In the resulting debacle, shop staff were abused and a sign was ripped up.
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