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Absentee voting is new to MANY voters in @CityofMadison and #Wisconsin in general.

One way we try to make it easier is by highlighting the lines of the absentee certificate envelope that are necessary for you to complete for your vote to be counted.
All of the language on the envelope is required by state law, and it can be very small type and difficult to understand.

We highlight those lines you need to fill out so your vote can be counted.
Many of the certificate envelopes sent out in ballot mailings for the Aug 11 Primary were hand-highlighted by AMAZING volunteers and staff, including @LWVDaneCounty members.

A huge #ThankfulThursday shout-out to them for making absentee voting a bit easier to understand!
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#Resisters With #100DaysToGo until #ElectionDay, this thread is a detailed plan for all members of the #Resistance to exert their rightful influence over #Election2020! We got #OneChance to make these 100 days useful so let’s build the #JOEMENTUM! #ResistersUnite #Biden2020 #FBR
Step 1: Assist @JoeBiden:

Like & Share All Posts
Allow the Biden Campaign & Joe himself to make the pro-Joe case
Prioritize “Biden For President” monetarily & organizationally
Text United to 30330
Learn all “Biden Plans”
Cite “Joe’s Story”

#JOEMENTUM #Biden2020 #RidinWithBiden
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100 days till #ElectionDay. Here are 100 reasons to vote Trump out of office.

1. His policies trap kids in cages
2. He is a white supremacist
3. He’s xenophobic
4. He’s a sexist
5. He’s still trying to repeal Obamacare protections for millions with pre-existing conditions
6. More than 100,000 and counting Americans have died from an avoidable pandemic
7. 220,000+ lies
8. He’s demanded foreign election interference
9. He refuses to release his tax returns
10. He was impeached for soliciting election interference & obstructing Congress
11. Another 4 years of a Trump presidency will harm our nation for decades
12. He has made a habit of firing career public servants who are willing to stand up to him
13. Trump has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by dozens
14. He protects Confederate statues
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This is what a planned premeditated insurrection looks like. The impeachment failed, the virus failed, now they are doing the #RaceWarAgenda designed to somehow get them to #ElectionDay #Trump will not let it get that far. I suspect 1 more week & he slams the gates on all this.
2/ Remember how Trump let #FauciFraud get out there for weeks? He used him brilliantly. #Democrats listened breathlessly to every word, & silently admired #Trump for being inclusive of everyone down the line. Meanwhile, #Trump made mental notes of everyone who sided with #Fauci
3/ Later he will use those notes because now he knows their positions perfectly. They thought they were being clever. But Fauci & Birx opened themselves up down to the bone. This is another situation like that. #Trump knows which #Democrat Mayors & Governors have allowed their
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Your #vote is incredibly important, but how can you vote without going to your polling place on #ElectionDay? You can cast an absentee ballot!

Check out this thread on voting during #COVID-19. 👇🏽
ALL states have a way of submitting absentee ballots. Absentee voting is also known as “mail-in voting.”

See your state rules for more detailed information:…
Did you know? 👀

✅17 states require an excuse for voting absentee
✅28 states and D.C. offer no-excuse absentee voting
✅5 states hold all vote-by-mail elections

How does your state handle absentee ballots/ voting by mail?

Find out:…
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Heart Damage in [#Coronavirus] Patients Puzzles Doctors…
#Coronavirus: Facebook to produce 'heat maps' of COVID-19 infections…
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Voter suppression and election mismanagement are alive and well in #Alabama. Check out our new report released today detailing how Alabama laws and policies create and perpetuate obstacles to the ballot box.

#AlabamaVotes #VotingRights #All67…
Despite #Alabama being at the epicenter of the #VotingRights movement of the 1960s, the state remains one of the most difficult places in our nation for an eligible voter to register and successfully cast a ballot. #AlabamaVotes…
Since #SCOTUS gutted #Section5 of the #VotingRightsAct, #Alabama and localities have made it harder to vote by requiring photo ID to vote, closing polling places in predominantly Black counties and purging hundreds of thousands of people from voter rolls.…
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#VoteForMeToo is about giving a voice to the millions who have no vote in #GE2019. It is asking those who can vote to remember those who are disenfranchised today. Here are all videos in one thread. Whatever else you do today, please go vote and encourage others! #ElectionDay
#VoteForMeToo: Zoe
#VoteForMeToo: Magnus
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It's #ElectionDay in many states across the country today. We've been investigating corruption at the state-level, focusing on voter suppression in Florida, Georgia, and Texas as part of our State Accountability Project:…
See the documents we've obtained from the state of Texas, which show an inside look at the troublingly close relationships between election officials and voting-restriction advocates:…
¿Hablas español? Síguenos en @ojocorrupcion, y lee sobre nuestro proyecto de estatal de rendición de cuentas en español:…
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So far no charges have been filed but that could change soon.… #vote2019 #ElectionDay
BREAKING NEWS: Two people have been charged with distributing phony sample ballots. One of those charged is Robert Landon, the Republican candidate for Marion City Auditor. The other charged is John Matthews, a Marion Co. Republican official. #vote2019 #ElectionDay2019
The Marion law director said Landon admitted to passing out the sample ballots while Matthews produced them. Landon is facing a second charge of imitating the board of elections. All charges are first-degree misdemeanors. Arraignment TBD.
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On this #ElectionDay #ElectionDay2019 here is a thread of some items in the MHS collections related to electoral politics. 1/
1. "The Gerry-Mander. A new species of Monster which appeared in Essex South District in Jan. 1812."

2. "GOP campaign mugs of Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr."

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1/ Here's everything you need to know about voting today. Follow this thread for more. RT to help a friend! #txlege #ElectionDay2019
2/ Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Texans can check their voting location on the Texas secretary of state’s voter information website here:…

#ElectionDay #ElectionDay2019 #txlege
3/ Texas voters Tuesday will decide 10 proposed state constitutional amendments.

Some will cast ballots in three special elections for Texas House seats.

And Houstonians will weigh in on a heated mayoral race.

#ElectionDay #ElectionDay2019 #txlege
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<Thread> When Donald Trump and the GOP say there was no quid pro quo, and the Ukrainian government supported that statement, they are of course lying. According to the transcript, the powerful Ukrainian Interior Minister saw a quid pro quo AND an existential threat. #Ukrainegate
2. Ambassador Yovanovitch also explained the stakes for Ukraine. By luring Ukraine into US domestic politics, Trump would wreck the bipartisan support Ukraine enjoyed which would play directly into Putin's hand. #TuesdayThoughts
3. Yovanovitch detailed the extraordinary campaign against her bu Trump and his associates. It's really striking that a career state department staffer would feel threatened by a US president. #ElectionDay Day
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Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election
Volume I of II
Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III
Submitted Pursuant to 28 C.F.R. § 600.8(c)
Washington, D.C.
March 2019 #MuellerReport #ReadTheMuellerReport #TweetTheMuellerReport
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Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election
Volume I of II
Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III
Submitted Pursuant to 28 C.F.R. § 600.8(c)
Washington, D.C.
March 2019 #MuellerReport #ReadTheMuellerReport #TweetTheMuellerReport
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Trump on January 20, 2017, said, "Together, we will determine the course of America and the world for years to come."

What followed that has been two years of Trump's lies to the American people and his failure to hear their voices raised in protest.
After a campaign full of lies and empty promises to the American people, Trump began an unrelenting attack on our constitution and our established laws. He claimed he would be "transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People."
Yet the voice of the America MAJORITY has called out repeatedly the actions Trump has taken since he entered the office. The day after he took office millions of American women and men poured into the streets in protest.
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Dear @WSJ,

Sorry, Mr. Rove, but #StaceyAbrams’ claim that the 2018 gubernatorial election was corrupted is hardly "unsupported." Our team found a half million-plus Georgians were purged from voter rolls by #BrianKemp in the year before the election.…
They lost their vote on the ostensible grounds they’d left the state or voting county. We found 340,136 of those voters had never moved from where they originally registered. But Kemp took away their right to vote — while he was running for Governor.…
Mr. Rove is correct in stating these citizens were purged in accordance with #Georgia’s "Use It or Lose It" law. But that law only acts as an "alternative means" recognized by the National Voter Registration Act for determining if a voter has moved.…
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1/ Chicago, the nation’s third-biggest city and a frequent political target of President Donald Trump, is facing a history-making municipal #electionday today.

We asked our colleagues at @ProPublicaIL to explain why it’s especially significant:
2/ The city will elect its first black woman as mayor — either Lori Lightfoot or Toni Preckwinkle.…
3/ Two-term Chicago Mayor @RahmEmanuel — former chief of staff to @BarackObama — is leaving office after facing widespread criticism for his handling of the fatal police shooting of #LaquanMcDonald.
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The press statement dated February 24, 2019 by the @OfficialPDPNig is an unwarranted strike against democracy and the people of Nigeria.
2. The PDP in that press statement, recklessly calls on the @inecnigeria to arbitrarily name its candidate, Alh. Atiku Abubakar the winner of the presidential election.
3. This call is shameful and alarming. Unwilling to wait for @USLegendCars the constituted legal authority to complete its task, the PDP seeks a short cut by false and premature claims of victory. This cannot stand.
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Why did #StaceyAbrams have to end the fight over the #Georgia count? Because #BrianKemp not only planned his crime carefully — and make no mistake, knowingly preventing citizens from voting is a crime — #Kemp also had a brilliant “getaway” scheme...…
I saw it firsthand in DeKalb County, #Georgia on #ElectionDay. I knew that some portion of the 340,134 voters our team revealed had been wrongly purged would attempt to vote anyway — as is their right under federal law.…
Any American that signs a statement that he or she is a citizen and provides a local address has the right to vote “provisionally.”
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To claim another is "voting against their interests" is the most asinine claim to make.

Most assuredly, the issuer has zero idea what the other individuals interests actually are.
#election #Election2018 #ElectionFraud
Anyone making such a claim should really state it more accurately... "you voted against my interests"

Some are interested in cradle to grave big brother... Others are not. #justSaying

Folks only make an ass of themselves by assuming...
#ElectionDay #VotingRights #VoteGold
The race baiting is absurd BTW
#Recount #Elections #voting
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Expositior's #ElectionDay NetLoss 2018 v 2010

GOP -35 ('18)
DNC -63 ('10)

GOP +4 ('18)
DNC -6 ('10)

GOP -7 ('18)
DNC -11 ('10)

State Legislators
GOP -330 ('18)
DNC -700 ('10)

State Chambers
GOP -5 ('18)
DNC -20 ('10)

Both Chambers
GOP -0 ('18)
DNC -6 ('10)
There is no getting away from the fact the GOP defied history. Outside of the House, Dems did horribly in their "Blue Wave" year.

Besides losing FL (Nelson and Gillium are done), they lost IN, ND, MO and nearly lost MT.
In addition (and being overlooked by MSM), Ds barely clung to their Senate seats in OH and MI (Michigan!), both states Trump won.

Caveats, like the closeness of the TX and AZ races are not really good news for Dems and are ALL ABOUT LOCAL POLITICS....
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The #Midterms2018 have been exciting, but much of what we are seeing following #ElectionDay was expected by many. There were signs that the Left would stick to its old playbook (it has been successful for decades), and steal this election, too.

I hope this provides some comfort.……

On May 11, 2017, @POTUS created a commission to investigate voter fraud, illegal voting, etc.

That commission was closed months later, but the intel needed to move forward was gathered.
The special elections, such as the Senate race in Alabama between Moore & Jones, were monitored by federal, state, & local officials to gather real time data on how the steal is carried out.

Some of these state had just carried Trump by +20% points, but suddenly went Democrat...
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