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My #CRJ105 Criminology #CRJ107 Juvenile Delinquency #CRJ201 Policing discussions; 1/2 of #AskTwoFox15 Happy Mom, Aspiring Yoga Instructor, TedX, she/hers
Mar 8 67 tweets 49 min read
Good morning friends. Join me at 10:30am,cst, to explore juvenile delinquency prevention

THINKING CHALLENGE: What are most effective delinquency prevention programs?

#CRJ107 #JVDPrevention Hi all! I just got back from a lovely walk, I'm on Zoom for virtual office hours, ready to discuss delinquency prevention. Thanks for joining me

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Mar 7 130 tweets 129 min read
Last week in #Criminology, we were discussing financial stress.

BUT ... what non-financially related reason do you think causes most people strain?

Join me tomorrow, Monday, 10:30am, cst, to discuss

#CRJ105 #CulturalDeviance This morning we are going to build on last week's discussion of Social Process, looking at how crime is learned and a socialized part of our growth and development

#CRJ105 #Chapter05 #SocialProcess
Mar 2 56 tweets 43 min read
Join me at 10:30am, cst, to discuss social explanations of delinquent behavior.

THINKING CHALLENGE: How are juveniles more vulnerable to their social environment?

#CRJ107 #SocialStructure I am here in A109 for office hours, come on by! Chief Joe Mitchell from @OrlandParkpd came by to class to discuss current job opportunities, check them out: ImageImageImage
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Good morning! Today, 10:30am, cst, we are taking a look at social class, crime, and the #AmericanDream.

Do YOU believe in the American Dream?

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley #SocialStructure #Strain Good morning, I have office hours in A109 this morning, I'll be here live tweeting for criminology and then listening to the colleges presentation on the situation in the Ukraine. I'm glad you can join me

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Good morning! In about 10 minutes, we will be expanding on our discussion of Individual Causes of Delinquency by looking at #gender & #delinquency

I look forward to your questions & following along. How do you identify?

#CRJ107 #MoraineValley The term #gender is complex, so what elements of delinquency are we going to examine in this discussion?

We are going to try to answer the question as to why gender differences are significant in the study of delinquency

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Good morning, today at 10:30am, cst, we will be introducing Psychological Trait Theory.

To jump start the discussion, how would you describe MY personality? Your thoughts not listed here? Add in the comments!

#CRJ105 #PsychologicalTraitTheory The results are in! The internet has spoken, apparently I am perceived as ...

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Feb 14 82 tweets 56 min read
Good morning, join me at 10:30am, cst to introduce Biological and Psychological Trait theory. Buckle in my friends, we have a lot of work to do! What chemical has the biggest impact on your life?

#CRJ105 #Criminology #TraitTheories Good morning friends, I am here in A109 for in person office hours and our live Twitter discussion this morning

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Good early evening, all. Please join me tomorrow at 10:30am, cst, today to take a look at Contemporary Policing. #CRJ201

THINKING CHALLENGE: Is there a national, identifiable police culture?

#CRJ201 #Policing Welcome, policing fans, policing critics, policing students, & everyone in between, this morning we are going to take an introductory look at Contemporary Policing. Thank you for the RT @CPD1617Scanner

#CRJ201 #Policing
Feb 8 62 tweets 40 min read
Good morning, friends! Join me at 11:15am, cst, to discuss juveniles as victims, offenders, and participants in the JJS.

THINKING CHALLENGE: What is the biggest challenge facing juveniles today?

#CRJ107 #JuvenileDelinquency Good morning, my juvenile delinquency fans! I'm so delighted you could follow along today. For a quick roll call, are you ...

#CRJ107 #JuvenileDelinquency
Feb 7 98 tweets 65 min read
THINKING CHALLENGE: From your common sense, why do people break the law?

Join me at 10:30am, cst, today to discuss!
#CRJ105 #MoraineValley Good morning friends, thank you for joining me to discuss the history of Criminology, covering Chapter 03.

#HistoryOfCriminology #CRJ105 #Criminology
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Good morning, friends! It might be snowing, but now reason we cannot deep dive into the history of policing. Join me at 9:30am, cst.

What event would you argue single-handedly changed policing as we know it today?

What would you add to the list? #CRJ201 #HistoryofPolicing Good morning, it's Criminal Justice from the kitchen! Got the drive way cleared ... for now. Today we are going to examine some of the "Then & Now" aspects of American Policing. I hope you follow along...

Feb 1 59 tweets 45 min read
Good morning Criminal Justice fans. I'll be online at 11:15am for Juvenile Delinquency.

Let's start off with a THINKING CHALLENGE to introduce us to the lives of adolescents today:

What type of violence is the largest percentage of teens exposed to?

#CRJ107 #MoraineValley Good morning, friends! Who has their snow shovel ready? In the meantime, let's delve into the history of juvenile justice.

#CRJ107 #HistoryOfJJS #MoraineValley
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Join me at 10:45am, cst, today: Did One Group of Undercover Cops Try to Arrest Other Undercover Cops?

Police chief: "This is probably one of the most embarrassing things in this department since I’ve been appointed."

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley #MeasuringCrime Good MORNING Criminology fans, I'm here in MY A123 office, excited to get started talking about the #MeasurementOfCrime, it feels like "Old Home" week!

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley #MeasuringCrime #MessyHairDontCare
Jan 24 51 tweets 42 min read
Good evening, friends. Join me tomorrow, 11:15am, cst, I will be introducing #JuvenileDelinquency

THINKING CHALLENGE: Considering violent crime, at what age should a juvenile be treated the same as an adult?

#MoraineValley #CRJ107 #IntroToJJS Good morning Juvenile Delinquency fans. Feel free to follow along, ask any questions, & hopefully learn a thing or two about our Juvenile Justice system

#MoraineValley #CRJ107 #IntroToJJS
Jan 24 88 tweets 70 min read
Hi friends! I'm live in A109 this morning.

Let's start with a THINKING CHALLENGE: Should an employee taking a company pen home for personal use be considered a crime or not?

Join me in 5 minutes to discuss!

#MoraineValley #CRJ105 #ChangingBoundaries Good morning, friends. I'm here in A109, live, to answer any & all of your questions. We will be covering chapter 01, #ChangingBoundariesOfCriminogy this morning.

It took me over an HOUR to get here, so let's make this worth it! #MoraineValley #CRJ105 #ChangingBoundaries
Nov 16, 2021 88 tweets 81 min read
I hope you'll join me at 2pm to look at Juvenile Corrections

THINKING CHALLENGE: Does the Juvenile Justice System have a responsibility to keep kids out of a punitive system?

#CRJ107 #CommunityBasedCorrections Let's start by testing our knowledge of teens today. Do you believe we can better understand age groups by generational differences?

#CRJ107 #CommunityBasedCorrections
Nov 16, 2021 59 tweets 52 min read
You come home to find your sweetie-pie in the arms of another, what is your immediate reaction?

Join me at NOON, cst, today to discuss #Victimization.

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley Good afternoon, friends. Please join me today to discuss victimization.

Have you been the victim of a crime? Did you report it?

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley #Victimization
Oct 27, 2021 48 tweets 43 min read
Good morning, I'll be live tweeting from A109 this morning, 10:15am, cst. Get your campus clear, mask up, & bring your questions.

Let's start with a thinking challenge, at what age should a juvenile be sent to the adult court?

#CRJ107 #MoraineValley #RoleOfCourtsInJJS I'm SO excited to be live-tweeting here on campus, I can barely keep my eyes open. We are going to delve into Chapter 09, the Juvenile Courts

#CRJ107 #RoleOfTheCourtsJJS
Oct 25, 2021 75 tweets 62 min read
IF ... and only if ... you were to be arrested, mug shot across the front page of the paper, who's the first person you'd worry about seeing your photo?

Join me tomorrow at 1pm, cst, as we discuss #SocialControl theory

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley Hi friends, we are going to get started today looking a question that some criminologists say is the MOST challenging question in the entire field, "Why do people obey the law?"

Let's jump in! #CRJ105 #Criminology
Oct 19, 2021 63 tweets 50 min read
What is the MOST dangerous call in policing? Join me tonight at 7pm, cst, as we discuss Police Officers as peace-keepers.

#CRJ201 #Peacekeepers #LESM Good evening, all, tonight we will be discussing the role of police in #peacekeeping and #ordermaintenance

#CRJ201 #Peacekeepers #Chapter8
Oct 18, 2021 96 tweets 91 min read
Good evening, all! Please join me tomorrow, 1pm, cst, to discuss development of Criminal Subcultures.

What is a classic coming of age film best discusses the formation of a criminal / gang subculture in response?

#CRJ105 #MoraineValley #CulturalDeviance #Subcultures Good afternoon, friends, thank you for joining me this afternoon as we continue our look at cultural deviance & the development of subcultures.

What subculture that you participate is most influential to you?

#CRJ105 #Criminology #SubcultureTheory