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Good morning @morainevalley! Summer semester starts TODAY. For an introduction to my courses (and how to use Twitter) join me today at Noon, cst.

If you were teaching a CRJ class today, what would you emphasize?

#MoraineValley #CRJ105 #CRJ201 #OnlineLearning
Welcome to my online #CRJ105 & #CRJ201 students. I will be posting a brief "Welcome" thread to online learning.

Feel free to follow along & let me know what questions you might have @morainevalley
Good afternoon, friends! Welcome to Summer 2022, I'll be starting an overview to the syllabus & intro to online classes.

What topics are you most interested in learning about?

#MoraineValley #CRJ105 #CRJ201 #ProfessorFurlowWhiteBoards
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Today felt like a good day in the fight for #freespeech and #freedomofexpression.

Police forces are “not the thought police” said the new Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Andy Cooke.

“Thoughts, unless they become actions, aren’t an offence”, he added.…
As @Tom_Slater_ pointed out for the @spectator, however, the fact that Cooke felt he had to make that intervention reminds us just how bad things have become in English #policing in recent years.…
Cooke is clearly keen to push back – or at least be seen to be pushing back – against the rise of thought policing in our country...…
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Good early evening, all. Please join me tomorrow at 10:30am, cst, today to take a look at Contemporary Policing. #CRJ201

THINKING CHALLENGE: Is there a national, identifiable police culture?

#CRJ201 #Policing
Welcome, policing fans, policing critics, policing students, & everyone in between, this morning we are going to take an introductory look at Contemporary Policing. Thank you for the RT @CPD1617Scanner

#CRJ201 #Policing
So tell me a little about you, what draws your attention to our discussion today?

#CRJ201 #Policing
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Join me tonight at 5pm to continue our discussion of Hiring & Training in #Policing

THINKING CHALLENGE: Do you believe Affirmative Action is appropriate for police hiring?

#CRJ201 #PoliceForAChangingSociety
Good evening, friends! We are going to take a look at some of the issues we see in recruitment of police officers and challenges in current training.

So glad to have you follow along!
#CRJ201 #PoliceForAChangingSociety
To get a quick sense of things, please let me know a little about you.

Are you a ....

#CRJ201 #PoliceForAChangingSociety
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Good morning. Today at 1pm, cst, we will look at police departments as organizations.

This organizational style is not without its criticisms, one of the most significant concerns today is ...

#CRJ201 #PoliceOrganizations #MoraineValley
Good afternoon, today we are going to introduce the police as an organization, specifically how American Law Enforcement differs from other organizations we see in society & in the government

#CRJ201 #PoliceOrganizations #Chapter04
My friend & colleague @CGVallejo sparked an interesting discussion last February. It's such a strong discussion, I saved to share with students today ... feel free to see what some of our best have to say ...

#CRJ201 #Policing
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Good early evening, all. Please join me at 5pm, cst, today to take a look at Contemporary Policing. #CRJ201

THINKING CHALLENGE: Is there a national, identifiable police culture?

#CRJ201 #Policing
Welcome, policing fans, policing critics, policing students, & everyone in between, this evening we are going to take an introductory look at Contemporary Policing.

#CRJ201 #Policing
So tell me a little about you, what draws your attention to our discussion today?

#CRJ201 #Policing
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Switching over to the elections committee because apparently I'm a gutton for punishment.

#DemCastTX #txlege #elections
Follow: ⬇️…
Ms Ebbe & Mr Glen Maxey oppose #HB3920 This bill would impose hardships on Texas voters.

Ms Weatherbe LWV in favor of HB740 rank choice voting?
#Elections #DemCastTX #txlege
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This govt is busy pretending its #policing bill is about making people, esp women, safer.
That is why there is a whole section on protecting monuments, a whole section on shutting up Steve Bray, a whole section on protecting Parliament.
And nothing about women.
Be in no doubt. From removing the whip from Remainer MPs to cowing the BBC to giving Priti Patel and police a free hand ban "noisy" protests they don't like, this Government is openly making it clear that dissent will not be tolerated.
All this talk of "cancel culture" and protecting the free press is a smokescreen. They are cancelling all sorts of cultures faster than any "woke warrior" and, far from holding the powerful to account, the Press is not just colluding with them, but cheering them on.
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The problem with police officers, by someone who used to be one.

Policing needs people who don’t like conflict, and want to keep the peace.

But many people join the police for the power; to be part of a force, not a service.


I didn’t want to be a police officer but I got persuaded into it as an alternative to social work.

I wasn’t naturally forceful, I was hesitant and shy, so I had to learn how to take control of challenging situations.

Some of the dangers I faced came from my colleagues.

In the 1980s police culture was heavily sexist.

Women officers were an oppressed minority. I was the only woman on a shift of men.

When I was on duty one night my supervising officer ordered me to meet up with him so he could check my pocketbook.

Then he propositioned me.

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#BellLetsTalk day is a good excuse to share some of my favourite #MentalHealth stories from the @globeandmail
(I will start with a recent video and add to this thread throughout the day)

Maintaining our mental health in the midst of a pandemic…
We're all to blame for staying mum on mental illness, by @picardonhealth… via @GlobeDebate #MentalHealth #stigma #BellLetsTalk
Want safer schools? Fund #MentalHealth care and #suicide prevention programs, not metal detectors, by @picardonhealth… (2006) via @GlobeDebate #GunControl #BellLetsTalk
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For immediate release: our Task Force on #Policing shares its first three policy assessments, recommending chokehold bans, strict limits or bans on no-knock warrants, & duty to intervene policies. But members didn’t stop there. #CCJPolicing also determined that … 1/5
While chokeholds should be prohibited, such bans must be coupled with other measures to reduce police violence because less than 1% of officer-involved deaths are from asphyxiation. 2/5
To have greater impact, duty to intervene policies should be accompanied by mandatory reporting rules requiring officers to speak up when peers or superiors are engaged in misconduct. 3/5
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Our #RepublicDay #TwitterTakeover with @glorious_gluten has begun!

For the next hour, she will be discussing the relationship between the #police, #State and the #law.

Join the conversation and send us your questions in the comments section.
On #26January, 2021, the Indian republic completes 71 years since its formation; against the background of a global pandemic that has starkly exposed its fault lines. | @glorious_gluten
The 299 member #ConstituentAssembly was unique for there were 15 women (including a #Dalit woman Dakshini Velayudhan) who were voted to be a part of the
Committee and make their contribution to the building of the republic. #RepublicDay | @glorious_gluten
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#YearInReview Here is a snapshot of our interesting work on #policing this year!
The #COVID19 lockdown posed a unique law and order challenge, and the police were at the forefront. @_NehaSinha, @AvantiDurani, @priveda22 & @TveshaSippy curated a list of measures for #police and the prison administration during and post lockdown
Being at the forefront also posed operational and business continuity risks for the police. @_NehaSinha & @TveshaSippy addressed this risk in this blog post published by @IPF…
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So by my count, the #CALeg sent 9 bills to @GavinNewsom meant to address #policing concerns in the wake of #GeorgeFloyd and others—and killed 10. If I were in a police lobby, I'd be pretty satisfied with this result. Here's why:
The 9 that survived mostly speed up what police agencies were already doing (banning chokeholds) or offer opt-in reforms, like grants to set up non-police emergency response systems, request-only DOJ reviews and county-initiated sheriff oversight. 3 things:
1. @GavinNewsom hasn't said whether he supports the lone #defund bill. 2. Neither advocates nor police believe the DOJ will prosecute more officers. 3. The politicians who would empower their sheriff watchdogs w/supboena powers are often afraid of their sheriffs' political base.
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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My summer #NewcastleCentral constituency report now posted - check out what I've been up to in #Newcastle & @UKParliament including who I've been meeting! #OpenData #OpenMP…
My latest #NewcastleCentral casework report is also up - w added detail to reflect the impact of #Covid19 In June the top three individual issues raised by constituents were #Covid19UK #Housing, #Crime & #Policing…
#OpenMP #OpenData
The top three #Covid19 Individual Issues raised by constituents in June were #Employment, Small businesses, #Benefits…
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