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🚨BREAKING: self-claimed “billionaire” @realDonaldTrump paid only $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017.

Trump paid ZERO income taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years—largely because he *reported LOSING much more money than he made*.

🔥The @nytimes **GOT TRUMP’s #TaxReturns extending over more than two decades** for Trump personally and the hundreds of companies that make up his business organization, including detailed information from his first two years in office.💥

Trump’s finances are under stress—huge losses + hundreds of $millions in debt coming due he personally guaranteed. And a 10-year audit battle with the IRS over a $72.9 million tax refund he got after declaring huge losses. An adverse ruling could cost him >$100 million.😎
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Listen up, I'm only going to say this once. I believe in Democracy. It seems a lot of us don't, so it's worth mentioning. I've so internalized this Democracy that when any decision needs to be made, my default.
#biden #thirdparty #compromise #progressive #vote
after hearing all the arguments and debate has concluded is to look around the room and ask for a show of hands. I feel like that's normal, and maybe it is, but that's the core of Democracy: Leaders listening to the will of the people. 2/
We're at a cross roads right now politically. Our leaders are telegraphing that they won't listen to the people. First they'll do everything in their power to manipulate and rig an election. And then, if that doesn't work, they'll refuse to relinquish power anyway. 3/
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‼️Michael Caputo—@HHSGov spokesperson on leave—*took $300 million from @CDCgov during a #pandemic* to run an ad campaign to "defeat despair" about the #coronavirus crisis.

Trump is trying to spin the deaths of 200,000 Americans.🤬

#TrumpVirus #COVID19…
Caputo—who has no medical or scientific background—said in his Facebook rant that this PR spin was "demanded of me by the president of the US. Personally."

Trump *ordered $300 million be stolen from CDC during a #pandemic* to spin his failure to contain #coronavirus.🤬

Bottom line: Trump diverted $300 million of our tax dollars FROM CDC DURING A PANDEMIC to run a spin campaign about his FAILED #coronavirus response to help his campaign.🤬


#TrumpVirus #TrumpLiesPeopleDie #VoteHimOut #Vote
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We respectfully remind national leadership that our elections are decided not in the courts but at the ballot box. The people of the United States cast their ballots, and elected officials respect the results of the elections.

We call upon the president and all members of Congress to affirm their faith in the electoral process, ensure that all ballots are counted, and commit to honor the will of the people as expressed on November 3.

We reject attempts to manipulate the vote that increase cynicism and sow doubt in the election process. If our election system is in danger, responsibility for this rests on the shoulders of those who currently hold power, and this should disqualify them from further service.
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I've had some really scary and rough conversations today with people who know a lot about where we are concerning what we are facing if Trump is reelected.

I just want to implore everyone here to fight like hell right now to get new voters registered, to GOTV and to secure it.
We can win, but it requires the most concerted effort we've ever seen in this country to work in coalition with like-minded people who know what's at stake.

Your local community is where it starts. Call your neighbors. Call your friends. Ask what their voting plan is.
Don't delay and don't hesitate. Do it now.

Everything is on the line, and we need to win in such record numbers that there is no other conclusion to be reached than that Biden is our next president.

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Folks in my mentions are claiming the #ACA is insurance. No, the ACA is a LAW governing insurance. It protects #PreExistingConditions. It provides the healthcare marketplace, which offers private insurance options and tax subsidies or #Medicaid access for people who qualify.
Those of us who remember insurance BEFORE the #ACA was passed a decade ago also remember that being female was itself a #PreExistingCondition. Women were charged more for insurance and not one prophylactic for women, including PAP tests and mammograms, was covered. Nor maternity!
If we lose the #ACA--which is Trump's intent--women will go back to not being covered. #Medicaid will be less available. Fewer people will have access to buying affordable insurance coverage. We need to secure the #ACA to protect existing coverage until we can get #M4A.
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We’re going to flip the Senate and win the White House.

Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Period.

Tell everyone you know. #VOTE
Here’s the thing - those in power, those who refuse to govern for the good of the people, they want you to believe that it’s all hopeless. That your vote doesn’t and won’t count. That you can’t make a difference.

Let me say this clearly.

They want us to accept our fate as these disengaged nihilists who don’t participate, don’t believe in democracy, and don’t care what happens to our country or our planet because there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.

It’s the single biggest lie you’ve ever been told.
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#Philly is the poorest big city in America where nearly a third of residents live at or below the #poverty level. Nearly 70% of Philly is BIPOC. I live in one of the poorest zip codes in a 95% Black neighborhood. There are two public elementary schools nearby.
There is also a Black Muslim K-5 charter school, a Catholic K-8 parochial school and a pre-school at the AME church behind my house. Every day during the school year was punctuated with the sounds of kids yelling, laughing, playing. It has been silent since March. No kids.
For a decade before I was paralyzed, I ran a mentoring group at one school for middle grade students, focusing on reading and writing. Until they were in my group, not one kid had personally owned a book. All those kids have been in homes without books since March.
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My fellow Jewmericans,

If you are not standing up to the president's open desire for autocracy, you're not respecting our history. If promoting violence at packed rallies, scapegoating, and undermining democracy is not ringing any bells, I implore you to think harder. (thread)
From the moment the president declared torch-bearing white supremacists "very fine people" he has been telling you that Trump's America is not here for us. I fear your love of Israel has clouded your memory of the 17,000,000 lives lost to a Chancellor with autocratic intentions.
There appears to be an inherent fear of equating the current US president to Adolf Hitler. As if the comparison is absurd. As if the very suggestion will cost the speaker credibility. Personally, I am much more afraid of failing to draw the comparison.
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I hope you're taking care of yourselves, taking time away from this madness. It can seem overwhelmingly dark and hopeless here, like we're plagued with unforgiveness. We need to forgive ourselves for feeling that, I think, treating our anger/resentment as a child in need of love.
I say this mostly for myself, I hope you understand, though I know if you're reading it you feel at least some of the same things/threats/anger concerns for our future. I'm fully aware that it's the hardest thing for me to do and my rants reflect that.
Ultimately we need to care for each other, that's our purpose, even those who reject that notion and the responsibility it entails. That's the conflict we're in now. And we can start by wearing a mask and following the advice of medical experts and work to end this COVID threat.
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Here’s your reminder that @realDonaldTrump does not want to be President.

He is running for re-election just to stay out of Prison.

If he does not win, the indictments for him, his rancid, complicit seed and corrupt cronies & co-conspirators will begin flowing.

He has no honor.
He has no work ethic.
He has no plans for your future prosperity, security or health.

He doesn’t care if you live or die.
He doesn’t care if the nation is on fire.
He doesn’t care if there’s racial unrest in the streets.

He doesn’t care about YOU.

If you’re black, he thinks you’re a thug.
If you’re Latinx, he thinks you’re a rapist.
If you’re Muslim, he thinks you’re a terrorist.
If you’re Asian, he thinks you’re diseased.
If you’re a soldier, he thinks you’re a sucker.
If you die in service, he thinks you’re a loser.

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#WalkAway "Hi everyone !! My name is J. & I am 17 years old. At first I really didn’t think anything of politics and honestly made fun of trump along with everyone else my age. Until my mom Amanda Perez Ruiz really opened my eyes !! I did my research and really dug into

politics even though I can’t vote this year ☹️ Being 17 and using my freedom of speech is hard. It’s also hard when the uneducated won’t listen to what you have to say! I’ve had KIDS ages 13-15 try and bash me because of my political beliefs and honestly I could care less

because I know that they know absolutely nothing !! 🇺🇸 I know what is right for our country and trump is the first step !!! #Trump2020 #vote #VoteInPerson2020" 🇺🇸

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We can't say we haven't been warned. The opening assumption of this important piece is that Trump will not willingly concede. Under any circumstances. And that he will be aided in this by compliant Republicans. /1
The story suggests that Republicans are planning what might be called a constitutional coup. Trump will dispute the results, allege fraud, and Republican-led legislatures in swing states will assign their own electors regardless of how the state voted./2
Trump will contend he won even though he loses the popular vote and loses the electoral college. The constitution does not say that electors must vote as the majority of voters did. /3
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Barton Gellman. The Election That Could Break America: If the #vote is close, #trump cd throw #election into chaos & subvert result. Who will stop him?" The Atlantic.…

"“An election cannot be stolen unless the American people, at some level, acquiesce.”
So don't acquiesce:

Verify you're registered…

Register if you aren't

Vote, & protect the vote……

And in the name of all that is holy,
#VoteBlue #VoteBiden #VoteDemocratic…

"congressional Republicans, unlike the president, have had no difficulty declaring that there will be a peaceful transfer of power, while insisting on pushing their nominee for the court through before the election: 1/2
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#Russian🇷🇺trolls are using Trump’s own LIES—including about #MailInBallots—to spread disinformation and interfere in the election.

US Cyber Command‘s mission in the next 6 weeks involves taking down #Russian🇷🇺posts *quoting their own boss, Trump*.💥…
FBI & @DHSgov warn that foreigners may exploit the time to count #MailInBallots & hackers may amplify “disinformation...reports of voter suppression, cyberattacks targeting election infrastructure, voter or ballot convince the public of the elections’ illegitimacy.”
Unlike in 2016,when the Russians had to make false news stories or manipulated truths to power their narratives, multiple US officials with access to the intelligence say “Trump has been doing the job of the #Russian🇷🇺propagandists for them.”🤬

#TrumpRussia #PutinsPuppet
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Mitt Romney thinks the United States of America in the year of our Lord 2020 is a "center-right" nation and therefore should be represented by a conservative SCOTUS.

I am almost speechless at this complete misunderstanding of the nation.

We are not center-right.
We are currently ruled by the minority in this country.

Not by "minorities".

By the minority, meaning the right wing.

The electoral college is skewed so far to the right that these people think the whole country thinks like they do.

That's a huge problem.
The Senate is composed mostly of white men who comprise 30% of the population but hold 71 of the seats. The Senators who voted to confirm Kavanaugh represent 38 million fewer people than the senators who voted against.

And Mitt Romney thinks the "center-right" is the majority.
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THREAD: Oh the elusive “young voters.” How do we inspire you to show up? If we talk to you, it’s clear we have it all wrong. You don’t need to be told to “go #vote” or it’s “your civic duty.” (1/4)
For good reason, you’re pessimistic about whether it even matters if you participate. You are informed. Better than any generation. Digital natives. Can call bullshit on anything. But you don’t feel you have agency. How do we give you agency? (2/4)
Throw out voting as a “final destination.” Think of voting as part of a three-act journey.
Act one: learn the issues and candidates and register. Act two: #vote! But the most important act is the last. Act three: Hold ‘em accountable. (3/4)
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The facts on rabidly pro-Trump @LorenCulp who’s running for #WAState Governor.

Culp purposely botched a child sex-abuse investigation. He said the charges by the 17 yr old victim who repeatedly begged for help were “made up” & sided with the abuser, who pleaded Guilty.

.@LorenCulp refused to investigate a child’s pleas for help when she reported her abuser’s rapes & molestation—for 12 YEARS.

He threatened to charge her w making false claims & failed to report her allegations to child welfare authorities required by law…
As police chief @LorenCulp refused to enforce the law: I-1639 gun reform, overwhelmingly passed by #WAState voters. He proposed Republic, WA as a sanctuary city to protect #2A & posted this to the town’s official police FB.

WA AG was forced to step in.
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🧵/Topic: #COVID19 in Ohio

If we look solely at the number of # of cases, #Ohio was doing *okay* until sometime around June 11th.

The daily case count rose quickly thereafter— peaking on July 17th at 1678 new cases.


H/T @CodersCovid /1 Image
2/ During that period of time, there was an increase in testing, but that number of tests returning “positive” also increased from 3.5% peaking at ~8% and then settling back down.

Since then, the % positivity has ranged from 3-6%.

Source: ImageImage
3/ So what happened in #Ohio around mid-June?

Well, people started moving around a lot more.

In particular, people started going to parks and outdoor spaces a lot more, as we can see from the green line going off the page here.

Source: Image
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1/ Just voted for my first Democratic President ever @JoeBiden in VA

He won’t be prefect, and I won’t agree with everything he does. I’ll call balls and strikes when warranted and continue to stand for limited government, Free trade, Nato, & Balanced budgets. Image
2/ I hope with tough love the Repub Party chooses to change its Path back towards those very ideals

I made the mistake of voting 3rd Party in 2016,& I won’t do that again. Too much is at stake,& this president clearly can’t handle any of it

3/ for those who don’t know, I became a Republican in 2007 after watching Glen Beck (yeah I know , I don’t like him anymore)

Supported McCain in 2008 (wore a his t shirt the day after he lost). Vouteered in HS for Romney (even shook his hand!). But in 2016 after Trump insulted
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So, I had a weird day yesterday (a thread). At 11:45 am, a convoy of dozens of vehicles (mostly motorcycles and pickup trucks) started circling the parking lot at the only open early polling location in the largest jurisdiction in VA. They had Trump flags, signs, US flags, etc.
This is actually the thing I took the most issue with. They circled the lot for at least 20 minutes revving engines, blaring horns, using bullhorns, and yelling out their windows right next to voters in line. I'd never seen anything like that at a poll. It was ominous.
This apparently was a "Trump Train" that started in Prince William Co. and ended at Fairfax. Here's a link to the video from the start of the event:…
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Our brilliant Madam Speaker makes *the political point that matters: #Vote

Listen to her explain how RBG’s dissent from dreadful SCOTUS ruling on Ledbetter pushed Congress to pass law ensuring equal pay for women.

I ♥️ @SpeakerPelosi

Eighteen years of American dream
He saw that his brother had sworn on the wall
He hung up his eyelids and ran down the hall
His mother had told him a trip was a fall
And don't mention babies at all
Did you see him?
Did you see him?
Did you see him in the river?
Did you see him in the river?
He was there to wave to you
Could you tell that the empty-quivered, brown-skinned Indian
On the banks that were crowded and narrow
Held a broken arrow?
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#RuthBaderGinsberg #SCOTUSnominee
@SenateDems @HouseDemocrats #VoteBlue
1. Even if @SenateGOP @senatemajldr ATTEMPTS to consider #scotus , democrats should be prepared to work hard over the next two months!
2. Put all your energy in the swing states ! Work hard to flip every Republican seat! Work to ensure everyone knows where to vote and how to request absentee ballots
3. Places making mail in ballot difficult, ensure people have a way to reach the polling station. Coordinate transport! #Vote #GetOuttoVote
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Every one of the 52 Senators who voted to acquit Trump aided and abetted a criminal.

Therefore, all 52 are criminals.

They don’t keep their word.

You can’t believe what they say.

You can’t count on them to do anything but Trump’s bidding.
Even if it takes years, we must work to get all 52 out of Congress.

All 52 must be punished for their crimes.

But for now, let’s get the ones who are up for re-election in 2020.

Six years is a long time. Let’s work hard to make sure they all lose.


🌟 If you can, donate to their campaigns. If you can’t, please follow and support!

KY: @AmyMcGrathKY
SC: @harrisonjaime
CO: @Hickenlooper
NC: @CalforNC
ME: @SaraGideon
AZ: @CaptMarkKelly
KS: @BarbaraBollier
GA: @ossoff
GA: @ReverendWarnock
MT: @stevebullockmt
TX: @mjhegar
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