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Oct 21, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
The Great Parental Replacement continues apace.

To all the BigPharma CONservatives who ostracized me for nearly 20 years since I first raced alarms over newborn HepB jabs, then HPV Gardasil mandates, crap flu shots & now COVID quaxxxcine:

Fuck. You. All. The time to have raised your voice on saving your children was December 2020. Go back and look at who was on the right side and who was on the wrong side. KEEP RECEIPTS.

Oct 19, 2022 16 tweets 16 min read
A TRUTH-CENTERED, EVIDENCE-BASED THREAD ABOUT SICKO SCHOOLS, "FURRIES" & THE PERVERT MEDIA. Name-checking @Reuters @NBCNews @9NEWS @KyleClark @NathanMHiggins @COTimesRecorder @HeidiBeedle @BulwarkOnline #thegreatparentalreplacement #exposegaslighters cc @ldatko @coloradoparker/1 Let's start in 2018, when high school counselor/blogger Dr. Cynthia Morton posted tips for her peers on "Making a Safe Place for Students Who Identify as Furries, Therians, and Otherkins," This is not satire. This is not a "GOP talking point." /2

forhighschoolcounselors.blogspot.com/2018/02/making… Image
Sep 14, 2022 8 tweets 8 min read
Make sure * @ASCAtweets * sees this thread & force them to respond! Why is @ascatweets whitewashing truth about radical school counselors & censoring @CourageHabit with cooperation from @amazon and @googledrive ?! #behindcloseddoors #stopsel Every conservative school board member in America should be asking their district how many of their school counselors attended radical No Limits @ASCAtweets conference in July — and distributing @CourageHabit info to parents!
Sep 14, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
THREAD: EXPOSING THE WOKE SCHOOL COUNSELORS CABAL. Parents, wake up! School counselors are not the career/college guidance advisors they were back in your day. They're a radicalized cadre of social justice saboteurs driving wedges between you & your kids.

My new column highlights @asca 's insane "No Limits" conference, exposed by @CourageHabit. The @asca mob has pressured @amazon & @google to CENSOR the parent group's investigation of @asca 's brazen transgender-promoting SJW "master manipulators"/2

Jul 20, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
SPREAD GOOD NEWS & KEEP THE FAITH. CO kidney transplant patient Leilani Lutani, kicked out by @UCHealth for refusing COVID jab, is ALIVE & THRIVING after successful surgery at Baylor U. Watch my full intvu w/Leilani & living donor Jaimee Fougner:

A Transplant Miracle That Defied COVID Tyranny:

“UC Health gave me a death sentence,” Leilani reflected on Sunday. “Baylor gave me a chance” at life. Leilani’s kidney function immediately skyrocketed from 5% to 73% just days after surgery.

May 10, 2022 9 tweets 9 min read
BREAKING: TX college conservative @kelly_neidert has been SUSPENDED by @Twitter for exposing leftists on Univ of Northern Texas campus who vandalized her apartment, threatened/stalked her & demanded she be expelled for standing up to alphabet mafia /woke mob. @elonmusk @GovAbbott ImageImage CRAZY UPDATE: @Twitter has now locked down Kelly Neidert's @protect_tx_kids account for stating a FACT reported in a PEER-REVIEWED MEDICAL JOURNAL that 78% of gender-confused college students are mentally ill. "Hateful conduct."

Here's the citation: medpagetoday.com/psychiatry/gen… /2 Image
Apr 25, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Orrin Hatch was an open-borders globalist who served Big Tech oligarchs and US Chamber of Commerce traitors while stabbing American workers and citizens in the back for four dreadful decades. Refresher course: The GOP's Orrin Hatch problem. Do your homework and learn from history. #AMERICAFIRST ==> /2

Apr 19, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
Never forget who lied, who complied, and who defied. Never forget: Those now-maskless airline employees you are all now cheering for giving you permission to breathe are the same ones who kicked families with special needs toddlers off their planes & threw their unvaxxed colleagues under the bus.
Apr 5, 2022 16 tweets 4 min read
Thread: I’m at El Paso County Commission meeting - grass-roots conservative revolt brewing against crony contract with controversial ballot-printing company Runbeck Election Services /1 Image /2
Mar 9, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
Yes. Yes I did. And the thanks I got for calling out the sellout Schlapps & their pay-for-play CPAC sham was getting deplatformed, ghosted & shunned by much of ConInc.

You're welcome! See, I told you so:
Mar 3, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read
I’ve supported #AFPAC since its inception in 2019. It is the authentic alternative to Swamp-run CPAC, from which true #AmericaFirst-ers are blacklisted (incl. me) —while drag queens, foreign lobbyists, Google & Facebook have been welcomed with open arms.

unz.com/mmalkin/afpac-… 2/ What Swamp menace Kevin McCarthy did to my friend & patriot @SteveKingIA is an utter disgrace & McCarthy is trying to do it again to @DrPaulGosar & @RepMTG. McCarthy is America LAST. Expose, dethrone, shun!!!
Mar 1, 2022 8 tweets 5 min read
The eunuch "leaders" of the GOP -- McCarthy, McConnell, AZ & Idaho state GOP pukes -- are worthless piles of runny liquid crap who must be SHUNNED, DETHRONED, & EXPOSED for the traitorous sellouts, cheaters & cowards they are. 2/Stay strong @WendyRogersAZ @JaniceMcGeachin @DrPaulGosar @RepMTG - never back down against the America Last mobsters & smear merchants. We stand with the whole armor of God against the wiles of the devil!
Feb 23, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
If you are a believer in God & country, please join me in prayer for dear friend & #AmericaFirst patriot, Tom Tancredo, who is battling cancer. My latest column on his legacy defying #OpenBordersInc, the Bush/Rove/Chamber of Commerce axis of evil, & SPLC: unz.com/mmalkin/thank-… Image /2 Flashback: @TuckerCarlson called Tom Tancredo "one of the most principled members of the entire Republican Party."

Feb 9, 2022 8 tweets 5 min read
THREAD: My new column is a full-throated endorsement of GOP Lt. Gov. @JaniceMcGeachin, the populist rock star running against establishment open-borders empty-suit Gov. Brad Little. I'm inspired by the ACTIONS she has taken to challenge elites on core #AmericaFirst issues. /1 2/ @JaniceMcGeachin is blowing lid off a Biden Justice Dept-funded conference in June that will indoctrinate educators & cops on "right wing extremism." It's being promoted by Idaho's State Board of Education, stocked w/Brad Little's GOP appointees in red state Idaho! WTH?!?!?!
Feb 2, 2022 14 tweets 10 min read
I’ve been #bannedbyairbnb (along with my husband!) as retaliation for my free speech and #AmericaFirst journalism. It’s insane & un-American - and I could use your help fighting back. Stay tuned. unz.com/mmalkin/why-ai… #michellefightsairbnb @Airbnb Image 2/ The new twist in my case is @Airbnb going after my HUSBAND for simply being married to me. Are my kids next? How about other #AmericaFirst families? Anti-COVID tyranny spouses & kids? Where does it stop?

Oct 18, 2021 10 tweets 6 min read
THREAD: Forcing kids to tape masks to their faces is CHILD ABUSE. It's happening in my backyard in Colorado Springs, according to one family. I spoke this morning with Stephanie M., mother of Rylee, a 6th grader at Chinook Trail Middle School in District 20, pictured here.

/1 Stephanie rushed to Chinook Trail Middle School after her daughter texted her that a teacher gave her a warning and handed her blue painter's tape to seal the mask to her face. Rylee told her that at least 1 other student was also directed to do the same. /2
Sep 14, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read



Aug 23, 2021 9 tweets 2 min read
The shit is hitting the fan. Aug. 25 protest in NYC.
Jul 1, 2021 5 tweets 8 min read
Disgraced ex-Okla. County judge Timothy Henderson may well be most corrupt local judge in US. But he had plenty of collaborators who remain in power in #CorruptAHoma. Fed probe needed NOW. @govstitt @oklahomageneral @BEDNARCONSULT @justice4danielh
unz.com/mmalkin/corrup… Here's whistleblowing letter from Tonya Parks to @govstitt @Oklahoma_OAG @FBI @OSBI_OK sent in August 2019. NO RESPONSE to allegations of systemic judicial corruption & abuse. Pay attention, Okies. This could happen to you. Or maybe it already has. /2 @oklahomabar @oksupremect
Jun 7, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
FINALLY. "Temporary protected status" has been a perpetual illegal alien amnesty shield for decades under both Democrat AND Republican #openbordersinc tools. My TPS archives: