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15 Jan
#FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Anyone who watched media-political assassination of patriot #LeeKeltner in Denver by @9News "bodyguard" last fall is completely unsurprised by CNN/BLM alliance at Capitol last week that resulted in Ashli Babbitt's death. SAME PLAYBOOK. unz.com/mmalkin/a-medi…
Compare Jeremiah Elliott/@9News ===> John Sullivan/CNN

FlashbackFriday: The media and the mob ==>

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6 Jan
THREAD: What you need to know about DeKalb County GA.: Last month, Zuckerberg/@hello_ctcl showered $9.4 million there for election staff/equipment used in run-off today, on top of $5 million to juice up early voting & absentee voting in general elex.


Facebook-subsidized @NPR (yes, you read that right) published this propaganda piece extolling how Zuckerberg/@HelloCTCL Private Money "Saved The 2020 Election"


Here's my September 2020 column, October #SovereignNation monologue & mega-thread on The Zuckerberg Heist/@helloctcl 's alarming election meddling via targeted phony "COVID" election grants in battleground states. /3

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5 Jan
Just heard from Missouri sources that Hawley was not at his Va. home tonight, but his wife & baby were there alone as @shutdown_dc invaded neighborhood & instigated on Hawley's front lawn.

#ProudBoys defend patriots against these mobsters. That's why @ShutDown_DC smears them.
Attention, patriots & #ProudBoys who are in DC this week for #stopthesteal march:

@shutdown_dc is threatening to go back to Hawley's Va. home tomorrow and Wednesday. /2
Reminder: @shutdown_dc mobsters are embedded in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy. /3

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31 Dec 20
MM's YEAR IN REVIEW: 2020 Photo Thread

JANUARY started out with a bang w/ @umaineCR
@MaineMayorNick @AdrienneMaine: FOUR different venues canceled our speaking event before brave Sabbatus, Maine townspeople welcomed us!


FEBRUARY - on the road taking #AmericaFirst message to 500+ Liberty Forum patriots in Silicon Valley /2
FEBRUARY/MARCH - Detroit w/ #ProudBoys, Tempe w/ @ASU_CR #AmericaFirst, epic AFPAC in DC @NickJFuentes @JadenPMcNeil @CassandraRules @WhiteHovse #SteveFranssen /3
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10 Dec 20
THREAD: As FDA hearing on emergency use authorization for COVID vaccines takes place in DC this a.m., I will summarize the 3 installments of my #COVIDGATE series on corruption of vaccine clinical trials. We must not simply think and do as we're told. /1

#COVIDGATE Part One unpacks Moderna & Pfizer's clinical trial-by-press-release strategy of conditioning Americans to parrot the "more than 90%" or "94.5% effective" soundbites without understanding what the trials actually measured.
Pfizer enrolled 43,538, of whom 94 (about .2 of 1%) were identified as having COVID. Moderna included 30,000+, of whom 95 (about .3 of 1%) categorized as having COVID. In other words: Vaccine tested on those at incredibly low risk, not only vaccinated but also unvaccinated. /3
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2 Dec 20
BJ Van Gundy, plaintiff in GA voter fraud lawsuit, opens news conference in Atlanta with prayer: "Please, God, shine on all of fighting the good fight. Bless Sidney, Lin & staff...In Jesus' name, I pray...AMEN."
Massive chants of USA! USA! after throng join in for National Anthem. @LLinWood opens: "Every lie will be revealed."

#Atlanta #StopTheSteal #StopTheFraud
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2 Dec 20
THREAD: Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes crafters AGAIN. My friend Deplorable Knitter told me her #StopTheSteal hats have been banned on Etsy. /1
Here's the email notification from Etsy: "Certain types of content are not appropriate for the Etsy marketplace. This includes content that promotes or endorses harmful misinformation, including items that can obstruct election integrity:

etsy.com/legal/policy/h… /2
Some of you may remember that I exposed the unhinged de-platforming of conservative knitters and crocheters over the past 10 years at Ravelry /3 ==>

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30 Nov 20
The #arizonahearing has resumed. @MattBraynard is testifying about his Voter Integrity Project findings.
In case you missed it - @MattBraynard video summary of findings ==>
Giuliani asks @MattBraynard about poll reporting that illegal aliens broke 80-20 for Biden. "How would they do that poll?" Audience breaks out in laughter. #ArizonaHearing
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30 Nov 20
"Dominion machines were built to be manipulated." - 1st witness at #ArizonaHearing
Army Col. Phil Waldron testifying that hundreds of IT teams looking at voting machine anomalies. Dominion machines hacked in just a few minutes. Malware discovered by one of Waldron's white-hat hackers. Waldron team able to see down-ballot changes on MI machines.
Col. Waldron/Giuliani: Algorithm inserted in MI local vote after election day to "shift the vote."

Giuliani: "It's like having an open computer." MI evidence being submitted to dispute lies of Dominion that their machines are tamper-proof. "Just the opposite." #ArizonaHearing
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30 Nov 20
"This election was the subject of a conspiracy that goes back before the election...hatched by Crooked Democrats...centers around mail-in ballots and absentee ballots...we were warned by Jimmy Carter & Jim Baker..."

- @RudyGiuliani #ArizonaHearing
"There was plenty of room for cheating...Wasn't just Arizona that was conned..PA, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada...we have demonstrably wrong numbers in all those states...key fraud centered on mail-in ballots." GOP observers blocked Maricopa County... #ArizonaHearing
"Troubled foreign company Dominion had jurisdiction over our votes...well known as having the most porous system" of all the automatic voting machine companies. - @RudyGiuliani ##ArizonaHearing
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24 Nov 20
THREAD: This guy is a dangerous #OpenBordersInc sleazebag whose shady record dates back to the Clinton years. /1
As US Atty, Mayorkas phoned Clinton White House on behalf of convicted drug dealer Carlos Vignali. Vignali’s father (also suspected drug dealer) paid Hillary’s brother, Hugh, $200,000 to secure commutation. Mayorkas pleaded ignorance of Vignali dad’s criminal activity. /2
Mayorkas bought his way into Obama-Biden administration as a top campaign finance bundler. While #2 at DHS, allegations of fraud, reckless rubber-stamping and lax enforcement — from veteran internal whistleblowers — plagued Mayorkas’ tenure. /3

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20 Nov 20
This is the state legislative hearing Dominion backed out of in Pennsylvania this morning. Supposedly a press conference by GOP legislators is about to happen.
2/ Hmmmm.
3/ The PA state house voted 112-90 yesterday to approve an audit of the 2020 election; the state will also conduct a “risk limiting” audit "to apply statistical tools that will measure the election’s accuracy and check for possible interference."

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10 Nov 20
Who is Supermajority & what did they do for Soros?

"During the first three months of 2020, progressive donor George Soros donated $2 million towards the PAC."

The founders of BLM & Planned Parenthood form Supermajority and team up with Soros to influence Election 2020 as part of a $28 million initiative w/other left-wing nonprofits. What were they working on?

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4 Nov 20
Watch at 3:00: "This is engineered chaos. And the outcome is that we are not going to know who are President is on Nov 3." - Catherine Engelbrecht #ThisIsAllPartOfThePlan
The key is that those ballots were harvested as part of a $250 million Zuckerberg/Chan-subsidized campaign targeting battleground states with zero oversight.

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3 Nov 20
NEW COLUMN: Lime green-hat "legal observers" of red-diaper National Lawyers Guild will be out in full force at polling places & all week at #anarchotyranny protests (RIOTS) nationwide. NLG's mob guardians have been training for this moment for 80 yrs==>

Antifa/BLM bash person with metal bat. Where are the red-diaper Commie NLG "legal observers" when you need them?

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2 Nov 20
Kenosha D.A. Thomas Binger is arrogant. 17 year old Kyle is NOT a flight risk. $2 million bond is outrageous. #FreeKyleRittennhouse
Mark Richards, a Wisconsin-based counsel for Kyle, notes Kyle's family and work ties to the community. Self-defense evidence is "overwhelming."


Father of repeat domestic abuse offender and serial criminal Anthony Huber calls his son, who CHASED Kyle and beat him with a skateboard, a "HERO."

Judge is letting Huber's father slander Kyle & rant about Trump.


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30 Oct 20
SCOOP: Colorado control freak public health bureaucrats told a local school last Friday that they can regulate breathing, because "BREATHING CONSTITUTES MOVEMENT." I obtained redacted public records material (CORA). OMG. #stopthecovidchaos #recallpolis #reopencolorado
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30 Oct 20
Pray for #KyleRittenhouse and his family. Extradition hearing tomorrow morning. Local media allowed, but no public livestream. Will keep you updated. God bless @LLinWood @CaliKidJMP @MarinaMedvin @RonColeman #teamkyle
Update: judge will rule on extradition by 5pm central. #teamkyle @CaliKidJMP argued Illinois extradition law was violated because criminal complaint was not sworn to before magistrate judge. #FreeKyleRittennhouse #fightback
Prayers up, friends: Just heard from Kyle’s mom, Wendy. Her message: “I want Kyle to come home.” So do we all!!! ♥️♥️♥️#FreeKyleRittennhouse
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28 Oct 20
NEW COLUMN: Mobilization of the Mob Inside the #DeepState. @ShutDown_DC is training federal employees to obstruct President Trump's re-election. Is anyone at White House tracking these groups embedded at NPS, NOAA, EPA, FDA & DOEd? Anyone? ==>

unz.com/mmalkin/the-mo… Image
The Left is mobilized. What is the Right doing to prepare?

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28 Oct 20
Trillions on War on Poverty.

4 decades of affirmative action.

-Black president & First Lady for 8 yrs, plus black
AG, heads of DHS, DOT & DOE, U.N. ambassador, & 400+ pres. appointees.

- $500 billion for Trump Platinum Plan.

And still they loot.

This gives a whole new meaning to "Opportunity Zone."

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22 Oct 20
THREAD: This is an MM vintage #throwbackthursday reminder that liberal "journalist" Carole Simpson was a brazen Hillary shill while working for @ABCNews AND while serving as a journalism professor at Emerson College. /1
2/ From my Nov. 20, 2007 @nypost article:

"At a Clinton campaign stop in NH, Simpson stood up & declared: “I want to tell you tonight, because I happen to be here with my students, that I endorse you for president of the United States."

3/ In an online love letter titled "Long Live Hillary" for @ABC, Simpson gushed:

“What an exhilarating moment it must have been for [Hillary] – the first First Lady in history to be elected to public office.

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