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18 May 20
#Media and #Covid_19
"Ban media for 3 months and things will fall into place".
"Media only shows negativity."

Two lines from an intense discussion on #Media and #Covid_19 in my middle-upper-middle-class colony whastapp group.

These are not new sentiments, but reinforced now.
This 'sentiment' is also talked about by news managers. "Let's show good news, no one wants bad news."

Everyone then tries to do some good news corner or segment in a newspaper or channel, which eventually fades away in a few weeks.

Point is: who are these people who think
a) it's ok to ban media
b) media 'spreads negativity'

Here is what I suspect: they are largely ppl like in my colony WA group. Financially+socially secure, middle-aged and most importantly who believe that the Modi govt has been divined to bring India back to its days of glory.
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16 Apr 20
Someone asked me how come TV news is airing so much incorrect & inaccurate info

I said its because of these reasons.
1. For many, editors, anchors & reporters, this is the first really big story facing them. Maybe the last one was 26/11 where TV made some blunders...
2. TV has completely lost any semblance of checks and balances that come with news. In the rush to be ‘first’ (which no one is, TV has lost the race to digital) and also because anchors decide on air what they want to say...
and there is no way to stop them. 3. And because lead anchors are mostly also channel editors, they are left unchallenged by internal staff (very young, thrown into roles they are incapable of fulfilling) because everyone reports to them...
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