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You can measure the effectiveness of resistance by the fury of the response by ruling elites.
by @ChrisLynnHedges… #ChrisHedges #Resistance #ExtinctionRebellion #JulianAssange #TheResistance #protestors #protests
Accusing Holy Land Foundation Five of “funding terrorism” required a great deal of creativity but also a collaboration between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
by @mikopeled… #Palestine #MuslimTwitter #politicalprisoners
"Two of the rebels I admire most, #JulianAssange, the #WikiLeaks publisher, and #RogerHallam, the co-founder of #ExtinctionRebellion @ExtinctionR, are in jail in Britain."
Illustratin by Mr. Fish for Scheerpost Image
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1. News: President #Trump Says His Nominee Is Needed on Supreme Court:

“I think this SCAM that the Democrats are Pulling!
This Scam Will be Before the United States Supreme Court” -Thread 9.24.2020… #MAGA #KAG #FillThatSeat
2. News: BREAKING: Biden Caught Again with Teleprompter:


How is this allowed to proceed?… #Biden #EnemyofThePeople #Election2020
3. News: News: VIDEO Captures Louisville BLM Cop Shooter —

He Was Using Protesters as Human Shields!

Slow-mo video of shooter who shot 2 officers.
— PHOTOS and VIDEO… #Shooter #shooting #BackTheBlue #Terrorist
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#Sanctions on #Venezuela are nothing new. But Secretary of State #Pompeo recently took the unusual step of sanctioning leaders of local opposition parties in an attempt to pressure them to pull out upcoming #elections.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #MaduroCriminal
The State Department’s silence has been deafening following the arrest of a US citizen and former #CIA operative allegedly caught plotting an on a #Venezuelan #oil refinery.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Venezuela #mikepompeo #MaduroNuestraVozEnLaONU #MaduroCriminal
#Venezuela #coup
How the Media Manufactures Consent:
@Alanmacleod looks at the role of the #media in fomenting popular support for the regime change operation in Venezuela.… #MaduroNuestraVozEnLaONU #maduro #MaduroCriminal #venezuelaaelecciones
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1. News: Florida Latin Restaurant Owner Slams Kamala Harris For Showing Up Unannounced After Visit Sparks Major Backlash From Latino Community (VIDEO)… #Biden #Harris
2. News: Biden Makes No Sense in Florida Roundtable Event, Rambles About the 2nd Floor of the Ladies Department (VIDEO)…
3. News: BUSTED: The Media Continues to Declare the COVID Crisis Is In Full Force Despite Data Around the World Indicating The Worst of It Was Over Some Time Ago…
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Thread on attempts to influence #media coverage or intimidate journalists by using non-state actors w/close ties to government officials.
We will begin with a review of @ddkochel's furious attempts to throw #Iowa reporters off the scent of a big political story in July 2019. 1/
.@IAGovernor forced out #Iowa DHS Director Jerry Foxhoven in June 2019, giving no explanation for her decision. He kept quiet for weeks, then began hinting at reasons for his ouster. Naturally, political reporters closely followed the story. Background: 2/…
In text to @AP's @DavePitt, Foxhoven said, "I can confirm that I was concerned about the legality of using DHS funds to pay the salaries of the governor’s staff"…
@ddkochel soon swung into action. 3/
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🚨 Stock is 30% DOWN 📉 from its ALL TIME HIGH 🚨

BUT it grew 62% YoY and had a 137% DBNER 🔥

🤺 It was at the centre of Beijing 🇨🇳 Washington 🇺🇸 tensions

⛔️ It’s business is HARD to UNDERSTAND 🤯 But sounds like a TEN BAGGER 💰

Here is an EASY thread 👇
$FSLY, a US 🇺🇸 Cloud Computing Services provider, processes, serves and secures its customer’s apps very close to the end users 🌐

This happens through $FSLY Edge Platform ⚡️ it provides a content delivery network, internet security, load balancing and video & streaming services
This is PURE TECHNICAL JARGON 🤯 Let’s break down what this means

🎛 The internet was designed according to the End-to-End Principle

📟 This means that the core network’s KEY PRIORITY is to move the information to the network end-points (hosts and clients) as much as possible
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📍Retweet this THREAD. It contains 30+ media, ethics, and public corruption watchdog organizations, who need and welcome your tips & leaks. Generate leads for #media. It may help make the criminals who have overrun our government think again! #BlowTheWhistle on #PublicCorruption Image
The Washington Post offers several ways to securely send information to Post journalists. SecureDrop, a whistleblower submission system is used to securely send documents and communicate with anonymous sources.

📩 The Washington Post @washingtonpost
🔖… Image
Got a confidential news tip? Multiple ways to submit tips. Each provides different levels of protection. Get in touch with and provide materials to our journalists, securely and confidentially.

📩 The New York Times @nytimes
🔖 Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/10/2020…
Psychological impacts of “screen time” and “green time” for children and adolescents: A systematic scoping review…

#GreenTime #ScreenTime #psychology
It has four incarnations every lifetime, can return from the dead and is the subject of an unlikely new bestseller...…

#EuropeanEels #LifeCycle #zoology
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Thread alert 🚨: (1/5)We asked our Postdoctoral Fellow @RiccardiSwartz to tell us a bit more about her research.
(2/5) “My work interrogates the political ideologies of rural American converts to Russian Orthodoxy, contextualizing them within the global drama of both the new “cultural wars” and the New Cold War.”
(3/5) “Converts I have worked with see the Russian Orthodox Church, and by extension #Putin and the #Kremlin, as moral arbiters of #truth and authentic Christianity.”
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I want to give a big shout out to all the freedom fighters who have attended ANY protest across the globe. These protests have been peaceful and full of passionate people who want their freedom back.

We will not tolerate any two-bit hacks calling us conspiracy theorists.
We are truth seekers. We are intelligent people who are well-read & not easily led by MSM. We are not tinfoil hat nutjobs as you would like to think we are. We are the ones who are exposing this scam & journalists want to bring us down because they are paid to do just that.
These two-bit reporters KNOW THE SCORE. They know exactly what is going on yet they write disgusting stories about the very people (us) who are trying to save their sorry asses because they have a 40 grand salary and are paid to write bullshit. Where is their integrity?
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1/5. Shocked by Sushant Singh Rajput suicide coverage – compared with that of 330,000 farmer suicides since 1995? It’s about the money. Talk TV is a lucrative revenue model. Yak and gab costs a lot less than good journalism
#RheaChakraborty #mediatrial #media #SushantSinghRajput
2/5. Farm crisis coverage needs field investigation, travel, interviews; studying credit systems, input costs, eco-ruin, state policies. Takes money.
Talk TV needs low-cost, high decibel, lame-brained cacophony. Makes money.
#RheaChakraborty #mediatrial #media #SushantSinghRajput
3/5. The SSR suicide-Rhea arrest coverage is repulsive but it’s neither an aberration nor happening for the first time. Huge crises affecting ordinary people were also ignored during the Sheena Bora case, and earlier too
#RheaChakraborty #mediatrial #media #SushantSinghRajput
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All media in #Italy are reporting that the Oxford COVID19 #vaccine trial will end in one month, and that the vaccine will be distributed from November.

Interesting as I’m working for this trial and this is complete news to me...… @repubblica
Temo che ci sia stato un effetto telefono senza fili: una notizia minima potrebbe essere stata ingigantita, dettata dalla comprensibile speranza collettiva di uscire presto dalla pandemia. 🧵2/5
Mi chiedo però come mai i #media italiani non abbiano pensato quanto meno di controllare con i media britannici, che in questi giorni non hanno fatto alcun commento su questa sperimentazione del #vaccino. 🧵3/5
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1/5. At the very moment people need journalism the most, and media are declared an essential service, media owners throw out 1,200 journalists and media workers. And subject thousands more to savage salary cuts

#journalism #PaidMedia #media #MediaMonopoly #Sacked
2/5. True, some smaller outfits, crippled by an advertising collapse, did try to retain their workers. But it’s the giants, highly profitable companies rich in cash reserves, who have unleashed the worst of the job-slaughter

#journalism #PaidMedia #media #MediaMonopoly #Sacked
3/5. Corporate media report job losses in the IT sector, in Uber, in Swiggy… But are silent on the slaughter within – not a word about how they’ve laid off 100s of journalists some of whom have served them 15-20 years

#journalism #PaidMedia #media #MediaMonopoly #Sacked
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1a. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - Article & Videos: WARNING GRAPHIC Thread 9.4.2020…
1b. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - WARNING GRAPHIC - Thread 9.4.2020…
2. News: The Atlantic Posts Ridiculous Hit Piece on President Trump and His Treatment of Veterans — President Trump Responds to Junk Report…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/01/2020…
Reducing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 | Science…

#transmission #COVID19
China censors Thomas Piketty’s book that touches on nation’s growing inequality | South China Morning Post…

#inequality #Piketty #china
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1. NEWS: HUGE! President Trump: Leftist Leaders “In the Dark Shadows” are Running the Riots and Chaos —

— Violent Leftists Were Flown in to Disrupt RNC (VIDEO)

-Thread 9.1.2020… #Trump #Rioters #Airplane #Democrats
2. NEWS: All for show Biden out of the basement, went to Pittsburgh just to give speech to 6 reporters?

Left fans outside.

All to prove Biden could leave his basement. smh.

#Biden #Basement #Pittsburgh #Pennsylvania
3. NEWS: Weird? Major News Outlets Aren’t Reporting Their Latest Polling Results After Powerful RNC…
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1. News: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ -Thread 8.31.20… #WhistleBlower #Voting #MailInBallots #Fraud
2. News: Indiana Rep Jim Banks Introduces “Support Peaceful Protest Act” To Prevent Rioters Arrested For Looting, Vandalism, or Acts of Violence From Receiving Federal $ Benefits… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtest
3. News: 'I am 100% Antifa': Alleged Portland shooter of Trump supporter (also an ardent BLM supporter) was previously arrested—and released—for bringing illegal loaded gun to a riot |… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtesters #Murderer
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My tired brain would like to associate '8' with infinity, since that's how long it will take to get any semblance of #diversity across #media.

Here's month eight of tracking the sorry #OpEds of @IndianExpress @htTweets and @the_hindu.

As sad as it is to note the increase in the number of #COVIDー19 positive cases across #India, it's sadder to note the lack of increase in #female #OpEds.

@IndianExpress had 129 #OpEds, @htTweets 78 & @the_hindu 120.
Of the 129 in IE, #women got 37 bylines, including 10 #jointbylines.

@IndianExpress adopts a convenient trope of getting multiple joint bylines featuring women. At times, as many as 3 women for one small piece.

While this is just sad, it ups the numbers.
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Special Analysis
"Ultimately, as long as Americans continue to pay top dollar for illicit #drugs, Colombians will continue to pay in blood."
by @AlanRMacLeod #Columbia #DrugWar #WarOnDrugs #FridayVibes #FridayThoughts #CocaineConvention
Jorge Ivan Ospina, the Mayor of Cali, visits the crime scene where the bodies of five young men were found.
Photo | Twitter via Jorge Ivan Ospina
#Columbia Image
Despite protests of historic proportions fueled by anger over corruption and a brutal right-wing crackdown, the unrest in #Colombia has garnered remarkably little international #media attention compared to #Venezuela.
by @AlanRMacLeod and @_whitneywebb…
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"A '#ColorRevolution' is a #media term for a #movement based on legitimate grievances only to be co-opted into a #RegimeChange operation backed by the #US and confederates."
by Roger D. Harris #Belarusprotests #mondaythoughts
A woman embraces a soldier guarding the #Belarusian Government building in #Minsk, #Belarus, Aug. 14, 2020. Photo by Sergei Grits | AP Image
Police beat a protester at a rally in #Belarus following the presidential election in #Minsk, #Belarus, Aug. 11, 2020. Photo | AP
#Belarusprotests #minskprotests Image
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This is ONE of the MANY ways the CORRUPT, MORALLY BANKRUPT #Liberal Far-Left Radical Extremist HateStream #Media Manipulates YOU & Spits in your face. They HATE the average person who hasn't been brainwashed with LeftTerrorism Evil in indoctrination camps, LYING they are stupid. Image
2/ What this shows is that not only does the NBC not value people equally, not value Democracy, but wants ELITISM, & not value the same weight of votes for each man, but ELITISM, SLAVERYISM, TOTALITARIANISM which all are tenets of Communism (socialism disguise). But ALL ARE EQUAL
3/ Democracy works because ALL people get to vote regardless of their stations in life, opportunities or needs for education (or indoctrination in Liberal arts garbage brainwashing camps) & ALL people get proper representation. It's not based on Paid for papers in 'Elite Leftism'
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