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🔴 Under President Xi Jinping’s rule, the Chinese Communist Party has drastically increased its control over journalists. Read RSF’s investigative report “The Great Leap Backwards of Journalism in #China”.…
#1 ▶️ Journalists forced to be the Party’s mouthpiece.
To receive their press cards, journalists already have to download the “Study Xi, Strengthen the Country” propaganda app that can collect their data, and will soon have an annual 90-hour training on “Xi Jinping Thought”.
#2 ▶️ The world’s biggest captor of journalists.
127 #journalists are currently detained by the regime. Investigating a “sensitive” topic can result in years of detention in unsanitary prisons, where ill-treatment can lead to death. Read the report here:
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King enrolled his donkey in a race & won.

Local paper read:'KING's ASS WON'

The king was so upset with this kind of publicity that he gave the donkey to the queen.

The king was so upset with this kind of publicity so he gave the donkey to his queen.

The local paper then read:

The king fainted....

Queen sold the donkey to a farmer for Rs.100.

Next day paper read: "QUEEN SELLS HER ASS FOR Rs.100"

The queen fainted...

The next day king ordered the queen to buy back the donkey and leave it in jungle.


The king died... !!

Thats #media .............
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With overwhelming evidence of the impact of #Covid in children, why does the #media still refuse to acknowledge it? Censored by the government? Or scared of being unpopular with #COVID19 deniers? Why is the UK ignoring dead & sick kids? It’s weird, right?! #LongCovidKids #schools
“Children are getting ill. Some, tragically, are dying. Many are winding up in hospital. Ask a friend to guess how many kids are hospitalised with Covid each month in the UK. They will gasp at the answer: over a thousand.”…
UK Study: “Young, low risk patients with ongoing symptoms of Covid had signs of damage to multiple organs months after infection”

Most #longcovidkids can’t even get a GP appt, let alone access the necessary tests to look for organ damage. #longcovidkids…
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Here’s a table of content of the Dakar #FOCAC #ActionPlan (fr edition). Quick thread on the main announcements (yes it’s 3 am and I am totally jet lagged just from being on FOCAC time zone to follow virtually). Lots of exchange programs, trainings, visits on the menu 1/
In terms of Peace and Security, #China will offer trainings on maritime security, military medicine, continue training of peacekeeping personnel, will hold another Peace and Security Forum, and will have exchanges on counterterrorism, rule of law, and other similar issues. 3/
In terms of #media, culture, tourism cooperation, similar to previous action plans. Big focus on R&D, think tank exchanges, scholarships, talent programs. Tho this action plan does not specify the numbers of trainings and scholarships - obviously (pandemic travel disruptions) 3/
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@UN @UN_Women 1/n
Media is just business.Find out wealth of Media Businessmen & journalists
throughout the word.These lame brains WealthCrazy Tail,Horns,Sharp,Claws &Canines,LESS Meanest Mammals wants such incidences to happen So,there business flourishes
And don't blame any single
@UN @UN_Women 2/n
It is fault of wrong set-up of human society for thousands of years. That led human society on wrong path
I had & have deliberated several times. But no body including #UN,#media and people engrossed into selfconceit wants to pay attention
@UN @UN_Women @sardesairajdeep @MelissaFleming 3/n
All the problems of human peaceful, crimes, wars, terrorism,atrocities against women, & children can be wiped out Only with my.
Knowledge of life science. Upon, which based
One Genome Oneness Concept By right use of Artificial Intelligence. To Save Last And The Best Ever
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Bombshell: Female medic, who became #Maidan “icon” after tweeting that she was dying, admits in interview to #Ukrainian journalist that she wasn't wounded. He cites Maidan activist revealing that her wounding was staged by Maidan Self-Defense leadership.…
Refusals by prosecution & now Maidan massacre trial to classify this #Maidan female medic as victim in trial of Berkut policemen, who are charged with this massacre, corroborate her admission & #Ukrainian journalist's report that her wounding was staged.
This #Maidan medic testified in September in #Maidan massacre trial that she was wounded from Maidan-controlled Hotel Ukraina direction. She testified not as victim but as witness in killing of another protester next to her.
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THREAD #Pandemia e "formazione di massa"

Senza i #media non ci potrebbe essere la "formazione di massa" che stiamo sperimentando. Si tratta di un cambiamento sociale che avviene quando c’è (o c’è stato) un periodo di "paura fluttuante" ed equivale a una ipnosi di massa.
Altri 4 elementi, oggi presenti, che preparano alla "formazione di massa" sono: la mancanza di legami sociali e di senso nella propria vita + ansietà e malcontento psicologico vaghi e diffusi.
La "formazione di massa" rappresenta un passo sulla strada verso lo stato totalitario.
In dittatura la gente obbedisce per paura del dittatore al vertice, nel #totalitarismo è l’opposto: le persone sono come 'ipnotizzate' affinché obbediscano “per il bene della collettività”.
Non sono più razionali o critiche: sono intolleranti, diventano persino meschine o crudeli
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@ernluccar @MMHemlock @pattyc522 @Anna302478978 @GiovanniToti Perché il tentativo di RESET
riguarda il cd. "occidente"
inclusi paesi del "resto del mondo"

della #MonetaDebito di stampo gesuitico/kazaro

#UScorporation ✝️5/5/2021 =
#Vaticano + #CityOfLondon + #WashingtonDC🔜

#JFK ⚖️
@ernluccar @MMHemlock @pattyc522 @Anna302478978 @GiovanniToti Qualcuno afferma che è in atto un processo di depopolazione INDOTTA della "Società occidentale"
- legati a Storia e Tradizioni -
che renderebbero INACCETTABILI
i metodi del

@ernluccar @MMHemlock @pattyc522 @Anna302478978 @GiovanniToti In quest'ottica i cd. "politici italiani"
a volte appaiono PASTICCIONI,
spesso... "ALTRO" 🤐

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En DIT is dus schandalig eenzijdige verslaggeving van de #NPO😠
Is het #narratief zo belangrijk dat alle #feiten er maar voor moeten wijken?
Of is dit soort journalisten gewoon te LUI om zich op de hoogte te stellen?
We gaan er puntsgewijs doorheen.
1) @carolmrock zegt dat #KyleRittennhouse niet uit dezelfde staat komt, maar laat zorgvuldig weg dat hij op 29 minuten rijden woonde👇 dat hij in Kenosha werkte en er familie had.
Dat is misleidend.
2) Ze noemt zijn wapen een mitrailleur. Over #misleiding gesproken. EN overdrijving.
3) ‘Het werd wat onrustig,’ zegt Carol. Over understatement gesproken.🙄
Kijk vooral de beelden👇 en zie wat een ontzettende rellen daar gaande waren. #Misleiding
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Does #philanthropy get the media it deserves?

The philanthropy focused media is coming of age. Outlets and publications are scrambling to meet the needs of readers seeking insight on philanthropy within and beyond our field.
As coverage of philanthropy grows in quality, scale and sophistication, this panel brings together leading editors to discuss the issues shaping #philanthropy today – and the future of our own coverage.
What do #philanthropy editors see as the key issues shaping philanthropy today? 📰

How can geographic imbalances in the coverage of philanthropy be overcome? 🌍

​​​​​​​What's the best funding model to sustain a vibrant philanthropy #media? 💵
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My video appendix, entitled "Maidan Massacre Trial & Investigation Testimonies by Prosecution Witnesses about Maidan Snipers (2021)," is now available on Academia. Official investigation denied existence of such snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings/areas
This #Video appendix with English-language subtitles contains several dozen testimonies by prosecution(!) & Maidan witnesses(!) at Maidan massacre #trial & investigation in #Ukraine about snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings & areas during #Maidan massacre on February 20, 2014.
Video appendix includes testimonies about Maidan snipers by several dozen witnesses among #Maidan protesters, relatives of killed protesters, journalists & snipers & commanders from government units. Almost none of these testimonies were reported by #Ukrainian & Western #media.
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“For reasons I have never understood, people like to hear that the world is going to hell.”
~Historian Deirdre McCloskey
#IndusInd vs #Titan
I just want to show a live comparison today how #CNBCTV18Market or #ETnow or across the world media companies are more pessimistic
#Titan is an optimistic story, India’s own success story a brand built on trust doing a roaring sales, India just had historic Deepavali sales couple of shades less than $20 billion which is massive #titan will be major beneficiary vs #IndusIndbank May be an accounting issue
But the #media house’s majorly focused entire day on #IndusindBank #banknifty correcting over 700 points before people realised that #sbi and all psu banks #ICICI has delivered a stellar results
Bank nifty might close in big + today and guys who are listening to the TV loose big
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La crisi causata dalla #pandemia di #COVID19 ha reso miliardi di persone in tutto il mondo estremamente interessate e sovra-eccitate dalla #scienza.
Le decisioni prese in nome della scienza sono diventate i giudici di ultima istanza su vita, morte e libertà fondamentali.
La #pandemia ha portato da un giorno all'altro a una nuova spaventosa forma di universalismo scientifico. Tutti sono diventati scienziati esperti di #COVID19 o si sono sentiti in grado di commentare sull’argomento.
Molte persone senza competenze sono diventate esperte da un giorno all'altro, raccontando enfaticamente di stare salvando il mondo. Man mano che questi falsi esperti si moltiplicavano, gli approcci basati sull'evidenza venivano respinti come inappropriati, troppo lenti e dannosi.
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“The $WPP owned #media buying giant and content production agency are teaming up on an addressable content practice that will tie together performance targeting with personalized messaging and content”

“The alliance is based on the fact while 50% of media placements will addressable by 2025, currently just 3% of ads are delivered addressably.
“That is an imminent opportunity,” said Jill Kelly, global CMO at GroupM”

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Join us at the @WHO Global Evidence-to-Policy Summit, 15-17 November 2021. One hot topic will be the #COVID19 pandemic, which has been a turning point for evidence-informed decision-making. More info and free registration 👉 #E2PSummit Image
NOW! ✨I will be live-tweeting during the @WHO #E2PSummit2021, 15-17 November. Follow along! Free registration and more info here: Image
🗓️ Day 1 of the @WHO #E2PSummit2021 is all about reshaping evidence-to-policy mechanisms, strengthening country resilience - beyond the #COVID19 pandemic. Moderated by @drhuerta. Find some background info here:
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History unfolded today in #Hungary: #Orbán got a #conservative #catholic political newcomer to fight in 2022. @markizaypeter now faces an unprecedented uphill battle since the regime undermined #democracy w/ #informalpower and created a grossly uneven playing field. Thread 🧵1/6 Image
Orban built a hybrid #autocratic state governance in which #cronies/relatives are monopolizing state/EU funds for his benefit. He established additional sources through which he could cement political/economic power even if Fidesz will be replaced by the opposition.2/6
The integrity of the 2022 #elections is in danger as the regime developed new ways to co-opt the process. Besides putting financial pressure on the opposition, it used a network of agents like citizen’s Police for coercive vote-buying, targeting the most deprived electorate 3/6
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I don’t believe in coercion, but if I did this episode of the @joerogan podcast, with #AlexBerenson, would be a required listen for every human on planet Earth.

#COVID19 #COVID #CDC #Fauci #DrFauci #Trump #Biden #vaccine #JoeRogan #FDA #therapeutics…
How the hell is there a single person left in the #USA that trust the leadership of #DrFauci.

#Fauci has been lying to the world about #COVID19 since day 1, including lying in front of #Congress. This is a fact, it’s indisputable.

#COVID’s now all #politics.

#COVID #pandemic
It’s insane how many people are terrified of #COVID19.

We’re so driven by #propaganda and so mathematically illiterate we’ve idiotically chosen to destroy our society.

There’s ZERO REASON to turn our lives upside down because of #COVID.

#Sweden did it right. The #USA did not.
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Figure 7. #Canada: deaths with #covid19 as of October 1, 2021: 27,660

Figure 7. #Canada: deaths with #covid19 as of October 8, 2021: 27,660

No additional deaths WITH covid.

Yet #media hysteria continues for experimental jab / #vaccinepassport (#digitalID) uptake.
Note on same page it states "the count of deaths related to COVID19 in Canada was 28,141 as of Oct 7 2021". (Possible that new deaths w/ covid will not show up on this chart until next cycle).

#Adverse event reports up to/including Oct 1 2021: 17,982…
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4. Is this regulation something new? It is officially codifying existing facts on the ground. The rumor is after the Edu regulation debacle/Edu Minister fired, this is govt trying to set it officially, so private capital doesn’t come in, then got banned, raising another uproar.
5. Will @caixin_intel /@Caijing be banned now? Likely not. They are state owned media, as Twitter labelled them thus, even though in China, they are considered somewhat opposition media and got article censored left and right.
6. What about Weibo/Tencent? First order effect are small because they were only in news distribution business, never in having actual journalists and news creation business. But there are some secondary effects.
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Learning thread.

"By 2030, our goal is to enable access to #digitalidentity for every person on the planet." — 2017 ID2020 Summit

2014: ID2020 public-private p'ship

2016: ID2020 Alliance: Accenture, #Microsoft, #Gavi, #Rockefeller, IDEO

2021: #ID2020 launches #GoodHealthPass Image
#ID2020 is very quiet having published a single video in 10 months - the #GoodHealthPass launch event (Feb 11 2021 w/ 2,452 views). Equally restrained is the Twitter account created Jan 2021, w/ a mere 384 followers - & 12 tweets. ID2020 Twitter is also on hiatus. #Strategy ImageImageImageImage
"Urgency - While standards-development processes typically move slowly, a cross-sector effort is urgently required to bring #goodhealthpass solutions to market in 2021 & to scale globally – with the same urgency applied to #vaccine development." Image
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Anti-chinese CCP 🇨🇳 media :
"The New Federal State of China" ( 新中国联邦 , xīn zhõngguó liánbāng ) movement
operates in part under
"Himalaya Australia" ( 澳大利亚 喜马拉雅 , àodàlìyà xîmălāyă ) media name in Australia. ImageImage
Anti-chinese CCP media group "Himalaya Australia" * is accused of spreading COVID-19 misinformation in Australia by ABC News Australia (09.10.2020)

* name under which, for a part, "The New Federal State of China" movement operates in Australia.…
"New Federal State of China" movement was launched in 2020 by controversial chinese Guo Wengui (郭文贵) and former White House strategist Steve Bannon, & operates in part in Australia under "Himalaya Australia" name.

Mr Guo was a businessman in China until he fled in 2014 .. ImageImage
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On parle beaucoup ces derniers temps en France du modèle #Trump pour la conquête de l'espace politique conservateur puis du pouvoir en 2015-2016 comme dans cet article du jour du correspondant parisien du @nytimes...Petit fil sur les faits/la comparaison👇…
2. Le 1er fait historique à rappeler est l'insatisfaction, dans le cadre d'un financement privé et dérégulé de la présidentielle US, des gros bailleurs de fond conservateurs radicaux- Adelson, Mercer etc. après la défaite de Romney contre Obama en…
3. On l'a un peu oublié mais la campagne présidentielle 2012 était la 1ère où les grands milliardaires pouvaient dépenser à fonds perdus. Adelson donna au moins 70 à 90 millions de $...pour rien. Romney fut battu par…
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'Developing ideas for the future': session being led now at #YHFSummit by @jahintanvir_ and strategist @andrewhollo - thanks Jahin for featuring in our @CroakeyNews preview…
Mapping ideas #YHFSummit Image
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