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L'app italiana per il #ContactTracing è quasi pronta: ecco un riassunto finale dei punti salienti emersi in questi mesi, per aiutare a capire:


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L'efficacia di un'app per il #ContactTracing può essere considerata in due modi:

a) Efficacia "ampia", ovvero essere una valida alternativa al #lockdown generalizzato

b) Efficacia "ristretta", ovvero essere un valido supporto nel contenimento di #Covid_19

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Anzitutto va detto chiaro che non c'è MAI stata neanche la vaga possibilità che l'uso di un'app potesse essere un'alternativa al lockdown (qui lo dice anche il capo dell'app di Singapore…). E questo per almeno 4 ragioni pratiche.

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/29/2020-2…
Coronavirus Bills Are So Big, Only Money-Printing Can Pay Them - Bloomberg…
#coronavirus #pandemic #Bills
Great Pacific Garbage Patch Researchers have... - Maps on the Web…
#pacific #maps #garbage #patch
Global cooling event 4,200 years ago spurred rice's evolution, spread across Asia…
#rice #asia #cooling #evolution
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@MiaD A4: The dichotomy between privacy and patient protection is a false one! The goal should be to achieve better public health by making data privacy a leading principle on the development of technical responses to #Covid_19 (1/5) #HearTheGermanTalking #GDPR
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD The use of tracking tools must always be voluntary. Therefore, to succeed, contact tracing programs require that people trust the technology and the institutions building them. #Privacybydesign is needed to build this trust. (2/5)
#AIEthics #TwitterChat
@MiaD In Germany we now have an agreement against a central database with identities & location data and for voluntary use. + a very active public debate on the pros and cons of a centralized versus a decentralized storage of data. (3/5) #AIEthics #TwitterChat
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Are you awake yet?

Who will you listen to?
⛔️ Are there instruments of propaganda active in the world?
💠 If so, what are they?
🈶 Why should you care?

Ignorance is a choice. #FreedomIsntFree

The Gist 1

➡️ 2.1 Million in Nursing Homes (0.62% of US pop.)
➡️ 42% of #Covid19 deaths in US occured in Nursing Homes

% of all US COVID deaths happening in Nursing Homes:
Ohio 70%
Minnesota 81%
Pennsylvania 69%
The Gist 2:

New York, New Jersey, Michigan (Democrat) governors made regulation REQUIRING nursing homes accept patients with Active COVID infections.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why? Coincidence? Reasons? Justification? Ignorance?…
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1) A thread on #ContactTracing. Yes, it's here. We are watching the #NWO #Agenda21 script play out right in front of our eyes. First we'll show what this is, then I'll share an Anon's opinion of what is really going on. No fear....
2) First, THOUSANDS of #ContactTracers are being hired all over the country. The evidence of this is clear.…
3) Now, who would be attracted to such an invasive job? How EXCITED your neighbor might be to be able to decide the future of your kids and other family members through #ContactTracing! 🙄 Controlling flags, grass length and noisy dogs is just not enough!
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El Consejo General del @INEMexico aprobó un acuerdo para reactivar los plazos del proceso de formación de nuevos partidos políticos, que NO concluirá el 1 de julio como estaba previsto, debido a la emergencia sanitaria. Al respecto, hago algunas precisiones. Abro hilo:
2. El régimen de partidos en México es un sistema con puertas de entrada y de salida. Como cada 6 años después de una elección presidencial, la puerta se abrió en 2019 para que las organizaciones interesadas iniciaran el proceso de solicitud. El INE no regala registros a nadie.
3. La pandemia de #Covid_19 y las medidas de aislamiento derivadas de la emergencia nacional sanitaria nos obligaron a suspender algunos procedimientos desde el pasado 27 de marzo, por lo que es necesario más tiempo para revisar estrictamente las solicitudes de registro.
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Hopefully people will now realize economies based on people buying things they don’t need with money they haven’t got is not the most sensible way to organize human affairs. #Covid_19 #coronavirus #StayHome
I for one hope there isn’t a return to normal because what was happening in the economy prior to this wasn’t normal.#Covid_19 #coronavirus #StayHome
I meant normal by historical standards. Debt levels were unprecedented both governments, businesses and personal. Many businesses and people are now having to relearn that liquidity isn’t the same as access to credit
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[LT] A 17 h suivez en direct la webconférence "VIH et COVID-19 : Avancées et Incertitudes" avec Dr Jade Ghosn (Paris), Dr Gilles Peytavin (Paris), Pr François Raffi (Nantes)
François Raffin introduit la séance en évoquant les nombreuses avancées thérapeutiques. Il n'y a pas de sur-représentation des patients VIH parmi les personnes atteintes par la COVID-19.
Les pistes thérapeutiques sont représentées par les antiviraux mais aussi par les stéroïdes et les interleukines (corrigez moi si je me trompe).
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Suomen epidemia 28.5.2020: 51 uutta tapausta eilen. 7 päivän keskimääräinen kasvu nousi positiiviseksi 24-25.5. Raportoinnin viiveen vuoksi ko. luvut ehkä kasvavat vielä.

#Koronavirusfi #koronafi #covid19fi #covid19finland #COVID2019 #Covid_19 Image
7 päivän keskimääräinen kasvuprosentti (CAGR, sininen) nousi positiiviseksi. Sen viikon keskiarvo (punainen) on nousussa, mutta ei vielä positiivinen. 3-4 viimeisen päivän luvut tn. kasvavat vielä.
2/x Image
Testien määrä jatkaa edelleen alamäkeään. THL:n 9600:n kapasiteetista oli 24.5. käytössä 14.9 prosenttia.
3/x Image
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Teacher of *Sachdeva School* PITAM PURA died due to #covid
Message poeted by Sanchan Deep Singh son in-law of Sh. Manoj Sehgal
I lost my beloved father-in-law to COVID-19 on 22nd May. He was 64.
I am inactive on social media since few years but this post is very critical for
everyone during this pandemic.
Let me share some facts which are very critical for the govt. and the public in general to know so that no other precious life is lost.
Chain of events:
11th/12th May: He got fever of 98-99 (mostly normal)
13th/14th May: Fever increased to 100+
with mild sore throat (we got a bit worried)
- 15th/16th May: Fever increased to 101+ with mild throat.
- 17th/ 18th May: This is when we decided to get the tests done. However someone told that if fever >100 persists for 5 days or more, only then the test should be done.
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"Ça marche ou pas ?": avec le #Covid_19 le nombre d'études scientifiques explose, donnant l'impression d'une cacophonie incarnée, notamment par le débat autour de l'hydroxychloroquine.

Si la controverse et le doute sont inhérents à la recherche, des repères existent #AFP 1/8 ⤵️
Rendre publics ses travaux est un passage quasi-obligé pour un scientifique. Il les soumet à ses pairs, experts dans le même domaine, qui vont les commenter, les critiquer, en pointer les limites et ou les points forts, voire parfois les réfuter 2/9
C’est un faisceau d’études allant dans le même sens qui va éventuellement permettre de valider des hypothèses et de dégager un consensus scientifique. Cela peut être très long. Et parfois, aucun consensus clair ne se dégage 3/8
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#WednesdayWagner O nun waren wir Nachtgeweihte ... Welcome to another small but energetic Wagner's pill. Today: Night's invocation in 'Tristan und Isolde'. Let's go!
#TwitterCultural #COVIDー19 #StayHome
#WednesdayWagner This leitmotif can be listened in the 2nd Act, as the starting point of one of the most amazing love duets ever composed. If you want to listen the whole 26-min excerpt while reading, go to this link  
#TwitterCultural #COVIDー19 #StayHome
#WednesdayWagner After a careful look into this melodic idea, you can surely notice these pitches are indeed the ones forming the 'Tristan Chord'. Not only they form the omnipresent 'half-diminished' chord: they are literally the same pitches
#TwitterCultural #COVIDー19 #StayHome
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Reporte martes 26 de mayo #covid_19

8,134 defunciones + 501 6.6%
74,560 confirmados +3,455 4.9%
31,878 sospechosos +2,369 8.0%
128,691 negativos +3,423 2.9%
14,718 activos + 698 5.0%
235,129 estudiados +9,479 4.2%

*Dif. últimas 24h
Cinco estados superan ya los 3 mil casos confirmados: CDMX, Edomex, BC, Tabasco y Veracruz
Once estados tienen tasas de incidencia por arriba del promedio nacional de 11.5%: CDMX, Tabasco, Yucatán, BC, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, Sinaloa, Quintana Roo, Sonora, Aguascalientes y Querétaro.
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Thread Vídeo - Part. 1/7 (Se desejar adiantar para a cereja do bolo, então pule para a parte 4/7.)
Introdução 1/3

A #Espanha não se diferencia do #Brasil no que diz respeito a falta de transparência das autoridades políticas em tempos de #Covid_19 . Veja o que é dito sobre...
Thread Vídeo - Part. 2/7
Introdução 2/3

Você pensa que é só no Brasil onde o Poder Judiciário(STF) vem usurpando o protagonismo e responsabilidades de outros poderes? Veja o que este participante do programa espanhol diz a respeito.

Thread Vídeo - Part. 3/7
Introdução 3/3

Será que é apenas no #Brasil onde os políticos estão se aproveitando do #Covid_19 para roubar ao máximo o dinheiro público de seu país? Mesmo timidamente, veja o q este espanhol diz sobre a falta de transparência nos políticos de seu país.
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THREAD: For @politico I mapped out which countries are doing best when both their health and economic #coronavirus outcomes are considered - see here, with @beatricezjin.

#Vietnam is the clear best performer; the US ranks just 24th of 30.… #COVID
#1 Vietnam: The easy ranking leader as the biggest country with no COVID-19 deaths (95m), barely 300 cases, and economy still set to grow 2.7% in 2020.
#2 is #Taiwan: They avoided the need for a full lockdown by taking early action in January, proving that containment was possible despite proximity and other links with China. Still, with 70 percent of GDP linked to exports, Taiwan's economy is on track to shrink 4 percent.
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They were talking about #labourlaws on the radio this morning. About whether people could be forced to go back to work if they felt unsafe. Apparently, yes. Provided the employer is doing what is required to ensure staff safety. 1/10 #cdnpoli
They also touched on a trend that is happening, where employers are calling staff back, but telling them they are going to be either taking a pay cut, or having their hours cut. 2/10
The rationale from the employers is, they have missed a couple of months of business and they need to reduce wages in order to continue to operate. 3/10
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Empowering to hear @nikhilmkss talk about 'new deal' needed to cater to inc. demand for jobs through #MGNREGA and idea of "MGNREGA +" which will include features of MGNREGA and Disaster Mgmt Employment Guarantee Pgm aimed at employment generation & post disaster rehabilitation.
Very thoughtful idea by @nikhilmkss of expanding #MGNREGA into services and how #Panchayats can leverage #labour force during disasters for last mile delivery such as the mass health services requirements we are currently facing during #Covid_19 crisis.
Nikhil Dey: The most under-researched aspect of #MGNREGA is that of nurturing the #environment. MGNREGA is a "natural" women's program and environmental program.

If you missed this insightful session by @nikhilmkss from @mkssindia, please watch it here:
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1/ THREAD: Memorial Day in a Pandemic

I often struggle with #MemorialDay. With the calls for celebration and happiness on this day. For BBQs and summer fun.

Because nothing about this day is happy.

This day is about #grief. About tragedy. About #death and loss.

🇺🇸 😔 😢
2/ Above all, it is a day of RESPECT. Because Americans gave their lives in service to protect the citizens and country of the United States.

The lives they previously dreamt of were cut short. And that selfless gift of life is one of the highest honors to serve your country. Image
3/ But their husbands and wives will never kiss their spouses again. Their children will never hug their mothers or fathers again. It doesn’t change the visceral grief of parents losing their children to #prematuredeath. #memorialdayweekend2020 Image
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We must focus of contact tracing, 44042 contacts have been identified through tracing. To date 93% of contacts have been monitored in South Africa.
The number of hospitalised patients is highest in the Western Cape. We are going to see more hospitilisation in all the provinces. We have quarantine sites planned in all provinces, so those with mild symptoms can be placed here.
The Cuban reinforcement team has been deployed in all provinces. The military brigade will also be deployed to assist.
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✅ Le #plastique est un matériau barrière c'est un fait. il protège le produit et le consommateur
❌il n’est pas nécessaire d’utiliser plus de jetables en temps de crise (plastique ou autre), sauf milieu hospitalier.
Les gestes barrières suffisent.
#Covid_19 #EditoCarré
Mais si nous interdisons le plastique, ça risque de poser des problèmes de sécurité sanitaire de manière générale. C'est un matériau qui a des propriétés uniques, permettant une protection des denrées périssables et sensibles.
J'aimerai aussi qu'on arrête de dire que ce n'est pas un matériau barrière parce qu'il est utilisé pour cette raison dans de nombreux domaines. Dont le médical.
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Reporte lunes 25 de mayo #covid_19

7,633 defunciones + 239 3.2%
71,105 confirmados +2,485 3.6%
29,509 sospechosos + 578 2.0%
125,036 negativos +3,423 2.8%
14,020 activos - 227 -1.6%
225,650 estudiados +6,486 3.0%

*Dif. últimas 24h
Debido al menor personal que reporta en fines de semana, los lunes suele bajar el registro de número de casos nuevos: 2,485, un 3.6% de porcentaje de incremento (por lo general, anda en 5% el promedio).
46 años, la mediana de edad de los contagiados.
México es inusual porque son los treintañeros y cuarentones quienes más adquieren el virus sars-cov-2
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1)Olympic Game Occult Symbolism

What better place to perform occult ritual?
Billions of viewers participating

Olympic Games is a mass pagan ritual of Saturn worship fueled by cult obsessed Nazis
We’re watching Olympic games originally intended to satisfy pagan Greek god Zeus
2) It promotes a world w no religions, no races, but composed of clones with no identity
Oneness is promoted under pretext of Humanism but in reality
Humanism is being used as new face of saturnism, old satanic lie of human god, it's nothing more than a huge deception
3) Flame in honor of theft from gods of fire by Greek god Prometheus who is really Venus/ Lucifer who brings enlightenment to man
Statue of Prometheus giving fire to man in Rockefeller Center
Statue of Liberty is rep of Lucifer light bearer & Prometheus offering mankind freedom
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Flying from Pune to Bangalore today. Going to put up a travelogue of sorts so that procedure becomes clearer to people who travel after us. Cant find anything like this posted before, so hope this helps.
#COVIDー19 #pune #bangalore #indigo6e
2/? Got prints of: 1. Boarding pass 2. Seva sindhu acknowledgement (not approval)
3. Special document ( cert from employing hospital)
4. Medical Council registration
Downloaded arogya sethu app, quarantine watch, apthamitra app.
Carrying passport, 1 check in, 1 cabin baggage.
Forgot to add husband lol. We are hoping home quarantine will be allowed for both of us since I am a healthcare prof. But we are prepared for a 7 day institutional quarantine.
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Voilà qui nous obliger à changer notre façon de réfléchir le déconfinement. Science et The Atlantic se sont penchés sur la littérature récente concernant la propagation du #SARS_CoV_2 : la plupart des événements de contamination se font par voie aérosole en milieu fermé
En résumé, ce ne seraient pas les interactions secondaires (poignées de porte, bouton d'ascenseur etc) qui propageraient le virus, mais tousser, éternuer, postillonner, cracher etc. Exemple : le restaurant où une famille contaminée s'est assise sous l'air conditionné 3/n
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