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20 Oct 19
Tonight in N. Syria while US forces are withdrawing ‘Thanks for US People but Trump Betrayed Us’
President @realDonaldTrump has a message from the people of N. Syria who have been under attacks for 10 days "We Are Not Terrorists" @LindseyGrahamSC @ChrisVanHollen @SenatorRomney @timkaine @SenatorShaheen @marcorubio #SaveKurds
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15 Oct 19
Urgent! Reliable soyrces report US forces near Kobane have had to redeploy to combat Turkish backed FSA groups. They are being directly targeted. Their security and saftey is in danger!
Had to talk to several people on the ground to confirm the situation. Situation is pretty serious! Lost the contact. Trying to reconnect with #Kobani to get the latest
My reporting is now confirmed by multiple sources
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12 Oct 19
I have no words to write to this tweet as I speechless after receiving this video from Syria 😔
To clarify: The girl was very very sick—not dead. Mother says dead. In Kurdish the Arabic term ‘janaza’ is also used in the meaning of ‘nearly dead’ Woman’s husband is missing and her daughter is dying. The context was lost in the translation. Video is genuine! Report by K24 TV
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9 Oct 19
A new video from Qamishlo where homes in residential neighborhood of Bashiria was hit. This is where Kurds and Syriac Christians live together
I have a video of a dead individual in the same neighborhood but can’t share due to graphic nature of it 😞
Sources in the Bishiria neighborhood say the individual killed is a Syriac Christan. His children also injured
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8 Oct 19
Today I had a lengthy interview with the #SDF Chief Commander General Mazlum Kobani who warned that emboldened by recent decision, ISIS sleeper cells may be activated and launch intensified attacks in Raqqa, Dereizor elsewhere @cmoc_sdf #StandWithTheKurds Kurds
@cmoc_sdf General Kobani: "...ISIS will benefit from possible Turkish invasion because it will lead to security vacuum that ISIS will take benefit to launch attacks to destabilize region, destroy achievements we and the Coalition have made so far..." #StandWithTheKurds @LindseyGrahamSC
@cmoc_sdf @LindseyGrahamSC General Kobani: "Many of our fighters' families live in the border region. Their loved ones are under imminent attack so they will have to defense their families. Yesterday we had to pull a special anti-ISIS unit from Dereizor area and sent to the border area #StandWithTheKurds
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30 Sep 19
Ticking Bomb Starting to Explode!!! One ISIS woman killed, 7 injured, 50 women arrested in al-Hol camp @hawarnews…
ISIS women in the camp established a so called morality police ‘Hisba’ enforcing Sharia on other women and punishing those who don’t abide by. Today one woman was killed. Previously an Azarbaujani teenage girl and a pregnant Indonesian woman was killed by them
As a result of the unrest 1 ISIS woman killed and 7 others injured & more than 50 were arrested by Asayish in al-Hol camp in NE Syria. Kurdish security forces are still trying to control the situation. Women got aggressive after Baghdadi’s recent message to his followers
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16 Aug 18
Angry Turkish man smashing iPhones with sledgehammer to protest of #USA & Trump !
Different iPhone & USA protests in Turkey @AppleSupport
Another Turkish man smashing an iPhone
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