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The map of Syria
Turkish President #Erdogan will meet with his Russian counterpart on January 23 to discuss the future of the Syrian east and the city of Manbij. This comes after a telephone conversation between Erdogan and #Trump before yesterday.1/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia
With the scrutiny of the Turkish, American, Kurdish and Russian military movements in the Syrian east and its surroundings, it is now possible to develop a scenario that will be closest to what will be the map of the Syrian East.2/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
In a secret visit to #Ankara a few days ago, a Syrian delegation led by Ahmed al-#Jarba, a leader of a military group of Arabs supported by the International Coalition and #Washington, arrived from the areas of #SDF.3/12
#Syria #Turkey #USA #Russia #Iran #Israel
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Here's an updated thread of what to do as a westerner if you're worrying about another Turkish invasion of Syria.

#DoNotAbandonRojava #StopTurkeyDefendRojava #Twitterkurds #Syria #Rojava #DFNS #DefendAfrin #SDF #YPG #YPJ #QSD
The last few weeks have really underlined just how quickly the situation on the ground can change. Although the immediate disaster may have been averted, we should take this as a reminder to always be as organised and prepared as possible.
The US intervention has been nice, and it's allowed the liberation of North and East Syria to go much faster. That's saved countless lives. But the US was always an unreliable ally, and the current administration has never had a consistent or coherent policy on Syria.
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Further proof. The truth may be long, but it always prevails.
Who fights against #Syria, against the government of Syria & Syrian army?
In this case, the news refers: 2 Americans, 1 Irish & 2 Pakistanis
As you can see, they are Not Syrians!
Any questions?
Irish national captured in Syria while fighting with ISIS
By @smmsyria

⭕️#Syria'n Democratic Forces (#SDF) have captured 5 #ISIS terrorists: 2 Americans (#US), 2 Pakistanis and 1 Irishman
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#SRO - ANALYSIS - With the ammount of forces being driven toward Greater #Idlib this night, clearly showing #Turkey has given green light for this move (it never happened until now), the best "winner" of the situation is the Northern Federation - #Rojava #SDF coalition (1).
#SRO - ANALYSIS - The most #Turkey proxies to be occupied in N-#Idlib | W-#Aleppo in front of the recent #HTS activities, the most of #SDF to breathe for coming weeks, far from the rising tensions and expected large offensive to be launched on Tal Abyad and Serekanye (2).
#SRO - ANALYSIS - So why #Turkey now completely turning tables ? #HTS presence and power was well known. But problem isn't #HTS for #Turkey, it's #Astana process. How to exist on international stage if you can't play your part (#Idlib was Turkey responsability) seriously ? (3)
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1. Why did @realdonaldTrump say Syrian Kurds are selling oil to Iran? First, though they rarely make public statements, #SDF have politely explained that is not so & would be difficult if not impossible because Syria has no border with #Iran. @WHNSC @foxandfriends @hogangidley45
2. Nobody could accuse @POTUS of a firm grasp of facts, so could he be confusing Iraqi Kurds with Syrian Kurds? We know that Manafort was involved in the failed KRG referendum and I suspected the subsequent attack by the IRGC on Kirkuk and siezure of the fields. Is that it?
3. Trump gets intel briefings and is known to leak secrets. There have been reports of the Kurkuk oil being traded with Iran. Is that what he was talking about? The @WhiteHouse owes the #SDF, our brave loyal allies, a response about what was the basis of that statement.
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With 2018 in it's last moments, a new stage of the Syrian war have started & the end of the war is aproaching as time passes. 2018 has been another important year with many political & military developments: (1)
#AbuDhuhur Op (26/12/2017 - 9/2/2018) : as a continuation of the operation (started on October 2017) #SAA began huge offensive from many axis against Rebels & #ISIS in #Hama, #Aleppo & #Idlib provinces. The result of operation was the liberation of 1/3 of "Greater #Idlib" (2)
With W. shore of #Euphrates river secured by #SAA on December 2017, #SDF continued securing the E. one against #ISIS . Between 3/1/2018-22/2/2018 troops secured entire Shu'aytat region. However, a new development N.W. #Syria will provoke the delay of #CizireStorm some months: (3)
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Syrian proxies (Euphrates Shield and co.) will return to #Idllib to fight among themselves, desperate that even #Turkey gave up on them & their "dream to have oil, gas & resources in an annexed 43000 sq km area" is vanished

Many IDP in #Idlib will find their way back to gov area
The #Kurds #SDF will have to drop their title because there is no more need for it, like the Turkish-proxies "Euphrates shield".

#YPG were disregarded by #USA
Jihadists and rebels will soon feel the same, disregarded by #Turkey
#ISIS will be attacked (no more IUS protection)
It will take several months for the #Syrian army and its allies to re-organise themselves and regain the area occupied by the #USA after their withdrawal.

That would take us to the Spring-Summer time to knock at the doors of #Idlib
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#YPG/#PKK publicly invites the #Asad/#Iran system into the border areas, particularly Minbij, which was captured because of the efforts of the U.S., working in coordination with #Turkey, having promised that the city would be handed over to local rule after #IS was gone.
It doesn't seem that the #PKK has handed Minbij to the #Asad/#Iran system just yet, though a regime delegation visited this morning.
Worth noting here that the #SDF/#PKK opened Minbij up to Asad's secret police a long time ago, and if the Asad regime is present it means Iranian operatives are, too.…
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#BREAKING: It is now confirmed that following to an agreement between #Syrian authorities & #SDF/#YPG, #Syrian Arab Army will quickly take control of city of #Manbij upon withdrawal of last #US troops. #Russia will not provide air support, but #SAADF will establish No fly zone.
#BREAKING: Large convoy of #Syrian Arab Army waiting for withdrawal of last #US troops from #Manbij to take control of the city & not let it to be occupied by #Turkey's Ahrar al-Sharqiya terrorists (all ex-#AlQaeda). #Syria Air Defense Force has deployed Buk-M2 SAM batteries too.
These are the terrorists mobilized by #Turkey to take control of #Manbij, kill hundreds of civilians and start ethnic cleansing there. Coalition of #YPG #Syrian Arab Army will confront #FSA, Ahrar al-Sharqiya (former #AlQaeda terrorists) & Islamofascist Turkmen militias.
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Syria Report: NB not yet confirmed:
1. During last 24 hours, @coalition destroyed a full military convoy of Syrian regime while trying to cross into the eastern Euphrates areas in the area of Halabiya & Zlabia, and it was confirmed that the bridge has been put out of service.
2. Disappearance of a whole convoy of Iranian militia as they passed through the Syrian desert to Deir al-Azur. @DefenseIntel @OIRSpox @LindseyGrahamSC @NancyPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @DefenseUnits @maddow
3. Report of continued presence of @coalition patrols in northern areas of Manbi. American presence inside the city is normal. Americans visited the Euphrates hospital today morning and denied all the news propagated by Syrian opposition about SDF fighters leaving city.
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What You're Not Being Told
#Kurds are not indigenous to Raqqa nor DeirEzzor, in Syria
Since 2015 thousands of Sunni Arabs were driven out by US backed YPG Kurds’ ethnic cleansing
Kurdish geography:
#Turkey 22.5 m
#Iran 6 m
#Iraq 5/6 m
#Syria less than 2 m…
Before greed made #Kurds stab fellow #Syrians in the back & join the #US' take over #Syria's oil fields
Aug, 2012
#Syria's Kurds Against #FreeSyrianArmy Terrorists, Enjoy #Assad's Freedom & Prosperty in their new semi-autonomous region setup by Pres. Assad
#EthnicCleansing is exactly what the #US Coalition have done in #Raqqa, they bombed the place like #Desden‼️
The Kurds are not indigenous to #Raqqa nor #DeirEzzor, in #Syria.
Geo-Information retrieved from #Kurdish Cultural Center Of America👇😡… 👈
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1, There is a major misconception about the nature of the US force in Syria. @hardball Chris Mathews just had guest on who are clueless. The force there are about 2,000 combined special operations forces with a few @USMC M7777 crews. There are logistics and training forces.
2. By my estimate #SDF have lost over 5,000 dead in the war against ISIS. I recall one or two @USSOCOM operators killed in a what I believe was a Turkish MIT infiltrator attack south of Manbij. We feel for the loss but 5,000 to 2? @Trump thinks we should surrender for 2 letters.
3. This is a commercial driven deal by the @Trump family to protect their dirty Istanbul tower cash cow. It is an act of betrayal that Mattis could no longer stomach but it was also likely bribery. @FBIWFO and @NewYorkStateAG should obtain all Trump bank records. Look for
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1. When @realDonaldTrump gets told by @HughHewett on @MSNBC he's blown it in Syria it may be sign 20 @SenateGOP may be willing to remove him. Mattis quits. Universal condemnation by command & force families. If I'm right a blood bath is only hours away. @DefenseIntel @USSOCOM
2. #Erdogan declared total war of #Genocide. It will make Yemen look like a garden party & will spread to Turkey & push several million more refugees into @NATO EU nations. Volatile mix of Kurds & Turks in Germany could result in open civil warfare. @usbotschaft @StateDeptDSS
3. But that's Putin and his Islamist pals' plan. Merkel knows it even if Macron & May are clueless. When Europe is burning remember you could have acted. Trump is betraying the US. Don't betray your own countries.
Protect the #SDF.
@GermanyDiplo @EmmanuelMacron @theresa_may Photo of Rouhani, Erdogan and Putin
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1. Could Congress add funding to the CR for US to arm the #SDF with Stingers MANPADS? I think they took it out of the NDAA. It will allow them to defend themselves from Assad and the Iranians. Can be trained & fully equipped by the time Sec Def Mattis' term ends February 28.
2. Here is a report about how it was taken out of the NDAA. How about just putting back in the CR? What do you say @LindseyGrahamSC @SenTomCotton @SenJackReed? Asking for some friends. ✌️And don't put the 30 day notice in. Make it five. @DefenseUnits
3. Please ask you members of Congress to add MANPADS for the SDF in the CR. Trump surrendered to ISIS and now Assad and Iran can attack them. Stand with Mattis. Congress can help. Time is short. Do it today. Please. @SenSchumer @NancyPelosi @TulsiPress @maziehirono @brianschatz
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1. What will an unrestricted war between #SDF & Turkey look like? We may see soon. #SDF key to survive is to neutralize all Turkish F-16s. They don't have high altitude anti-air capability so attacking the F-16 bases is the only way to do it. Not clear if they can pull it off.
2. But #SDF is ~75,000 person guerrilla force. US F-16 maintenance personnel should evacuate Turkey ASAP. IMO Art. 4(4) 3rd Geneva they are combatants. US companies impacted likely @LockheedMartin @generalelectric @generaldynamics @Raytheon @Sikorsky. @DefenseIntel @StateDept
3. @realDonaldTrump and @SecPompeo have likely ignited a larger conflict in Syria that will likely spread. US nationals in Turkey and Iraq should be evacuated including all Military personnel. Failure to give order is dereliction by DOD (@ChiefPentSpox) and State (@SecPompeo).
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#Syria: following unexpected move, Trump ordered withdrawal of US personnel & troops (~2,000) from #Syria. Pullout should be completed within 100 days.…
#Pt. Apparently Trump took decision to withdraw US troops from #Syria after phone call with Erdogan, de facto greenlighting in short term a Turkish-led Offensive vs #SDF & #YPG.
Following US decision to withdraw troops from #Syria:
- Regime reinforcements heading to Manbij & #DeirEzzor (deal w/ SDF-YPG likely)
- Maghaweer Thawra seeks evac of ppl from Rukban Camp (Al-Tanf) to N. Aleppo
- Turkey says it is working with US & also Russia + Iran.
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There was a meeting about 5 days ago between #Coalition & #SDF during which the latter tried to extort support vs #Turkey in return for them continuing their #Hajin ops. According to the source, the Americans became too weary with SDF's "Turkey for IS" quid-pro-quo
"They just want the #Hajin pocket over & down with". The mood was glum and the coalition said they would be supporting SDF Sho'aytat Arabs directly. There would be no pause in operations until #IslamicState is defeated in Eastern #Syria
In fact, for the past 12 days, Coalition has directly provided the Sho'aytat Arabs with ammo, guns and night vision equipment.
The Coalition is to continue to use its "scorched earth" policy in Hajin despite mounting civilian casualties.
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#SRO | With #US troops about to evacuate, #Erdogan has now the green light to launch its massive offensive against #SDF coalition. This will begin at Tal Abyad (Girespi) and Ras al-Ayn (Serekanye), as #SRO leaked months ago to force #SDF to divide forces to resist (1).
#SRO | Expect #France to announce, soon, the same strategy to evacuate its forces in coming weeks and months. Northern Federation is more and more isolated. Expect #Assad to cross #Euphrates backed by #Russia when #SDF will leave to fight at north frontlines against #Turkey (2).
#SRO | Main priority for #Erdogan will be to control Tal Abyad for sure but also Sarrin. It will create two besieged pockets around Kobane and Manbij, without any possibility for #SDF to reach these areas. #Assad : it will be clear to strike Omar oilfield and reach Shadadi (3).
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If this is true, it is the best Christmas present I could wish. 🙏🏼❤️🎁🎄💯💯💯US at last you understand that it's time to go back to your homes 🏘️. US good return and do not come back anymore. US Good trip.🛫🛫
By @K67Tina

If this is true, it is NOT soon enough and for that I am sorry. For all who have died at this regime's orders. If this is true, I am glad that the end of war may be near.…
By @smmsyria

⚡️BREAKING⚡️: According to Reuters, #US is planning a "full" and "rapid" withdrawal of troops from #Syria. The info was confirmed by CNN anchor @jimsciutto
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There is a possibility of an announcement today. That’s if the collective U.S. government is unable to push back against #Trump - as it did earlier in the year after his comments in #Ohio.

More than anything, this is an extraordinary insult to the recent efforts of Amb. Jeffrey.
#pt: #Trump told #Turkey’s #Erdogan of his intentions by phone on Friday last week.

Coming in the context of Turkish threats to intervene in NE #Syria, the message to the #YPG/#SDF couldn’t be any worse. The US will abandon “the Kurds” again, if #Trump gets his way here.
#pt: Worse still, this’ll be music to the ears of #ISIS, #Assad, #Russia & #Iran.

#Trump isn’t only doing what #Obama did in leaving #Iraq prematurely, he’s doing it in an environment in which #America’s adversaries will benefit: jihadis, #Iran and #Russia.

Unbelievable hubris.
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1. Has @Trump business dealings finally become threat to US national security and US troops in Syria? First: @realDonaldTrump is taking money from business in Turkey. That's not subject to any dispute. Here Trump admits to conflict of interest in Turkey
2. Second: Turkey is no longer an ally. We pretend it is to keep the fiction of @NATO unity in tact but the fact is Erdogan and his AKP are allied with US enemies like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Russia and Iran. This is not subject to dispute.
3. August 2016, when US allies #SDF negotiated ISIS' surrender of #Manbij, the ISIS forces drove into Turkey. This is a fact and the @StateDept @CIA & DIA know it's true. IMO these ISIS are among the fighters with Turkish forces in #Afrin and near Manbij.
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1. Unless the US immediately imposes a no-fly zone over Northern Syria @USSOCOM and other US forces will be at risk of attack. @POTUS @WHNSC @StateDept @DefenseIntel @hogangidley45 @PressSec @foxandfriends @robertburnsAP @barbarastarrcnn
2. Congress has a duty to expose Erdogan and his family IMO connected to #ISIS & Al-Qaeda. IMO US govt has the evidence. Congress must release it to protect our troops.. Erdogan seeks to save Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who can out him. He's likely in ERV #SDF clearing. @SenJackReed
3. US must install radars in Northern Syria to alert @USSOCOM forces to a Turkish air assault. Until then AWACS. Attack in Northern Syria @POTUS @USTreasury must prohibit spare parts & service to Turkey's F-16 force. @generaldynamics @LockheedMartin @Raytheon @maziehirono
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#Breaking #Syria
#Erdogan said that #Turkey will start Eastern Euphrates operation against #YPG within days but #US soldiers will not be targeted.
#Breaking #Syria #OperationEasternEuphrates
#Turkey and #FSA will aim at taking control of the towns of Tal Abyad (Gire Spi) and Sere Kaniye.
#Syria #OperationEasternEuphrates
The #US released a statement about #Turkish threats: "Unilateral military action into northeast Syria by any party, particularly as US personnel may be present or in the vicinity, is of grave concern. We would find any such actions unacceptable".
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1. @coalition liberation of civilian areas in Syria follows a pattern. Contrary to the reporting of Jihadist simpathizers & certain NGOs, @Centocm & #SDF take great care to get civilians out of areas under attack.

I've seen recent reports that I could not confirm that indicated
2. that the Hajin air space was dominated by large numbers of attack drones and SigInt aircraft that are closing the vise of ISIS' last stronghold. Increasing pace of action may indicate Al-Baghdadi is suspected to be in the area. Iran/Hez have also been active in the area.
3. I've long suspected Russia & Iran nurtured ISIS to create instability in Sunni areas of Syria & Iraq and gain pro-ISIS Turkey's cooperation. Recent reports of action by Iran and/or Hez may be a rescue op. That might explain if confirmed, why US forces are attacking areas in
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