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10 Mar
On January 18, Wuhan held a mass banquet involving 40,000 families. There were still only 204 cases in China at the time. This was the spur for a massive spread of #covid19. This is why Ireland should be closing pubs for at least three days around St Patrick’s Day. #cblive
Five days later Wuhan was under lockdown; over a dozen other Chinese cities would follow. On January 22, China had only 17 deaths, all in Hubei province. Europe now has 510. People are still talking about scaremongering. Europe has the potential to be far worse than China.
Italy and Hubei province have basically the same population. The former’s death toll is now 23 times Hubei’s when Wuhan went into lockdown. Europe needs to start taking serious measures – grounding flights, cancelling large events – for a few weeks to slow the spread of #covid19
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