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Teaches Politics @NTNU. Studies conflict over European integration and globalization. PI for @UNREP_NTNU, @reconnectEU and @TAnalytica.
6 Apr
The usually progressive Dutch satire @zondagmetlubach takes nationalist tour on #Eurobonds. Presents us vs them rhetoric, portraying 🇳🇱 as virtuous unified whole. Singles out Italy and Italian Eurosceptic populists as culprits. #zml
It's a significant development, when once progressive satire programmes like @zondagmetlubach - the Dutch answer to @TheDailyShow and @LastWeekTonight - well-known for this video 👇, turn nationalist.
There is a good argument to be made that citizens in a democracy carry a responsibility for the politicians they vote into office. Voting Berlusconi / DiMaio / Salvini into office has consequences. To the same extent as voting Rutte / Wilders / Baudet.
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8 Aug 18
Getting Member States involved in #Brexit negotiations will not help the #UK. It will most likely fuel domestic politicization of Brexit in #EU27 countries. This will be detrimental to UK interests.
UK #Brexit strategists and commentators as diverse as @Jeremy_Hunt, @CER_Grant , @anandMenon1 and @fromTGA warn about the dangers of No Deal for British public opinion and call on #EU27 member states to get involved.

The British people will hate the EU for a generation, they warn.

The idea/hope is that MS governments will be more willing to give in to British demands. I think this is a flawed argument that overlooks the dynamics of politicization.
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