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Aug 6, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
So I get a call from this number 9*8911*281. Claimed to be a collection agent from @Stashfin_ Apparently some chap called Amit Patra has taken a loan from them & not returned it. Apparently now am their ref. Earlier call said am their guarantor
1. I don't know who he is. He is not even on my contact list, which means they did contact scraping of his phone to get my number.
2. If I was their guarantor or ref check, how did they not check with me before giving the loan?
If I make Ambani my guarantor, would it work? 2/n
Oct 9, 2021 23 tweets 15 min read
We would start posting about #DurgaPuja4All. If you feel it's disturbing, please feel free to mute us or unfollow For People who don't know about us,let me give a brief intro. In 2015, somewhat appalled by the blatant attempts at communalizing Durga Puja in Bengal by certain groups, a band of 17 people resolved to start a Twitter trend -- #DurgaPuja4All.
May 18, 2021 13 tweets 5 min read
So with so much stories about #IYC let me share some of the things they did for cases I requested.Point to be noted before I started volunteering, I never knew a single one of them or that something like #IYC existed
When i started seeing stories of people thanking them, I tagged Here are some stories which includes #IYC and #Congress party leaders, none of who knew me when I started volunteering :
My first encounter with Congress IYC was 5 weeks ago when a neighbour's wife needed a bed. She was just 30 & sinking.They worked for 18 hours and got her a bed
May 16, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
#Oxygenbeds #available in #Bangalore -Cytecare Cancer Hospital in association with Canadian International Schoo 24 bed capacity / Now 23 available (Min facility available)
Questions to check :
1. Can patient Walk on their own?
2. Can patient speak on their own? 3. Can Patient take medication on their own?
4. Is Female Patient pregnant?
5. Does patient more than 4.5 Litre oxygen?
6. Is CT Scan severity index <18?
7. Is Breathing Rate >30?
8. Is Heart Rate < 120?
9. Is SPO2 without external help> 85 ?
Contact 08035090101
Please share
May 1, 2021 5 tweets 2 min read
Stop trying to turn everything as tech solves all problem, exactly like the blockchain guys believes it solves everything.
If you want to solve the problem, here is 1 easy way tech can help. Reach out to hospital software management guys. Ensure it's linked to the billing system When a patient checks out, it automatically releases a bed. Same with movement occurs between ICU to normal and vice versa cause rates are different and billing has to capture it.
Apr 21, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
I don't know if you understand the gravity of what is happening. Seeing some pictures I am presuming you don't. So let me share some updates from 6 AM today
1. A neighbour's 7 month pregnant friend is on the verge of losing her child cause both cannot be saved 2. I just got a SOS for a 1 year old kid
3. A neighbour could not get a bed in Delhi. Finally a contact arranged in Chadigarh
4. A person who contacted me has his wife's SPO2 at 60 and she is just 32. We yet to locate her a bed in Bangalore