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I did 11 treks in the last 12 weekends that I was in #Bangalore

Sharing each of them below.

It’s just my way of winding down from the week. 😌
Ramadevara betta - gives a wholesome view of Tumkur town!

Slightly long but super easy trek. You definitely can’t miss this hike hill when you’re driving to Chikmagalur or Mangalore
Right behind Nandi Hills and Skandagiri hills, this one is a perfect small hike with just nature surrounding you and no car honks 😌
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Introducing StarkNet House:
@StarknetHouse is a virtual educational summer program presented by @topology_gg in collaboration with @StarkWareLtd and pioneers in the #StarkNet ecosystem. The program is open to anyone excited about learning to build on StarkNet using #Cairo. [1/10]
Our mission is to congregate a burgeoning community of #developers and help you #jumpstart the most #innovative projects in #Web3 [2/10]
@StarknetHouse kicks off on June 1, 2022 with the creator of #STARK, @EliBenSasson, and consists of 11 weekly sessions in which you will learn how to thoughtfully design, develop, test, and deploy #Cairo smart contracts and start building on #StarkNet. [3/10]
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At a community hall in Bengaluru, students, housewives, lawyers all nod and cheer in agreement as speakers explained 'Land Jihad, 'Economic Jihad', Love Jihad', and why India needs to become a #Hindurashtra.…
In Bengaluru, a convention was organised by Hindu Jana Jagruti where speakers discussed how to build a 'Hindu Rashtra'…
A 35-year-old man asks a gathering, "Are there legal grounds under which I can refuse to rent out my house to Muslim?" His question is met with plenty cheer as if he has voiced what exactly the people gathered at the Hindu Rashtra Convention were thinking.…
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#Dr_Ambedkar Visited to #KGF in 11th_July_1954.:-

Dr Ambedkar Visited only two_place in #Karnataka one was #KGF and other one was #Bangalore: Even though #Mysore_Maharaj invited but due to National assignment he couldn't go to #Mysore.
Mr.SWAMINATHAN, #MLA_of_KGF during 1953 (scheduled caste federation) with #BABASAHEB_AMBEDKAR
#Hand_Bill_copy of 1954 During Dr Ambedkar Visit to #KGF.
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#Bangalore; The talk of Hindu merchants around the mosque.

Both Hindu and Muslim traders have found their livelihood in shops belonging to the Basavanagudi mosque .

Hindu traders have condemned the politics being done by communal organisations +++

to prevent Muslims from doing business near temples.

1."Those who go by the road do business, hindus and muslims buy from us. Look, there's a mosque right next to us. The people of mosque are not saying us not to do business in here.++ Image
Everyone's livelihood. No one should be harassed/oppressed because of their caste and religion," says Mandya based businessman Krishna.
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In June last year, Girish Bharadwaj, an activist of the vishva Hindu Parishad, lodged a complaint with the Foreigners' Regional Registration Office (FIRO) in #Bangalore demanding the deportation of Chetan, an American citizen.
In June last year, actor Chetan statement on Brahmanya was disputed. Not only was this given a FIR TO Basavanagudi station, but the right-wing also demanded on social media that Chetan should be deported to America
A letter dated August 2021 sent from the Basavanagudi Police Station to the Chief Secretary through the DGP office is available
In a @NewIndianXpress report, police have filed a deportation file on American citizen Chetan
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The 10th Indian edition of the global Great Backyard Bird Count starts on Friday! The #GBBC is a 4-day event (18-21 Feb) to celebrate our birds by documenting them across the country. Just look for birds as often as you can, and upload your lists to eBird.
Last year (2021), 2954 birders in India uploaded 31,355 lists during the GBBC, clocking nearly 17,000 hours of birding & recording 965 species – 72 % of the total number of species known to occur in the country!…

Can we cross 1,000 species this year?
Great Backyard Bird Count and Campus Bird Count in #Meghalaya
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🪡 A cute question on the #HijabRow in #Karnataka is: “Why can’t the CM stop it when it’s ruining the State’s image?”

Answer: “Have you seen @BSBommai’s record?”

He was home minister for 23 months from Aug 2019. It was because he met all the KPIs that he was made @CMofKarnataka
2️⃣ @BSBommai was home minister when school children in #Bidar were charged with sedition, for a line in a play that “insulted” @narendramodi during the anti-CAA protests. Bommai had the temerity to say: “It is a very serious and sensitive case.”

3️⃣ @BSBommai is an “educated” politician, an engineer. In #Bidar, the school children charged with sedition were between 9 and 12 years of age. Najumunissa, 35, a single mother, spent a week in jail because police under Bommai’s watch charged her Class V daughter. @IndianExpress
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🪡 Much of the outrage on the #HijabRow asks the naive question: “Why is it happening in #Karnataka?”

Answer: “Why are you surprised?”

The startup state was an early-stage investor in #Hindutva. Its reputation as a #Hindutva laboratory precedes #Gujarat and #UttarPradesh.
2️⃣ #BJP’s political quest for the Babri Masjid only began in the late 1980s. In #Karnataka, the ground to reclaim Baba Budangiri, a Sufi shrine in #Chikamagalur district, had been laid a decade before #Ayodhya became common parlance, in 1978.

3️⃣ In 1990, when L.K. Advani’s ‘Rath Yatra’ passed through #Karnataka, seven people died in Bidar in communal riots. But 600 km away, in and around #Bangalore, at least another 33 people died in clashes in 5 locations. It was not an accident.

Map: courtesy Prof Mushirul Hasan
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@BlrCityPolice @CPBlr @DCPEASTBCP @DCPSouthBCP @Uber_India
Posting again on Twitter. I was physically assaulted by an @Uber driver today on the side of the road in rural Bangalore. No bystander helped. I sustained injuries. He threatened me and tried to take my phone. 1/5
I took an @Uber this afternoon in #Bangalore. The driver argued mid-trip (because I complained the car was dirty) and tried to restrain me inside the car. I ran out of the car forcefully, but he got out and assaulted me on the side of the road. 2/5
He hit me at least 10 times on the head and shoulders, cycling repeatedly. I did not hit back. No bystander helped me. I yelled for help but they all stood silent; he kept hitting me. He gave me death threats and tried to snatch my phone. I suffered injuries on my shoulder. 3/5
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1A día de hoy ¿cuál dirían que es el caza ligero por excelencia? ¿El F-16? ¿El Gripen? ¿Y si hablamos de un aparato que era la mitad de la mitad?

Para mí, este es el caza ligero por excelencia, una pequeña historia del Folland #Gnat (y su hermanastro indio HAL #Ajeet)
2El padre de la criatura era el ingeniero William Edward Willoughby "Teddy" Petter, quien había trabajado previamente en numerosas aeronaves de la firma Westland, como el #Lysander, el #Whirlwind o el #Welkin Image
3incluso trabajó en el proyecto para mejorar el #Spitfire corrigiendo cierta inestabilidad del diseño original

Tras ciertas desavenencias con la dirección de @westland, en septiembre de 1944, Peter se despidió y se llevó consigo los trabajos para la propuesta B1/44 Image
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Today is Christmas and we relate Christmas with Santa Claus. We recognize Santa Claus as someone with a White moustache & beards and with Red Coloured Clothes.

But, what if I told you that in India, there is a guy that only wears red and white!

Read Thread 🧵 Image
Everything he has is either in the color Red or White or both.
Who is this Guy? And why is he so obsessed with Red & White?
In the busy streets of Bangalore there is a house that stands out from the rest. It has the colors red & white. His owner calls it 'The red & whitehouse' Image
When you step into his house it is like stepping into another world. He basically took his favorite colors and put them on everything he owns.
The walls, bed, plates even his Matchbox or his toothpaste have to be in red & white. If the object has any other color he won't buy it Image
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Existential thread re how much do you love your kids & if you really, really want them over for Xmas holidays?

All thanks to @DGCAIndia @MoCA_GoI & @JM_Scindia @PMOIndia allowing v few flights, so fares > ₹1.5 lac, any sector, #London to #India
In @ShashiTharoor's cattle class
Thought I'd begin with our national carrier @airindiain after a great experience last time

Chose #AMD @ahmairport, one of our few international airports with A

Fare is £1983 (is it a promotion with the movie 83?)
Hey, it's #Gujarat, all business folks, ex Modi town. My bad!
Then went for the pukka #British @British_Airways

Picked #Hyderabad simply because it isn't #Bangalore, trying smaller airports, maybe better given the Covid restrictions

The fare is a whopping £2231. Ok, back to the drawing board !
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Nature inFocus #Photography Contest 2021—a competition that honours shutterbugs that document unique natural history & critical conservation issues—has announced its winners!…

(📸: Kallol Mukherjee-Special Mention in Creative Nature category)

Thread! 👇 Image
Animal Portraits category winner: City Lights

The photographer spent months documenting the behaviour of Arabian Red Fox families in Kuwait. Although scared at first, the foxes became more comfortable around his presence after frequent visits.

📸: Mohammad Murad Image
Wildscape & Animals in Habitat category winner: The Resting Monarch

A gigantic kaleidoscope of Monarch butterflies sits huddled together on Oyamel Fir trees in the overwintering grounds of central Mexico. The tree canopy provides a blanket effect.

📸: Lakshitha Karunarathna Image
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#OnePlus #Qualcommcrashdump
#oneplusindia #oneplus7t #oneplus7pro #oneplus6 #oneplus6t #bangalore
OnePlus user awareness post!
To all OnePlus users out there,there is a serious firmware issue happening with OnePlus devices, which forces your device into Qualcomm Crash Dump Mode
Please backup all the precious data if you don't want to lose it.
Once you get into into that state, 70% of the time your phone wouldn't reboot back to normal. Very few were able to revive the device using MSM tool, but you would lose all data.
The only solution from OnePlus service centre is to replace the motherboard which costs around 20k in the case of OnePlus6(more than the market value of the device). Most of the issues happened after updating to the latest firmware.
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So I recently moved from #Delhi to #Bangalore and the easiest and fastest way I could move my work desk setup (monitors, PC, gaming chair) and my car was to stuff all that into the 🚗 and drive it all the way down.

So here's a smol thread 🧵 on a DEL-BLR road trip. Image
Day 1 was planned to be #Delhi to #Gwalior. But that would have left a very long 2nd day, so we planned to go a little further to Jhansi.

A complete chance browsing through @bookingcom led us to discover this beautiful Bundelkhand Riverside Resort at Orchcha to stay. Image
Day 1 was 425 km. Total drive time was 10hrs+, because we stopped at Agra to visit @TajMahal too.

Booked Hotel Atulyaa Taaj (apart from Oberoi Amarvilas, this is the nearest hotel to Taj) simply as an expensive parking spot 😅 as the car was loaded with stuff. Image
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I LOVE how #Bangalore now has so many places from where you can order THICC & CHONCC-y sandwiches 🥪 from!

Grab a bib, cuz here are 5 sandwiches you just gotta try: 👇🏾
1/ The Food Lover Company

🥪 All sandwiches are fundraisers for the Coorg Wellness Foundation, an org set up for ppl + wildlife
🥪 No set menu, as veggies are sourced daily from farmers
🥪 Super eclectic fillings, like 🍏, which 🤯

Order in advance from:…
2/ Candice's Gourmet Sandwiches

🥪 Founded by Candice Lock, the same person who gave us Chinita!
🥪 New York style sandwiches influenced by her Cantonese roots and by living in NY
🥪 Trained frequently at the Institute of Culinary Education, NY

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Starting the #o11y #bangalore meetup in 15mins

We have started our meetup with Ashok A N talking about migrating a massive legacy org like Cisco Enterprise Network to modern #o11y stacks
Starting off Mesos / Marathon / Metronome with 3K+ hosts
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You saw the list of Maharashtra? See Karnataka today!

The "number" of Temples that were destroyed to build Mosjids in #Karnataka !!


Source: Hindu Temples: What happened to them by Sita Ram Goel, Vol-l.
I #Bangalore District

1 Dodda-Ballapur, Dargãh of Muhiud-Dîn Chishtî of Ajodhan (d. 1700) Temple materials used.

2 Hoskot

i Dargãh of Saballî Sãhib. Temple site.
ii Dargãh of Qãsim Sãhib. Converted temple.
II #Belgaum District

1 Belgaum

i Masjid-i-Safa in the Fort (1519) Temple site.
ii Jãmi Masjid (1585-86) Temple site.
iii Mazãr of Badrud-Dîn Shãh in the Fort (1351-52) Temple site.

2 Gokak, Masjid. Temple site

3 Hukeri

i Mãn Sahib-kî-Dargãh (1567-68) Temple site.
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@FURLENCO Hye folsk; this is regarding account FUR6076064905. My bro works for a hospitality venture which got impacted due to covid lockdown. and not able to clear dues on time <1/n>
He is paying his dues on time so far and expected to get you more business once lockdown is removed. But it seems your team is harashing him past past 15 days with 2-3 different callsa from different number. <2/n>
as a outsider I'm observing this abuse from a while desided have a mature/adult conversation as call are coming even on sunday. When I was trying to understand the sitution your team guy called me idiot . he called me from 8095876903 <3/n>
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Hi #Bangalore, I am delivering ration kits anywhere in town. Each kit has:
3kg rice
1kg aata
1kg ragi flour
1kg tuar dal
Sanitary pads 8pcs
Tea 100g
Oil 500ml
Soap 2
1kg Sugar
1kg Salt
1 bottle peanut butter
100g coriander pdr
100g sambar pdr
100g turmeric pdr
100g chili pdr
I am open to customising the kits to include specific supplies.
I have been working with:
Let's be the change
The concerned for welfare of children
Karnataka Janashakti
Armour of Care
State Workers Action Network
@readingkafka (Rural development department) for a bit.
I'm doing this at a personal capacity with funds collected from office & friends (some from here :))
If there is a need, please message.
If you feel like contributing, DM me.
From little I've observed, the need is massive. For labourers, children whose parent(s) have passed away,
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We're releasing a list of important government resources for #Karnataka concerning #COVID19 treatment.

These are verified and will help citizens by reducing costs incurred by them.

Please amplify them and do your duty as a responsible citizen.

#Karnataka | Revised guidelines for asymptomatic and mild symptomatic cases for patients in home isolation / home care.


#Karnataka | Circular fixing the rates of High Resolution CT scan (Rs. 1500) and Digital X-Ray scan (Rs. 250) to prevent laboratories from charging exorbitant amounts

Verified by Veda & Abhay.

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#Oxygenbeds #available in #Bangalore -Cytecare Cancer Hospital in association with Canadian International Schoo 24 bed capacity / Now 23 available (Min facility available)
Questions to check :
1. Can patient Walk on their own?
2. Can patient speak on their own?
3. Can Patient take medication on their own?
4. Is Female Patient pregnant?
5. Does patient more than 4.5 Litre oxygen?
6. Is CT Scan severity index <18?
7. Is Breathing Rate >30?
8. Is Heart Rate < 120?
9. Is SPO2 without external help> 85 ?
Contact 08035090101
Please share
#Verified by me at 13:43 PM on 16th May 2021
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If you're looking for a bed in #Bengaluru, the following thread is very important. The city is running on a shortage of them and more often than not, BBMP quota comes into play because private beds are almost always occupied.

Note: This information is not written by me.
You NEED the BU (Bangalore Urban) number and SRF (Specimen Referral Form) id without fail.

For the BU number:
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