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5 Sep
How has your Sunday been?

Personally, I think everyone should get some chai, gather some loved ones and listen to some hopeful, angry, off-beat music.

Here is a thread of playlists we have curated for you that might like?

A thread for them ☕️🎶 feels:
"The revolutionary playlist is a collective, continuous musical reflection on the transformative power of change and revolution," says @kiccovich about our first ever playlist.

Listen here:
"So here is an assemblage —a sort of musical cadavre exquis— with some inspiring voices, encouraging us to sing together."

Here is a gift from @ethel_baraona to you.

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3 Sep

Join the conversation or follow this thread to remain updated on it!
"What is the daily life of a farmer?" asks @suchitrav to begin this conversation, speaking about @journohardy's qualitative approach to his book on the farmer's crisis.
"When you travel to the world of a farmer, you are travelling to a different planet. Opportunities are scarce, education is hard to come by, health is inaccessible, and after a year of farming, you end up with nothing," says @journohardy.
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22 May
In May 2018, Tamil Nadu's coastal town, Toothkundi, witnessed the state police massacre 16 civilians when thousands protested against Sterlite Industries, a copper company known to cause years of severe environmental pollution and human disease.

These are the people we lost:
1. Antony Selvaraj, 46, a resident of Velankanni Nagar, worked for a private shipping company. His father Stalin said that Anthony was on his way home to eat lunch when he was killed. Anthony leaves behind a wife and a teenage son and daughter.
2. Snowlin was the youngest victim. She participated in the rally with her friends and family, which included young children. She was shot through the mouth as she was shouting slogans against Sterlite. She was 17.
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19 May
On Malcolm X's birthday, here is a reminder of what he said in his famous speech The Ballot or the Bullet:

"What do you call second-class citizenship? Why, that's colonization. Second-class citizenship is nothing but 20th [century] slavery."
Today, a people demand an end to their second-class citizenship in their own lands. What started as violent expulsions from Sheikh Jarrah has escalated into carpet bombing of a blockaded city.

Read about Palestinian resistance to Israeli colonialism here:
What does second-class citizenship looks like? It looks like this.

Source:… ImageImageImage
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23 Feb
It has been a year since #DelhiPogrom. Here is a thread of important essays and reports that we published.
Deadly violence in India’s capital.. hasn’t ended with the anti-Muslim pogrom that it was. It continues in the politics of being termed a riot, an old tactic of flattening the gigantic power inequality between the country’s Hindus & Muslims @IrfanHindustan…
@IrfanHindustan The Intricate Design of Mediated Mob Violence by Ram Bhatt…
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11 Nov 20
#PROFILESOFDISSENT is a series that centers on amplifying stories of courage that are both ordinary and remarkable in India, and their personal and political histories, as a way to reclaim our public spaces
Here is a thread with what we have published so far:
“Above all, there should be dignity and respect in the affairs related to the birth or death of human beings” – a profile of Varavara Rao #ProfilesOfDissent #VaravaraRao…
We need groups organised to fight, they’re the ones who can make a dent” – a profile of Sudha Bharadwaj…
#SudhaBharadwaj #FreePoliticalPrisoners #ProfilesOfDissent
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28 Oct 20
Urgent Update Regarding the NIA Raids on HRDs in Kashmir:

This morning the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted a raid on Praveena Ahanger's house, and subsequently on the office of Association of Disappeared Persons (APDP) in Hyderpora in Srinagar.
This seems to be a premeditated and planned assault. Last week, the local CID and IB officials called up Parveena Ahanger a few times and demanded information regarding the staff and the organisation. All details were duly provided to them.
Earlier, we had received the news that Khurram Parvez’s home was being raided by the NIA, along with six other places including residences of senior journalists, office of newspaper Greater Kashmir and other NGOs engaged in healthcare and social service.
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29 Aug 18
Reading list on Maoist movement in India (Curated from Naxalbari at its Golden Jubilee: Fifty recent books on the Maoist movement in India) #UrbanNaxals
1. Azad (2010). Maoists in India: writings and interviews. Hyderabad: Friends of Azad.
2. Ajitha (2008). Kerala’s Naxalbari: Ajitha, memoirs of a young revolutionary (S.
Ramachandran, trans.). New Delhi: Srishti.
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