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1/4All #Muslims who want #Islamic #ShariaLaw should go to Sharia countries and the whole world consider the fanatic Muslims as #terrorists.
Every #mosque & #Madaessa that preaches anti-India & anti-#Hinduism ideas must be investigated and action initiated.
2/4India is the land of #SanatanaDharma and #Hinduism #Sikhism, #Buddhism and #Jainism are the religions of this soil, not #Islam or #christianity. Neither #CONgress nor ##UrbanNaxals nor #RahulGandhi or other Sickular, #Dynasty Parties can change this demography for their votes.
3/4 India is our motherland and the
culture of #Hindus & civilization, do not make us bigoted like fanatical #Islamists or #missionaries.
We do not believe in your religion, but respect your feelings. Pl follow your religion but offer Namaz, without noise pollution, in your..
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you might have come across propaganda post from Prashant bhushan who is an alleged lawyer of Supreme Court who tried his political stunt first with AAP and now with Congress

see how these political Stooges fudge with the data to defame the Indian Government just to Image
2/n-Fool Some people get votes

as a base case the attached screenshot will be analyzed to expose them

first understand who prepare such report and indexes

Global indexes are derived by various Global agencies mostly private and Many of them being Anti-bjp or Anti-India
3/n-or Anti-Asia
the data they use to prepare a report is either sometimes actual country data by Government organization or private organization or sometimes simply by question answer survey from country influential media persons (here is the game play)
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1/n Kuldip nayar Award is facilitated by Gandhi Peace foundation whose chairman is Kumar Prashant

Kumar Prashant is hardcore UrbanNaxal that you can see from his tweets

He loves the Terrorist Afzal Guru ImageImage
2/n Kumar Prashant hates the President of India !! Image
3/n Kumar Prashant hates Prime Minister Modi ImageImage
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It’s a good idea to have some authentic, qualified and non-partisan fact-checking agencies in a world of fake news. But is it so? Are fact-checkers really fact checking? Or they are using this tool to further another fake narrative? Let’s analyse it.
Almost all fact-checkers are funded by some agenda-driven agencies. There is nothing wrong with agenda but most of them have an anti-India agenda. They use it with soft weapons like NGOs, Human Rights, Art and now Fact Checking. Most have mushroomed after 2014. Why?
Bharat is a Hindu nation and nobody can deny it. There is an agenda to change the fabric of India and change its identity. There are two major vested groups behind this - Commies and Islamists - the richest groups. They are India’s biggest enemies in this info-war.
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In this thread, let me show you how @thewire_in & @TheQuint kind of HINDUPHOBIC propaganda sites run HIT-JOBS.

GENOCIDE-DENIER The Wire does theHIT-JOB, quint quotes it, fake Fact-Checkers make it seem like truth. Wikipedia picks it. FAKE NEWS becomes TRUTH.
Expose them. With Harvey Chaplin, Director Jewish Synagogue & Holocaust M
If @thewire_in’s HIT-JOB is based on my twitter TL, then why did they miss many of my tweets about my official visit to Jewish Synagogue and Holocaust Museum? It proves they are either sinister GENOCIDE-DENIERS or incompetent duffers even when doing fake fact-checking.
@thewire_in is an #UrbanNaxals FO (Front Office) and a fake fact-checking propaganda site with HINDUPHOBIC objectives. @TheQuint is the step-sister and amplifier of all fake Hinduphobic propaganda. Tomm I’ll expose @TheQuint.
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My #KashmirFiles movie & theater experience yesterday
☄After Uri I am watching an Indian Movie!
☄Superbly sequenced & lot of thought has gone into lining up incidents in a apt way
I was speechless & dumbstruck at the horrific k!lling & torture our #Hindus in Kashmir faced
in Jan 1990
☄Let's henceforth call it as #Hindugenocide not Exodus!😞
☄My daughter,at one point of time became too emotional & started giving gallies & countering statements-her mind voice was coming out & I had to silence her !
Imagine in #Chennai during
the movie - people shouted #Jaihind & #BharatMataKiJai
But I see they are not #Tamizhians ofcourse!
☄People who get depressed easily should not watch! The k!lling of character sharada was horrendous & we closed our eyes!
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You must wonder who is the mastermind of Hindumisia and propaganda conference #DismantlingGlobalHindutva

according to my sources, there is a husband-wife duo and their son is the mastermind of this propaganda.

Let me expose them. Image
1. According to my sources, Ania Loomba her husband Suvir Kaul, and their son Tariq Thachil are the mastermind of this propaganda. They all belong to the University of Pennsylvania. ImageImageImage
2 Before I tell you about their reality let me show you this news
in 2013 Ania and her husband have stopped ModiJi from speaking in the India Economic Forum organized by The Wharton School of University Of Pennsylvania. They are not just Hindumisia but they are Modifobic too Image
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Great Post-Shared from Kailash Narayan Sharma’s wall
*Is Narendra Modi really transforming India*.❓
Replied by Jay Agarwal
Jay Agarwal, works at Federal Government of the United States
Since I have not lived in India for almost 25 years, I can only answer this as a
Note that as a US Citizen, I can neither vote in Indian elections, nor have any vested interest in the electoral outcome in India.
Hence, objectivity!
I will narrate two stories to make my point. And I will not even use any boring statistics!
Story 1
A routine Uber ride in Washington DC, and an Afghani driver picks me up. After a few minutes, he asks me if I am Indian, I say yes, and he smiles and says that he loves Bollywood.
I smile back.His next question, do you know when somebody will make a movie on Modi.
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How many of you have heard of the Jesuit Priest SAM Lourdu Samy?

Did you know that he is 82 years old and has lived in Jharkand, Ranchi for many, many years and that the Samy in his name has morphed into Swamy?
Sam Lourdu Samy, Jesuit Priest is also one of the accused in planning to assassinate PM Modi..

He is Accused of treason , terrorism and complicity with Maoists Guerillas and Naxals amongst other crimes.
Now why would a Jesuit Priest, a so called man of God...want to interfere with the governance of this country? Why would he want to assassinate a sitting PM? Who is empowering him in these seditious activities?
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🕉 #Hindus Should:
1.Who Are We Really?
2. Read Hindu Scriptures,Understand, Learn From Teachers
3. Share Knowledge With Children Actively From Childhood
4. #PromoteHinduScriptures By Gifting To Hindus & Others Who Shows Interest To Learn More About #SanatanDharma #Hinduism
5. #IncreaseHinduDiaspora
6. Follow Back Each Other On Social Medias
7. Stand Up For Each Other & In One Voice Without Capitulating,Grovelling Or Apologies
8. Hinduphobic Global Mood Globally Is So Deep That Anything Bad Happens In India,They Conclude That It Is Due To Hinduism
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@RahulGandhi We are in receipt of your letter and appreciate that you expect a reply from @narendramodi . Dont you think your mom is seeking attn to trouble @PMOIndia to reply to your ill thought. Never mind let us take half an hour to reply.
1. #CoronaVaccine @PMOIndia is doing
Best to procure #Spuntik sans Chinese medicine as this is causing lot of post health issue but before that Did Gandy Vadra took medicine? #Covishield #Cowaxin #DRDO MEDICINE will reach target of 10 Cr PM wef Sep 2021. Then we can export also
2. #CoronaVaccination drive is on
3. You need to learn to expect a reply on Point No 3
4. @RahulGandhi please update your mom that @narendramodi has enough budget and they are buying medicine. Perhaps she need Signing Authority to transfer funds to RGF
5. #CentralVistaProject you need to study eco to expect reply
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Human Loss Due To #COVID19Pandemic Is Unfortunate☹

✅Who To Blame?
India,PM Or Citizens Didn't Cause The Pandemic.
Pandemics Has Been With Us Thruout History.
20th Century Has Seen Increased Frequency Of Emerging Pandemics viz HIV,H1N1 Ebola Caused Due To Pathogens Viruses.
If We Want To Know How To Reduce Effect & Stop Next Pandemic,We Need To Understand Why It Is Happening?

With Older Known Pandemic Pathogens Existing In Nature,New Pathogen Viruses Are Increasing Overtime In Correlation With Human Population Growth & Our Ecological Footprint.
Humans Are Ecological Anomaly As Our Ecological Footprint Is Accelerating Exponentially,Causing Unprecedented Ecological Wreakage,Has Consequences.
It's Humans & Animals Connection Driving This,Which Happens When Humans Move Into New Areas Across Wildlife With Little Contact
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येत्या ३१ डिसेंबरला पुण्यात एल्गार परिषद भरवण्याची परवानगी पुणे पोलिसांनी नाकारली.

बरं झालं.

३ वर्षांपूर्वी ह्याच एल्गार परिषदेत महाराष्ट्रात दंगे करवण्याचा कट रचला गेला होता.

अजून एक भयानक कट रचण्याचा प्रयत्न केला गेलेला - पंतप्रधानांच्या हत्येचा कट!

३१ डिसेंबर,२०१७: शनिवारवाड्यावर एल्गार परिषदेत भडकाऊ भाषणं झाली. एल्गार परिषदेनंतर महाराष्ट्रात भीमा कोरेगाव चा दंगा झाला.

नंतर तपासामधून समोर आलं की सुधा भारदवाज, वरावर राव, गौतम नवलखा, अरुण फरेरा ह्या कुख्यात #UrbanNaxals नी पंतप्रधान मोदींची हत्या करण्याचा कट रचला होता.

१४ एप्रिल, २०२० ला NIA ने आनंद तेलतुंबडे ह्यांना ह्याच कटा संबंधी अटक केली. तपासात लक्षात आलं की तेलतुंबडेंसोबत RDF आणि CPI(Maoist) ह्या दोन प्रतिबंधित आतंकवादी संस्था पण ह्या कटात सामिल होत्या.

कम्युनिस्टांनी कायम भारतात अराजकता पसरवण्याचा प्रयत्न केलेला आहे.

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Zee5 Original Web Series “Naxalbari”

If you are keen on knowing the Naxal Movement from the lens of an STF officer, this web series is a must-watch. It goes with several plot twists and surprising events.
Although, there are some certain drawbacks when it comes to direction and editing. But the message they want to deliver is much clearer and something that should be given serious thought.
The deep infiltration of Naxals in all the four pillars of democracy is really alarming, and this web series might make you question yourself about the sheer ignorance that society has regarding Urban Naxals.
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Why Munger Killing is a serious sign for Hindus to Wake Up.
The enemy we always underestimate/ignore
It's connection to #Urbannaxals and #antiCAARiots
🕉️Thread🙏 Image
The news we know -
An 18-year-old man was shot dead and some people including police persons were injured in firing after clashes during the immersion of Goddess Durga on Monday. a pic has emerged after the incident is that of a young man dead on the ground, his head split open.
Police claim -
during the processions dispute erupt between volunteers and the police, which accused the group of delaying the process, then
some "anti-social elements" threw stones at police this led to a lathicharge, the police reportedly also fired. Image
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#Thread #धागा #UrbanNaxals

#एल्गार_परिषदेच्या माध्यमातून हिंसा भडकवल्याबद्दल एनआयएच्या ताब्यात असलेले स्वयंघोषीत बुद्धीजिवी गौतम नौलखा यांचे पाकिस्तान गुप्तहेर संघटनेशी संबंध असल्याचे त्यांच्या विरूद्ध फाईल केलेल्या चार्जशीट मधे नमूद करण्यात आले आहे !
एनआयएच्या अटकेत असलेल्या ह्याच गौतम नौलखांच्या जामिनासाठी काहीच दिवसांपूर्वी #शरद_पवारांसारख्या राजकारण्यापासून #राजदीप_सरदेसाई सारख्या पत्रकारापर्यंत सर्वांनी तांडव माजवलेले होते !

तर मग चला मित्रांनो, हा गौतम नौलखा आपल्या देशासाठी किती भयानक आहे हे जाणून घेऊ !
२०११ साली अमेरीकेच्या एका वकीलांनी चक्क न्यायालयात #प्रतिज्ञापत्र सादर केले ज्यामधे त्यांनी स्पष्टपणे नमूद केले की गौतम नौलखाचे संबंध पाकिस्तानी गुप्तहेर संघटना #आयएसआय सोबत आहेत जे #गुलाम_नबी_फाई ने प्रस्थापित करून दिलेले होते !
आता हा गुलाम नबी फाई कोण हे जाणून घेऊ.
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What a fantastic early morning news
Umar Khalid arrested
Now see how the #Urbannaxal & liberal Kabal will cry all over Social Medis
Don't be surprised if Bollywoodians too tweet in support of this tukde tukde gang!!
@republic - why u call him Student leader!
#MondayMotivaton ImageImage
Here is the first cry baby Image
And the another one
Says he stands with Umar Khalid !
Is this Umar Khalid not the son of leader of SIMI which is banned outfit in India !
And these #UrbanNaxals queing up for support !! Image
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This is so classic BJP.

Spit on those who support you and take them for granted.

Appease those who are committed to eliminate you because you pathetically want to "win them over" and show how "udaar" you are.

It's like the "low self esteem brigade." 😏
If they can't control the bureaucracy after 6 years in power they dont deserve to be in power. In fact @narendramodi over relies on the bureaucracy. Even ministers are Yes men with no power.

The HRD Ministry is the worst performing because Modi ji does not want it to do anything and “upset” the other side. As if they would stop attacking the govt if they don’t do anything.

Rather the curriculum poisons the students, enables #UtbanNaxals

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So here is the story why so much silence @ReallySwara @anuragkashyap72 and other Leftist twitter handles.

Dhabadhi, is a townlet which is part of constituency Dahnu, also the only seat CPI secured in 2019 MH elections.
Vinod Nikole is a ricebeg, got his due through Naxal- Missionary support.

Population here is mostly baptized and is involved in Armed loots in and around Dahnu.
These people found two men in Saffron and their hate aggravated started pelting stones and killed the driver first.
Two old Sadhus (70+) had no clue what to do as they can't drive, got beaten brutally. Small unit of police was informed, intervened but couldn't handle the bloodthirsty communists on killing spree. 100+ are arrested.
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#ArundhatiRoy (1/1)
Everyone including the Government knows who is she.
By summarizing her entire career & work one can conclude that She is the link between ISI & Left Exterimist organisation. undoubtedly dear to Congress.
Many sedition charges against her destroyed during UPA ImageImageImageImage
#ArundhatiRoy (1/2)
most amazing is that knowing all her #Arundhati acts of anti-India nature Why Congress-led UPA protected Her!!!
Arundhati has been working as an axle rod between the #UrbanNaxals & anti-India campaigners of abroad. A report of PAK defence (now deleted) ImageImage
#ArundhatiRoy (1/3)
The Link with Left extremist is one side another side is #Arundhati 's link with Banned JKLF, Jammat ud Dawa is quite conspicuous.
She got Soros patronisation besides ISI
She is regarded as #IronLady of anti-India network Image
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1. Eminent 'Liar' shares fake news- woman in UP's Bhadohi drowning her children as she had no food.

2. PTI reports that she did it after an argument with her husband.

3. Bhadohi police calls out the fake news.

Now if UP police files FIR against PB, FoE will be in danger. ImageImageImage
Standard operating procedures of Eminent Liars and Alleged Journalists.

Dear @bhadohipolice, hope you are filing FIR against @pbhushan1 @kavita_krishnan @ppbajpai @_sabanaqvi for spreading fake news. ImageImageImage
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We didn’t get here in a day.

An Islamist was made HRD minister after independence. Congress gave Marxist academics state patronage. UPA toxified textbooks.. Maoists turned students into #UrbanNaxals. Hateful bigots like @MasalaBai result from a long process.

BJP hasn’t fixed.
They slaughtered Hindus in “Direct action.” Moplah riots. Genocide of Hindus and Sikhs in Muslim areas in partition.

1971 happened. Millions of Hindus were killed, still no learning.

Then Kashmir genocide of KPs. 26/11. “Seculars” continue spin, seek partition afte partition.
Is there a non-apologetic history of the 1971 Bangladesh genocide and its Islamist justifications?

If not will sponsor an author who wants to do it.

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The core of the JNU quagmire has not been dissected. The VC is genuinely incompetent as an administrator, however what folk don't realize is, that their post-grad admission process was more like a foot-soldier-recruitment process. The VC disrupted that. Hence the shrieks.
- computerized exam (has its own issues) instead of a narrative one which recruited foot-soldiers with matching ideology

- minimum qualifying cutoff (50%)

- removing the travesty of deprivation points (quotas already exist!)

So, many PG/PhD seats vacant: fewer party-workers!
To identify the points leading to their simmering resentment, check this meandering article by their gang leaders. Very little focus on the academic angle of the exam (yes, MCQs have problems) but their multi-point resentment spills out.

cc @ChandrusWeb…
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#CAAProtests clear pattern is emerging..
First Congress, Commies, Namazwadi parties tried to defeat the bill..Once they failed, #MediaCorp was pressed into service..When that too failed, #StudentsCorp was called in..After #StudentsCorp was exposed,
+ ever useful and usual idiots of #FilmIndustryCorp is pressed into the service..#ActivistCorp has already moved the SC.
So far the main objective of Breaking India forces, of inciting communal riots across India has not succeded..There is no blood and mayhem on the streets.
+ Now, #LetterWritersCorp will be pressed into service..About 2000, retired armed force personnel, scientists, activists, lawyers, sportstars, playwrights, industrialists etc would be pressed into service..
This pattern is repeated from last 5.5 years..
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