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This Thread is on who is Maridhas??

Maridhas about salem express way Politics.

Maridhas about Periyarism.

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When I stepped into the academic world I was shocked to see how the Far Left narrative was being injected into the brains of gullible students as the magic solution that will turn our world into utopia.
Growing up in Calcutta, I have seen how this narrative destroyed a generation
A generation of bright, young students were lost to the mindless violence of the Naxalite movement of the 70s in Bengal. The students who joined were all brilliant minds, mostly in their twenties.
They blindly trusted the Left academics who asked them to follow Mao Zedong.
The Naxalites started calling themselves Maosists despite Mao himself telling the Indian Naxalites that his model should not be followed in India.
Why did this message not reach the students?
Yes, the vile academicians hid this narrative from the students.…
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#LutyensCrisis lol! Now that the #Mandate2019 has been won. I cannot help but recall the ire that the average "bhakt" has faced both online and offline. One of my uncles told me to keep a low profile after I wrote this article, last year :…
His rationale was that I would face backlash from people who were loath to relinquish power. A month later the husband invited the wrath of the entire left cabal, just coz he had few followers and he had the temerity to exercise his #FOE against #UrbanNaxals
For a tweet in response to the now viral #UrbanNaxals tweet by @vivekagnihotri atleast 3 leftist SC lawyers and their team started sending threats online. They smoked out my husband's employers and sent multiple complaints to the company.
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#LokSabhaElections2019 voting ended on 19th May, exactly at 6.31pm exit polls of different shapes, sizes, colour and variations were splashed on all news channels and twitter was flooded wid millions of tweets.
NDA was given a clear majority wid @BJP4India as single largest party
Celebration started for NDA allies but the opposition parties, arm chair activists, #UrbanNaxals propaganda gang and biased and sold out section of media started attacking @ECISVEEP and churned out different theories about EVM hackings 😱
We have heard about sour grapes story 🍇
Now lets see and understand the Processes, People and Technology

Election and EVM
Each booth is assigned an EVM with a unique number that is mapped to that booth. Once used, this EVM is associated with this booth and the unique EVM number list is with each candidate
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A write up on Atishi :
@AtishiAAP Marlena is the AAP candidate from East Delhi & she's fighting elections against @GautamGambhir of BJP.
I first heard her name when I stumbled upon a Facebook ad (obviously sponsored) by AAP.
Something told me that there's something really fishy
about her. She had this 'too good to be true' image in that particular video. Thus I tried to dig a little deeper and found out some really interesting facts.
Atishi Singh was born to Delhi University professors Vijay Kumar Singh and Tripta Wahi and she was given this rather
unusual middle name "Marlena" by her parents which is a blend of Marxist and leninist. In other words, she's a born communist.
In 2006, after the honourable Supreme Court of India gave capital punishment to Parliament attacks convict Afzal Guru, Atishi's mother Tripta signed
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Atishi Marlena is the candidate of AAP from East Delhi and she's fighting elections against Gautam Gambhir of BJP.
I first heard her name when I stumbled upon a Facebook ad (obviously sponsored) by AAP.
A thread-
Something told me that there's something really fishy about her. She had this 'too good to be true' image in that particular video. Thus I tried to dig a little deeper and found out some really interesting facts.
Atishi Singh was born to Delhi University professors Vijay Kumar Singh and Tripta Wahi and she was given this rather unusual middle name "Marlena" by her parents which is a blend of Marxist and leninist. In other words, she's a born communist.
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Pl meet no-brain scientist of India.
This history and law graduate also manufactures Harley Davidson in SP cycle factory. Only when they get time off making goondas.
After he touched Sonia Gandhi’s feet, his heart turned green. Now a Pakistani whom even Congress of Pakistanis has disowned.

Tali ab thukti nahin.
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Today I am sorry for being a Bengali. Today I am sorry for being an Indian. These communists are the feeding threats to our country. I was not so much sure about JNU, but now I am.

@ajmeripoet @Subbu_06 @pokershash @TajinderBagga @ipunamchoudhary
What to say now of others. Rename the paper to The Times.
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Please follow this thread. This one thread will expose Communism like never before 👇👇👇👇
Che never fought for any country..he fought for communism. Communism is transnational. They dont believe in concept of nationhood
Mao use to sleep with underage girls
Che frequented brothels
Castro was womaniser
All of them hated GAYS & free speech
After fall of Nazis,Communist Red army raped 10,000 Germans in Berlin alone. Oppressed became Oppressors and yet only Hitler was bad man..So much for their women empowerment rhetoric
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2/n Communism has its own iron hand to curtail the freedom of expression, rebellion among its own cadres which led to murmur & mutiny. The failure to remove poverty, unemployment and freedom of people led to the fall of great USSR.
3/n It was in the year 1920 Communist movement sneaked in to India & it took a decade to formate the party leadership, cadres & its own agenda. India is full plurality and the dream of communists to form a society without these caused its downfall.
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SC dynasts: Brief history.
Do you remember the man who put a stay on the arrest of the five #UrbanNaxals and said that it's their right to DISSENT!!
His father was CJI during the entire period of Emergency!
He too is eligible to be CJI in 2022.
His father gave a ruling in favour of Emergency provisions, stating that all Fundamental Rights get suspended and that individuals didn’t have right to approach courts for protection. Just to cite an interesting info, above order was passed by the bench by 4:1
The 4 supporting IG’s action were Justice AN Ray, YVC, MH Beg, PN Bhagwati. The only one dissenting was Justice HR Khanna. And you know what...when all the 4 were made Chief Justices in turns, Justice HR Khanna, though the senior most, was denied by Congis.
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1. I give you material for filing another case against me @pbhushan1. I've said it more than once, your hero #TalibHussain has a hand in #Asifa murder case at behest of Hurriyat & Jehadi Mehbooba in order to facilitate #DemographicInvasion of Jammu. U are a hireling of jehadis.
2. As for Rohingyas, I will repeat it loud & clear, they've been illegally smuggled into Jammu region with help of #UrbanNaxals & ISI agents like you in order to extend hold of ISI propped jehadis in Jammu region. U didn't utter a word when Rohingyas massacred Hindus in Burma.
3. Your heart bleeds only for those committed to #BreakingUpIndia. Never for victims of Maoist or Jehadi violence. Ready to face as many cases as you want to file against me. History will remember you as a traitor to India.
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SC opens its doors at midnight for terrorist Yakub Menon. Urban Naxals didn't even had to move the court themselves. PIL lobby petitions on their behalf and Milords place the Naxals under house arrest. Unprecedented. Gautam Navlakha gets bail from HC.
Rape accused Franco mulakkal gets bail in just few days. Congress gets instant decisions to form Govts in Karnataka, Uttarakhand. But for Shri Ram temple we get only तारीख!!! High Court had already given the verdict in 2010. Hindus were patiently waiting for SC verdict.
Outgoing CJI had said that from 29th Oct onwards, there'll be day to day hearing & case would be fast tracked. But Milords took just 5min to postpone such an important case to Jan without any reason and saying it's not a priority! Brazenly disregarding sentiments of the devotees.
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SC says it has other 'priorities' rather than decide on decades-old #AyodhyaRamMandir case
And here are the priorities Indian Courts are busy with!
#Ordinance4RamMandir #BillForRamMandir #GiveGovtLandForMandir
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हम लाए हैं तूफ़ान से कश्ती निकाल कर ....

Thread on post LS 2014 events which were used on abuse Nationalism,Hindus&their symbols of worship,build false narratives&shame India internationally&create civil war like situation.

#NeverForget #ModiFor2019 #Flashback
Script had bn written even b4 Modi assumed off.

Mar,2014-Yogendra Yadav'If Modi becomes PM… aag lag jayegi’…
May,2014-Rahul Gandhi'22,000 Will Be Killed If BJP Wins'…
Apr,2014-Being Muslim Under Narendra Modi…
Towards the end of 2014, Ghar Wapsi which was taking place even UPA Rule was highlighted to project that the minorities under Modi Rule are in danger.

Some Indians even petitioned in US court to designate RSS as terror group.…
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Ironies of India

1) Moghuls became Indians and Indians became kaafirs.

2) Nehru-Khan-Maino became Gandhis and we Indians became fools.
3) Muslims became Kashmiris and Kashmiris became refugees.

4) Bangladeshis became bengalis and bengalis will soon become West Bangladeshis.
5) Those who are intolerant of Hindus became seculars and real seculars became intolerants alias sanghi terrorists.

6) Maoists and #Urbannaxals became intellectuals and real intellectuals became bhakts.
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According to research by Nobel Prize winners Kahneman and Tversky, humans are intuitively not good statisticians. I will now describe the following characteristics of a person to you. Your task is to tell me the profession of that person from 2 choices. Sahil is very shy 1/n
and withdrawn , invariably helpful but with very little interest in people or in the world of reality. A meek and tidy soul, he has a need for order and structure, and a passion for detail.” Is Sahil more likely to be a librarian or a farmer?

The most common reply to the 2/n
question is that Sahil is more likely to be a librarian than a farmer. This is surely because Sahil resembles a librarian more than a farmer, and associative
memory quickly creates a picture of Steve in our minds that is very librarian-like. One thing which completely slips 3/n
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@amishra77 @virsanghvi This was the strategy of the outliers for a long time:
1) Moghuls became Indians and Indians became Kafirs
2) Nehru-Khan-Maino became Gandhi and Indians became fools
3)Muslims became Kashmiris and #KashmiriPandits became refugees

@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 4) Bangladeshis became #Bengalis and Bengalis couldn't celebrate #DurgaPuja in soon to be #WestBangladesh
5) Those who are intolerant of #Hindus became #Secular and the real seculars became #Sanghi terrorists
@amishra77 @virsanghvi @indiantweeter 6) The #Maoists and #UrbanNaxals became Intellectuals and the Intellectuals became #Bakhts
7) Terrorists became 'poor-sons-of-headmasters' who killed/beheaded army men and the army became human rights violators who used pellet guns on these peaceful terrorists. @adgpi
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From many days for now, I am observing RW tweeples are very much a diverse lot. In this thread I may target some aspects which may not go well with many of us. I may attract a tag:’Andh Bhakt’, I am okay with it.
If we take a look at history of Hindu consolidation, it happened during RJB movement. Yes, it was a political breakthrough for BJP. It gave hope to Hindus and along with it came a set expectations. Sometimes followers of this ideology were too far from reality.
When ABV was in power he was in the mercy of coalition partners. People say, why can’t @narendramodi go ordinance path? Certainly there are issues. If today’s government goes that way, next UPA government may declare the site to be masjid through same ordinance path. Then?
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Honourable?? Milords.
Col Purohit was arrested without evidence, labelled terrorist and tortured in jail for 9 years. Whole nation knows Chidambaram, Digvijay and Madame coined saffron terror narrative to malign the Hindus.
We are the ONLY country in the world which says our own countrymen are responsible for the blasts in our country. Have you heard Col Purohit's wife speak about the trauma her family went through all these years?? It's so heart wrenching.
It fills every Indian with anger and utter indignation for those responsible for framing him. We were appalled to know that in all probability, he would have been handed over to Pakistan.😱😱
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Who are Urban Naxals?
For any cause, there are 4 main paths that can be taken to seek justice and to assert one's rights.
3 of these paths are constitutional. The 4th is not.
@vivekagnihotri club those following constitutional path with the unconstitutional ones
Path 1: satyagraha, civil movement's, protests, civil disobedience etc.

E.g. Gandhi's salt satyagraha.

Path 2: judicial activism. Here One approaches the courts asserting ones rights and seeking Justice.

E.g. Gandhi's champaran satyagraha. @pbhushan1's PIL's etc.

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Yesterday had shared about #UrbanNaxals in Andhra Pradesh, and how for 2 decades my home state, had to grapple with this problem. Today I look at another aspect, how Andhra Pradesh was succesful in combating Naxalism at multiple levels.
Andhra Pradesh strategy against Naxalism was a mix of carrot and stick. While on the one hand we had the regular police encounters, it was backed up by an excellent intelligence network. The carrot on the other hand was the social welfare schemes and development works.
A brief history of Naxals in Andhra Pradesh, roughly speaking there were 3 phases, one between 1969-74, one of the bloodiest ones, another from 1980 to 1990 and the final phase from 1990 end to mid 2000s, that was the turning point basically.
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Reading list on Maoist movement in India (Curated from Naxalbari at its Golden Jubilee: Fifty recent books on the Maoist movement in India) #UrbanNaxals
1. Azad (2010). Maoists in India: writings and interviews. Hyderabad: Friends of Azad.
2. Ajitha (2008). Kerala’s Naxalbari: Ajitha, memoirs of a young revolutionary (S.
Ramachandran, trans.). New Delhi: Srishti.
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Much before #UrbanNaxals became a buzzword, we in erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh , actually experienced. From 80s to mid 2000s , AP had a long running battle with Naxals, lost some of our best cops ( Umesh Chandra, Vyas) , political leaders, ordinary people to this.
It was a two front battle, on one hand the regular encounters between the cops and Naxals. On the other hand the #UrbanNaxals in Telugu media, cinema, academia, campuses. It was a living reality for us.
Telugu media had it's own share of #UrbanNaxals , Varavara Rao one of the leading lights. There were others like Balagopal too. Some magazines and newspapers supported them in a guarded manner , some were openly in support of the Naxals.
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