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23 Sep
@RishiUvaach @RituRathaur I don't remember having met you, but anyone present there would have known that it was me who was keen to get my book released by Shri Bhagwat. I was told first that it would be possible & then later for security reasons it was not possible, which was totally understandable.
@RishiUvaach @RituRathaur To simply take Ritu's name to malign her is the lowest of the low. Very unnecessary. She was with me as a friend and because we wanted to discuss Freeing Temples from Government control with Shri Bhagwat because of our movement, a point which was raised at the meeting.
@RishiUvaach @RituRathaur @RishiUvaach the saddest part is that both Ritu & I have been subjected to vile messages by the likes of you and Rahul Kaushik, both of who say that you believe in RSS values. If this is what you have learnt from RSS, I don't know who should be more ashamed - @RSSorg or you.
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4 Sep
Americans left all their tanks, helicopters, planes, arms, etc for the Taliban.
India left all infrastructure built for the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Kashmiri Pandits left all their buildings, wealth behind for the Kashmiri Ms.
Bengali Hindus fled leaving behind their possessions +
For their M oppressors.
Sindhis & Punjabi Hindus left their Kothis, land, gold, schools, everything behind for the Pak Ms.
Kerala Hindus are selling their land & homes cheaply to escape Ms in North Kerala.
When they come for us in our Mainland, where will we run to?
And what all will we leave behind?
Our buildings, homes, wealth, infrastructure, metros, arms, ammunition, our Temples, Vigrahas, books, libraries, Ancient knowledge, everything.
For our oppressors to Destroy.
Look at the library & musical instruments burnt down recently.
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20 Jul
Slightly long thread. The following have been my observations on changes in thought process regarding Hinduism.
Before 70s there were hardly any inter-caste or inter-religious marriages. This was a majorly vegetarian country &drinking alcohol also was prohibited atleast at home.
With a new wave in films, thought process started changing. Clothing styles changed, speaking vernacular languages was mocked at, inter-caste, inter-religious marriages started taking place.
Parents were forced to change their thought process to suit that of the youngsters and +
where earlier, the elders were the ones whose advice was sought after, now it was the children’s.
When anyone went abroad, the members of his/her family would make such a show of it, that irrespective of the life they led abroad, it was thought of as an ideal life.
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16 Sep 20
For the sake of my friends, so that they understand news better, I feel the need to explain the difference between the terms, "Secular" and "Communal". Feel free to share ...

Temple = Secular
Sadhu = Communal

Yoga = Secular
Baba Ramdev/Yogi = Communal

Minority Appeasement = Secular
Equal Rights for Hindus = Communal

Fraud Swami Agnivesh = Secular
Swami Nityanand = Communal

Mughal tombs = Secular
Tarabai Headstone = Communal

Carnatic Music = Secular
Mandir ki Ghanti = Communal

Urdu/English = Secular
Hindi/Sanskrit =Communal
Dog/Cat = Secular
Cow/Elephant = Communal

Zakat Foundation = Secular
RSS = Communal

Allopathy = Secular
Ayurveda = Communal

Kristubhagwatam = Secular
Vedas& Manusmriti = Communal

Janeudhaari Congress = Secular
BJP = Communal

Pant-shirt/Dress = Secular
Dhoti/Sari = Communal
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26 Jul 20
The ex-CBI Chief lists out the process of deracination of Hindus – people get rattled

An evergreen failure belonging to a political party does rounds of Temples to fool people – it is divine.

The Chief Justice does ‘saashtaanga namaskar’ in a Temple and prays – people get rattled

A police officer offers ‘namaaz’ in the middle of the road – it is divine.

A Hindu politician makes statements against murderous crowd of Minorities – people get rattled

A Minorities Commission Chairman makes provocative statements causing mayhem in the capital – it is divine.

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28 Nov 19
Not everyone enters Politics or Social Work to be Politically Correct. Sadhvi Pragya is one of them. Her calling Godse a Patriot may be Politically Incorrect, but not a wrong statement.
Those who want to pretend to be holier than thou wrt Gandhiji & Godse fall into 4 categories & I have some questions for them:
Have you followed Gandhiji’s footsteps wrt:
Washing common toilets to prove that no work is small.

Eating food at the house of a slum dweller to prove that untouchability is a curse.
Wear only simple, one-toned or white Khadi cloth throughout your life.
Protest against the Establishment levying unjust taxes.
Drunk goat milk to prevent Gou-Mata from being exploited.
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10 Oct 19
Why are we so shocked with the #MurshidabadHeinousCrime ?
Is it the 1st time something heinous has happened to Hindus?
Remember #Noakhali genocide?
Started a series of rapes and murders which went on for 3 horrible days, before Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay hit back.
Guess what he was called-
GOONDA of Kolkata.
Kashmiri Pandits were raped, killed & threatened.
They were forced to leave Kashmir.
Guess what they were called-
RSS workers were killed in Kerala in cold blood.
They didn't hit back.
Guess what they were called-
Prithviraj Chauhan did not kill Ghori. He forgave him everytime.
What is he called today?
Xtian Missionaries silently kill our tradition and culture.
What do we call them?
Izlamic followers do the 'Murgi' cut.
What do we call them?
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4 Oct 19
Why do we need #EqualRightsforHindus?
1. #RighttoChildhoodFun
Courts rule that Dahi Handi, Diwali, Holi - dangerous, polluting, water wastage. Children & families love these festivals.
But actually Childhood is lost when
- self-flagellation during Moharram
- Radicalisation leading to Child suicide bombers
- Children paid for stoning Army, etc.
Childhood also lost when
- Church & its supporting NGOs force
Schoolchildren to protest against Government for
- Aarey, Sterlite Copper issue, etc.
Village sports Jallikattu, Kumbala, Dahi Handi train & test fitness of individuals. V. important.
- Unlike #WeaponsTraining or #LoveJihad training by Radical Islamists
- Unlike Acts of Epilepsy, Mental Illness by Evangelists
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