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A friend sent me a video that is apparently making the rounds. It's titled "#Modi the Boss," and features various world leaders praising Modi's popularity and greeting him.

Modi's #Bhakts are clearly in orgasmic bliss with this, and opponents say it's pure propaganda.

But there's more to this than meets the eye.

1. It's a fact that Modi's popularity fills world leaders with awe. They would give an arm and a leg to be as popular in their countries as Modi is in India. He can screw up worse than anyone can imagine and still be popular.

2. In contrast, leaders of most world democracies have to worry about the #economy, #jobs, #Unemployment, #prices, #inflation, #recession, etc. If anything goes wrong with these, they might lose the next #election.

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Independent India has always been a vibrant democracy, except for the #Emergency years of #IndiraGandhi from 1975-77. That it has taken a decisive turn to religious majoritarianism under the #BJP and under #Modi since 2014 doesn't change that fact. (1/)
Democracy is not necessarily congruent with liberal values or even human rights. #Slavery was legal both in the democracy of Great Britain as well as the USA for almost a hundred years since the US' formation. Even a White woman was not considered equal to a man in America. (2/)
#Blacks in the #US did not have equal rights even after the abolition of slavery for another 100 years under #Lincoln, but we still think of the US in #1960 as a democracy.

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Thread Kashi Yatra:

Books have been written on Kashi Yatra.

This is an attempt to cover major shrines &nearby. (Also inquire from pandit ji inside the temple regarding other vigrahas in the temple)

1. Kala Bhairava
2. Dandpani
3. Navgraheshvar Image
Near Kashi Vishvanath Temple

Go thru Gate no.1

1. Dhundiraja Vinayaka
2. Maa Annapoorna Temple
(Dont forget to partake prasad from Maa's Kitchen. Also if possible donate for annadanam)
3. Kashi Vishvanath
4. Shrines inside KV Temple
Near by
5. Shukreshvar
6. Kalika Devi Image
Near Mir Ghat

1. Vishalakshi Gauri
2. Dharmeshvar
3. Bade Hanuman
4. Vriddhaditya
5. Varahi Devi
6. Rameshvar
7. Someshvar Image
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Today's Pradosh Aarti

Soak in the divinely charged aura

हर हर हर महादेव!!
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Life and death in a single video.
Possible in only one city.

Namaskaram Kashi.
My first darshan of Mata Ganga was behind a pyre.
Kashi blesses us this. Reminding that we will all be dead. #Kashi Image
Banarasi Pan 😂

#Kashi Image
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Let us.. look at how #traditional people, of times when #Shankaracharya lived, treated him though him being one of the realised beings of his times & respected, when it comes to #scripts&how he responded
One incident is of the cremation of his #beloved #mother.
Thread follows
#AdiShakara’s father #Shivaguru passed away when he was a child.

#AdiShakara’s father #Shivaguru passed away when he was a child.

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महादेव की काशी के मनोहर घाट🔱
1. दशाश्वमेध घाट
2. जैन घाट
3. चौसट्टी घाट, ओमकार घाट
#Kashi #UttarPradesh
4. मुंशी घाट
5. राजा घाट
6. दरभंगा घाट
7. निषादराज घाट
#Banaras #UPTourism
8. मणिकर्णिका घाट
9. अस्सी घाट
#Varanasi #upnahidekhatohindianahidekha
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#Varanasi the #Marathi footprint - The thread shares some info about the history & contribution of Marathi people to Kashi. The Maratha Empire's aim over generations was to liberate Kashi however it could not fructify for various reasons at different ties. #Kashi #मराठी
Sant Eknath (1533-1599) believed to have written the Bhagwat in front of 'Sakshi' Gopal murti, presently at the Tailangswami Mutth. Eknath Maharaj is believed to have stayed at the Panchaganga Ghat for about two years.
Many Marathi families have made Varanasi their home over a few centuries. Some families believe that their forefathers arrived when Shivaji Maharaj's helped to resurrect the Bindu Madhav Temple destroyed by Aurangzeb. Since mid 1800s the Pant Pratinidhi have supported the temple.
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Mandirs Were Broken Inside Kashi Kshetra. Vigrahas & 1000s Year Old Tree AlshayaVat Was Pulled Out & Thrown. The Ghats Beautified To Make Them TouristsPlace.

Now When #KASHI #Varanasi Is Developed For RahuG's Bangkok Typo Visit, People Are Complaining : @PMOIndia @narendramodi
Business Is What My Idea Is, I Am So Happy That My Varanasi Beat Tirupati & JagannathPuri In Highest Pilgrims Visitors Count :@PMOIndia @narendramodi

Great, 28% GST Entertainment Tax The Govt Is Getting Due To PM Initiating The Development : Qawwals Of @narendramodi_in Reacted.
This Was Planned To Pull More Tourists To Varanasi. We Beat Tirupati & JagannathPuri : @PMOIndia @narendramodi

More Tourists, More Earnings For Varanasi People : Qawwals Of Modi
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#Muslims have two separate nations, carved out of India, where non-Muslims can’t survive even as second class citizens. Hindus, on the other hand, cannot have back, the three of their most sacred places of worship.
Hindus got #Ayodhya, after several protracted battles, spanning over five centuries, including seven decades of struggle in independent India. #Kashi is in courts and status quo continues in #KrishnaJanambhumi in #Mathura. The absurdity of the situation, gnaws the Hindu psyche.
If left to themselves, Hindus and Muslims may have sorted out these vexed issues between themselves. But because of the mischievous role of '#leftliberals', even any meaningful dialogue not been possible.
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🧵Ayodhya,Kashi,#Ujjain:@narendramodi's focus on refurbishing major temples is deeply linked with idea of ‘New India’ that PM heralds as radical break with the past. In 5 ways.

First, look at this table (part1) on some temple projects viz @PMOIndia @BJP4India govt,2014-2021.1/n Image
2. Part 2 of Temples Data Table is here👇Combining religiosity,cultural identity & Hindu-ness with a new unapologetic cultural nationalism; and deeply rooted in Hindu cultural symbols, this cultural play reaches out to many religious Hindus beyond core Hindutva supporters 2/n Image
3. On temple 🛕🛕 projects: Beyond symbolism & reordering of ritual economies,it carries within it a much deeper remaking of the political economy.

There are 5 key features of this shift.

I have summarised them here 👇 @news18dotcom @CNNnews18 3/n
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Hindus will pay a huge karmic price for keeping quiet on brutal demolishing of their Temples especially in #Kashi
Gods won't be kind to you
This is the latest 16th century Shiva temple which will be bulldozed for "Vikas" in kashi
Kya karogey hindus tum uss corridor ka jahan tumahre devta hee nahi?
Read how in name of kashi corridor, yet another Ancient Temple will be bulldozed

Since this is not being demolished in Rajsthan , the hypocrites of RW disguising a hindus won't speak a word

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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? - Part 4 #Thread

""Microcosm & Macrocosm"

Cosmogram is a magico-spatial design that brings macro, meso, and microcosms together in a unified order. The focal point represents the earth's life-breath, and thus assists to explain and experience the fundamental interaction between Man and Cosmos.
The number 108, which is a numerical cosmogram in and of itself, has a cosmogonic meaning relating to constellations (lunar asterism, 27) and the human condition's rhythm or cardinality (8). Thus, cardinality, centrality, and circulation are defined.
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? Part-3 #Thread

"A Basic Description of the #Kashi Tirtha Yatra"

Even after performing crores of Yajnas one cannot acquire the opulence which one can get at every step while walking in the lanes of Kashi. (Kashi Khanda)
Tirtha "तीर्थ" is a Sanskrit word that means "crossing place, ford", and refers to any place, text or person that is scared. It particularly refers to pilgrimage sites and scared places.
Tirtha originally referred to a fordable river, which was chosen solely for its utility.
Hindus build "Axis Mundi," temporary or permanent representations of a substantial part or the entire cosmos, to maintain a harmonious relationship throughout the universe.
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? Part-2 #Thread

"Significance of Tirtha Yatra"

Kashi is referenced in the Puranas and Mahatmya Granthas as a Tirtha Khestra.

मरणं मंगलं यत्र विभूतिश्च विभूषणम्।
कौपीनं यत्र कौशेयं सा काशी केन मीयते।।

Pilgrimage sites of 🇮🇳
Although pilgrimages are not mentioned directly in Vedic literature (about 2000-500 B.C.), they were regarded an important aspect of spiritual fulfilment
(Aitareya Brahmana)
In Vedic literature, the Sanskrit term yatra meant "travel" rather than "pilgrimage," but yatra was accepted as meaning "pilgrimage" in Puranic literature (500 B.C. - A.D. 700).
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Why is #Kashi so significant to Hindus? Part -1 #Thread

Varanasi does not receive much attention in Vedic literature, but its glory is strongly eulogized in puranic literature and treatises.
Kashi (The "Luminous"), Avimukta (The "Never-Forsaken" of Shiva, the patron deity), Anandavana (The "Forest of Bliss"), and Rudravasa (The "Dwelling site of Shiva") have all been used to describe the concept of image.
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BREAKING: Varanasi Local Court orders to seal the place after 'Shivling' being found inside Gyanvapi mosque.
#ज्ञानवापी_मंदिर #GyanvapiSurvey #KashiVishwanathTemple #kashi #GyanvapiMosque
Allowing the application 78C moved by petitioner's counsel, Court ordered the DM, Varanasi to seal the place where the Shivling has been found with immediate effect and to prohibit the entry of any person in the sealed place. #ज्ञानवापी_मंदिर #GyanvapiSurvey
After the Shivling being found today during the court-ordered survey, Court also placed 'personal responsibility' upon the DM, Police Commissioner, and CRPF Commandant of Varanasi to protect and secure the sealed place.
#ज्ञानवापी_मंदिर #Gyanvapi
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Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram.
Yogeshwar Shri Krishna.
Rameshwar Bhagwan Shiv.
Why are temples at Ayodhya, Mathura & Kashi important? some friends asked wondering what the entire controversy about reclaiming places of worship is all about.
Most didn't know the significance at all.
Are we actually so cut off from our history, culture & religion?
Do others have the same question about Mecca or Vatican or Jerusalem?
It is a historical fact the followers of religion that originated in India have been ruled by those following religions that originated elsewhere
Systematically over centuries have we forgotten the significance of our spiritual & religious centres incl #Ayodhya #Mathura & #Kashi? Babur invaded in 1526 & some of his cruel bigoted successors incl Aurangzeb are said to have destroyed & desecrated many of our places of worship
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James Prinsep (1799 – 1840) was an English scholar, orientalist and antiquary. He was the founding editor of the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal and is best remembered for deciphering the Kharosthi and Brahmi scripts of ancient India. 1 Image
He studied, documented and illustrated many aspects of numismatics, metallurgy, meteorology apart from pursuing his career in India as an assay master at the mint in Benares. He painted many drawings & paintings of Kashi / Varanasi during his 10 years (1820-1830) stay in Kashi. 2 Image
Plan of the Ancient Temple of Vishveshwar.
The dotted line shows the portion of temple occupied by the present Masjid.This plan of Adi Vishweshwar temple of Kashi was drawn by James Prinsep about 200 years ago.Plate 12 from second part of James Prinsep's 'Benares Illustrated'. Image
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Unakoti : It is a historical and archaeological Hindu pilgrimage center located in Kailashahar subdivision of #Unakoti district, 178KM away from #Agartala, capital of #Tripura, a state of India. There are 99lakh, 99 thousand, 999 idols dedicated to #LordShiva.
#incredibleindia Image
Which were built in the 7th – 9th century AD, or even earlier, during the reign of the #Pala_dynasty in #Bengal and neighboring regions. On the basis of the number of idols, this place got the name "Unakoti" because Image
according to the language here 'Koti' means 'crore' and 'Una' means 'one less'. According to #Hindu_mythology, Lord Shiva once spent a night here on his way to #Kashi to rest with 99,99,999 gods and goddesses. And he told all the deities to get up before sunrise and Image
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
On the last date of hearing, Adv. Vijay Shankar Rastogi, the appointed next friend of Lord Vishweshwar, had argued that the land in question belongs to the 'Swayambhu' lord since always, therefore, Aurangzeb never had any right over it.…
The matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
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🚨Allahabad High Court continues hearing Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
Matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
On the last date of hearing, Adv. VS Rastogi, the appointed next friend of Lord Vishweshwar, had said that the "dispute is not a dispute of property simplicitor but it is a national dispute with emotions of millions of people attached to it."
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing in Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi #kashivishwanath
Matter is being heard before the bench of Justice Prakash Padia.
After absence of any senior counsel on behalf of the Central and State Govts. being pointed out by the Court on the last date of hearing, ASG SP Singh appears on behalf of the Central Government.
#kashi #mosque
On the last date of hearing, Adv. Rastogi had said that the Hindus had continuous possession over the land as even after the demolition of the first floor of the ancient temple, 'aarti' and other Hindu worshipping rituals were continued.
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🚨Allahabad High Court resumes hearing in Kashi Vishwanath temple-Gyanvapi mosque dispute case(s).
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Adv. Puneet Kumar Gupta appears for the parties contesting the Gyanvapi mosque being situated on the land in dispute.
#kashi #mosque #temple #Varanasi
Gupta reads out the relief sought in the suit by Ancient Idol of Swayambhu Lord Vishweshwar filed in 1991 for restoration of performance of rituals at the principal seat of Asthan of Lord Visheshwar and other gods within the precincts of temple complex known as 'Ancient Temple'.
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