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Hindutva is a socio-political ideology inspired by Abrahamism which cannot survive without the 'other'. And if there is no 'other' from without, it would invent one from within.
Whereas Hinduism is ritualistic, spiritual & empowering, and hence it is Sanatan--eternal aka divine.
Test of pudding is in eating.

If Hindutva is same as Hinduism aka Sanatan Dharma, then why there is so much aversion to teaching/learning शास्त्र विद्या by/among Hindutva organisation?

And why there is NO institutional protest by Hindutva organizations against ongoing #DGH?
Assuming but not admitting that Hindutva meant same as Hinduism when it was coined, its current meaning/purpose is not Sanatan.

Just as Secularism in India means opposite of its original, whatever HINDUTVA may mean etymologically, IN ACTION IT IS ANYTHING BUT HINDUISM.
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Mu$lims r d only growing com in India.
The population of Mus$lims is increasing continuously.
& from central to state every Govt all r helping them to increase their population.
After making a Hindu majority country as SECULAR(Anti-Hindu) they're doing appeasement of a single com
Now d questions are..
1. Why they r appeasing a single community?
2. Have they learnt nothing from the History?
3. R they don't know that what this com did in 1947 when they were just 24.3% of entire population of United Bharat?
4. R they unaware about future planning of Mu$lims?
Now d population on Mu$lims in India is above 25 crores( 18% approx) now.
& the increasing atrocities on Hindus, the cases of LoveJihad, the demolition of the idols of Hindu Lords, Lynching of Hindu Sadhus r d proof that This country is going toward another tragedy.
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Amar, Akbar & Anthony open schools, teaching same subjects & syllabus, but treated differently by law

Only Amar has to bear the burden of onerous regulations while Akbar & Anthony are free to manage their schools as they wish, bcoz they belong to "Minority community"
British created a concept of majority & minority that does not exist in their country

There are few countries which do provide specific rights for their Minorities (ethnic communities) to establish educational institutions. But the rights of Majority have been well protected
Who is a religious minority?

The Indian Constitution does not define the word ‘Minority’

Articles 26 to 30 of the constitution were meant to give religious freedom to the people of this country but same articles have been misused to deny that freedom to a vast "Majority"
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1) After Killing 100s of Hindu schools & plundering Hindu temples, @Dev_Fadnavis embarks on Hindutva pilgrimage:…
@Dev_Fadnavis 2) Learn how Good-cop @Dev_Fadnavis & Bad-cop @girishdmahajan blackmailed Hindu temples for funding irrigation schemes (note: irrigation is a very lucrative govt dept with max opportunity for corruption)…
@Dev_Fadnavis @girishdmahajan 3) Hindu Nationalism means "sacrifice hindus for non-Hindu Vishwas". Here is Hindutva icon @Dev_Fadnavis mulling Jerusalem subsidy for Christians & 50% income tax on hindu temples:…
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Why do we need #EqualRightsforHindus?
1. #RighttoChildhoodFun
Courts rule that Dahi Handi, Diwali, Holi - dangerous, polluting, water wastage. Children & families love these festivals.
But actually Childhood is lost when
- self-flagellation during Moharram
- Radicalisation leading to Child suicide bombers
- Children paid for stoning Army, etc.
Childhood also lost when
- Church & its supporting NGOs force
Schoolchildren to protest against Government for
- Aarey, Sterlite Copper issue, etc.
Village sports Jallikattu, Kumbala, Dahi Handi train & test fitness of individuals. V. important.
- Unlike #WeaponsTraining or #LoveJihad training by Radical Islamists
- Unlike Acts of Epilepsy, Mental Illness by Evangelists
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