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10 Jul
Well if this isn’t something. 😂 @NBCNews
In case you want to read the articles:…
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24 Mar
You should be ashamed of yourself @HeidiNBC - using an emotionally distraught & sick woman who self-medicated FISH TANK CLEANER and just lost her husband as the poster child of why #hydrochloroquine is “deadly” to push back on @POTUS.

Your original tweet says “after ingesting chloroquine” - INCORRECT. The couple ingested chloroquine sulphate - BIG DIFFERENCE but you consciously omitted that in the lead tweet to be sensational.
Additionally, President Trump saying that a drug is being looked at as promising by the FDA is not the same as calling something the cure - another point you knew consciously.
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11 Sep 19
I remember exactly where I was 18 years ago - #NeverForget THREAD

I sat in my 7th grade science class at Fayetteville Street Christian School in Asheboro, NC, like every other Tuesday morning. Nothing remarkable had happened, when the door to the classroom opened...
It was Miss Duty, my history teacher... “A plane just hit the World Trade Center,” she told us. She didn’t have much information and didn’t seem too distraught so we just figured that it was a small biplane that had lost course or control and crashed.
Sad, but nothing to change our entire day (much less lives over). That was the last moment of naïveté I can recall in my life - the last moment not understanding what terrorists, radical Islam, and fears of war were. Everything changed from that moment. Everything...
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24 Jan 19
On Monday, @AOC lamented the dissolution of the middle class in a dialogue showing the divide between billionaires & those in poverty.

The darkest part of this being the realization that what she promotes - socialism/globalism - is EXACTLY what destroyed the middle class. 1/2
Decrying the destruction of the middle class while promoting the VERY THING that has destroyed it is either extremely ignorant about what she espouses or willfully malicious in misleading the masses.

It’s probably a bit of both. There is no doubt that she is “controlled.”
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21 Aug 18
Food for thought:

If you’re the Mueller team and you’ve been working with Michael Cohen for a while working out a plea deal you look to get the best information you can to take down Trump.

Which would mean that you kee him under wraps until you have your case ready to hammer...
the President. You would want to save Cohen and not have him complete his plea deal until Trump was in the bag and the evidence was mounted against the President.

Instead we have a plea deal with zero convictions having anything to do with Trump.
Cohen’s only tie to President Trump in the plea deal is a statement that he was a co-conspirator in a payoff of two women in order to sway the election?
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