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Good morning. We're now into the 8th month of the #COVID19 pandemic. In the United States, we've learned that plans for scale-up of testing were abandoned after being far along in the planning stages. 1/…
Meanwhile @HHS_ASH w/ track record of overpromising & underdelivering, who is in charge of US testing effort, still has a job. Decides to blame all of us for his incompetence. under guise of personal responsibility. We're just not trying hard enough. 2/…
Meanwhile, erstwhile economist, now playing doctor on TV #peternavarro continues to push #hydrochloroquine with help from a misguided fellow faculty member here @Yale. 3/…
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Who is Beatrice H Hahn ❓😳

👉🏾German Virologist
👉🏾 University of PN
👉🏾Stephen Hahn Head of FDA
👉🏾Knowingly held CURES

Beatrice Hahn, elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2012, longstanding interest in the origins and evolution of human pathogens. @realDonaldTrump
🔑 Knowingly - #hydrochloroquine she KNEW! #Merkel she did nothing to stop Covid 19

She is recognized for deciphering the primate origins of human immunodeficiency viruses types 1 and 2 (HIV-1 and HIV-2) and the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
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@Walmart @WalmartInc All the so called 'educated' in #Bentonville must have never read the packaging on these #Mask. Does not protect from #coronavirus #COVID19 or any other viral-bacterial germs. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump this Social Stupidity must come to an end. CONTD -->
USING THE FAKE NEWS TO PROVE MY POINT: They do have it right on this.
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#DeepState #Cabal set us up #COVID19 LONG TIME AGO!!! Read, then watch DZ clip - THEN REVIEW PUBLIC EVENTS since Dec 2019 😱
IF (when?) YouTube blocks video
“Dead Zone” tv show “Plague” 7/13/2003
Season 2, Episode 14
🔗 - AmazonPrimeVideo
🔗 - AmazonVideo, $2 for episode
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How fast does this pandemic end if you could start feeling better in as soon as 5 hours???
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1. @OANN & @DrJudyAMikovits expose #Covid19 #Soros #BillGates #Fauci #Clintons #DeepState & more. It covers #Globalists #DepopulationAgenda and fight against #hydrochloroquine!

Part 1...

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #Vaccine

2. @OANN & @DrJudyAMikovits expose #Covid19 #Soros #BillGates #Fauci #Clintons #DeepState & more. It covers #Globalists #DepopulationAgenda and fight against #hydrochloroquine!

Part 2...

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #Vaccine

Check this out @CoreysDigs & @TheSharpEdge1

Scroll down to see part 2 as well!
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Interesting how @KayLyme is censored by fellow Democrats for thanking the president and the liberal media is quiet. Yet are vocal over the alleged firing of #RickBright over his disapproval of #hydroxychloroquine . PS he has hired Debra Katz & Lisa Banks Blasey Fords attys.
What the article failed to clearly say is the warning is geared toward those individuals who are beyond the stage of help. #hydrochloroquine
Where are the blacks to stand up against the liberal media attacking this black woman? #KarenWhitsett
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📕 A Quick Story:
Ipca Labs and the rise of its stock price by +40% in the last 2 months.

🔸 For the last 5 years, US FDA had imposed a complete ban on import of any drugs from #IpcaLabs

🔸 The reason cited by #USFDA was manufacturing lapses at Ipca's factories

🔸 As the coronavirus pandemic broke across the world, a drug called #Hydrochloroquine (HCQ) was found to be effective against the virus.

🔸 India's pharma companies have always been producers of cheap generic drugs.

🔸 As the HCQ news was announced, India imposed a complete ban on export of HCQ drugs.

🔸 As many as 30 countries, including the US approached India to get a supply of #HCQ tablets.

🔸 US went as far as threatening with a "retaliation" if India does not supply them HCQ.

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1/7 France has done the first pharmacokinetic (PK) study of HCQ for ICU patients of #COVID19, a fantastic job for dosage optimization.
🔸13 patients, average weight=82.7 kg
🔸46% pts BMI>30
🔸12 on mechanical ventilators
🔸1 on ECMO
🔸30.7% with medium/severe renal dysfunction
🔸2 pts had QT prolongations (>500ms ), but not related to HCQ levels.
🔸 Regimen D: 200mgX3/day for 7 days;
PK simulation shows HCQ reached the therapeutic level of 1mg/L on day 2.5 but exceeds 2mg/L (risk of ocular toxicity) on day 5
🔺In this D regimen, the average HCQ dose is ~7.5 mg/kg/day, which is above the well established safe upper limit: 6.5 mg/kg/day; meanwhile, the HCQ blood concentration exceeds the upper safe level: 2mg/L.
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I think I'm onto something big here. Does hydrochloroquine stop the harmful effects of 5G-the actual cause for CoronaVirus? It stops the harmful effects of chemo/radiation in most cases. I really think this is why the miraculous turnaround in most cases.…
Do not take with an antacid. They have aluminum in them. It will block the effects of the drug. #hydrochloroquine
5G is "The Unseen Enemy."
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Donc... l'association #hydrochloroquine #Azithromycine augmente le QT de façon significative, voire très dangereusement, de plus de 500ms.

Comme l'association était contre-indiquée, il n'y avait pas de donnée, c'est désormais fait, chez 84 patients.…
L'article cite la vaste prescription de l'association des 2 produits, normalement contre indiquée, suite au papier de Gautret et al. "Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a
treatment of COVID19: results of an open-label non-randomized clinical trial"
Et pointe les conséquence cardiaques possibles du #covid19 cité par exemple ici : Zheng Y-Y, Ma Y-T, Zhang J-Y and Xie X. COVID-19 and the cardiovascular system in Nature Reviews Cardiology. 2020:1-2.
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I'm astonished that people think doctors, biomedical researchers, and public health professionals—who have devoted their lives to helping people—are lying about #hydrochloroquine treatment for #COVID19 just to hurt Trump, rather than expressing justified skepticism based on data.
Until the past month, medical professionals have been among the most trusted people in America (below). We're seeing a dramatic turn in this, right at the time they are literally risking their lives to help the rest of us.
Right now the comments on this very thread are full of this sort of thing from (non-trollbot) accounts. This one asserted that medical experts are lying to the public "explicitly for short term political gain at the expense of human lives." and then doubled down when questioned.
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New trial of #hydroxychloroquine for #COVID from China. First thoughts:
1- It's a preprint on medRxiv - this means it has yet to be evaluated by the medical community and the information presented may be erroneous (read with a shaker of salt nearby)…
2- That said, the research protocol was approved by proper Ethics Cmte at Renmin Hospital in Wuhan, research procedures follow Declaration of Helsinki & registered in Chinese Clinical Trial registry #hydrochloroquine #Covid_19

3- Randomized, double-blinded trial (nice!)
4- Added #hydrochloroquine (200mg 2x/day x 5days) to standard therapy (oxygen, antivirals, antibacterials, immunoglobulins +/- steroids)
5- Patients could not have severe/critical #Covid_19 infection; avg age was ~45y.o., even split M/F.
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First completed systematic review on antimalarials (#hydrochloroquine #chloroquine) for #Covid_19
It is a rigorous SR conducted rapidly, NOT a rapid review (less rigour)
Submitted today to journal but preliminary report here to avoid delay in decision-making (1/4🧵)
For others to replicate, we share search strategy and downloadable files
Published and ongoing studies continuously updated here:…
Let's advocate for #replication not #duplication (waste) in evidence synthesis.
Also, collaboration more than welcome (2/4🧵)
It includes first RCT with reported data.
It has negative findings. Portrays different picture than questionable study hitting the news days ago (Gautret et al)
Thanks to @ConfucioUST for translation (Chinese to English). We are exploring copyright issues before sharing
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"Covid-19 : y a-t-il une place pour l’hydroxychloroquine (Plaquénil®) en médecine générale ?" Avis du Conseil scientifique du @CNGE_France #Covid19 #Hydroxychloroquine @olivierveran @MinSoliSante @santeprevention @gouvernementFR @EmmanuelMacron…
La pandémie de #Covid19 soulève des questions scientifiques, médicales, et sociales fortement accentuées par les médias. Compte tenu de l’incidence cumulée de certaines formes graves de cette maladie, un traitement efficace est impatiemment attendu par la communauté 2/
des soignants comme par la population. Aujourd’hui, aucune thérapeutique spécifique n’est validée pour traiter cette infection quel qu’en soit le stade.
Récemment, une étude française a été prépubliée dans une revue internationale. Cette étude, 3/
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Notre confrère indique avoir été écouté. Et s'attribue donc cette autorisation. #hydrochloroquine

Mais, ce décret ne change pas grand chose, et c'est un nouveau coup de com' de notre néanmoins estimé confrère.
Il pose une dérogation à l'article L. 5121-8 du code de la santé publique, qui permet l'utilisation non seulement de l'hydroxychloroquine mais aussi de l'association lopinavir/ritonavir "sous la responsabilité (personnelle) d'un médecin", aux patients atteints par le covid-19
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He certainly didn’t say to take chemicals used to clean an aquarium, as those are not FDA approved for ingestion.

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@realDonaldTrump @US_FDA #ChloroquinePhosphate #Hydroxycloroquine #Chloroquine #NotTrumpsFault #BlameYourself…
He clearly said it was an FDA approved “specific medication for chloroquine-sensitive malaria.” This drug is Hydroxychloroquine, they also use it for Autoimmune Diseases such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have taken it myself for Autoimmune.

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This is certainly a tragedy. However, I don’t think it’s fair for the President to take any blame whatsoever for someone that decided to go full Darwin and willingly, dangerously decide to treat themselves by ingesting something non-FDA approved!

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Pour ceux qui se posent des questions sur la validation de traitement contre le #COVIDー19, l'@Inserm a publié une conférence très claire sur la mise en place de l'essai clinique lancé aujourd'hui. #chloroquine (1/11)
Vu que sur twitter 25min ça peut être trop long je vous délivre certaines informations clés ici (si certains veulent compléter, je vous en prie) :
1) Mobilisation de nombreux acteurs pour mener un essai en temps réel et robuste, c'est un protocole de grande ampleur
2) Volonté d'aider d'autre pays européens à mettre en place ce protocole.
Environs 800 patients en France, pour 3000 en Europe.
But : générer de la puissance statistiques dans les résultats. Ce qu'il manque aujourd'hui.
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You should be ashamed of yourself @HeidiNBC - using an emotionally distraught & sick woman who self-medicated FISH TANK CLEANER and just lost her husband as the poster child of why #hydrochloroquine is “deadly” to push back on @POTUS.

Your original tweet says “after ingesting chloroquine” - INCORRECT. The couple ingested chloroquine sulphate - BIG DIFFERENCE but you consciously omitted that in the lead tweet to be sensational.
Additionally, President Trump saying that a drug is being looked at as promising by the FDA is not the same as calling something the cure - another point you knew consciously.
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