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The horrors of the genocide in Srebrenica (in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general) are becoming more vivid as more and more survivors share their stories. For some of them, it took more than two decades to finally be able to speak publicly.

Omer Dudić was a young man, living in Srebrenica, when the war started. Srebrenica was attacked by the Serb forces in 1992. By 1993, the humanitarian situation was unbearable. In April 1993, Srebrenica was designated a "safe area" by the UN.

The Bosnian army (largely Muslim) surrendered its weapons. In return, the UN would protect Srebrenica and the Serbs would not attack it. By 1995, the Bosnian Army was growing stronger in other parts of Bosnia. The Serbs decided to finish what they started in 1992.

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Tamir Rice. Born on this day, June 25, 2002.

On November 22, 2014, Tamir Rice was throwing snowballs and playing with a toy pellet gun in a Cleveland park when a police car rolled into the snowy field. Within two seconds of getting out of his squad car, white police officer
white police officer Timothy Loehmann shot and killed the 12-year-old. The officer claimed he thought the pellet gun was a real firearm.
America’s systemic marginalization, criminalization and subordination of black and brown bodies killed Tamir, the officer merely fired the gun.
#america #blacklivesmatter
#TamirRice #neverforget Murdered by a racist. Snatched from his mother, his father, his family and his friends. Catalyst for action. Sober reminder of our continuous struggle.
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Every profession has some ‘bad’ folks, but not all in said profession are ‘bad’. I have had some real ‘bad’ doctors but not all doctors are ‘bad’.

I stand with our men and women in blue and what is happening with #DefundThePolice #AbolishICE is reprehensible😡

The local police in my community are amazing. They support lemon aid stands, join us at block parties and BBQ’s. They keep us safe and we treat them like family💙🚔

Thank a police officer today. They need to know that there are many of us that support them and will have their back💙🚔

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Throughout the years in my life I have never felt so proud & honored to vote for a President @realDonaldTrump like you, I never wanted to vote. You have inspired so many people Mr. President Trump from #MAGA to #KAG & #KAS that you've inspired the world
...& #WeThePeople stand by you & with you bc you put your life out for America. People rise to your occasions to support you & show how thankful America is for #PromisesKept Like no other President has done before, you have done for America. This #WeThePeople
.thanking you for all the slings and arrows you have taken for us & we stand together in full support of you. I know how proud & honored I feel just to hold my sign #WomenForTrump & four more years #TRUMP2020 is the GREATEST honor yet. More people have woken
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Mas olha a audácia do filhodaputa...
O cara desmontou Farmácia Popular,
Mais Médicos,
Desmontou o departamento do Complexo Industrial da Saúde
Sucateou o sist público de Saúde o qto pode
E agora posa como grande defensor do SUS
E age como se não tivesse nada a ver com a crise
Mandetta é um dos responsáveis pela situação atual
No dia que foi confirmado o primeiro caso, essa foi a resposta dele sobre fechar fronteiras e espaço aereo
Antes disso, quando os casos suspeitos começaram a surgir, o discurso era q dengue mata mais, então, sussa
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#WhiteLivesMatter is trending...

And, I figured it wouldn't be mannerable if I didn't pay the Lil' Nazis -- a visit!

I feel like Maeve.
I feel like the AFRICAN father of WESTERN Theology:

I feel like throwing my Afro-European identity around...

I feel like Oya and Thor had a black baby...

I feel like an Afro-Westerner

I feel like using Thor's hammer and Oya's Wind.

I feel like Mr. Dumas.

I feel like the black General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas -- and his famous, black son -- Alexandre Dumas.

I feel so very black.
I feel like E pluribus unum; like an Afro-European!

I feel like the Dumas family. I feel like looking down on #Europe 🇪🇺 -- from the multicultural safe-space - heaven; saying, "Viva La France" ....

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#DDay76 - #OTD Mon 12 June 1944 - the Breville Gap was finally closed, helping to secure the Allied left flank. The village of Breville had been a constant thorn in General Gale’s side, with the Germans launching repeated attacks through this gap in the line between the 6th...
... Airborne Division and 1st Special Service Brigade.

One attempt to try and capture the village had already been repulsed, it proved a costly failure for the men of the 5th Black Watch. On the night of 12th June, the men of the 12th Parachute Bn and D Coy 12 Devons were...
handed the unenviable task of taking Breville.

Forming up in the village of Amfreville, the men of the 12th Parachute Bn had been briefed in the village’s church before moving up to the assault start-line. And as the Devons joined them, the shelling commenced.
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Video megathread!


1. Don’t sexualize women and their own daughters.

2. Don’t praise brutal communist regimes that massacre pro-democracy students.

3. Don’t use foul, filthy language, embarrass us daily, and bring dishonor to the People’s House.
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George Bush was found guilty of War Crimes in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tribunal 2011. No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Halliburton💰#NeverForget
Q-Why did we attack Iraq? Dick Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton. Halliburton gained $39.5 billion in "federal contracts related to the Iraq war".
The Fed sent $12Billion in cash to Iraq and watched it vanish. Saddam Hussein's Billion Bank Heist-around $1B, easily making this the largest bank heist in history. Biden's brother $1.5B contract in Iraq. Endless Wars💰
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Imagine the failed attempts of the Democrats faux race war...
People are wide awake and you can see this shit from a mile away...

It isn’t just ANTIFA you have the DSA & Bernie dorks limping along with Soros funded BLM 🙄 But yea burn stuff...
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#OTD May 31, 1921 the Black town of Greenwood in Tulsa, OK was burned to the ground by an angry white mob. One of the worst U.S. massacres in American history.
#BlackWallStreet #History #NeverForget
#OTD May 31, 1921 an angry white mob burned the Black town of Greenwood in Tulsa, OK to the ground. Allegations were a white woman had been assaulted by a black man. WW I planes were used to bomb the town.
#BlackWallStreet #History #NeverForget #Greenwood
#OTD May 31, 1921 the Black town of Greenwood in Tulsa, OK was burned to the ground by an angry white mob. Blacks living in Greenwood were doctors, lawyers, business/oil moguls. That changed on May 31, 1921.
#History #BlackWallStreet #NeverForget #Greenwood #KnowYourHistory
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On May 31st, all non-Serbs in #Prijedor were ordered to mark their houses with white flags and to wear a white armbands in public.

Over 3,000 killed and the internment of 30,000 people in concentration camps and mass expulsions of over 50,000 people. #NeverForget 🏳️⚪️
The ICTY concluded that the takeover of Prijedor by the Serb politicians was an illegal coup d'état, which was planned and coordinated a long time in advance with the ultimate aim of creating a pure Serb municipality.
The announcements broadcast on the radio, from 31 May 1992 onward, obliged non-Serbs to hang white bed sheets outside their homes and wear white armbands as a demonstration of their loyalty to the Serb authorities.
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i’m gonna listen to that now. it never fails to make me laugh.
the best is listening while reading the lyrics on youtube
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Mulayam govt in 2007 made Yogi Adityanath cry 😭😭😭


To hurt a Sadhu so deeply is surely not going to be without consequences ☠️

Delving into the story below in the thread explaining the incredibly sad video 💔😢

#Yogiroxx #HarHarMahadev
This video was after Yogiji had been jailed in 2007 for 11 days. He vented in parliament after the whole 11 day jail incident.


Sadhvi Pragya, Yogi Adityanath, Swami Aseemanand


Isn't the hatred for Hindu Sadhus and Hinduphobia obvious?
Yogiji broke down in the Parliament after the then Speaker Somnath Chatterjee had asked him to speak.

He spoke about a political conspiracy and claimed that he was only being attacked because he openly spoke about the corrupt ISI-Nepal nexus in the Indo-Nepal border.
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Today, it is 33 years since #HashimpuraMassacre, largest number of victims killed in custody of modern India

On 22nd May 1987, 42 Muslim youths from Hashimpura, Meerut, UP were shot in cold blood & their bodies dumped in a nearby irrigation canal by PAC

On the night of May 22, 1987, about 45 Muslim men from Hashimpura, a settlement in Meerut, were rounded up and packed into the rear of a truck of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC). (Source: Praveen Jain)
Forty-two of those on board the truck that May night in 1987 were killed in two massacres in neighbouring Ghaziabad district. (Source: Praveen Jain)
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1. Do you remember Saleem Shehzad?
He had exposed with proof how 26/11 was planned in an ISI special cell and then picked up by a former major and LeT operative, exposing how ISI has links with Taliban and Al-Qaeda which have close links with Pak Army officials.
2. 9 years ago, in May, Saleem Shehzad was found dead, murdered for his brave journalism that exposed the nexus between ISI and Al-Qaeda. He was abducted, tortured and his body mutated; a strong message by his enemies who he’d alleged had infiltrated Pak military.
3. With recent attacks in Afghanistan and experts pointing fingers at Pakistan’s ISI, we are reminded of Saleem Shehzad who had exposed how ISI harbored & operated these terror groups&is a huge threat to Peace and Security in South Asia. He was murdered allegedly by ISI. @RSF_en
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If you don’t know, now you know...

The truth is dangerous, and these people will stop at nothing.

It’s up to us to sway the tides forever...

#ObamaGate @JosephJFlynn1 @BarbaraRedgate @SidneyPowell1
Hey Barry why tha funk was I able to extract layers from the birth certificate you threw up on the White House website???

Fishy #ObamaGate
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Remembrence means #reconciliation: Germany accepts full historical responsibility for the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. An example of this acceptance is the famous ‘Warschauer Kniefall’, of Chancellor Brandt, in Warsaw in 1970. #75Liberation #NeverForget
Remembrance means keeping the memory alive: fewer and fewer contemporary witnesses can give first-hand accounts of the crimes of World War II. Germany promotes international projects, memorials and meeting places. For us, this is a matter of conviction. #75Liberation #NeverForget
Remembrance means #vigilance: Germany opposes any attempt to trivialize the crimes of World War II and the barbarism of National Socialism. We must counteract anti-Semitism and hatred wherever we encounter them. #75Liberation #NeverForget
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Marc Alan Lee, first @USNavy
SEAL KIA (Iraq) at the Battle of Ramadi, 2006 [Team 3] discussed in
The Last Punisher.

@FLOTUS Tw 11:00 w/ Punisher h/t
BE: 7
BEST: 46 >>10
Bring the PAIN, Q. [17]
PO2 Marc Alan Lee
@USNavy SEAL Team 3,
Charlie Platoon.
KIA Aug 2, 2006 under heavy machine gun fire after successfully helping to evac a fellow Team member who survived.
He was survived by his newly married wife.

[Punishment] is due.…
Graceful @FLOTUS @MELANIATRUMP is quite the Sniper herself.

Note the subtle 18 pointer OurGuy she's married to:

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Obama ordered the surveillance of Flynn. Obama met with Yates and Comey said he had learned of the information about #Flynn. The Obama Admin tried to overthrow Trump in a Coup and they had to get rid of #Flynn because he knew too much. #FlynnExonerated…
The Tarmac Meeting - Bill Clinton promised AG Loretta Lynch a Supreme Court position if she made the Clinton email investigation go away. AG Loretta Lynch tells Comey to call the Clinton Email Investigation a Matter and not an investigation! #TheCoverUp #TarmacMeeting
Advocating Overthrow of Government #Treason
They tried to remove a duly elected President using the 25th Amendment! #NeverForget
McCabe's "stunning" 25th Amendment comments.
Treason doesn't pay well in the end #JusticeIsComing
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Here is the article.…

The CIA was involved... he admitted it.
He was personally involved... No wonder Durham is focused on him.
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1/ 75 years ago today, US forces liberated #Dachau concentration camp. My maternal grandfather #DavidMaxEichhorn, a Jewish Chaplain, was there. I will spend next week documenting from contemporaneous reports what he saw & did.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain…
2/Time Magazine reporter Sidney Olsen (1908-1995) was with US troops at liberation. Olson’s account of the horrific conditions at #Dachau was part of the most graphic coverage of the war to date. His family hopes to turn his writings into a book.…
3/Some info on my grandfather. Born in 1906 in Columbia, PA. His parents were both emigrees from Germany who came to US in 1890s. Ordained as Rabbi from Hebrew Union College (@HUCJIR) in 1931. Went to MA & then AR.

His maternal uncle was killed by Nazis in #Dachau.
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