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GB "News" Even The Sun! 🤯
Under the cover of 'free speech', GB "News" (along with many other media organisations & UK politicians) are normalising dangerously abhorrent & divisive rhetoric - remember David Starkey & his grotesque "the whites have become black" & his "so many damn blacks" comments? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🤬
"Any oxygen given to the far right is dangerous. The normalisation of a far-right discourse through national television, daily newspapers and by the commentariat, even if for the sake of contradicting talking points, often only serves to lend momentum."…
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In 1977 Archimedes Trajano in an open forum asked Imee Marcos "Must the Kabataang Barangay be headed by the President's daughter?" who was already 21 & over aged for the KB. He was dragged out by Imee's bodyguards & 2 days later his tortured dead body found lying on the street.😭 ImageImage
Link to The Martial Law Chronicles: REMEMBERING ARCHIMEDES TRAJANO…
Link to Inquirer: #NeverForget the killing of Archimedes Trajano…
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Given the non-dom billionaire-owned Daily Mail's support for the neofascist #Rwanda plan, here's a thread about Left-hating Harold Harmsworth - 1st Lord Rothermere, owner of the Mail - specifically his vocal support for both Hitler, & Mosley's British Union of #Fascists.
Devised in 1896 by Alfred Harmsworth (Viscount Northcliffe) & his brother Harold (Lord Rothermere), the Mail has campaigned against Unions & the Left, & against all women & most working-class men being given the vote.

By 1930, they owned 14 national daily & Sunday newspapers.
Harold Harmsworth (Lord Rothermere) was a great supporter of Adolf Hitler.

According to James Pool, author of 'Who Financed Hitler': "Shortly after the Nazis' sweeping victory in the election of September 14, 1930, Rothermere went to Munich to have a long talk with Hitler."
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The #January6thCommitteeHearings started on 6/9/22 evening with witness testimony & video footage surrounding the riot on the Capitol on #J6. The televised hearing is the 1st in a series that is expected to last through July.
I will ask the questions not being asked & quote many.
In all of the video shown on Prime TV by the #January6thCommitteeHearings, I didn't see a single frame w/ Ray Epps as he is seen in multiple videos on Jan 5 & #J6.

Why was Ray Epps encouraging people to go "into" the Capitol building?

Did the FBI hire Ray Epps?
Who is #RayEpps?
@BennieGThompson @RepLizCheney & @RepKinzinger
Does the FBI now, or has it ever, maintained a formal or informal relationship or point of contact w/ Ray Epps, whether directly or indirectly, including through intermediaries?
Who is #RayEpps
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Pilots 👨‍✈️ ✈️ refusing to work and come back after 5 days of being reinfected w SARS is causing rage and fury within the corrupt airline industry.

Their reason for not returning after 5 days of SARS2 is because they feel like death and are too tired to fly an airplane ✈️
I’m predicting right now. Airplane crashes over the next 2 years will sky rocket 🚀 ✈️ 😴 🦠 🧠
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@JerryDunleavy @HawleyMO Mike Pompeo has cause for regret. Donald freed Mullah Baradar, yet his peace “plan” has since failed. On our allies he bailed. Mike’s betrayal we’ll #NeverForget. 🌻 #TalibanTrump

@HASCDemocrats @votevets
@starsandstripes 🥀 @VFWHQ

@JerryDunleavy @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ Donald set up the mission to fail;
on our soldiers and allies he’d bail.
He envisioned a rout
by the time we pulled out.
Did he put up our interests for sale?
He freed Baradar from Pakistan:
the new leader of Afghanistan.
@MoGov 🇺🇸

@JerryDunleavy @HawleyMO @HASCDemocrats @votevets @starsandstripes @VFWHQ @MoGov Yes, Pompeo pledged aid to the Kurds in a salvo of insincere words. Once they served him their use he conveyed Assad’s noose. If he thinks we forgot, it’s absurd. Honestly a famed reverend spoke. It surprised us: #PatRobertson woke.

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Thread: Republicans and Uvalde

John Cornyn, like every other Republican trying to defend the indefensible, doesn't care how bad he looks to most Americans. All he has to do is please his donors and the extremists in the base that vote for him out of fear of "communism." Image
One of the main reasons I switched from left to right in 2016 was my enduring support for LEOs & military.

I believed Republican lies about the subject until I saw the abject lawlessness of 1/6. A week prior, I publicly predicted violence, but not the large scale of it.
My support for Republicans had been waning after the 2020 election but it was 1/6 that pushed me out of what I had reluctantly observed was a "cult of personality."

Every R who has obstructed the restoration of the rule of law after #BidenWon, has ONGOING blood on their hands.
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Hitler, Trump, May, Orban & Johnson have all demonised vulnerable minorities to win power.

On the 10th anniversary of the #HostileEnvironment, Home Office staff have warned of a “culture of fear” where they may be asked to act illegally.

#HostileEnvironment policies have changed the fabric of society. No other policy in living memory has left such a malign mark, a stain like an oil slick. It's racist, xenophobic, immoral, illegal, unfair, punishing, divisive, mean-spirited, discriminatory & counterproductive.”
Shami Chakrabarti, a former shadow attorney general, said: “Ten years of the hostile environment have been a disaster for race relations, community cohesion and national pride. Using starvation and destitution as a means of control led directly to the #Windrush scandal.”
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Rapid Response Series, #2: Hypotension

So in medical school we were all shown a table like this to learn shock, which made my eyes roll back. 🙄 When I’m called about hypotension, I don’t have time to recall a table.⏱️ #MedTwitter #TipsForNewDocs
But I do like math formulas 🤓, and using this familiar formula ensures I never miss a potential cause of shock.

Which of these formulas best estimates blood pressure (BP)?
The correct answer is BP = CO (cardiac output) x SVR (systemic vascular resistance). ✅

To take it one step further, what is the formula for CO?
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उन्होंने अपने नाम गाजी रखे, क्या वो लज्जित होना चाहते थे? उनके इतिहासकारों ने उन्हें क्रूर और महान अराजक लिखा, क्या खुद को सौहार्द वाला शासक दिखाना उनका मक़सद था? इसका जवाब नहीं है। हम्पी की मूर्तियाँ उन्होंने नज़ीर के लिए निशाँ बाक़ी छोड़ दिए। ये उनकी क्रूरता के क़िस्से कहते+ Image
सनातन सभ्यता का काम सृजन करना था। विरासत जो ज़िंदा रहीं उन्होंने हमारे ज्ञान, साहित्य, ₹क्त और निष्ठाओं का बलिदान माँगा। Image
खंडित प्रतिमाएँ वो हमारी आने वाली पीढ़ियों के लिए सबक़ छोड़ गए थे, जिनके जनेउ उनके शवों से लिपटे रहे, जिन्हें यातनाएँ दी गयीं, जिन्होंने आसान रास्ता नहीं चुना! हिंदुओं को इनसे भविष्य लिखना है। Image
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Those that follow me might think I am like a dog with a bone, when it comes to highlighting the unacceptable treatment that those who cannot or chose not to be unvaccinated have received for close to a year now.
I have many reasons. Myself, and nearly 20 million German citizens slowly became 2nd class citizens, with far less rights than their peers. Drip by drip, our rights were stripped in the name of fighting a virus. It is absurd today, as it was in July last year.
The reason? It was clear from the Isreali data in Summer 2021 that vaccines & their respective passports made no impact on the spread of Covid. Despite this being highlighted by brave people such as @GalG____ counties across the world rolled out their segregationist policies.
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Adolf Eichmann would perhaps never have been captured if it weren't for the man in this grainy photograph, a blind refugee named Lothar Hermann.
Hermann was born in Germany to a Jewish father and Christian mother & sent to Dachau in '35
for anti-Nazi activities. Photo of Lothar Hermann reprinted in the Israeli newspaper HArgentinian Mercedes Benz identification card for "Rica
He was violently beaten by the Gestapo and would later go blind as a result of his treatment there. He survived Dachau and was able to flee Germany following Kristallnacht, heading to Argentina.
In the 1950s, his daughter Sylvia began dating someone named Klaus Eichmann.
Though Adolf Eichmann, one of the most sought-after Nazi war criminals, was living in hiding under the alias "Ricardo Klement", his son – a raging anti-Semite who openly lamented that the Nazis hadn’t succeeded in murdering all of the Jews – used his father's actual last name.
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The corrupt anti-democratic Tories are forcing voters to show ID at polling stations from next year, despite just 34 allegations of in-person voter fraud in 2019, & eight in 2018.

They know up to 3 million voters lack the necessary ID to vote in person.…
Democracy is dying - this time in Britain - we all know what happened last time.

Fight like hell to save it from the cruelest, most corrupt, immoral, self-serving, antidemocratic & authoritarian UK Government in post-war history.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain
How do they keep getting away with this shit? By getting their billionaire non-dom & foreign chums Rupert Murdoch, Jonathan Harmsworth & the remaining Barclay brother to continue the longest running anti-progressive #propaganda campaign in history.

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"Alexa, which British political @Twitter accounts have a much higher proportion of Fake Followers than other similarly sized accounts measured by followers?"
Elon Musk - who wants to buy @Twitter & who already has the highest Fake Follower score I've ever seen - should write a book called 'How To Buy Friends & Influence People'.
And let's #NeverForget that according to The Tory-supporting Telegraph, the @Conservatives 'hired an army of tweeters to take on Jeremy Corbyn's supporters on social media'.

In the UK & USA the biggest spenders nearly always win general elections.

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There are some uncanny similarities between the authoritarian Government of #Rwanda, & the increasingly authoritarian UK Government.

To manage their image abroad, authoritarian states try to advance a favourable narrative about themselves. They do things like hire public relations firms to produce positive content, disseminate propaganda themselves & cultivate friendly foreigners who can speak on their behalf.
But they also try to silence, obscure, or discredit criticisms of their rule.

They try to “spin” negative news stories, sow discord or paranoia in activist communities at home & abroad, & repress their critics.
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Pathetic, selfish, obsequious, cowardly, spineless, condescending servile tossers the lot of them. Not a microscopic shred of integrity or honour between them.

They have nothing but contempt for the British people, & treat us like shit.

#NeverForget Image
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I endorse this msg, although I'm not a liberal. I'm a moderate conservative standing with everyone who is pro-democracy and wants the USA to resume its long path toward freedom for ALL, despite the far right capture of the Republican party.

Proudly #XGOP and #CountryOverParty! Image
The past two years or so in US politics have shown me that it's the right wingers whose feelings are fragile, lol.

What a bunch of crybaby sore losers.

And they are extremely gullible, too.
I just heard today that the next CPAC will be held in Hungary, with authoritarian dictator Viktor Orban as keynote speaker.

They want to undermine NATO from the inside. Too bad, losers. The rest of NATO won't let that happen.
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When the Mopallahs decided to create an Islamic State in Malabar called Al Daula. They decided to slaughter all those who refused to convert...
The ones who refused to convert where killed in the most gruesome manner.
Most of the people they forcefully converted ImageImageImageImage
were from all classes including Dalits.
Most of the people they murdered too were from these classes.

This part will make you agitated...
The #CommunistPartyofIndia was founded in Tashkent on 17 Oct 1920 by MN Roy, Evelyn Roy-Trent, Abani Mukherjee, Rosa Fitingov, Mohd Ali
Mohd Shafiq and Acharya, these 2 muslims were going to Turkey for Jihad but landed up being Commis.
Red jihad | Kochi News - Times of India
By: Ramachandran During the Great Purges of 1937-1938, Stalin had two Indians lined up against the wall and shot.…
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Martyrs of CRPF - 01 Apr ImageImage
Nb Sub Sanayaima Kom.
Laid down his life in Poonch, J&K this day in 2017.
Name suggests he was from a small tribe in Manipur
Sacrificed himself 2700km from home, all in the service of the Motherland. Image
Inspector T Alex Lalminlun, 168th Battalion The BSF.
Yet another soldier of Mother India from across the Brahmputra. Martyred defending her borders in a faraway Poonch this day in 2019.
Third martyrdom anniversary today. Image
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Am 31. März 1965 wurde Ernst Kirchweger, Kommunist & Widerstandskämpfer, bei einer antifaschistischen Demonstration in Wien von einem Burschenschafter & Mitglied der FPÖ-nahen “Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten” tödlich verletzt, zwei Tage später erlag er seinen Verletzungen. #Antifa Image
Die Demonstration von ehemaligen Widerstandskämpfer*innen, antifaschistischen Student*innen und Gewerkschafter*innen, richtete sich gegen den antisemitischen und nationalsozialistischen Historiker und Universitätsprofessor Taras Borodajkewycz. Die FPÖ Studentenorganisation
organisierte eine Gegendemo. Beim aufeinandertreffen der beiden Versammlungen wurde Ernst Kirchweger von Günther Kümel niedergeschlagen und tödlich verletzt. Der Täter war da schon für rechte Gewalttaten bekannt. U.a. für einen Bombenanschlag auf ein Büro von Alitalia und
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Some Russian oligarchs have been heading to #Israel where many of them hold dual citizenship. To date, Israel has not signed on to the #RussiaSanctions. “Abramovich arrives in Moscow, flying in from Israel via Turkey” #NeverForget #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦…
Russian Oligarchs in Israel Could Try to Circumvent Sanctions

#StandWithUkraine #NeverForget…
Israel focusing on closing loopholes, not imposing Russia sanctions, officials say

#StandWithUlkraine #StandWithZelenskyy…
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Am Samstagmorgen erschütterte die #Rugby-Welt die Nachricht vom Mord an Federico Martín Aramburú (42), den ehmaligen Rugby-Nationalspieler Argentiniens.

Federico Martín Aramburú wurde nach einem Streit in einer Bar in #Paris, im Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés erschossen.
Durch Überwachungskameras konnte der mutmaßliche Täter identifiziert werden. Es ist Loïk le Priol, ein militanter Faschist der Groupe Union Défense "GUD" eine Gruppe die bekannt ist für ihre Gewalt. Loïk le Priol ist Gründer der extrem rechten Marke „certified solid babtou“.
Weil er mit seinen Kamaraden ein ehemaliges "GUD"-Mitglied (Édouard Klein) schlug und demütigte, wurde er 2016 u.a. wegen Folter angeklagt. Priol ist ehemaliger Soldat der Marine.
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