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Dec 12, 2020 14 tweets 10 min read
1/I was checking out Modules for an Enterprise Blockchain (permissioned) certificate. Only 4 solutions were mentioned by name: #Ethereum , #HyperledgerFabric (@IBM), @inside_r3 and @Ripple. The first 3 are Enterprise Blockchain Platforms. @Ripple, is for Trade Finance. 2/Most ppl don't realize, Ethereum has an Enterprise version. While it can be tailored for individual business needs, the gas fees are still prohibitive.…
Oct 23, 2020 9 tweets 4 min read
Anyone interested in a THREAD?

1/A quick update and revelation about this post. Are you ready?
2/Well I think I understand how they achieved a robust solution to the Cap Theorem.

FlareNetworks will be utilizing the Avalanche Protocol. As you can see from this whitepaper, they've come up with a solution.…
Apr 16, 2020 7 tweets 7 min read
#Polysign is so secret that very little is known.

I believe I've uncovered information that will illuminate on the "What", just not the "How".

Read the following and see if you agree with my conclusion.
#XRPCommunity Here, @joelkatz discusses the improvements he would like to make to the XRPL, such as Decentralization, Security and Performance. He also says, further down, that he wants to improve Partition Tolerance.
It seems like he changes the subject, but has he?…