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For over a year, I wouldn’t accuse Hinman of violating the law. I only maintained that he may have and that the appearance of impropriety deserved an investigation. Since then however we’ve learned that @EMPOWR_us caught the @SECGov in a lie, trying to cover up the issue.
The SEC claimed there were no emails or documents responsive to @EMPOWR_us’s FOIA Request.

Empower sued the SEC in federal court and discovered that there are in fact emails related to a conflict and the SEC was forced to turn some of those emails over.
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I'm now aware of 7 of Ripple's expert witnesses. It's like looking at the 1992 Dream Team (which not only won gold, but massacred every opponent on the way there). Every one was meticulously chosen to address a highly specialized area of this case and...1/6
...specifically to avoid overlap with their "teammates" to avoid Daubert challenges. The foresight of the Ripple legal team is...inspiring. Every. Single. Box. Checked. And I still don't know the other 3 (but have some good ideas). But I can't tell #XRPCommunity about any...2/6
...of these new finds. Why? Please understand as an attorney licensed in multiple states, I took oaths to follow many ethical rules and I take those seriously--even though we know other attorneys, even government lawyers (especially gov attys?), do not. With the result...3/6
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Just in... 👇😎

I had a chat with Jimmy Vallee and the following is his response to the Ripple v SEC Hearing.

A 🧵

Statement re: Hearing - SEC v Ripple et al
SEC counsel’s statements before the Court and thousands of interested parties in yesterday’s hearing definitively proves the SEC v Ripple et al lawsuit was brought and continues in bad faith.
The federal government’s on-going actions through this corrupted agency of the legacy banking system have (1) violated the SEC’s primary mission/duty to protect investors,
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#XRPCommunity (My current understanding ) Tomorrows SEC VS Ripple hearing in NYC is important. (we can dial-in to listen at 8pm Irish time) Judge Sarah Netburn has called a hearing to literally ‘lay the law down’ to the SEC who have downright refused 4 times already to 1/25
disclose the 68 emails that were communicated to and from SEC staff attaching and receiving comments on Hinman’s draft June 2018 speech that ultimately gave ETHEREUM the “free pass” by him asserting it was NOT a security. The INITIAL grounds CITED for the SEC’s refusal 2/25
to disclose these emails was that they are protected by DPP ( Deliberative Process Privilege) Now, most recently, the SEC have completely changed their defence citing a hybrid “Attorney Client Privilege” defence. The legal stance is untenable and everyone knows it. 3/25
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One of the areas that Brad Garlinghouse said he wants #Ripple to expand is in the area of carbon credits and "supporting growth in carbon credit tokenization functionality."
This is a huge market and it seems to me this is the first expansion by

#XRP #XRPCommunity #XRPArmy 1/3
Ripple outside of its realm of cross-border payments. Brad told us Ripple would be like Amazon, who started marketing books first, then expanded into other areas. The announcement of Ripple’s $100M investment today is a step toward major growth. 2/3
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Here we go on my thoughts on the RFA motion! TLDR is that SEC has nothing--NOTHING--to defeat FN defense which will play right into SEC losing on the security issue. 1/15
@Belisarius2020 @attorneyjeremy1 @JohnEDeaton1 @XRPArmyNews1 @JayVTheGreat @JTXRP_AGWJames
There are 3 types of written discovery: RFAs, NUIs and RFPs. RFAs (requests for admission) are important because admissions become undisputed facts—and failure to answer is deemed an admission. A party uses RFAs to force the other side to take a position. 2/15
No surprise, SEC trying to have it both ways. Not answering (not stating its position) by objecting. But its objections are ridiculous. SEC doesn’t know what the terms “market participant” “digital asset” “policy” “ether” and “bitcoin” mean? Give me an effing break. 3/15
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With the rumours of Ripple possibly moving to London getting around, my mind started ticking over. Imagine this as a scenario:
SEC succeeds in classifying XRP as a security in the USA and Ripple moves to London to continue their business.
JPM coin becomes the wholesale US dollar CBDC and USDC becomes the retail facing digital US dollar.
Both of these US Dollars only function within the "walled garden" of the USA and any other country that decides to use the US Dollar instead of their sovereign currency.
All other countries develop their own digital dollars that also function only within their own countries "walled gardens"
The cbdcs and retail digital dollars run on iso compliant blockchains within their walled gardens.

The XRPL connects all the walled gardens together.
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All the coins are going to be recycled ♻️ to be backed by #XRP #LUNA
@bearableguy123 told us all the coins are going to be Recycled ♻️
Recycle ♻️
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I wonder what this @Ripple party on Thursday May 19 is about? 😎
May 19, 2022, @Ripple
The yacht will set sail for 2 hours (9-11pm) during the headline performance (soon to be revealed) 👀
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#XRP 0.50 Cents is a Brick Wall, it will be hard to be broken.

Time for a Price Thread 🧵 to understand the possibility & probability of 0.50 cent Range is our potential bottom.

#XRP on the D 0.50 cents played more than 9 times a pivotal role, as resistance & Support(1/5)
#XRP on the 5 D, Fib 0.786 ( in the Fib Channel) & Fib 0 ( in the Fib Extension) has a confluence on target 0.5071 cents. A fourth confluence that 0.50 Cents is our bullish bounce. (2/5)
#XRP The 200 Weekly MA is confluencing at 0.50 Cents (3/5)
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Very interesting development in the Ripple case happened this past the civil case in Oakland. I keep telling you not to sleep on that one!
#XRP #XRPCommunity Lawyers would love to hear your thoughts...@FilanLaw @Belisarius2020 @JohnEDeaton1 @attorneyjeremy1 1/4
Wisely IMO, plaintiff's counsel is letting the SEC case play out to conserve time and money (you know, the opposite of what SEC is doing), but there was a big discovery dispute decision on 4/28. Plaintiffs want all discovery from SEC case handed to them by Ripple and Ripple...2/4
...objected bc of concerns discovery related to 3rd parties isn't for Ripple to decide. Links in last tweet, but Ripple says 28 3rd parties agreed, 15 have objected (9 of whom are current or former employees) and 4 haven't responded. Court ordered production but allowed 3rd...3/4
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#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP 1/ I have a few thoughts on the scheduling order. A couple of weeks ago I said that I thought briefing would start in July and end in November. That’s where Judge Torres ended up, but only because that was the schedule that worked best for
2/ the Court. Separate schedules were set for the motions challenging experts and for the Summary Judgment motions. That is important because of the “6 Month Rule,” which incents Judges to decide motions within 6 months after they are filed (the clock on the rule actually starts
3/ ticking 30 days after the motion is filed so the Judges get a 30 day grace period). The “6 month lists” are published twice a year, on March 31st and September 30th, and only list motions pending longer than six months that are still pending on those dates.
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#XRPCommunity #XRP via @RonwHammond "House Agriculture Committee ranking member G.T. Thompson (R-Pa.) is linking up with a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus on a bill that would give the CFTC direct oversight over a huge swath of the crypto spot market.
Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) . . . signed on to sponsor pending legislation that would clear a path for the CFTC to take jurisdiction over large parts of the crypto marketplace; treating digital exchanges similarly to designated contract markets
and swap execution facilities. The bill is expected to get introduced later today with Rep. Darren Soto (D-Fla.), who like Khanna is a member of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, attached as a co-sponsor. Thompson and Khanna’s legislation marks
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#XRPCommunity #SECGov. v. #Ripple #XRP 1/ A SUMMARY JUDGMENT TIMELINE. I’m seeing a lot of discussion of timing projections for the filing of summary judgment motions and a decision on the motions. I thought I would weigh in because Judge Torres has a particular and very
2/ complicated process that must be completed before the motions for summary judgment can even be filed. The point of this thread is to help you understand that this is a longer process than you may realize.
3/ First, any party that wants to move for summary judgment has to provide the other parties an electronic copy, in Microsoft Word format, of its Statement of Material Facts pursuant to Local Rule 56.1. A Local Rule 56.1 Statement is a “short and concise statement,
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A decode that has worked since December 24 2021

5, 8 & 9 month deltas from original Pool posts

Grouped into hex code, video and image posts

#XRPCommunity these are the confirmed dates; please pass this on; so as to help every single person, that is in this amazing community!
10th November 2022
One 1 Two 1’s Three 2’s

= BG123

End of the timeline provided

Also; there are 3 1’s = 13 &
2022 is 22
so 13 & 22 are also provided at the end of the timeline; along with the delta that was used to find these dates

5, 8, 9 delta = 13 & 22 or 360°
There are also 5 blue posts
7 green posts
and 10 Purple posts

One is purple should be green

That date is what is not allowed to be outright stated

If you look at the info provided; you can work it out

Remember; this many consecutive predictions SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!

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#XRPCommunity #SECGov v. #Ripple #XRP BREAKING: The Court has denied the SEC's Motion for Reconsideration of the DPP Ruling and granted the SEC's request for clarification of that ruling.…
"The SEC has identified no intervening change of controlling law or any other controlling decisions unaddressed by the Court’s January 13, 2022 Order."
"The SEC’s assertion that the Speech was intended to communicate Corporation Finance’s approach to regulating digital asset offerings is inconsistent with the SEC’s and Hinman’s previous position that the Speech was intended to and did reflect his personal views."
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I need the internet sleuths to start digging. As bad as it already looks for Hinman, I firmly believe his involvement and his conflicts are even greater than presently known. I also believe the SEC has been in full cover up mode.
The SEC made a false statement when it originally stated there were no responsive documents relevant to the @EMPOWR_us FOIA requests. Only after @JsnFostr and Empower filed suit in federal court did they “realize” the error and correct the falsehood (b/c Empower didn’t fold).
Likewise, the SEC initially informed me the Hinman Calendar was not used for official government reasons and denied my FOIA request. I appealed and its on remand. But I fully expect to sue them for violating FOIA before they turn over his calendar. Why are they fighting so hard?
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It's time.
@bgarlinghouse yesterday celebrating with a class of champagne. 🥂

"Today was a good day."
Today was a good day. 🥂
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#XRPCommunity #XRP @EMPOWR_us scored some extraordinary emails regarding Bill Hinman, including one that shows that Hinman was warned that he has "a bar under the criminal financial conflict with Simpson because you have an ongoing financial interest in the firm." Image
"Meeting with them while having such a conflict is not permitted. As we discussed during your briefing - even calls with them are not permitted. It's also a serious optics issue - you can't be seen to be granting special access to a firm you have a financial interest in."
"But Bill, it occurs to us that you have a full financial conflict of interest with your old firm, not just an impartiality one. Hence, you should not be having any meetings with your old firm. Even group meetings." The SEC is desperate to keep its own Hinman emails from Ripple.
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So I thought id put a thread together for you all on @321yugelbaraeb Loadstar letters [1,2,& 3] and how the Bear, uses his images and the LS letters to paint a picture for you all. It will give you all some hope and expectancy of the great things to come...🧵 [LFG]
2) Three Loadstar letters were released by the Bear to date. I dont think there will be any more. Loadstar 1 was released in Dec 2018, LS2 in June 2019 and LS3 in 2019. Each, left a load of clues for you all to explore and its where I got most of my intel from...
3) The trick was cross referencing his LS letters to his images .... LS 1 can be found here :… After reading this move onto LS2 letter here :…
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(1/7)#XRPCommunity This thread shows why👉@mtaibbi👈is primed to cover #ETHgate. If you see this name, pls like,retweet, make your own, tag others,etc. Let’s get in front of the right people. SEE ALL 7 TWEETS IN THE THREAD @JohnEDeaton1 @TAIGxrp @TimR614…
(2/7)See why👉@mtaibbi👈is primed to cover #ETHgate. If you see this name, pls like,retweet, make your own, tag others,etc. Let’s get in front of the right people. SEE ALL 7 TWEETS IN THE THREAD @MoonLamboio @_XRpizza @NerdNationUnbox @RuleXRP @boy_xrp…
(3/7)See why 👉@mtaibbi👈 is primed to cover #ETHgate. If you see this name, pls like, share, retweet,make your own,tag others,etc. Let’s get in front of the right people. See all 7 tweets in the thread @Leerzeit @XRPtheorist @JayVTheGreat @sentosumosaba…
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Hey, you! Are you interested in the crypto / DLT markets?

If so, did you know there are red flags that need to be investigated behind the $XRP lawsuit from the @SECGov?

It's called a conspiracy, but there is a lot of physical evidence that is being ignored.

Thread🧵 ⏬ #XRP
@SECGov 1. We did this for the #XRPcommunity because we stand for truth.
We stand for unbiased technology-neutral legislation.
We know $XRP is not a security. The only country in the world that thinks its a security is the USA because of biased officials in power.

See the facts below⏬
@SECGov 2. First of all a big shoutout to all #crypto citizens that are standing up and pointing out the red flags behind some SEC officials.

This thread and visuals are based on facts from @JohnEDeaton1 @CryptoLawUS doc library.

#XRP $XRP #XRPCommunity #SECfreepass #ETHfreepass #DLT
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RT if you are in crypto and want to see a visual map of some of the red flags behind the XRP Lawsuit / ETH free pass.

Who helped pour the gas in the $XRP Lawsuit?

The maps will be released tomorrow...

#RT #XRP #XRPCommunity #DLT #Fight4Truth #ETHFreepass #ExposeSEC #crypto
Seriously, RT the first tweet If you support independent research to expose fraud

@XX_1133_1221_11 & I spent a total of 20 hours mapping out some deep connections shared by
@TAIGxrp, @Johndeaton1 @CryptoLawUS @digitalassetbuy @Leerzeit @DigPerspectives
+ More
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