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Looked into #Paypal's access to #cryptocurrencies, as a lot of people in the #xrpcommunity were giving out about them not including #XRP

Would appreciate critical thinkers to give their opinion: @HamEggsnSam @galgitron @XRP_OWL @Kevin_Cage_ @MoonLamboio @WorkingMoneyCH

Here is the @Reuters article:…

2 quotes from the bottom of the article:

"cryptocurrency licence from the New York State Department of Financial Services"

"PayPal is teaming up with cryptocurrency firm Paxos Trust Company to offer the service."
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1/ #Earthquakes have been hammering #SandPointAlaska over the last ~30mins. Magnitudes ranging from 5.2M - 7.5M!

(Have a look at the synchronicity in the numbers involved... 107, 133 (2x), 5:5, 57, 115...) 👀👀👀stay safe everyone
2/ #TsunamiWarning

@Neloangelo314 @Papinextdior — anyone remember the @looP_rM311_7211 “TSUNAMI WARNING” ⚠️ drops?!?! #XRPCommunity #XRP @BabaCugs

Today is 10.19 —> 91.x1 —> 911 😳…
3/ “10/18/2020 - Very Large #Earthquake M7.5 and Tsunami Warning in Alaska” @RealDutchsinse #Dutchsince

Wave & @Ripple by Satoshi Nakamoto

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-- BANG .... SWITCH (@blayone #Reset Button)
-- Is this the "Decoupling from China" ("CCP" --> 'Central Clearing Counterparties') @realDonaldTrump has referenced?
-- @Barclays:…
@digitalassetbuy #XRP
2/ SOFR Switch Over:

** Weekend of 17/18 October 2020 **

-- DERIVATIVES, Counterparties, settlement ... #XRP anyone?!?!

@digitalassetbuy @Neloangelo314 @val5linx @thebearablebull @Kevin_Cage_ @xrp_hodl_ @_Crypto_Maniac_ @Fame21Moore @XRPcryptowolf…
3/ Have a look at the Barclays Key Terms list...

-- "ARRC" (for a FLOOD of LIQUIDITY?!) -- think: Noah's Flood, lots of biblical vibes imo
-- Remember @looP_rM311_7211's Coronal Mass Ejection ("CME") hints...?
-- CCP (acronym doesnt even really make much sense should be CCCP)
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This is what will bring global banking processes together

Global Financial System...
#limitations - when a country limits your investment ability... you know they don’t want you getting rich 🧐…


BoE have had working papers for years..... this isn’t new tweeps... PLEASE CATCH UP

#XRPCommunity #CBDC…
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Feel free to add dates #xrp #xrpcommunity

@XRP_OWL @Fame21Moore @thebearablebull @BCBacker

U.S. Security Exchange Commission: Modified Volcker Rule
"Permitting banking entities to offer financial services in other activities..."
LIVE: Oct 1, 2020…

SIBOS 2020
Oct 5, 2020 - Oct 8, 2020…

LA Blockchain Summit 2020 (California, United States)
Oct 06, 2020 - Oct 07, 2020

G20: 5th Finance and Central Bank Deputies Meeting
Oct 12, 2020 - Oct 13, 2020…

G20: 4th Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting
Oct 14, 2020…

Ripple SWELL 2020 (virtual)
Oct 14, 2020 - Oct 15, 2020
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So @galgtron is saying I'm wrong, and that this system uses nostro/vostro.

Here's the CTO saying otherwise:

We don't know the details yet, but they will be revealed. #XRPCommunity
Let me see if I can clarify:

Banks create a local liquidity pool for RTGS - just like with Ripplenet which has local liquidity feeding the ODL exchange.

That liquidity pool is used for FX transactions, but the CB is doing the FX and settlement. (as best I understand it)
That is a HUGE improvement over the old Nostro/Vostro model, and very similar to Ripple.

The Benefits/drawbacks I outlined in the video I did yesterday. Fact is - we don't know the details yet, but this is what I suspect is happening.
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1/ I did some calculations of the potential price of the based on its utility and how it works with .

A thread:
#XRPCommunity #XRP #Flare #FlareNetworks #Ripple #XRPthestandard #crypto
2/ Spark needs to be used as collateral to make . According to the whitepaper, there needs to be 2.5 for every 1 FXRP. Given that FXRP is the same price as , the price of Spark needs to be at least 2.5x the amount of XRP used in smart contracts.
3/ Examples:
If 10% of the 45 Billion supply is used for smart contracts, that's 4.5B XRP locked up. If XRP is $1 (for easy calculations) then you'd need $11.25B worth of spark (in ) to collateralize that much .
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Hi #XRPCommunity! After coding the tool to setup XRPL accounts for the @FlareNetworks Spark claim, I spent many hours answering hundreds of questions. I feel most are answered by now, many by other community members and @RareData as well 😚 - I will go back to coding now (1/2)
(2/2) I hope you will all help each other, even more than you already did. I will be not replying as much as I did the past days 😇
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/1 To everyone asking if @Ledger devices will support @FlareNetworks utility fork, the short answer is YES. The long answer is that the work to get us here began over a year ago (1/6)
/2 A year ago, @Ledger devices only supported basic XRP payments, no other XRP Ledger transactions such as account settings, escrows or DEX orders. @TowoLabs saw this as a bottle-neck for further XRP Ledger adoption (2/6)
/3 We discussed with @FlareNetworks, @Sologenic and a few other XRPL stakeholders and learnt that they were also working on projects requiring signing of advanced XRPL transactions. @TowoLabs decided to develop new XRP firmware to @Ledger and @Trezor (3/6)
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Hey #XRPCommunity I should be going on with @davidgokhshtein in about 40 minutes for an "unfiltered" episode. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I think the's got the right guest to have an unfiltered discussion.

Still working out the details. Will post here.
The Link will be posted here when we go live:
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Do people still not realize that Ripple is the one that NEEDS $XRP to truly differentiate themselves from competitors like SWIFT's GPI Product?

$XRP Needs Ripple? Nope. It's the other way around.

Ripple Needs XRP.

Settlement w/ Finality within seconds/minutes is the goal combined with the benefits of the DLT/XRPL, that's also incredibly censorship resistant, scalable, cost effective, secure, resilient, etc., w/ a liquid DA

But I'm guessing FUDsters are just looking at Current Price

Wealthy investors are patient & tactical. Psychology & Emotional Mastery is the name of the game.

Lol, SELL ALL of your XRP if you wish. I promise that XRP does not care what you do. Neither do I.
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#Polysign is so secret that very little is known.

I believe I've uncovered information that will illuminate on the "What", just not the "How".

Read the following and see if you agree with my conclusion.
Here, @joelkatz discusses the improvements he would like to make to the XRPL, such as Decentralization, Security and Performance. He also says, further down, that he wants to improve Partition Tolerance.
It seems like he changes the subject, but has he?…
Decentralization, Security, and Performance aren't equal in blockchain. In order to improve 2 of those components, the 3rd component will suffer. This is known as the Blockchain Trilemma, or the Scalability Trilemma.…
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New Banking Payment Hubs being set up with #XRP

1. Volante +Mulesoft +SalesForce
2. Earthport+ Visa (Blackrock is an investor of Earthport)
3. Temenos +NuoDB + Amazon

#XRPCommunity #ripple #blockchain #fintech
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Just RT for noobs.

It doesn't take an Insider or Riddler to tell you what is coming.

Connecting the dots serves well.

Gambling = Guessing/Chance

Investing = Knowledge/Calculated Risk
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1. Hello #XRPcommunity!

In 2011, "Jed McCaleb" recruited Schwartz and Britto and they created the Ripple "XRP".

In Gematria...

Jed McCaleb💥 = 348
XRP💥 = 348

✋Now just stop and think about the odds of those two = 348?

Most Amazing Thread. MUST READ!💥
2. If you are a pure left brain chart analyst or in it just for the money, this may not be for you.

But if you don't believe in coincidences and feel that you are on the cusp of the greatest paradigm shift in the history of the planet then you are at the place.

3. Now get a cup of coffee and relax because it's going to get very interesting (i.e., may blow you away!)

Gematria was used by Hebrews and early Christians. It's a coding system assigning numbers to words and phrases.
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You have to think about this. #Ripple has worked with 50 Central Banks. If they launch their CBDCs' on the ledger, that eats through XRP supply, massively, per David Schwartzs' video 9-10 months ago. There would be no reason why he would provide this content if it wasn't coming.
Open your eyes, and keep a myopic view point to a minimal. "When" (Noted in #WEF20: Tharman Shanmugaratnam: "That doesn't necessarily mean the public sector is going to be the provider of the infrastructure OR THE DIGITAL TOKENS."
they launch their #CBDCs' on the #XRP Ledger, they will have "settlement" capabilities of 4 seconds. They will have the ability to settle cross-border payments in 4 seconds, on top of that, they will have the ability for atomic swaps with #InterLedger.
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1/8 I think I was wrong about @Ripple not gearing up for an IPO. I don't think I fully fathomed what they were setting out to accomplish & hearing BIS's Coeure and others literally speak of XRP and ODL without saying it, says all I need to know.

#XRPCommunity @WorkingMoney589
2/8 I've been taking some time to review the $200m USD equity funding @Ripple acquired and thought...

'Why would anyone invest that much money into this company at this stage in the game? Especially when regulations aren't put in place within America and other G7 countries'. 🤔
3/8 My belief is that the clarity is there, it's in place, but it's behind closed doors, out of the public's view, just like Ripple's true growth, their projected expansion and of course the 'plans within plans'. #BG123

OK so here it is, this is what the next logical step is...
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I predict that #Ripple will disappear into the background and of the radar within a few years.

And #XRP will be a silent super power, working its magic behind mobile interfaces and apps.

At least, that’s what all the Banks would like to see happening.
Even though #ripple is working with them and being compliant - #XRP is a beast which will be hard to control, if the masses knows about it.

Cryptocurrencies by itself is still a valid threat. That’s why they need #xrp RIGHT NOW! Throwing the first punch, before #Libra’like
Coins are unrolled. And the masses start using it on a global scale.
Before that happens, digital Fiat aka CBDC should be up and running moving frictionless across borders, from P2P!

This puts pressure on all CB’s

Missing this window of opportunity is deadly for THEM!
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@ipinky77 came with the link which confirms the amendments of an existing law, Which is mainly focused on AML, crypto currencies and crypto custodianship has been added to this law, which goes into effect in Jan 2020.
Which makes my question even more important to think about.

“How will banks prepare themselves in order to maximise their position?”

Will banks step into the market and start buying?

#Ripple isn’t selling anymore....!

Exciting times.
Put this together with the US coming online with their RTGS early 2020, as one of the last nations to do so.

2020 holds a lot of potential to get to the next level.

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