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🔞NSFW!🔞 multifandom; DKBK + daiharu + gintaka + chengxian!
7 Nov 19
Okay imagine omega Katsuki being given a soft blanket for the first time

(Cw: #bkdk / #dkbk, SFW, A/B/O)
Katsuki had never cared for that stuff—omega targeted items were always just sexist crap dressed in soft layers.
He was supposed to love sweet things because he was a dainty, helpless creature. He needed to be coddled and pampered with softness because omegas were weak🙄🙄.
But of course not every omega fit the stereotypes. People accepted that Katsuki refused to very quick after meeting him.
Though, they seemed to think it meant he *never* could.
Katsuki had to always be untraditional.
He’d never been treated gently, never been courted or spoiled.
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