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26 Oct 20
Hi my name is res and I had adult responsibilities including caring for a kid sibling starting around age 15, yet as a minor myself I was disenfranchised and left without the resources to get done what we needed. Ppl on the tl are talking about who it's okay to sexualize +
based on legal age of majority and saying shit like 'it's basic science' that a person's brain isn't fully developed until age 21. In a perfect world ppl without "fully developed brains" would be cared and provided for and protected until they were ready to be adults +
but in practice that's an extremely privileged stance.

Youth rights means letting young people have a basic transitional level of autonomy over their lives and their bodies while giving them the space and support to learn and grow at their own pace.…
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25 Oct 20
'Not that Katsuki would ever admit it out loud'

Except that he does admit it, often broadcasting it at the top of his lungs. He brags about it in class and screams it during training and whispers it in his sleep.
His boyfriend might have preferred to keep the information private, but Katsuki's never been known for staying quiet about his achievements.

"You should see the thing, it's fucking massive. Not gonna let you, though. Deku's dick is all mine."
Izuku fucks up during training and twists his ankle, and Katsuki takes it upon himself to chastise him.

"Dumb nerd. You're lucky your dick's so big and fat or I'd have left you for someone less useless," he says as he half-carries Izuku off the training grounds. Everyone +
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5 Oct 20
#bkdk #bakudeku #Omegaverse


Class A is a pack, and once a month the omegas have a snuggle night in a big nest/pillow fortβ€” no betas or stinky alphas allowed! but the conversation inevitably turns to their packmates anyway. They're eating yummy comfort food, +
talking about who's cute and who smells nice (and who they have to make sure they don't get close to before their heats because they'd start early!).

Ochako and Tsu have been sharing their heats for months now but they wouldn't mind bringing in an alpha if Mina +
or Tenya were ever interested. Kyouka has never been attracted to alphas, but she's delighted to disclose that she's been receiving increasingly personalized gifts from the pack's head beta, Momo. Denki has had a crush on most of his packmates at one time or another, +
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