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20 Aug 19
Thread: Some interesting tech stories I read today. #TechDB /4

Every business is a content business. Apple to spend $6 billion for original shows and movies ahead of the launch of its streaming service. on.ft.com/2YZr4qq
China does some global 'market research' “They are testing what is effective as well as what is accepted or not pushed back on by the international community” Graham Brookie, director of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. on.wsj.com/2Nls8Om
Excluded by tech. Important case on whether Domino's Pizza should make its website accessible to disabled. bit.ly/2Z5usAm
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5 Aug 19
Thread: Some interesting tech stories I read today. #TechDB /3

📺 Flipkart has 5-6 million premium members u/Flipkart Plus nextbigwhat.com/flipkart-free-…
🇨🇳🏫 A good overview of Chinese edtech firms such as Alo7, 17ZuoYe and Squirrel AI. They aren't as well known as their peers in ecomm and fintech, but worth reading. China again seems to have made huge strides there. Cc: @KunalTalgeri

🕊️ We were all totally impressed by Franky Zapata last month as he glided above Champs-Elysees. He has now crossed English Channel on his Hoverboard. His real turning point? French Army's interest

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3 Aug 19
There was a super insightful fireside chat with @vkhosla and @NandanNilekani, moderated by @sharads, yesterday in Bangalore. My notes. Long thread.
@vkhosla: I have this fear that you can grow old when you retire, not retire when you grow old. So I hope I never retire. As long as you have interesting problems to work on, there's nothing more exciting to do than work on that.
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2 Aug 19
Thread: Some interesting tech stories I read today. #TechDB /2

💰 India's #fintech investments fell by 50% to 300 million in H1 2019, according to KPMG
♎️ #Libra has to prove itself by winning in India says, @huwsteenis. India is Facebook's largest market, it has cracked identity via #Aadhaar, has a large remittances market, hugely competitive & against cryptocurrencies
💉One year on, Congo hasn't found an answer to #Ebola outbreak. It's not about science but people. There is a vaccine. But half the people in the zone don't believe Ebola exists and they don't trust aid workers #podcast 🎙️stitcher.com/s?eid=62940100
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1 Aug 19
Thread: Some interesting tech stories I read today. #TechDB /1

⚕️ @DeepMindAI Health's "algorithm could predict the sudden deterioration of kidney function, called acute kidney injury, two days before the potential injury with 55.8% accuracy" @WSJ

🍔"@ImpossibleFoods has performed more than 26,000 blind taste tests on its burger, which is on track to surpass ground beef in those tests in the near future. What happens then?"
Price. That advantage is eroding too.

🛒@amazon wants <26% stake so that Reliance Retail can become a seller on its Indian ecommerce marketplace; it's drawn by RR's leadership in consumer electronics & mobile phones; + RR's grocery stores could potentially act as fulfilment points
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