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The Netflix film "The Social Dilema" provides a mass audience for critiques of social media surveillance but gives tech bros a platform to absolve themselves and no voice to the women scholars who have worked for years on these issues. @safiyanoble @ruha9…
I liked the part in the film "The Social Dilema" where they pushed on past the simplistic slogan that "If the product is free then you are the product" to Lanier's re-formulation "the product is actually imperceptibly small and unconscious changes in your beliefs and behaviour".
The film makes a valuable contribution by using Netflix to popularise how surveillance capitalists use social media to identify our psychological vulnerabilities and triggers in order to profit from suruptiously shaping our consciousness, consumption and voting behaviours.
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His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni-President of the Republic of Uganda.
#Thread #History #mustread #WednesdayWisdom #10milliondreams #Uganda #GreatLakes #UZI #EAC

Bazzukulu means Grandchildren


It is always good for the Bazzukulu and even the adults to know their country. Uganda is the best country in the World. I always marvel at some Ugandans that look so desperate to travel to other countries, almost all of them not as endowed and as..
...beautiful as Uganda. On this occasion, I will inform the Bazzukulu about the few facts I have on Nalubaale (what Europeans call Victoria) and Kiira (what the outsiders know as Nile). We cannot talk about the two without talking about Mwitanzigye (Lake Albert), Kyooga,..
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I did not know this incident but what an incredible heroine, incredible story.

Made me think (again) how White Supremacy represents itself - good, kind, innocent - and the enslaved - passive, tragic, patient. And how other representations are SO needed.

#mustread thread:
Also made me think of how we rarely see enslaved Black women in roles other than of receivers of violence.

A warrior princess ready of heroic martyrdom is SO powerful that merely telling of her story shakes the foundations of White Supremacy
Thank you @xspotsdamark who I am now following. And @courttianewland for bringing this to my TL 🙏🏽
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"Trump’s long history of lying about 9/11 and exploiting it for personal gain" - absolute #mustread on every 9/11 anniversary, @paulwaldman1's old piece from September 2018:…
After 9/11, Trump falsely claimed to have helped in the cleanup, falsely claimed to have seen people falling from his apartment window, falsely claimed to have lost 100s of friends, falsely accused NJ Muslims of celebrating, & also applied for funds intended for small businesses.
19 years after 9/11, will any reporter ask DonaldTrump today to apologize for smearing Muslim Americans? "I watched in Jersey City...where thousands & thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering."

It never happened!
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Bold new piece from @GuledWiliq arguing the European Union & the US to abandon the meaningless Somalia-Somaliland Talks and instead come to terms with facts on the ground in the Horn of Africa & support Somaliland-Taiwan partnership via @MiddleEastInst…
“If the ‘Taiwan Economic Miracle’ proves adaptable to Africa, other countries on the continent may draw closer to the Republic of China. African countries must make diplomatic decisions based on economic calculations.”…
“Currently, they are stuck between a West that is investing less and less in Africa — the U.S. is a case in point — and a resurgent China willing to open its checkbook to those who accept the One-China policy and its other conditions.”…
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This #mustread piece by @sashru88 brilliantly illustrates Assad’s #genocide process–‘the elephant in the room’- the establishment of a 'genocidal bureaucracy','the regular involvement of medical personnel in Assad’s cruelest methods of torture' ,
copying Nazism’s 'scientific embedding of dehumanization as the intellectual glue that made it easier for ordinary citizens to rationalize their participation in mass destruction' as Dr. Alaa Moussa is accused of crimes against humanity #Koblenz /2
the 'Othering that identifies the enemy 'etc. It includes quote by @YassinHSaleh : 'According to Saleh, the Syrian genocracy established around the Assad family began to develop apparently genocidal tendencies with the violent events in Hama in 1982. /3
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The Rs 97,000 crore twist in #GST Compensation Cess Case

The constitutional amendment states that compensation shall be provided to the States

"...for loss of revenue on account of implementation of the goods and services tax..."

The centre has interpreted this narrowly...
The centre estimates Rs 3 lakh crore payable to the states as compensation this fiscal.

Due to low tax revenue collection it expects to face a compensation cess shortfall of Rs 2.35 lakh crore.
But it attributes most of this to Covid and claims the loss due "implementation of GST" (see constitutional amendment in first tweet) is only Rs 97,000 crore.

It computed this based on previous shortfall data.
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1/ The Americans w/ Disabilities Act is turning 30!! Thank you, @ShannonDingle @DrAmyKenny and Dr. Lisa Anderson @forzagirl for most mind-blowing, all-the-pieces-come-together convo on #Disability’s Intersections w/ Everything #FreedomRoadPodcast.
2/ Here is special piece @nytimes that shines light on the significance of the Americans with Disabilities Act right now. #mustread…
3/3 Finally, this piece by @DrAmyKenny @Sojourners on Disability and The Church is #everything. Dr. Kenny is a member of the #globalwritersgroup @FreedomRoadus. So, we got to hear early drafts of this piece. #chills…
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🛑¿México es una potencia petrolera? Esta idea es común en el imaginario mexicano; veamos si los datos lo sustentan. Adelanto mi respuesta: NO.

1. Producción: en 20 años se redujo casi a la mitad.
- Estamos muy lejos de los principales productores.
2. Nivel de reservas probadas: 5.8 mil millones de barriles a 2019.
- Como se ve en la gráfica, el grueso de las reservas probadas se concentra en 25% de los países petroleros.
- Por su nivel de reservas probadas, México sería un país mediano-bajo.
3. Años restantes de recursos petroleros (R/P ratio):
- México tiene hidrocarburos suficientes para 8.3 años al nivel de producción y reservas a 2019.
- Estamos 10 años por debajo de la mediana mundial.
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'கொரோனா' தமிழ்நாடும், பழனிச்சாமியும்!

கடந்த நான்கு மாதங்களில் பழனிச்சாமியின் உதாசீனங்களால் இங்க நடந்ததையெல்லாம் தொகுக்கனும்னு நெனச்சு எழுதுன #Thread #MustRead தான் இது!


Synopsis: 👇👇👇

அடிமையாய் இருப்பதற்கே அளவெடுத்துச் செஞ்சா மாதிரி அடிமையாய் இருப்பதையே அங்கீகாரமாய் எடுத்துக்கொண்டு தரமாய் இருந்த தமிழ்நாட்டை தலைகீழாய் புரட்ட வந்த "தாய்"ன் தனயன்!
ஆம், இந்த கொரோனா என்னும் கொடிய நோய் தக்க நேரத்தில் இந்த கோமாளியை மக்களுக்கு காட்டிக்கொடுத்திருக்கிறது! ஆஹா, ஓஹாவென புகழ்ந்த ஊடகங்களே தூற்றும் வண்ணம் தன் தகிடுதத்தங்களை தன்னையுமறியாமல் வெளிப்படுத்திக் கொண்டிருக்கிறார்!

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This has been a busy week as the @EU_Commission presented an unprecedented economic stimulus to confront what is the worst recession in the EU's history. Big shoutout to @europressos who has done an amazing job in bringing you all the details. A few reads for the weekend here 👇
Here's an overview of the three pillars €750 billion stimulus package, including an updated EU long-term budget and a newly designed recovery instrument.…
An important part of the plan is to support the private sector by stimulating investment in key areas and supporting viable firms in troubles as a result of the #COVID19 crisis.…
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If this is actual true, which I find dubious, #IHaveQuestions because we have been down this road before & it is always patients who lose




Let's start with some basic facts:

1. The US Govt (read WE, the US taxpayer) has given Pharma companies like #SorrentoTherapuetics funding & tax breaks to create #COVID19 treatments/vaccines

2. It's WE, the people, who've donated said antibodies for use in developing treatments/vaccines & the US Govt (Again, WE, the people) has been directly involved in specimen collection


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Took my 1st AsianAm Studies course in 1993 w/Yuko Kurashashi (now @KentState). We watched @rtajima’s WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN. Changed my life. Thrilled 2 B part of #AsianAmsPBS series debuting tonight! Thx Renee @sleochiang + team 4 dreamy opportunity to talk AsianAm history!
Fueled up the fam w/homemade scallion pancakes, precious hot and sour soup from frozen lunar new year stash, beautiful salad greens from local Peoples Market CSA, dumplings gifted from @CaraCaddoo. Ready for #AsianAmPBS!
Here we go! #AsianAmPBS
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#MustRead new policy note by #GISPscholar Steven Hail (with co-author David Joy) "Federal Debt and Modern Money"…
#MMT #JobGuarantee Image
“The fallacies of the #neoclassical loanable funds view of interest rates and the related myths about #fiscal #sustainability and crowding out, would be seen to be nonsensical. #Neoliberal narratives would be undercut."
"We could get on with having a rational and well-informed discussion about issues such as the appropriate role and size of the #government within the #economy; the appropriate design of more effective automatic stabilisers like the #JobGuarantee; ..."
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"This is not the story of reconciliation and grassroots peacemaking as framed by the Israeli organizers.
The real story is that it hijacked Israel's solemn day for remembering fallen soldiers and victims of terror attacks by saying that the day is also about Palestinians."
Absolute #MustRead @elderofziyon - who does a GREAT job explaining why this is just an appalling propaganda exercise…
And this piece by @halbfinger illustrates splendidly how important @elderofziyon's debunking of the propaganda exercise is…
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Juristen radikalisieren sich in #Coronakrise
(1/n) Die #Coronakrise unterbricht unser normales Leben, stellt uns vor Herausforderungen. Sie macht normale Dinge "unnormal"&unnormale Dinge "normal". Manche Menschen sind im "Normalcy Bias" gefangen.…
(2/n) Dies gilt auch für Juristen. Eigentlich haben sie gute Instrumente wie "Praktische Konkordanz"…, um auch in ungewöhnlichen Zeiten zu sinnvollen Ergebnissen zu kommen. Viele Juristen kommen daher zu abgewogenen Bewertungen.…
(3/n) Manche allerdings zeigen Verhaltensweisen, die ich bisher nur von Rechtspopulisten kannte & die bei Reichsbürgern endet. Elemente:
1. Ausblendung des Kontext
2. Ausblendung von Gegenargumenten
3. Dogmatische Schlußfolgerungen
4. Überschätzung eigener Profession/Person
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#MustRead: Helmholtz - Zentrum für Infektionsforschung warnt EINDRINGLICH: „Es ist zu früh, Restriktionen zu lockern“…

(1/n) Reproduktionszahl R konvergiert in allen Ländern Richtung 1. Sinkt weiter, kein Plateau.
(2/n) Damit werden deutschlandweit auf ein ganzes Jahr dauerhaft Intensivbetten in der Größenordnung von 10.000 mit COVID-19-Patienten belegt. Kann Gesundheitssystem gerade so verkraften. Nach einem Jahr so nur etwa 1% der Bevölkerung mit SARS-CoV-2 infiziert.
(3/n) „Immunisierung der gesamten Bevölkerung ist unter Einhaltung der Kapazitäten des Gesundheitssystems so nicht zu erreichen." Steigt R0 wieder auf Wert von vor einer Woche/10 Tagen -> Hunderttausende Intensivpatienten in wenigen Monate, Gesundheitssystem komplett überfordert
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#ChineseWuhanVirus BIOWEAPON

Explosive investigative thread piecing together the various shadowy incidents that occurred prior to the #COVID pandemic.

Proof, articles, citations included.

Not a lame ass conspiracy theory about stock buying but fact based research.
It is impossible to find out the full conspiracy at this stage & I don't like mindless speculation.

I'm attaching below proof & I'll be raising questions.

As more facts become known we shall have more info.

I'll attach links & pics of sources in case articles are pulled off.
Firstly a prominent virologist Xiangguo Qiu, her colleague and husband Keding Cheng, and an unknown number of her students from China were removed from the Canada's National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg on July 5. 

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) said that it advised
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1/3. On 13 March, @Channel4News reported on a new rapid #coronavirus testing kit - made in the UK - that diagnoses #coronavirus in 10 minutes!

They aren't available in the UK yet.

#NHS staff can't get tested.

But this report shows test kits being sent to Bahrain. #covidー19
2/3. It seems utterly bizarre that boxes of rapid #Covid19 test kits are being exported around the world, whilst frontline #NHS staff have to risk their health without PPE or tests.

It would be great if @cathynewman & #C4News could ask @MattHancock what the logic is behind this.
3/3. Watching this the govt's U-turn is very stark.

"As the WHO urges countries to step up testing for #coronavirus, the UK appears to be adopting a different approach. Ystdy (12/3) it said it would only test people in hospital." #Covid19 #Corona #Covid
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The perfect play for @JoeBiden ▶️ "If I were Joe Biden, I’d immediately announce Warren as my vice-presidential pick. I’d further say that I agree with her bail out terms, and that while I don’t have a vote in the Senate, she does and she’s my proxy."…
Chatter grows for @JoeBiden to leverage @ewarren's "unquestioned mastery of the federal government and the levers of power" in #BidenWarren ticket. @ed_kilgore on the 🎯 LFG…
"Warren doesn’t just bolster his standing with a key, brand new base demographic ... but helps unify a party fragmented by a bruising primary" + "competence, intelligence, and binder full of plans, ready to be implemented on Day 1" makes her a 💥choice.…
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Roger Froikin wrote:


A. This did start in #China. It is not racist to say so. It is fact. But no one in China wanted this. It was not done as an attack on the world’s economies or peoples. 1)

Several countries have experimental laboratories working on dangerous things, not in order to use them as weapons, but to develop countermeasures. What happened in China was an accident, probably connected to maybe one person’s bad judgement. 2)
The problem that China is responsible for — is that they kept this problem a secret for more than a month, and thatvcontributed to the spread of this horrible disease.
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A #MustRead -- A foreign government, India, and a pro-India advocacy group, Hindu American Foundation, have used intimidation, closed-doors meetings, etc. to stifle criticism from U.S. Congress amid rising anti-Muslim violence in Modi's India. A few notes:
That the Indian government is doing this is completely and totally unsurprising.

India is increasingly authoritarian, even fascist. They're turning on their own people.

What's shocking here is that US government reps are falling for propaganda (hello #Hindutva) and intimidation
Let's talk about The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) -- Those of us in the business of studying South Asia know that this group is right-wing. They have a long history of trying to intimidate scholars, for example, and censor Indian history. Consider how the article puts it:
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