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Freelance Product Developer(Semi Ret). Writer. Avid Reader,Proud Father of 2. No BS.Patriotic & World travelled. Pro USA - Israel & UK Pro Democracy,Free market
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3 Apr 19
READ THIS THREAD!!! Everything I've been saying about the Muslim Brotherhood and its US proxy; CAIR. Learn about the sealed indictments that the Obama admin buried and more. #Obama #PatriotsAwakened
Thank you, Nick and Kudos. I have been researching the muslim Brotherhood for a while now and had yet to put all the pieces together as eloquently and as detailed as you have. I will be promoting your thread!
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9 May 18
1. IRAN; A timeline for those of you conveniently absent minded of the facts.
#IranNuclearDeal #Iran #Iranian #ThanksObama #ObamaLegacy #Obama

2002- Iran was caught red-handed secretly building an underground centrifuge facility in Natanz.
2009 Iran was again caught secretly building a huge underground nuclear facility for uranium enrichment.

Ask Yourself "if the Iranians had only peaceful ambitions with their nuclear program, why then hide your uranium enrichment from everyone"?
3. Heavy sanctions & UN sanctions were put in place against Iran. But no sooner were they in place, that Obama had Hillary open back channel communications through her buddy & Clinton foundation supporter, the Sultan of Oman.The sanctions ended up having no real effect on them.
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