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More than 20 African countries have joined together to plant a giant wall of trees that will run across the continent to stop the spread of the Sahara Desert. The Great Green Wall of Africa will stretch for 7,000 kilometres, from coast to coast right across the continent.
For the record, it is being planted and hits 15 of the 17 UN sustainable development goals #ESG
By 2030, the Wall aims to restore 100 million hectares of currently degraded land, sequester 250 million tonnes of carbon and create 10 million jobs in rural areas. #ClimateAction
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Time to take a victory lap for #ESG investing and @Tesla. CEO Elon Musk hit his second performance bonus today and it's fantastic that he is being given nearly $2B for doing so much to support the transition to sustainable energy. $TSLA A thread... /1
As a good #ESG company, the Tesla Board of Directors encouraged Musk to lead the charge in transitioning to sustainable energy by setting certain wickets that need to be met before awarding his performance bonuses. /2
One of those wickets relates to Solar Roof production. Spooling up production to 1000 solar roofs per week was one of the first performance bonus wickets the Board set. Tesla finally hit that goal at the end of 2019 in line with Elon's hopes. /3
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@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥

welcome speech by H.E. Mr. Christian Wenaweser: feel free to pose your Q also thru Twitter using the hashtag #FinanceAgainstSlavery, he says

#SustainableFinance #ModernSlavery #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment
@FinComSlavery @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit now H.E. Ms. Katrin Eggenberger is making her speech: the financial sector is key to tackle #modernslavery, last Sep we presented the blueprint of our initiative

#SustainableFinance #BizHumanRights #BizHR #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #FinanceAgainstSlavery
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Leaked trade agreement chain of events
Nov '17

"U.S. considers their food safety system GOLD standard"
“U.S. to share their public lines on chlorine-washed chicken to help inform the (UK) media narrative around the issue.”

'Do a PR job on it'
UK ‘emphasised they were in listening mode’

Pg 42 U.S. coaches UK away from a secondary process of protection – cites EU parliament overruling use of Glyphosate as an example why a 2nd process ‘DOESN’T’ work.

(getting in the way)
#Food #Health #ESG

Pg 42 ‘Positive applications’ had also been agreed’ – ‘Use of lactic acid on Beef’ – US law insists on a ‘chemical wash to reduce pathogens’

That's chemically washing your beef.

You might ask about food standards pre that!
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#SriAgenda tra 5min 🔔 h18


#EconomiaCivile e #FinanzaSostenibile |
Distretto Produttivo Pugliese La Nuova Energia…
@IntontiMari @andytuit

@SriEvent @SriEvent_It è Twitter Media Partner
@IntontiMari @andytuit @SriEvent Beppe Bratta, Pasquale Pazienza e @IntontiMari aprono i lavori del 5° 5° #CaffedellaSostenibilita

#finanzasostenibile #economiacivile
@IntontiMari @andytuit @SriEvent .@annfasano e @Leonardobecchet si uniscono ai partecipanti (e tutti insieme celebrano il 'rito' del caffè - bellissimo! 👍👏)

#finanzasostenibile #economiacircolare
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#SriAgenda abt to start 🔔 #June22 2:30pm CEST

Key deliverables from the Green & Social Bond Principles AGM 2020: a presentation for the wider market "@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE…

#greenbonds #greenfinance #socialbonds @SRI_Natives @andytuit
@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE @SRI_Natives @andytuit #SriAgenda just started 💥 #June22

Key deliverables from the Green & Social Bond Principles AGM 2020: a presentation for the wider market "@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE…

#greenbonds #greenfinance @MissOdaro @Enomissbizwiz @JBeckerLuxSE @WhileyAndrew
@ICMAgroup @LuxembourgSE @SRI_Natives @andytuit @MissOdaro @Enomissbizwiz @JBeckerLuxSE @WhileyAndrew now @JBeckerLuxSE making her speech: data are of paramount importance, she says, and exchanges play an essential role in providing investors w/ these data, we're working on the creation of a data-hub

#greenbonds #greenfinance #esg @LuxembourgSE
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Another key step towards greening finance & supporting the #EUGreenDeal transition: draft legal acts integrating #ESG considerations in fiduciary duties and adapting suitability test by introducing ESG preferences now out for @SustainableFinanceEU
Once adopted and applied, investment & insurance advisers will be required to ask about their clients’ ESG preferences and take them duly into account when assessing the range of financial instruments & products in their recommendations to clients.
This action will empower retail investors to decide where (incl. where not) and how their savings should be invested. This way, everyone will have a chance to make a tangible positive impact on climate, environment and society if there is a desire to do so. 💶 =>🌍🌿🙂💪🇪🇺
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One of the most odious aspects of Mr @jkenney's draconian, authoritarian #Bill1 (Critical Infrastructure Defence Act) is it criminalizes peaceful public protests/marches down city streets–like the #BLM protests in #YYC yesterday
I explain how dangerous this is below– #THREAD 1/12
#Bill1 defines as "essential infrastructure" a highway as defined in the Traffic Safety Act––thoroughfare, street, road, trail, avenue, parkway, driveway, viaduct, lane, alley, square, bridge, causeway, trestleway [public or private, incl *SIDEWALKS*, ditches, ROWs]

#ableg 2/12
#Bill1 also defines as "essential infrastructure" a prov'l highway, transport. facility, transport. system or urban rail transit system as defined in the Hwys Devel'pmnt & Protection Act––which is also incredibly broad & includes *anything* Cabinet designates as such!
#ableg 3/12
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We've filed a complaint asking @SEC_Enforcement to investigate and sanction the firm.…
We've released an #ESG report and I've personally emailed the CEOs of the pension funds that hold billions of dollars in #Facebook stock. @Vanguard_Group @TRowePrice @Fidelity…
We've got more information to release in the coming days and weeks. @Facebook could do a better job at restricting illicit content, and they know the technology exists to do it.
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.@BlackRock is the 3rd largest investor in Twitter with more than $1 billion in $TWTR stock. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink warned portfolio companies: Make a "positive contribution to society" or risk losing support. @Jack must honor Mr. Klausutis' request to delete Trump's tweets.
Omid Kordestani is Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Twitter. Time to go over @Jack's head. Tell @omidkordestani to #TakeTrumpOffTwitter $TWTR
@Jack and Twitter aren't going to budge on Trump's tweets unless investors threaten to #divest.

Tomorrow is the Annual Meeting of $TWTR Shareholders. Investors: Tell Twitter Board of Directors to take action on Trump's violative tweets.

#CorpGov #ESG #TakeTrumpOffTwitter
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