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Some #NYC comparisons, shot from the same vantage points: Normal versus Today. #NYC #CanadianWildfires #AirQualityAlert
First: Image
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DEWS. Canada. US. intel:

#Canada | #NYC

#BREAKING Smoke from the hundreds of wildfires blazing in eastern Canada has drifted south, casting a hazy pall over New York City and triggering air alerts from Minnesota to Massachusetts.

In Ontario, a layer of haze blanketed parts of……

DEWS. Fires. Carbon monoxide. Particulate Matter. Cabal intel:

Detailed Report:

Apparently, over 100 fires were set simultaneously on 06.02.23.

Basically, the who SE Quebec is on fire.

Fires started first in Quebec, Nova Scotia, B.C, Ontario, Alberta,……
DEWS. Canada wildfires.Ammonium nitrate. Investigation intel report:

Remember my post about the 60,000[30 tons] lbs. of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used as a fertilizer and in explosives, went missing on a rail shipment from Wyoming to California in April?

I've seen many…… ImageImage
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🧵This article from @nytimes
on #voting machines from ES&S (@essvote) applying for use in #NY focuses on #misinformation.
But what about misinformation from ES&S. Like they lied to @NYSBOE
about where they had pending lawsuits……
Facts about what will happen if #NY uses all-touchscreen #voting machines.
- They will "cost a small fortune to purchase & maintain."
- They cost $10,000 each, double the cost of a standard scanner + you have to buy A LOT more. HIgher costs x more machines = OUCH for taxpayers Image
How many more #voting machines are used w/all-touchscreen (all-BMD) systems?

#BMD = ballot-marking device, All systems have BMDs for voters who want to use them. We don't all need to.

@OSET estimates all-BMD systems require 5 TIMES as many voting machines. Costs go up not down. Image
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They always show you what it’s like to get into a NYC hot nightclub. This is what it’s like (and why it is sometimes hard) to leave. #nyc #nightlife…
Most of you have never experienced, even less, know about, the nightclub nightlife degen Mike tucked deep inside.
And…maybe never will. This is rare.
I am having a lot of fun this evening.

I intend to do this more.
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26 juli 1653 sluit Adriaen van der Donck een contract met plateelbakker Hendrik Claasz van Rotterdam. Claasz zal in Nieuw Nederland 'op de beste ende bequaemste maniere doenlink sijnde asch, pot-asch, ende alle aanklevende nieuwe wercken en inventien' gaan maken. #alleakten #nyc ImageImage
Als het een succes wordt, zal ook Adriaens vrouw op kosten van Van der Donck naar Nieuw-Nederland mogen overkomen. Image
Hovenier Gommaart Pouls van Antwerpen wordt een dag later ingehuurd om in de tuinen van Van der Donck te gaanwerken.
In 1645 kreeg Van der Donck een groot stuk land, als dank voor zijn rol in de vredesonderhandelingen met de Inheemse bevolking. Dit noemde hij Colen Donck. Image
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#happeningnow at the Par Central motor Inn at Queens, NY
Protesters gather in front of the hotel, and they state they don't want the hotel to house Migrants
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#Migrants #NYC #BREAKING
Par Central Motor Inn in Queens, NY , protesters rally outside due to the hotel housing migrants .
A group of Migrants walk by, and the protesters yell at them.
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#migrants #breaking #tuesdayvibe
Par Central Motor Inn Queens NY.
Protesters rally outside the hotel to demand the hotel stop hosing migrants. I spoke with one of the organizers of the rally.
Here's what he had to say .
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#tuesdayvibe #NYC #NEWS
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We have finally arrived at the first 2023 official #Manhattanhenge sunset! The weather looks excellent so get your cameras ready. Are you wondering what this phenomenon is? Why it happens? Where you should watch from? I've got a whole thread for you on it #NYC @AMNH Image
#Manhattanhenge is a name given to the days of the year when the sun sets perfectly aligned with the grid of Manhattan. So perfectly aligned with the cross streets where iconic buildings will beautifully frame the sun just as it touches the horizon. I also call it a "grid kiss" Image
Why does #Manhattanhenge happen? #NYC is a grid -- with 90 degree angles between the avenues and cross streets. At sunset you look west-ish across fairly wide cross streets and the Hudson river toward a relatively flat NJ skyline.
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Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel, and the hotel is housing migrants. They state that the community is outraged.
The NYPD has arrived at the hotel and stated that if they don't leave, they will be arrested.
#migrants #NYC
This footage was sent in by one of the activists
Kew Gardens Motor Inn Queens NY
Protesters do a sit-in at the hotel where migrants are being housed.
Activist do a sitin and chant " OUR TAX dollars our responsibility "
#migrantcrisis #tuesdayvibe
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Roosevelt Hotel #NYC
A group of 29 just left the hotel and are making their was to a Bronx NY location. The group is a mix of West African, venezuela , I thought I overheard workers say Is somalion. I overheard an estimate of around 350ish #migrants we're moved from the……
#update. The hotel is both a processing center and housing, I believe, for mother kids and some men , I overheard yesterday a worker here saying, " they got their vaccines, now its time to go."
Paperwork work gets done here as well, and they are sent to their next destination .
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
Another small group of Migrants have arrived at the hotel.
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Roosevelt Hotel, NYC
Within a span of 20 minutes, multiple buses dropped of multiple groups of migrants. ( 3 to be exact ) The US military is still here assisting the migrants who arrive at the hotel .
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#NYC #migrantcrisis #Migrants
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
#migrants are being temporarily housed and processed at the hotel. The United States military is here protecting them. Military soldiers are carrying boxes and bringing them into the hotel.
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#USA #military #NYC
Roosevelt Hotel NYC
Some of the migrants that were being processed at the hotel are now being moved to a different location in manhattan, I overheard workers at the hotel saying they got their vaccine, and now its time to go 🧐 a total of 36 migrants got on the bus
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Midtown Manhattan
At a migrants Processing / Is temporary housing facility , new arrives just showed up , apparently from Columbia.
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#migrantcrisis #NYC #BreakingNews
A new wave of migrants is being Process processed at the midtown facility
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#update now they are telling me they are from Aquador
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Outside the office of NYC @ManhattanDA . A small group gatherers and state they demand justice for #JordanNeely
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Outside the office of @ManhattanDA, activists gather to demand justice for #JordanNeely. Activists state they want to know the name of the people who choked Jordan Neely.
They chant " RELEASE HIS NAME "
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Outside the office of @ManhattanDA. Activists are state the demand the person who choked #JordanNeely be arrested. They chant " JUSTICE FOR JORDAN "
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#NYC #ThursdayThoughts
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@SenatorHinchey @NYSSenatorMRM @DonnaLupardo @LindaBRosenthal Dear everyone in these photographs, the loveliest, healthy, adoptable dogs are kill listed for today at @NYCACC See them. Help them. And stop the euthanizing of healthy, adoptable dogs in NYC and the Empire State.

Here are the dogs: a thread.
@SenatorHinchey @NYSSenatorMRM @DonnaLupardo @LindaBRosenthal @NYCACC Meet little Mari. She had an ear infection and needed surgery. Her hearing is damaged. She is a complete gem.
Everyone loves Mari. Why is a loving little partially deaf dog even listed to die?!
Help her.

@SenatorHinchey @NYSSenatorMRM @DonnaLupardo @LindaBRosenthal @NYCACC Meet Georgie, a puppy abandoned by an elderly incapable owner. This sweet, happy dog is so ready to love and be loved. Help Georgie.

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Growing up in #Toronto, I held #NYC in awe. Per the joke, one Torontonian changes the lightbulb, the other goes New York to make sure lightbulbs are still in. I had a *great* place to stay in the City: my cousin Maxine's rent-controlled place in a midtown doorman building.

1/ A uniformed doorman standin...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Max was impossibly glamorous: a perfectly coiffed office manager at Colgate-Palmolive who earned an anthropology degree at CUNY, volunteered at the Brooklyn Zoo, and knew every trick for getting cheap tickets for museums, galleries and shows.

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As the House Judiciary Cmt'e holds a hearing in Manhattan this morning, one thing you may not have noticed 👀 but want to be paying attn to is not about violent crime numbers or partisan politics, but the racist & antisemitic language that's seeped in. Let me explain 🧵
More and more, we’ve heard prominent folks, including Members of Congress and their allies, refer to Manhattan’s elected Attorney General Alvin Bragg as “Soros funded” or “Soros owned”.

What does this even mean?
Bragg is the 1st African-American elected to this role & is responsible for enforcing #NYC laws. And Soros, a Jew from Hungary who survived the Holocaust as a child, has become a big funder – among many big dollar funders in our politics – of democracy/anti-communism + education.
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Former President Trump en route his #NYC arraignment.
Helicopters beaming the scene from above the Trump motorcade.
A wave to the cameras as the former president heads into the courthouse to make history.
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Trump Towers in NYC
Tons of media are outside awaiting the arrival of President Donal Trump
#News #Trump #NYC
Trump supporters gather outside Trump Towers, holding a huge Trump flag
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#TrumpsIndicted #Trump
Trump Towers in NYC. A large crowd gathers in a show of support of Donald Trump.
The crowd chants " WE LOVE TRUMP "
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Outside the criminal court house in #NYC. After #TrumpIndictment was handed down. Tons of media came out to get a picture of @ManhattanDA
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Criminal Court in NYC
@ManhattanDA Alvin Bragg leaves the court house with a Heavy NYPD escort
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#TrumpIndictment #Trump #NYC
Downtown Manhattan NY at the Criminal Court house. Heavy police presence here , after former President Donald Trump was Indited
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#NYC grand jury reportedly has indicted former President Trump in hush money case.…
A lawyer for Trump says he's been told of the indictment.
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#Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu removes the defense minister, Yoav Gallant, after he called for a halt to the plan to limit judicial authority.…
Thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets in protest after Prime Minister Netanyahu dismissed his defense mister. They are blocking Tel Aviv's main highway and there is a bonfire in the middle of the road. Livestream:…
A US NSC spokesperson says the Biden administration is "deeply concerned" by what is happening in #Israel tonight, "including the potential impact on military readiness raised by Minister Gallant, which further underscores the urgent need for compromise."
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A bystander recorded pre-arrival / arrival video of FDNY crews pulling up on scene at the 3-alarm fire on Mott Street in Manhattan.
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Folks, I have a full time prof job, with something like 35 paying students, from UG to PhD to officially advise. Plus research, teaching, other service.

I don't have the bandwidth to advise complete strangers on their or kids' applications. Please stop DMing for that. 🙏
I mean if it's a limited question or something very specific, sure, I can answer. But asking me to meet or zoom with you or your kid and "mentor" you through the application, sorry, that's a lot of labor for strangers.

Same for moving to NYC. I can't executive produce your move.
All these threads I post about college life or lectures or details about NYC are just me getting some thoughts out of my head that some others might find interesting or useful.

They aren't advertising a consulting service.

Please think a bit before putting me in an award place.
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A Trump supporter calls out ‘Shaman’ for acting “stupid” and “crazy” —

“What you doing bro’?! We don’t do that! I think you’re a Democrat bro!”


Shaman: “They said Trump was a fake too!”

“I’m watching you bro! You better be for Trump!”
After more digging, can officially confirm lots of suspicion surrounding the authenticity of this ‘Shaman Trump supporter’ to actually be aspiring actor Danny Wolverton aka ‘specialhead’ from Brooklyn, NY who appeared on America’s Got Talent 9 years ago and produces ‘viral skits’……
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This is a regular #NYC thing.

The mail piled up for a while.

If you know the neighbors are young, you just shrug and move on.

What if you know that the neighbors are a senior couple, one of whom is disabled? And who keep to themselves?

For me the anxiety built slowly.
I've known this couple over a decade, but I've not really known them well like I've known other neighbors. So I don't have a phone number, even through Sandy and lockdown, for them like I do for many other neighbors.

It took a few days for the pile to build up as you can guess.
Just as the pile built up to a level making me uneasy enough to go find our veteran building Super, I saw him outside the door, ringing the doorbell.

"I was about to ask you", we both said almost simultaneously.

Yeah, we were both thinking the same thing. 😬😬
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