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Last month, I had some old business to wrap up in #NYC , it was my first visit since the pandemic. I was shocked to see for my own eyes, just how bad it's gotten. Went to the design district & saw lots of empty showrooms. Then right at the entrance to the building I entered ...
stood a guy, bent over, half naked and pooping right onto the sidewalk! It reminded me of the seeds planted in 2014. When that communist moron; DeBlasio and his communist cabinet he assembled, took public urination laws off the book, because after all, they were "racist".
Now New York is building a huge tent city. Thousands of migrants are arriving every week and the city under their #SanctuaryCity laws must find a bed for all, Homeless shelters are full. 6000 hotel rooms rented for them, and they just keep on coming.
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Federal government "laser focused" on the real and significant needs of #PuertoRico following #HurricaneFiona, says @POTUS during #NYC visit to @fema.
"Hundreds of FEMA and federal personnel" now in #PuertoRico, according to @POTUS.
"Ask for help if you need it," from mental health and crisis counselors the federal government is providing, says @POTUS to the people of #PuertoRico.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Twitch does a chokepoint capitalism; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A modified version of the Beacon Press cover for 'Chokepoint
#NYC! I'm in town this week with "Chokepoint Capitalism," @rgibli's and my latest book! See us Friday at 7PM at @nyuEngelberg!…

All this week, I'll be at #UnfinishedLive:

More cities here: 2/
If you can't make it to a tour-stop and want a signed, personalized copy shipped to your door, our friends at @FolioSf have you covered:… 3/
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Book-banning wingnuts are a tiny, vocal minority; and more!

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#Pluralistic 1/ The public burning of non-German writings and books on the o
#NYC! I'm in town this week with "Chokepoint Capitalism," @rgibli's and my latest book! See us Friday at 7PM at @nyuEngelberg!…

All this week, I'll be at #UnfinishedLive:

More cities here:… 2/
If you can't make it to a tour-stop and want a signed, personalized copy shipped to your door, our friends at @FolioSf have you covered:… 3/
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: How to ditch Facebook without ditching your friends; and more!

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#Pluralistic 1/ The header graphic for 'How...
#NYC! I'm in town this week with "Chokepoint Capitalism," @rgibli's and my latest book! See us tonight at 7PM at @mcnallyjackson Seaport:…

And on Friday at @NYUEngelberg!… 2/ Image
(and in between, I'll be at #UnfinishedLive:

More cities here: 3/
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Due to a $300 million budget cut to the City’s public schools, teachers, social workers, and other beloved school employees were told not to come back to work next year.

But the city is far from broke. And this is all about priorities.
1/4 Image
In his budget, Adams found enough cash to increase spending on cops but not enough to help schools retain student support, arts, and music programs. Funding that supports students’ futures and educators’ livelihoods shouldn’t be cut — especially not now...
as our city emerges from the trauma of the pandemic.

The sweeping cuts to education – estimated to top #300 million across 1,000+ schools – demonstrate plainly the dangers of giving near total control over education to a mayor who does not value education.
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We're proud to support @chainlink #SmartCon 2022. Register to meet with the zkSync team in #NYC:

Where you’ll find us at SmartCon 🧵 (1/5) Image
Dev Workshop – Building on zkSync 2.0 (Sept. 27 | 4:20 p.m.)

With zkSync 2.0 weeks away from mainnet, we'll share an overview of the zkEVM, background on the engineering challenges faced while building it, and a look at what's ahead.


Keynote – L3 and the Internet of Hyperchains (Sept. 29 | 9:15 a.m.)

Chief Product Officer @stevenewcomb will walk through the components and capabilities of zkSync's Layer 3 Hyperchains including recursive zkRollups, zkPorters, zkValidiums, and native Hyperbridges.

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And the road to ⁦@MICCAI_Society⁩ ⁦@MiccaiS#Singapore has started! Cannot wait to present #ImagineQuant@YaleRadiology#BrainLesWorkshop 20 hrs travel totally worth it 😅😎❤️ to learn from the best #MICCAI22. ⁦@ujjwalbaid0408⁩ ⁦@SpyridonBakasImageImage
Goodbye #Newark #NYC, looking forward to #Tokyo in 12 hrs! Dreams do come true!!! #academiclife #neurorad Thinking of @hsairmd @sairaallapeikko @theASFNR #Maui just about now! Will have to finish that episode 13 soon! @MICCAI_Society @MiccaiStudents @WomenInMICCAI #ImagineQuant Image
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I'm writing this from a hotel room in Ottawa, the day before the first event in the tour *Chokepoint Capitalism*, the book Rebecca Giblin and I are about to publish with @BeaconPress; this tour is a little different from the usual so I thought I'd explain how it'll work. 1/ A photo of me giving a talk...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
This is my first tour since the pandemic hit; I had four (!) book releases during the first year of the lockdown and did a slew of online events. In some ways, these were amazing: I could do a UK event in the morning and a US event in the evening. 3/
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Survival of the Richest; and more!

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#Pluralistic 1/ The cover for the WW Norton edition of Douglas Rushkoff's 'S
#Toronto! #NYC! #SanFrancisco! I'm heading your way with my book, Chokepoint Capitalism!

9/16: Toronto - @typebooks/Junction 7PM…

9/25: SF…

9/27: LA…

#DC, #Ottawa, #Boston, #London, #Miami coming soon! 2/
I'm Kickstarting a DRM-free audiobook of Chokepoint Capitalism, the book @rgibli and I wrote about how tech- and entertainment monopolies rip off artists, and how to unrig those terrible labor markets:…

("This book really gets it" - @StephenFry) 3/
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A 59-year-old man sitting on a #Queens sidewalk died in a hit-run crash when a woman aiming her car at someone else mowed him down instead, police said.
This probably was part of this guys daily routine. It’s a damn shame. Image
a f’ing game to sociopaths Image
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In front of Nike in #NYC where animal rights activists were rallying in front. A man comes off the streets and starts mocking the activists and eats Shushka Bob in front of the activists. Activists start yelling at the man
#pita #animals
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Friday, August 19, 2022
11:00am ET
New York Public Library

A PEN America, @nypl & @penguinrandom public reading drawn from Rushdie’s body of work.

Can’t be in Manhattan? Read on for more ways to show your support.

"Writers around the globe stand in solidarity with @SalmanRushdie and celebrate his tireless advocacy for the freedom of expression... Friday's NYC event will gather friends, supporters, readers, and members of the literary community to read from Rushdie’s body of work." (2/x)
Readers at the #NYC event include: Paul Auster @dwaynebetts @TinaBrownLM Kiran Desai @andreafelliott @DrAmandaForeman A.M. Homes @sirihustvedt @harikunzru Colum McCann @DouglasKMurray @Andrew_Solomon and Gay Talese. Other partners include @SpeakEasy_House. (3/x) #StandWithSalman
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hey #NYC: Come out tomorrow to see @WeAreAsGodsFilm at @QuadCinema at 7pm! Great doc on @stewartbrand's incredible life and legacy. By @science24fps & @friendofdurutti. Tix:…
My in-depth @reason Interview podcast with @stewartbrand @science24fps @friendofdurutti abt @WeAreAsGodsFilm, a fantastic doc abt founder of Whole Earth Catalog, @longnow, @Revive_Restore, etc.…
Merry Prankster, impresario of Trips Festival, founder of Whole Earth Catalog, cyberspace evangelist, de-extinction prophet & more, @stewartbrand has much to teach us. See @science24fps & @friendofdurutti's doc @WeAreAsGodsFilm in NYC 8/11 at 7m!…
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Every time parental units visit, they remark on how "disciplined" NYC is without anyone really "enforcing" that discipline, right down to the walking etiquette. Cos they walk the city a lot. We always talk about it when they visit, so here's a 🧵 on #NYC Walking Etiquette.
NYC walks a lot. According to some research, more than the next twenty US cities combined. But NYC also has the most paved roads per mile AND the narrowest sidewalks.

The basic logic of NYC walking is, walk our sidewalks like you would drive on a crowded highway.
And we aren't talking divided freeways. Walk our narrow pavements like you would drive on an undivided local highway during rush hour traffic. The lack of pavement width plus the huge walking population necessitates some basic Etiquette & rules for it to function smoothly.
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Central Park (NY) comparado con parques y ciudades de 🇲🇽

Los casi 3.5 km2 harían de Central Park un área muy destacable en todas las ciudades mexicanas.

Comencemos con el parque Tangamanga, el 2º más extenso del país con 4.2km2 y orgullo potosino #SLP
El Bosque de #Chapultepec (4.4km2 sin el Panteón de Dolores) y Central Park (3.5km2). Ambos en la misma escala
El parque Fundidora de #MTY
y Central Park #NYC (misma escala)
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Friends I had the most amazing night taking the #corvette around #NYC and letting people sit in it. Young and old, it brought such joy - and I even got to do this. #Kindness
People were incredulous that it wasn’t some scam. But they got in and those smiles — phew! ImageImageImageImage
Dancing in Times Square
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Finance caused the fall of Rome; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A debtor's prison window; over its arch is the legend 'Pray
I'm heading off for family vacation until July 26 (though I may pop up between now and then with a surprise post that's in suspension pending approval). Have a great couple weeks! 2/
On July 24, I'm giving a remote keynote for @2600 Magazine's New @HOPEconf in #NYC:

Sponsor me for the @ClarionUCSD Write-A-Thon! 3/
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I met with a woman whos mother is in ICU at Mt Sinai hospital in Brooklyn NY. She's stating the hospital won't let her see her mother without the shot or testing
Today activists are outside the hospital demanding the woman sees her mother
#COVID19 #NYC #activists
After activists arrived to the hospital. The hospital let the woman see her mother.
When activists arrived to MT Sinai hospital.
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#happeningnow at the Children's vaccine site in NYC where activists are outside rallying. Here's a message they stated they had for the NYC Mayor and the NYC Health Commissioner
#NYC #itshappening #Health

For licensing email
Activist write on the floor of the Children's vaccine site.
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Bel fires in NYC. Unclear how this started or what day it was on .
#news #NewYorkCity #NYC
Join our telegram group for uncensored content
Please follow my Instagram…
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#ProAbortion activists harass Saturday church goers. At the end of the clip they begin singing ‘thank god for abortions.’

Credit: @poambrotherhood / Polish American Brothethood on YouTube Live Right now
It was live. My bad.
Full video:


the #ProLife group was on their way to #PlannedParenthood and the #ProAbortion group was trying to get in their way

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#NYC #trivia
When Manhattan was being built by Europeans, lime quarries were far up Hudson valley. They learned from the Lenape that in Manhattan, you don't need lime rock! You can make lime by just burning ____, residue from a (then) plentiful food source. What unusual source?
Some said sea shells. Manhattan didn't have any real beaches. What it did have was a wall of billions of oysters.And oyster shells are EXTREMELY dense in lime.

So it was oyster shells used to build a lot of Manhattan. Removing the wall that for millennia was a flood wall. Sigh. Image
I remember reading that if the Europeans had kept oyster harvesting at a sustainable level like the first nations did for millennia, that natural oyster wall would have kept Manhattan safe from the kinds of floods that hit us every year now cos of climate change.

Irony much?
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