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"Russians" in #TrumpRussia are #RussianMOB that rolled over #NYC mob in '90s
launders 💰 through #TrumpOrg
funneled 💰 into #Trumpcampaign
sent banker to meet Jared.
installed #Putin.
And owns #Manafort and #Giuliani
CAREFUL ALL don’t be sending by this around unless you are FULLY ENCRYPTED and using Out of USA Servers.. Russia and Twitter will stomp you to dust. I had to have Computer cleansed and new solid drive put on.
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1) So you get a copy of your medical records & dive in, reading line by line, trying to make sense of your new lung #cancer diagnosis.

“Wait a second, this doesn’t sound right. This is a mistake. I don’t have a history of a heart condition & I don’t smoke cigarettes.
2) You call your oncologist’s office to report the mistakes you found & ask to have it updated. You are told to write down the correction & fax it to the office. You do exactly that.
#PtExp #addendum #EHR
3) At your next follow up appt a month later, you ask the dr if your record was updated & the correction was made.

The dr looks at you like:

#PtExp #addendum #EHR
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Between Oct. 4, the end of the Rosh Hashana observance of the new year, and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement starting the night of Oct. 11 — an estimated 50,000 chickens will be sacrificed in Brooklyn as part of a ritual performed in Hasidic Judaism.
Kaporos or kapparot, is a practice where chicken or money is waved over a person's head, meant to transfer a person’s sins to the chicken.

“If you’re going to die during the year, maybe the chicken will die instead.”- A penitent states.
To meet the demand in Brooklyn, slaughter operations are set up every year in parking lots and other open spaces, often run by congregations and organizations to raise funds.

Shame on #NYC #Governor and @NYCMayor for allowing this horrific massacre to continue, year after year!
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👉🏻#Ukraine👈🏻 in This Thread, I will Attempt to explain how #Migration & #WorkVisa’s are used by Globalists to enslave “Women & Children” into “Organized” International #SexTrafficking Rings #Biden #Burisma #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani
2/ This Study on #Ukraine’s #SexTrafficking issue is one of the most accurate breakdowns I have ever read... I will be using this report as a guideline... I highly recommend reading it, in full...
h/t @FederalistNo78 #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ For Organized International #HumanTrafficking Rings to remain Fully operational, Corrupt Officials are used to help orchestrate ways that enable & cover-up these horrendous “Crimes Against Humanity”. Before we take a look at #Ukraine, let us first look at a similar scenario...
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“Do us a favor” says @realDonaldTrump in call with Ukraine’s President. Give us the full transcript say Democrats. The US President attempting to deflect serious questions in a rambling press conference, as @AdamSchiff says whistleblower evidence is “disturbing & credible”. @GMB
As Donald Trump stays in #NYC the #Impeachment inquiry ramps up today in DC, with Acting Director of National Intelligence hauled before Congress. Needs to explain why a #whistleblower report has only just been handed over.
The #Impeachment of @realDonaldTrump threatens to further widen splits in a deeply divided country. We went to #Rutherford New Jersey @GMB, for a small town reflection on a growing crisis.
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A member of the @OrgIAC march to urge "recognition of the Iranian people's right 4 #RegimeChange," outside the #UNGA in #NewYork. They declared their support for the leader of the democratic opposition, #MaryamRajavi.
Rudy Giuliani, speaks at #FreeIran Rally outside the #UNGA74 on September 24, 2019. The Iranian urged recognition of the Iranian people's right for #RegimeChange in #Iran & declared their support for the leader of the democratic opposition, @Maryam_Rajavi.
#AFP #BlacklistRouhani
Iranian #women oppose #Iran's repressive regime at a #FreeIran rally in #NewYork.
They hold a placard of #MaryamRajavi and shout Hassan Rouhani does not represent the Iranian people.
#No2Rouhani #BlacklistRouhani #IranRegimeChange #IStandWithMaryamRajavi #UNGA
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Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! I am super serious about voting and I hope you are too. Be heard, use your voice, use your vote. Make a difference. #RegisterToVote at

#TheFutureIsVoting @HeadCountOrg #NVRD
On my way to Washington Square Park to help some people #RegisterToVote for #NationalVoterRegistrationDay with @HeadCountOrg! Come say hi #NYC!
Yeah it's like that. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
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Angry Iranians rally for Hassan Rouhani's presence at #UNGA.
Their message to world leaders: No deal between Iranian pple & mullahs' dictatorship.
#IranRegimeChange is the only demand of the people.
#MEK is the only alternative to achieving freedom in #Iran.
Now- #FreeIran Rallyin #NYC
The Iranians are protesting at #UN against the president of the Iranian dictatorial regime’s appearance at the annual #UNGA. #No2Rouhani #BlackListRouhani #Iran #RegimeChange
Opponents of the Iranian regime gather across the #UnitedStates in front of the #UN building on the occasion of the convening of the Annual General Assembly #UNGA & chant slogans against the religious dictatorship of #Iran.
#FreeIran #No2Rouhani #BlacklistRouhani
@StateDept @AP
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Thousands to Rally in #NewYork against Hassan Rouhani
#UNGA74 say #No2Rouhani He isn't the representative of #Iran|ian pple.
#JoinUs the Sept. 24 rally in #NYC, 9:30AM, across UN - 47th Ave (1st St. & 2nd St.).
#FreeIran #NoImpunity4Mullahs #BlacklistRouhani
@secpompeo @USAmbUN
#FreeIran Rally calls on the world community that Hassan Rouhani doesn't represent #Iran|ian people. He attends #UNGA74 to justify the crimes of his fundamentalist regime & the number one state-sponsor of #terrorism.
#NoImpunity4Mullahs #BlacklistRouhani #IranRegimeChange
Rally demonstration of Iranians residing in #UnitedStates in front of the hotel of the Delegation of the dictatorial regime of #Iran in #NewYork. They demand the ejection of Hassan Rouhani from the #UNGA74
#BlacklistRouhani #No2Rouhani #IranRegimeChange
@USAdarFarsi @UKUN_NewYork
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#FreeIran Rally in #NewYork city
Iranian people want to #Regimechange
They want neither war nor appeasement with the terrorist regime of the Mullas
We come together in #NYC on Sept 24th, 9:30 AM to show our solidarity with the Iranian people’s desire 4 a Free #Iran
#FreeIran Rally in #NewYork city
According to @OIAC, the demonstrators will say that the regime’s Supreme Leader Khamenei & its president Rouhani do not represent #Iran people who have shouted “Death to Khamenei, Death to Rouhani”, demanding #RegimeChange.
#Regimechange is coming to #Iran
The Iranian deserve to live a life that is rich in their culture & in their glorious ancient history, & the price they paid 4 freedom & #FreeIran
This demand is created only by the extraordinary leadership of Iranian Resistance, Mrs. #MaryamRajavi
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The #ClimateStrike is starting around the world. Here's the strike in Geelong, Australia

Huge crowd and growing at the #ClimateStrike in Sydney, Australia

Great to see students and staff at big academic institutions like @Sydney_Uni walking out today. Follow their lead rest of the world! #ClimateStrike
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After driving 4500 miles
across the #USA
from #NM to #NYC

#C4T horseback in @TimesSquare

Traveling to #DC

#CouyGriffin meeting with @POTUS in the #OvalOffice

Tonight I'm going to the
@Trump rally in #RioRancho
with #CowboysForTrump
See trip in replies
I flew from #Denver to #Albuquerque, #NM
to support @Cowboys4America
during the #NewMexicoStateFair

Then traveled with #CouyGriffin
from #NewMexico to #NewYork
with his horse, Red,
so he could ride on Sept 11
in lower #NYC
& pay tribute to the tragedy that occurred.
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2. The real story of September 11, 2001: It was an internal work, it was a "controlled demolition"

#Liars #Conspiracion #11september #SeeksJustice #SecretGovernment #Lies11september #SecretGoverment #September11 #FalseFlag
1. The real story of September 11, 2001: It was an internal work, it was a "controlled demolition"
BBC Foreknowledge of 9/11 Collapse of WTC Building Seven: British Man Won Law Suit against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up
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Tonight on the @CNN #climateforum, Democratic candidates will talk through their plans to rapidly transition our country to clean energy. We’re guessing we’ll hear a lot about #renewables & carbon pricing. But what will they say about #nuclear energy?

Will they mention that it’s the largest source of carbon free electricity in the US?

#climateforum @wolfblitzer @ErinBurnett @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @DonLemon
Will anyone point out that, considering the scale of the challenge, we should get rid of fossil fuels before even thinking about getting rid of nuclear?

@wolfblitzer @ErinBurnett @andersoncooper @ChrisCuomo @DonLemon #climateforum
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On my way to @BPEricAdams’s hearing on placard abuse. It’s 0.6 miles from my apartment. Let’s see how many illegally parked vehicles I see on my way...
Across from my front door, a @UPS truck and @Uber_NYC / @lyft blocking the bike lane and an entire traffic lane. Bikes and cars that want to get through must go (blind) into oncoming traffic.
Next - 8 illegally parked cars on the sidewalk, all with @NYPDTransit placards that say they’re there on “official business.”
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3 weeks from today! My new book The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls is out via @BeaconPressBks. Here’s how it starts. 🎬 @rerutled #7NecessarySins
#NYC: I launch The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls on Sept. 18 in conversation with a dear feminist sister @LetaHong at one of my favourite places @strandbookstore - come!… #7NecessarySins
I’ll also be at @BKBF with #7NecessarySins - events page soon…
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Many of the people donating to Daniel Pantaleo’s GoFundMe are police officers. A lot of the names of donors are shared by active NYPD officers, sergeants, lieutenants, etc and many of those individuals have lawsuits against them and post racist social media content.
Peter Guastamacchia, with some weird jokes about breaking in rookies.
Steven Wallace, who has a disturbing “I Am Pantaleo” profile picture. This image and the upside-down NYPD flag has become very popular.
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#PrinceAndrew: I did not suspect #JeffreyEpstein's behavior 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣😂🤣👇🏼- BBC News
’The denials, the contradictions, and the outright lies.’
#Screwed #RoyalFamily…
In prison, he would be considered a #Chomo
Prince Andrew continues he's denial.
Andrew would reportedly become 'abusive' if challenged by officers at Buckingham Palace about his young female visitors.
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It’s hard to believe this was ever a place for cars. The most interesting thing about the #TimesSquare transformation in New York by ⁦@MikeBloomberg⁩ ⁦@JSadikKhan⁩ & ⁦@citiesforpeople⁩ — it wasn’t sold as “place-making.” It was about TRAFFIC WORKING BETTER.
There’s lots of reasons why New York’s Bryant Park is one of the best people-places anywhere. But my favourite reasons are the many diverse well-defined “sub-spaces” as you walk around it; the massive number of moveable chairs; & the big beautiful shade trees on a hot, sunny day.
What is successful urbanism? If there’s a lot of people in a “public space” (it’s not actually public), is it a good place? New York’s new Hudson Yards development has been criticized by many urbanists, & defended by some, so I needed to see it myself. It raised many questions:
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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Example" -- August 11, 2019

Operation Disclosure………

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)
Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell by suicide.…
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