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4 Aug
As charities adopt new digital/blended service models, 'some' of their traditional geographic fenced commissioner contracts begin to seem obsolete.

What examples are out there of contracts or payment terms that go beyond payment by head/outcomes and geographic boundaries?
Examples from other sectors or models that support this?

Example: You're a charity that delivers a face to face service, covid-19 has forced it online and it now opens up a world of delivering beyond contract boundary, how do you get paid if users come direct to your door?
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4 Jul
What constitutes experience you would trust to teach you service design?

Does direct delivery experience matter to you?
If the trainers haven't been part of a team designing services that are live + successfully meeting outcomes for business/users/system but they know some tools/methods do you trust it?

*Note-service design isn't a simple 'staged' process, lots of decisions by lots of people
If the trainers have lots of examples of implemented services from reading or interviewing other practitioners is that trust/respectful experience?
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10 Jun
Hola! We've had some great tech lead/lead developer applicants for @wearesnook role but I want to ensure there's a more diverse pool at this stage. We're open, can anyone help share/point to other places I can advertise this role or share with others?…
When I say diverse, it's mostly men and white at the moment. Looking to diversify that exactly.
@threadreaderapp unroll please. Thanks everyone :)
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6 May
"Social maps are powerful. But they are not all-powerful. We are creatures of our physical and social environment. However, we need not be blind creatures. Occasionally, individuals can imagine a different way of organizing our world..."

Gillian Tet on work of Jean Baudrillard
Since this elite has an interest in preserving the status quo, it also has every incentive to reinforce cultural maps, rules, and taxonomies. Or to put it another way, an elite stays in power over time not just by controlling resources, or what Bourdieu described as...
...“economic capital” (money), but also by amassing “cultural capital” (symbols associated with power). When they amass this cultural capital, this helps to make the status of the elite seem natural and inevitable.
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2 May
Runners. Right I’ve gone from 6 weeks ago doing a mile to 6.2m (10k). I’ve managed the 10 by doing flats but shorter runs with hills around me to build stamina (5k)

How do I get above the 10k? It doesn’t feel knacerking when done but mentally my brain won’t shift.
I just can’t seem to convince myself to do another loop.

I’m not fast like around 9.5m/hr so is it best to;

A) run more distance at same or slower pace accepting pauses
B) run less distance with more hills and faster to build strength
C) Run the 10k with less pauses/faster
D) Screw it you’re running just keep running
E) Mix of above

Never really thought of training properly but any tips helpful. Starting to enjoy glimpses of it, still hate most it. Feel euphoric afterwards.
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22 Jan
Anyone got any good Spotify weight lifting playlists. Can’t seem to get right pace and all @Spotify gives me is either heavy metal or laid back 90s rap. Neither working for me.
I am going to review all your playlists one by one. Will report back with /10s and comments. Thanks for all the kind suggestions lifters!
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13 Jan
#hivemind Quick question - livestreaming and recording events (internal show and tells) to scale participation. What is relatively easy to use and low hassle hard and software?
I have a variety of film stuff from wireless bluetooth rode mics and i-phone and jobi tripods to DSLRs but looking for fool proof easy to operate (and relatively inexpensive) ideas. Thanks!
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone - great posts/ideas. Going to set up a review and do some tests! Will report back.
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13 Jan
Signed out of Facebook. Instagram deleted, only in use on Sunday’s. Twitter - looking to reduce use but so helpful for work/learning. Alarm clock installed, phone out bedroom.

Any other phone/social media reduction tips?
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Thanks all you lovely people. Much appreciated.
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9 Jan
This is good from @jereeve
Aligned with my thinking on next era government, it’s a policy and design job. Via @maltbyps…
Much of tinkering of front end (whilst still needed+shouldn’t be forgotten, many atrocious basic transactions out there still painful) needs to look at bigger picture for true service reform. Meeting people where they are with what they need not just service transaction alone.
Only one jarring point is moving away from design system to compete - but I understand the sentiment here. Hope would be design system would still be used under a new skin and relationships built with team to explore new patterns etc.
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4 Jan
2020s, decade of designing interoperable data standards and policy, communities of adoption, community alliances, organisations with kindness+compassion at their centre,focused on an inclusive society.

Platforms to ‘enable innovation’ rather than ‘front end innovation’ itself.
Last decade was lots of ‘it could look like this’ - this needs to be the decade of mass collaboration across sectors and org boundaries to enable services to work interoperabley for users and reduce #lifeadmin for people using and delivering services.
Beyond that, this must go beyond our current definition and boxing of services for this or that and think more holistically about the platforms we are designing to enable people to thrive in their context, where they are.
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21 Nov 19
Great day in @lomondtrossachs getting to grips with the planning process from a user perspective, staff and public. Fairly extensive mapping, not quite finished yet! Good to be taking #satsd to planning sector.
Also a fab delivery group really asking the tough questions on everything we’re delivering to ensure we put our environmental and climate emergency concerns in the mix of decision making.
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7 Jun 19
Spending end of Friday night finalising slides for @WeAreSigma #campdigital conference. Talking service failure. Basically all my terrible episodes of bad service experiences.
@WeAreSigma Ok I think we’re done. Whew
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5 May 19
THIS. Service design third phase. I’ve had the pleasure to interview Chris about evolving waves of service design over the years.

I’m glad to see this and @sophiedennis rant about valuing the product/interaction part of a wider #servicedesign movement.
As a trained product designer we sweat the details. The care and attention of the radius of a thing. The materials you use to mould it together. The thinking through of its production and manufacture. I’ve seen this care for the design get lost in the #servicedesign
Growth where we favour perfomative service design (and believe me it gets commissioned) over the actual time and money that needs invested to actually design something that works
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10 Apr 19
Preparing for a conference tomorrow and revisiting some old work on place based design/asset based development from 2012.

6 years ago we developed a strategy to support an area to improve outcomes for children and families, co-designed from bottom up with local people.
We made films, worked with young people, parents, held pop ups, hosted events for over 60 people at a time, ran a blog, set up a news platform, worked with local journalists.
It lasted for five years before new revisions came in place for neighbourhoods.

Our work created the platform and vision for multi-agency work and preventative approaches to delivering local services
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5 Apr 19
Macro form of service design.
A collective verb that involves the many in perpetual beta, focusing on users at all levels of delivery and design.
Micro form of service design.
Focused on the tangible elements of the user experience and tracing back to what the org/system needs to do to enable it.
All part of full stack service design
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13 Mar 19
Our current service designs fail because they aren’t designed to create fulfilling lives or help people thrive.

They are designed to silence creativity, reduce autonomy and suppress aspiration.
We are afraid of risk and of chaos.

Our dominant models of design are to reduce risk and to control neat outcomes we can quantify.

Evaluation is a baseline of how our current societal model functions and if it isn’t in a box it can’t be easily measured.
We don’t like outliers and we certainly can’t cope when they exist, this is why when services fail we have no way to fix them.

We have an incapacity to then ‘solve’ problems because there is no slack designed into systems.
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28 Nov 18
Testing new #servicedesign principles+questions for @wearesnook process

Always challenge the material of power in your #servicedesign
Who holds it?
Is it present?
Is it balanced?
Should it be challenged?
Is it the same through out?
Should the balance shift over time?
Build platforms that facilitate and empower people to fulfil their needs, challenge paternalism and purely transactional design
Challenge when users are actually users, consider how the language you use creates a power dynamic and a notion of reliability on services
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