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Been using Dall-E @OpenAI to build out super quick story boards for user journey maps

Works a treat even without specifics to quickly bring to life a story. Game changer

#servicedesign A yellow background with three boxes that looks like a comic
Bit more quick detail, will write blog

These were generated by being specific about a service moment, in this case 'A customer paying at a kiosk in black and white fine line style' A series of images showing results (four of them) for 'A cus
It's less helpful when using as brainstorming tool for developing, e.g service concepts for whole user journeys, it's a mere representation of the end goal but sort of maybe makes you focus on the outcome of the service right?

Buying a home = pictures of people with homes Photo responses to a photo of a person using a service that Responses of images to a prompt on Open AI saying 'a user bu
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More service designers than ever are employed in the public and private sector, but not everyone knows how to work with them well and let them effectively utilise their skillset.

So we wrote 10 tips for working with a service designer.

1/12🧵 #ServiceDesign 10 tips for working with a service designer – read them al
1. Join them on a ride questioning everything
Service designers ask ‘why’ a lot. They need to get to the bottom of a problem, find out why things are the way they are, and zoom out to understand the broader context.

2/12🧵 10 tips for working with a service designer:  1 – Join the
2. Give them space to map things out and map with them
Creating maps is an essential activity many people expect a service designer to carry out. But it’s not done for the map’s sake. It’s less about the map and more about the process of mapping.

3/12🧵 10 tips for working with a service designer:  2 – Give the
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Los servicios del #Gobierno siempre se han caracterizado por ser ineficientes, pero ahora con tanta tecnología a la mano no es aceptable que los ciudadanos sigamos padeciendo trámites absurdos que podrían hacerse en 15 minutos, sin sufrirlos. El caso de la @SRE_mx...
para expedir un #pasaporte es el botón de muestra que descubre con crudeza la ineficiencia y atraso del sector público. Se piensa que con "mejorar" las instalaciones es suficiente, sin que se les ocurra que lo que tienen que rediseñar son el proceso y el servicio.
No se necesita ser un experto en #ServiceDesign para darse cuenta de las garrafales fallas, en la recientemente inaugurada oficina de pasaportes de Puebla. Altos funcionarios de la @SRE_mx y @MBarbosaMX cortaron el listón de una mega oficina llena de sillas de mala calidad que
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Family Changemakers
In Jan-Mar 2021, lockdown3, @MAServiceDesign students worked with MA Data Vis students and parents in @CamdenCouncil to define what good family help looks like after Covid, with the amazing @BeccaDove2 . The students’ journey:
Students got to work with a thoroughly inspiring group of Changemaker Parents from Camden, who, facilitated by @AnggTam and @lauracleahy, designed a vision of Good Help for Camden Families after covid, and a manifesto. Here’s the parents’ story
Students built on this vision of good help and manifesto to create service proposals relating to three areas: Service Transformation, Disruptive Design and Policy, and Reimagining the Future. See all the student proposals here…
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A lot of Companies are on firing spree. Everyone need to be more vocal about it. This will create collective needs, that will lead to Process Improvements. Designing those processes and new Ecosystems will give jobs to many Coaches, Analysts, Consultants & Image
Software professionals. News, Information & Media need to take active participation to capture the personal scenarios. This is the actual meaning of a "Progressive Society". Exchange of thoughts develop needs. Growing needs require investment in newer product and
services. Utilization of product and services create returns. This results in exchange of commerce, maintain value and a healthy economy.

To start with, Investors need to invest in News & Media Houses to explore the latent scenarios of the current times.
#firing #hiring #hr
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The feedback collected by a Customer Support Executive and UX has a notable difference. It is a checklist task for a #CustomerSupport #Executive to collect 50 feedbacks by the end of the day. #UX would be keen on collecting context and may not be compelled to complete x number of Image
calls. UX further may choose to do Observational Studies of certain scenarios to explore the Think Aloud aspect. This is significant in the field like #Healthcare.…

#helpdesk #customerexpereince #customerresearch #customersupport #userresearch
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The best way to explore #UX shortcoming in #Healthcare Services, Hospital Management and Insurance Approval can be figured out through generative observational studies by placing UX in Billing Counter, Help Desk, Ward Desk, Insurance Desk and Admission Desk. #servicedesign
Placing anyone else in place of trained UX will compromise observational data collection.
Worst Case Scenarios in Hospital Management forces Patient & relatives (attendees) to run pillar to post from one department to another. This can only be managed through generative observational studies.
#ecosystemdesign #servicedesign #uxresearch #healthcare #hospital
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Risk of copied #BusinessModel. Assume we copy a Business Idea from a Foreign Country to get #VC #funding and launch it in India. Then the original #founder with the original #strategy residing in the foreign Country uses the #business to step up in
the #Value chain. #Profit & Footing may not be his prime motive. His vested interest could be driven by #survival tactics. Now, as we have copied the business, we may not have any foresight and #planning to make the same move.

This is happening with many VC funded
business in India. Every business is not a foundation business. These days the Investor and the Founders, both looks for a different type of exit policy that is in their capability.

#businessdesign #startup #riskmanagement #mba #venturecapital #funding #valueinvesting
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Tata & Birla is summit for Industrialist in India. Reliance is the summit for Businessman in India. Infosys, Wipro & TCS are summit for IT ecosystem in India. Flipkart was summit for Startup Funding in India. What is the summit for UX, Animation & Advertisement in India?
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Any startup working on School for Elderly in India? Unlike our grandparents, most of our parents had routine formal school education that have developed routine psychology.

#school #edutech #eldery #seniorcitizen #servicedesign #ux #society #sociology
The Indian middle-class nuclear family story these days is Elderly Parents, staying in hometown & youngster working in another city. Over a period of time with growing age, a lot of physical & psychological health issues gradually develops. The gradual changes are tough to notice
compared to immediate changes. These elderly schools would help to maintain a report card from a bird-eye perspective. The schools will conserve the reference context of elderly through companionship, activities & narrations. The Elderly Indian Society has changed. We are
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@Microsoft #Feedback Forum #CX / #ServiceDesign. No text box to dump feedback with one click. Miles long textual instruction. Poor #UX with high first threshold of user feedback. Image
Encourage people to first dump the feedback then further categories. That way team will have feedback to analyze. If you expect people to look for the category then add the feedback, let me tell you in B2C, consumers will simply drop off. @Microsoft
Isn't all User Research of existing services starts from User Feedback. In view of such a User Unfriendly poorly design #feedback page, I wonder where does the UX Research budget goes? @Microsoft #uxresearch #servicedesign #ux
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All talks no action. Google #Feedback Forum #CX / #ServiceDesign. No text box to dump feedback with one click. Not responsive. Not mobile friendly. Poor #UX with high first threshold of user feedback. @Google Image
Encourage people to first dump the feedback then further categories. That way team will have feedback to analyze. If you expect people to look for the category then add the feedback, let me tell you in B2C, consumers will simply drop off. @Google
Isn't all User Research of existing services starts from User Feedback. In view of such a User Unfriendly poorly design feedback page, I wonder where does the UX Research budget goes? @Google #uxresearch #dropoff
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Omni Channel Analytics in the Interdependent Ecosystem getting better! 😎
The interdependent ecosystem of Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsapp & Android etc.

My friend pinged me on Whatsapp about the new Netflix Bill Gates Documentary Series and sometime later, I saw a post
on my LinkedIn timeline about Bill Gates media interview that was done after the series got over. Everyone is selling me on the subject.

Interdependent #Ecosystem use Product #Persona that is different from the User Persona for upselling and cross-selling. #servicedesign #ux
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Does anyone has conducted #Ethnographic #Research on the following #ServiceDesign / #Lobby #Design topic? Any #shortfilm or #documentary?
#WorldBank mentality of lobbyist #Corporate #Indian Clan. The idea is to pour funds through #FDI in Indian Corporations. Lobbying to control
the corporation's #treasury. Pocket the #fund through fake #GrowthHacking spending. Hold accountable a couple of influential but network-less people for the mismanagement and the lobby disperse under the guise. Then the lobby waits and plans for the next hunt.

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On one end, #Design Students are looking for Design #Projects and on the other end, gullible Budding #Founders have no idea about the existence of Design Services. These budding founders visit the #startup portals and startup #events that redirected them toward #technology
companies & a huge expectation mismatch is formed. The Fonder expect to realize the #vision onto paper but the technology #companies don't sketch. The Designer Sketch. It leads to all type of pass the ball game & discourages all the parties involve. Add the word Design
in #Startup Portal. The first thing that hit the mind is Idea and the second thing is a rough sketch of the idea, that is Design. Be it #ProductDesign, #InteractionDesign, #ServiceDesign, #BusinessDesign, #UX etc.

#Gov #Government #DesignAgency #DesignJobs #UXJobs
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I have stopped providing Wireframes to my clients. This has a shift in the focus and expectations of clients from a #UX Principal Consultant. Now they take a keen interest in Ecosystem Diagrams, Lumascapes, Unmoderated Observational Study, User Journey, improving Operations
before suggesting products to achieve an objective, Macro Economy Behaviour, Individual's Personality, Socio-Political and Demographic Constraints. I learned this by following mature ecosystems like the transaction between Doctor Consultants and Testing Labs.
Similarly, the transaction between Lawyer Consultants and Para Legal Team. So, now I pass all the documentation to the UI designer and achieve the design iteratively, progressing over Kanban or Scrum Agile Framework. Anyway, these days Design Systems have made it easy to follow
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The HR Recruiters fix UX interview with Technical Architect, Technical Managers, Engineering Directors, Delivery Manager, CTO etc. These guys only understand tangible UI Design and look for it overwhelmingly. They don't understand the Functional & Strategic aspect, that is UX.
UX is Functional and ideally be interviewed by Product VP, Functional Product Manager, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Strategist and Chief Design Officer.
UX consultation can be done on Services, Processes, Business and Products.

#UXjobs #UXhiring
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I'm still noticing a lack of good books amongst the #servicedesign community that actually speak to organizational dynamics and change. I wrote this post for a friend but I thought I would also post it here for those that might find it useful Warning: Tweetstorm ahead!
1. The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization By Peter Senge… Pretty foundational book speaks the principles of what needed to create effective learning organizations
2. Teaming by Amy Edmonson… Really great book by the author of the term psychological safety on how to develop the conditions for effective teamwork and learning within orgs
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I've pulled together a giant thread of #charity #servicedesign resources, examples and more.

Two really useful tool-kits:
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿@digitalscots The Scottish Approach to Service Design…
🚀@nesta_uk Playbook for Innovation Learning…

Don’t just ask users what they want.

Don’t ask what someone will do.

@TechforgoodCAST's 10 digital design principles can help underpin your approach to designing better services. #ServiceDesign #ux #DigitalTransformation

As a [person in a particular role]

I want to [perform an action or find something out]

So that [I can achieve my goal of…]

@escmum's simple but powerful approach to website user stories is a great place to start embedding design thinking… #ux

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I'm a few years behind the curve; y'all still do follow trains?

Well, I'm starting one. Let's do one about #equitydesign.

@albanvillamil asked if I knew people, places, and tools for equity and design, and I wanted everyone to know everyone.

Spread the word! (1/million)
That being said, like equity work, this isn't (and arguably can't be) the definitive

Equity is a verb, like @_ChristineOrtiz says, so my hope is this is only the beginning.
I tried to get everyone's resources and descriptions correctly, but if there's anything wrong, feel free to correct me! (Crit's in our blood, right?)

Feel free to add, amend, include, and let's get to know each other. Cool? Cool.
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THIS. Service design third phase. I’ve had the pleasure to interview Chris about evolving waves of service design over the years.

I’m glad to see this and @sophiedennis rant about valuing the product/interaction part of a wider #servicedesign movement.
As a trained product designer we sweat the details. The care and attention of the radius of a thing. The materials you use to mould it together. The thinking through of its production and manufacture. I’ve seen this care for the design get lost in the #servicedesign
Growth where we favour perfomative service design (and believe me it gets commissioned) over the actual time and money that needs invested to actually design something that works
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Our current service designs fail because they aren’t designed to create fulfilling lives or help people thrive.

They are designed to silence creativity, reduce autonomy and suppress aspiration.
We are afraid of risk and of chaos.

Our dominant models of design are to reduce risk and to control neat outcomes we can quantify.

Evaluation is a baseline of how our current societal model functions and if it isn’t in a box it can’t be easily measured.
We don’t like outliers and we certainly can’t cope when they exist, this is why when services fail we have no way to fix them.

We have an incapacity to then ‘solve’ problems because there is no slack designed into systems.
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Great question Wojtek and thanks for the chance to answer Sorry it'll need a (massive - take a toilet break, grab a cuppa and a comfy chair) threaded response as my tweet kept growing !! 👇👇
So #SAtSD is an attempt to create a shared collaborative approach to designing public services in Scotland. We are co-producing the approach based on collective thinking and actions across orgs and sectors that design and / or deliver public services in Scotland.
That currently includes many people and service design champions from @scotgov @DigitalOfficeLG, various parts NHS in Scotland, as well as many different public bodies, local authorities, private and third sector orgs.
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