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4 Apr 20
The chemical massacre

It is one of the crimes Bashar Al-Assad committed.
Through the use of internationally prohibited weapons.
He executed his crimes rudely because he knows that the international community will not hold him accountable.

Hundreds of people have died.
Choking with sarin gas.
The voice of the world rose.
These crimes were condemned. Then the world was silent.
These crimes have been forgotten.

But we did not forget
We will not forget these crimes.
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7 Mar 20

9 years . This unjust war has destroyed everything in Syria.

You have destroyed a human.
The place was destroyed.
Dreams of children were destroyed.

It was the cause of displacement of millions of people.

This war made the Syrian man go back to the Stone Age.
He started dwelling caves.
Because his house was destroyed by Putin and Bashar Al-Assad who were deliberately targeting civilian homes.

Vast areas become rubble.

We have nothing left of our cities but memories.
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2 Mar 20
I tell you, as our friend Nicholas said:
These immigrants are human beings.

Yes we are human. The earth and the sky have narrowed us.

Our sky is full of Putin's planes and Bashar Assad, whose missiles are aimed at us.

And the earth also narrowed us.
Millions of people gather in a narrow spot in northern Syria.
They sleep in the open. And under the trees.
The space in the north is very narrow.
Despite all this, the planes are chasing us
We have not migrated for luxury and recreation.
We are running away from death.
We just want our children to live.
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29 Feb 20
The Syrian people for 9 years have been killed and expelled.

We haven't seen a single global leader stand by us.
Although all of them have relations with Israel.
Just because Erdogan stood by the Syrian people, you started accusing him.
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29 Feb 20
Cry in the bloody valley
Wound ..
River of my blood.
A crying child
And the tears of mothers.
Years have passed. Every inch there is a story.
We stand alone and call
No one hears the call except God.
Death moves every moment from place to place.
Criminals do not care about anything.
Their goal is to kill and destroy.
No one says anything to them.
Laws of the World
It became useless.
Because they do not deter killers.

We Syrians are still in the circle of murder.
We continue to calculate daily massacres.
We cry ...
Our children cry
We cry on their bodies
We cry with homes

Millions of photos and videos.
Filled with world libraries.
The stories of our sufferings have fallen into the sky.
Scenes of torment every day. Crying mountains.
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23 Feb 20
In my country,
young people spend their lives at the bottom of prisons.
Young people are being chased everywhere.

In my country, a child is no longer waiting for his father.
The father is in a grave or in prison.
In my country,
the tears of the martyr's widow and orphan, and the pain of the mother remains.

In my country,
field executions by Bashar al-Assad's regime twice a week,
innocent civilians setenced without trial in Sednaya prison and other Assad prisons.
In my country,
Syrian detainees are tortured in ways that the human mind cannot absorb.

The harshest methods lead to death
The lightest of these methods lead to birth defects,
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16 Feb 20
These are the tears of a Syrian child. Among the thousands of Syrian children deprived of their most basic rights.
He wants to buy shoes and a coat to protect himself from the cold of winter!!
But, there is no money available with his father, who was exhausted by displacement.
It makes you cry. Because you want something and you cannot obtain it!!
Deprivation makes tears fall badly.

The causes of deprivation are Bashar al-Assad, Putin and Khamenei.
These are the ones who deprived our children of everything.
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14 Feb 20
Things are escalating politically and militarily between Turkey, Russia, the system and internationally.
The war drums were also sounded and dances began after the Russians rejected Turkey's request to withdraw the regime from the areas it controlled.
Will the Russians insist that the regime not withdraw,
Of course, the decision is not in the hands of Bashar, but in the hands of the Russians?
At the same time ,

Will Erdogan give up his promise to the People's Assembly, his people, and his military leadership after the end of the period he gave to the regime, ??
And who is the end of February to withdraw.?
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11 Feb 20
A horrific massacre in the industrial area of Idlib

In the face of the crimes of Bashar Al-Assad and Putin, the tongue is unable to describe the people's pain.
The cry of this man must be a guarantor in order to awaken the sleeping human consciences.

What do we say:
We only have to say
Syria is an endless wound
Within moments ...
All his children died in the barbaric shelling of the industrial city in the city of Idlib today
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10 Feb 20
Here the world has stood silent

Russian warplanes turned #Syria into a living hell.

More than 35 civilians were killed in the past 48 hours in #Aleppo and #Idlib while bombing continues.

What do you know about a country whose inhabitants visit death from time to time
What do you know about a child who went to school and never came back
What do you know about feeling fear
What do you know about the sounds of bullets and hitting rockets?
What do you know about killing innocent people?
What do you know about bereaved screams
What do you know about hunger; about deprivation; about not having a family; do you not have a home, to lose a home
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5 Feb 20
Mr. Guterres .@antonioguterres
Please read these tweets.
I am in #Idlib. I have been displaced nine times.

I hope that you watch the attachments listed in this text.
If your stand was resolute in order to stop the war and compel Bashar Al-#Assad and #Putin to stop their military actions, and the destruction of cities, and the displacement of civilians, then we would not need humanitarian aid.
But, for 9 years, your statements have been spoken without any action. I wish that the United Nations and the Security Council use force against #Assad.
The situation in #Syria would have be different from this dangerous situation.
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4 Feb 20
Words in brief

I have nothing to say except:

If the ground is shaking beneath you

And if your sky is full of war planes, they drop their missiles everywhere.

And if the explosions are heard, kilometers away.

What will you do next? !!!
The children cry ...
Because of the sound of the missile explosion
Because of the roar of the planes.

Fear in the eyes of women.
And this fear for their children.
Older men, unable to move.
Their eyes are close to the sky.
And most of them tears fill their eyes.
For fear for themselves and their children and grandchildren
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27 Jan 20
Arab and international silence

We will never be surprised by the silence of the world.

Nor Arab silence

The positions of world leaders are well known

Bless this tragedy
these pictures. And videos can arouse the feelings of humanity as a whole.
Unfortunately, this human tragedy will not reach the hearts of world leaders
The displaced are fleeing towards the border areas in a new migration
Displacement continues due to the bombing campaign and the progress of Assad's criminal regime
And his occupied Russian ally on the villages and towns of Idlib countryside

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23 Jan 20
At the end of the comment on this post.

I tell you, you live overseas.

The deadly weapons used by Bashar al-Assad and Putin.

It has not been used throughout history.

We face a superpower. It is Russia with its military arsenal.
I swear in front of everyone. Russia and Bashar al-Assad are aiming to destroy and kill.

Their goal is to terrorize civilians.

Their goal is to destroy cities.

These are their crimes the world sees. He remains silent
Social media has been filled with millions of photos and videos that document the crimes committed by Putin and Bashar al-Assad.

And the question:
Can the civilized world, world leaders and news channels still ignore the 9-year-old tragedy. !

Do you have an answer?
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23 Jan 20
¿Lo que sigue?

Ciudad de #Saraqib hoy:
Una horrible masacre cometida por los aviones de Putin y Assad.
¡Los aviones militares siguen sembrando la muerte en mi país!
Líderes mundiales,
Consejo de Seguridad,
Naciones Unidas,
Asociaciones de derechos humanos,

¿Lo que sigue?

¡Realmente ya no agitas tus sentimientos!
¿Ha muerto realmente la humanidad en vuestros corazones?

¿Lo que sigue?
Es extraño que no te afecte este problema, que te mostramos todos los días.

Las masacres cometidas por Putin y Assad,
¡cada minuto hay una masacre aquí y otra allá!

¡Y tú callas!
Y al guardar silencio sobre las masacres, ustedes son socios en ellas.
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23 Jan 20
Saraqib city today:
A horrific massacre committed by Putin's and Assad's aircraft.
Military aircraft is still sowing death across my country!!!
World leaders,
Security Council,
United Nations,
Human Rights Associations,

What is next?

You really no longer stir your feelings!
Has humanity really died in your hearts?!

What is next?
It is strange that you are not affected by this issue, that we show you every day.

The massacres committed by Putin and Assad,
every minute there is a massacre here and another there!

And you are silent!
And by being silent about the massacres, you are partners in them.
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22 Jan 20
Explosive barrels

lethal Weapon . Bashar al-Assad uses it to kill Syrians.

Question to the United Nations and the international community:

Do you like this weapon, to be silent about it
This weapon is widely used.

It has a huge destructive ability. Where he works to destroy an entire neighborhood
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15 Jan 20

Idlib city today ...

Rockets fall on the heads of civilians

Here is a photo that tells the details of this bloody day

The targeting of civilians is very deliberate.

This is what Putin's planes and Bashar Al-Assad did

Putin and Bashar Assad deceive people. They say they have reached a truce !!

But it is a truce to kill and destroy

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29 Dec 19
I apologize for a reply to the video in my Tweet.
The reason is that, through my tour in northern Syria, I observed that many of these people have not found shelter yet.
Food is too scarce.
There are very few tents.
Medicines for children are almost non-existent.
There are large numbers of people sitting under the olive trees, and some tents are raised among these trees. These are made from any materials available. Some people used rolls of nylon fabric that they had brought with them, but many people are still in their cars.
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29 Dec 19
(The picture speaks)!!

We are escaping from the bombing planes ...
Chasing us from one place to another ..

where are we going !?
to here ?
Or here?
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26 Dec 19
The international community is in disgust. He no longer sees this humanitarian catastrophe. That will be a stain on the faces of all world leaders.
I advise them to back away from the slogans of humanity and human rights. Because they are logos without application.
They are deceiving people with it.

The United Nations and the Security Council
They say that their goal is to protect the human being!
Where does this target apply? And this Syrian people were displaced from their lands.
The reason is only two people. They are Putin and Bashar al-Assad. And the entire universe stood unable to repel the crimes of Putin and Bashar al-Assad.
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