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Es halten sich hartnäckige Gerüchte, dass die syrische Armee im Oktober die nächste Offensive auf die Provinz #Idlib starten wird.
Dies sei auch die Grund für:
a) die massive russische Luftangriffskampagne,
b) die baldige Reise von Erdogan nach Moskau.
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Die russische Luftwaffe fliegt weiter massive Luftangriffe auf die vielen militanten Gruppierungen, die in der syrischen Provinz #Idlib aktiv sind.
Die Angriffe werden bei Tag und Nacht ausgeführt.
Die Rede ist von 140 Luftschlägen allein im Laufe der letzten Woche.
Insgesamt dauert die Luftangriffskampagne seit nun einem Monat, und das praktisch pausenlos.
Zuletzt verlegte die Türkei sogar ihre Flugabwehrsysteme nach #Idlib , dies hatte jedoch keine abschreckende Wirkung.
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#Syrien #Syria
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Update #Syrien
Die Lage bleibt extrem angespannt:
- die russische Luftwaffe fliegt weiterhin täglich schwere Luftangriffe in #İdlip ,
- Türkei verlegte zur Abschreckung Flugabwehrsysteme dorthin, erzielte damit aber bislang keine Wirkung,
- Gefechte gegen Kurden.
Die russische Luftwaffe fliegt seit nun drei Wochen täglich Luftangriffe gegen die vielen Gruppierungen, die in der Provinz #Idlib aktiv sind.
Viele dieser Gruppierungen gelten als pro-türkisch.
Dementsprechend scharf reagiert Ankara auf die russischen Luftangriffe.
Zur Erinnerung.
Bereits Anfang September bestellte Ankara im Zusammenhang mit den Luftangriffen den russischen Botschafter ein.
Damals hieß es auch, dass die Luftschläge türkische "Berater" getroffen hätten.
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#Syria #Syrie
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Update #Syrien .
Die Kurden haben ihre Angriffe auf türkische Truppen und pro-türkische Söldner deutlich intensiviert.
Nahezu täglich kommen neue Videos, wie sie mit Raketenangriffen, Sprengsätzen und Scharfschützen feindliche Stellungen attackieren.
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Zunächst zur Erinnerung.
Kurdische Gruppierungen attackieren seit nun einer Woche nahezu täglich (pro-)türkische Stellungen in #Syria .
Zuletzt vernichteten sie einen Stützpunkt sogar mit einer Untergrabung.
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Sie setzen dabei alle möglichen Mittel ein.
Besonders oft lenken sie Panzerabwehrraketen in die Stützposten von pro-türkischen Söldnern.
Von Ankara gibt es dazu meist keine Stellungnahmen, weil es keine Soldaten der regulären türk.Armee sind, sondern "nur" Söldner.
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President Assad met today with President Putin in Moscow and talks focused on combating terrorism. #Idlib
Assad: “I am happy to meet today in Moscow. The joint operation to combat terrorism has now been going on for about 6 years, during which the Syrian & Russian armies have made great achievements, not only by liberating lands or by returning refugees to their cities & villages, 1/
Assad: but also through protecting many innocent citizens in this world because terrorism knows no political borders and does not stop at political borders.” 2/
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So much has happened in #Syria in the past week – world leaders must end their silence in the face of terrifying developments and the suffering of civilians across the country. Turning a blind eye to all these atrocities only gives the regime a green light to commit more. THREAD
#Daraa al-Balad has seen its autonomy crushed in the past days following 79 days of siege & heavy attack. Citizens now face additional military checkpoints, house searches & the threat of arrest for expressing opposition to the regime. 38k people remain displaced from their homes
Meanwhile the regime & Russia escalated attacks on NW Syria in the last 24h, striking towns, a camp & medical point killing 5 civilians & injuring 11. Since June over 120 civilians were killed incl. 45 children. #COVID in #Idlib is worsening with a record 1417 new cases on Friday
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BREAKING -- a U.S. drone strike has targeted #ISIS-K operatives in eastern #Afghanistan.

via @idreesali114
@idreesali114 The U.S. strike today targeted #ISIS-K in #Afghanistan's #Nangarhar province

Earlier, unnamed IC officials had said explosive devices & other materials had been sent by #ISIS from #Nangarhar to #Kabul in recent days.
@idreesali114 Earlier today, the #Taliban was reported to have engaged in clashes with #ISIS-K cells in #Nangarhar's Dara-i-Noor district.

The #Taliban-#ISIS conflict has been centered in #Nangarhar & neighboring #Kunar provinces.
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#August21201, the day Western leaders, mostly @BarackObama, decided to abandon their eminent responsibilities and historical consciousness.
Everything that followed logically stems from this assumed will not to act—yes, a deliberate will.
Intervening would not only have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but would have also stopped the victories of the revisionist powers.
We decided, yes decided, to lose, which means that we decided to let the #crimesagainsthumanity continue until today—they are—, ...
but also to allow the revisionist powers to set the agenda.
There's a continuity in #Syria between the #Ghouta, #Aleppo, #Homs, #Idlib..., but also with the failure of our intelligence and will in #Georgia, #Ukraine, #Belarus, #HongKong & #Afghanistan.
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In der letzten Terroristenhochburg von #Syrien, #Idlib, finden Autokorsos/Demonstrationen der dort herrschenden Al-Qaida-Terroristen (HTS) für ihre gleichgesinnten Taliban-Glaubensbrüder in #Afghanistan statt. Wie lange will unsere BuReg noch Steuergelder hinschicken ? Medien:🤫.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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#Idlib: Ansar al Tawhid released a new video about their use of artillery, repurposed tank guns, mortars, IRAMs and more against the SAA.

The video is pretty large and combines a lot of different systems, so I will go over them part by part.

The group is heavily leaning into it's role as artillery specialists. First sup, we get a really good view at their use of truck-mounted 115m U-5TS main guns, which have been extracted from T-62 tanks. They only have a few of these trucks, and only 2 different ones are seen.

They show multiple strikes on target, usually with HE-FRAG projectiles. The "Ansar-1" usually seem to be used in direct fire mode- although they do appear to be used like a conventional howitzer occasionally.

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Diplomaat Eric De Muynck leidde de Belgische delegatie naar #Rojava voor de repatriëring van 6 #IS-vrouwen en 10 kinderen.
#België zal humanitaire/medische hulp verlenen in Noordoost-Syrië en deradicaliseringsprojecten voor kinderen ondersteunen.
De mogelijkheid is besproken om #FTF's (Foreign Terrorist Fighters) te berechten in de regio waar ze hun misdaden hebben begaan.
#VS en #AANES dringen aan op repatriëring van buitenlanders uit de kampen, omdat camp al-Hol een broeihaard van terrorisme is.…
De kinderen zijn geradicaliseerd in de kampen. De #VS rekent erop dat de gerepatrieerde kinderen zullen gederadicaliseerd worden in Europa. Anders zijn het binnen 5 tot 7 jaar nieuwe #IS-strijders.
14 mannen, 21 vrouwen en 38 kinderen uit België => 13 vrouwen i.a.v. repatriëring
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#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Imperial #Cohorts Under Constant #Rain of #Fire In Both #Syria & #Iraq by the Middle-East #Resistance.

They stepped on a #Hornet's nest:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive🤫
#BLACKLISTED from the #Crumbling #Empire,
Sneeked through its #Feeble #Censoring.

An Explosive Week For The #Imperial #Cohorts in the Middle East.
July 7th, 17 rockets by the #Resistance targeted Ain al-Asad Air Base:

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
#BLACKLISTED by #Crumbling #Empire #Media,
Bypassing its #Feeble #Censoring.

#Turkey is to improve the security of #HTS #Terrorists in Greater #Idlib by pushing towards #Manbij + attempting to capture that #Syrian town.

👉👈from #SouthFront via Archive
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#US Conducts #Airstrikes In #Iraq, #Syria Against Iran-Backed Militia Groups | Jun 27
- Iran-backed militias were targeted in the strikes as a result of the militias’ ongoing attacks against U.S. interests [stealing oil] in the region.…
Drone attack said to target US forces in Iraq | Jun 23
- The #US returned to #Iraq in 2014 to help 'fight #ISIS.' However, tensions with Iran have led to calls for the US to leave.…
The #Iraq war was launched in March 2003 upon the invasion of Iraq by US forces | Jun 10, 2021
- it is estimated that the #UnitedStates spent a total of over 819 billion US dollars on war costs in Iraq.… Image
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#Idlib: HTS released a new video called "Strong Will" (إرادةٌ صلبَة) covering various military aspects from heavy armour to planning to small arms.

Generally as we expect from Syria but I'll note some interesting things below. Apologies for the delay, had to get 1080p.

The weapons we see are standard for HTS- AK-74, PK/M, AKM, with one glimpse at a Fortuna One 3L/6L TWS. Normal small arms drills. Helmets, plate carriers, etc are common.

We've seen the Chinese NP-20 a lot, but not generally with a modified (threaded/extended) barrel to accept a suppressor, which are made locally. Suppressors aren't seen.

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.@frontlinepbs's documentary on #HTS leader Abu Mohammed al-Jolani begins at 10pm EST tonight -- it's already caused shockwaves in the jihadist world.

I've been studying #HTS (& its predecessors) & Jolani's leadership for 10yrs -- the story has profound analytical implications. Image
@frontlinepbs Few could have imagined in 2012-13 that Jolani's Jabhat al-Nusra would years later have a new name & be speaking in quasi nationalist tones; running a semi-technocratic "govt"; proactively engaging w. international NGOs & media; & seeking to establish dialogue w. Western govts.
@frontlinepbs The path between '12 Nusra & '21 #HTS is complex & strewn with inter-factional conflict; vicious internal strife; geopolitical manipulation; and above all, the impact of #Syria's nationwide uprising.

In breaking from #AlQaeda, #Jolani sparked a massive intra-jihadist debate.
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Netherlands funding #WhiteHelmets via #MaydayRescue. Minister Sigrid Kaag planned to inform House of Representatives, end 2019, about suspected fraud re Mayday Rescue. The letter to Parliament was never sent.
Top civil servants objected to transparency according to de Volkskrant report. Mayday Rescue received approx 1 million euros fm Netherlands, Germany, UK, Denmark & Canada.
Mid 2020, Central Auditors, controlling govt expenditure advised a reclaim of 3.6 million euros. Advice was ignored. Kaag halted payment transfer of 57k euros. Kaag wanted to inform Parliament of problems wth Mayday just after death of #WhiteHelmets founder, James Le Mesurier.
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#Idlib: Ansar Al Islam released a video mostly from Idlib & Latakia. It seems that they have taken a similar route to Ansar al Tawheed, specialising in the use of certain weapons- in this case HMG/cannon, RCL, Thicc Grads, AGS-17, and mortars.Interesting developments spotted.
Video starts with the use of SPG-9 RCL at range against various targets. A fighter (Armed with an AK-74) explains the use of this weapon, and a loading and firing sequence is shown. A PG-9 (Probably Bulgarian) can be seen being loaded.
We then see the SPG-9 (Plus SPG-9DM with wheels removed) used. Seems to be fairly accurate, although of course the video is very selective. Some more shots of the use of SPG-9- seems that they are fairly experienced in this. PG-9 has a ~1.3km effective range.
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"Tareq Alaows will als erster Geflüchteter aus Syrien in den Bundestag"


"Tareq Alaows - Flüchtling zieht Bundestagskandidatur wegen Bedrohung zurück"

Warum plötzlich die Kehrtwende ? Was steckt wirklich dahinter ? Welche Ungereimtheiten gibt es ?

#Thread Image
Er besaß schon zur Verkündung seiner Kandidatur keine 🇩🇪 Staatsangehörigkeit. War sich aber sicher, er würde sie bis zu den Wahlen bekommen, was mir gerade deshalb direkt ins Auge stach & stutzig machte. Es wurde kleingeredet obwohl es ja Voraussetzung für eine Kandidatur ist.
Er kam am 4.9.15 in Dortmund an. Erst 6 Jahre nach Anmeldung (erfolgte durch Flüchtlingsmassen sicher erst nach Tagen/Wochen) kann man die 🇩🇪Staatsangehörigkeit mit besonderen Integrationsleistungen erlangen. Welche hat er ? Ohnehin ist die Bundestagwahl am 26.9.21. (merkwürdig) Image
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It's a big day in the #Syria policy world, as #SyriaConf2021 kicks off in #Brussels & @SecBlinken chairs a UNSC session on humanitarian aid in #Syria.

BIG kudos to @ABlinken for taking this on & raising the vital aid issue onto the front-burner.
@SecBlinken @ABlinken NEW - As has so often been the case, when the international community convenes high-level #Syria events (#SyriaConf2021 & UNSC), #Russia's jets take to the sky & drop bombs.

Multiple airstrikes being reported in #Idlib right now.
@SecBlinken @ABlinken In 10mins, @SecBlinken will chair a UNSC session on humanitarian aid in #Syria.

Last week, Jeff Feltman & I wrote something for @politico calling for high-level diplomacy to sustain unhindered cross-border aid access. There's nothing more important now:

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With the #Biden administration settled in, there's a clear trend emerging in certain circles to swat away long-standing, complex foreign policy challenges -- and #Syria appears to be low-hanging fruit.

'#Syria doesn't matter,' some say... 'It was just never that important.'
It's good for there to be a debate -- & yes, 'great power competition' (#China, #Russia etc.) ought to be *the* priority.

BUT to shove #Syria aside as a minor inconvenience would be profoundly reckless, given the extraordinary costs it's inflicted on global stability since '11.
So far, arguments in favor of '#Syria doesn't matter' can be broken down into 2 camps:

(1) Those who ignore the profound past, current & future costs altogether - or worse - (2) those who astonishingly claim that #Assad, #Russia & #Iran can resolve the crisis & achieve stability
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Die Beziehungen zwischen Russland und Türkei bleiben in Syrien extrem ambivalent.
Russland bombardierte wieder Stellungen der pro-türk. Gruppierungen. Türkei zeigte sich empört.
Zugleich patrouillieren die Länder in manchen syr. Provinzen gemeinsam.
Überblick im Thread 👇
Seit mehreren Wochen bombardiert Russland wieder die Stellungen der pro-türk. Gruppierungen in den Provinzen #Idlib und #Aleppo.
Insbesondere die Ölinfrastruktur wird systematisch zerlegt, um die Gruppen von ihrer wichtigsten Geldquelle abzuschneiden
Die Türkei zeigte sich empört.
Russlands Angriffe würden zivile Ziele treffen, so Ankara.
Das kennt man aber auch schon von früher, als Ankara hinter jeder Stellung und jedem Waffenlager ihrer Proxies ein "letztes Krankenhaus" erklärte.
Video: brennende Tankwagen
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🚨Just In: 📜Russian Airstrikes Near The Turkish Border In Idlib Reportedly #Syria #Turkey
Video Showing Aftermath Of Explosion From A Russian Airstrike Bombing Between Sarmada & Bab Hawa Border A Gas Plant Was Hit
#Syria #Turkey

Another Video Showing A Airstrike As The Russian Jet Flys Over
#Syria #Turkey #Russia
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Thousands marched through #Syria’s last major rebel bastion #Idlib waving flags or holding images of those killed #Syria10…
#BREAKING: US @StateDept says it “stands with the Syrian people and continues to call for an end to violence, accountability for atrocities, and a political resolution to end this conflict”
#BREAKING: France says it stands with the Syrian people through these tragic times, including humanitarian assistance, the fight against impunity for crimes committed in Syria, and defense of international law and #UNSC resolutions
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#Syria10 - VIDEO: Ten years of war in Syria: A timeline
After a decade of unfathomable violence and human tragedy that has made Syria the defining war of the early 21st century, the fighting has tapered off but the suffering hasn't
#Syria10 - Wassim Mukdad has carried a darkness inside him since his native Syria slipped into an abyss of conflict. But on August 19, 2020 in Koblenz, Germany, the refugee finally glimpsed a "ray of light" when he took the witness stand
[THREAD: 1/5]
#Syria10 - Ten years into Syria's war, a province in the country's northwest controlled by jihadists and allied rebels is still holding out against the Damascus regime. Can the #Idlib bastion continue to survive as its own self-run territory?
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