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11 Oct
Marinade for tomorrow’s chicken — lime zest and juice, grated ginger, garlic, Thai palm sugar, fish sauce, half a tin of coconut milk, 2 Tbsp. Peanut oil, some black pepper. #SaratusEats
Notice there’s no mention of salt. The last thing you need in this world is to add salt to a dish with fish sauce, which is basically anchovy essence.
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5 Oct
Scenes from a Marriage s1e1, and I’m once more confident that there’s nothing more embarrassment-inducing than being around a couple arguing.
Also apropos: Oscar Isaac is such a fine man.
There’s so much that goes into us being able to get this representation on marriage and wanting/having a baby. Not least of which is women being more open about what having a baby is really like. I’m grateful for that work.

Thanks a feminist today, folks :)
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5 Dec 20
So I spent the morning yesterday visiting project sites in village communities outside of Yola where there are informal banking clusters. These clusters have been in operation at least 3 years, at most 5. This particular 3yr one has 25 women in it. Ave. loan repayment? 100%.
This is the first session for the new cycle. You buy “shares” worth 200 Naira each, and the amount of shares determine how much you can borrow. Highest amount borrowed this year, 63k. Lowest, 16k. Loans used for stuff like buying engines for Agro processing or school fees.
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4 Dec 20
You people on here make having feelings for other people sound like a disease sha.
I think that one of the reasons many Nigerian marriages are a sham is because we have made giving a shit about someone sound like the worst thing. I get it, people can be shitty. But I think it also stops people from being as emotionally invested as they should.
It’s a wonder how much of our actions is driven by the logic of “it’s going to end anyway, so let me not be the idiot that got fooled by this person.” We end up doing awful things and hurting people because at least we get to control that.
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29 Sep 20
So I want to talk about something that’s bothered me since I read about it. It’s about the 13yo boy in Kano sentenced to 10yrs in prison for blasphemy.
Like a lot of us, I read it and it saddened me, but i was determined to unlook. There’s so much in this country to get one down, and in a lot of instances we have to choose between the paralysis of helpless despair and the stoicism of propelling onwards with our lives.
However, the larger systemic things that militate against us as Nigerians manifest themselves also in small ways. Indeed, the endless killings in different parts of the country and the ease with which we condemn young lives to death or cruel sentences are one and the same.
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26 Sep 20
Plantain porridge loading.
Usually don’t like to cook when I’m hungry, but let’s do it. Image
Slow down, simmer... Image
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24 Sep 20
This is a masterful essay about our generation and the way we engage online. Read the whole thing, but I’ll share some of my favorite bits.
This bit on marginalization and the way we use language. Image
This about how we ought to be careful not to paper over our differences in our call for inclusion. Image
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18 Sep 20
Dinner prep. This has been marinading for 24hrs. Time to get some color on it before I put it in the oven to braise. Image
Meat browned, then sautéed some onions and garlic, hella fresh thyme, brown sugar. Then added some stock and, um, Guinness. Now, to braise in the oven for ~2hrs.

(I need a bigger skillet, I know) #SaratusEats Image
I’m hoping for some sweetness (hence brown sugar) and some smokiness (yaji and coffee) and a nice, rich sauce coating the meat.
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5 Sep 20
Tossed some cucumbers in salt, now letting it drain. I’m experimenting with this cucumber salad idea I came across the other day. #saratuseats ImageImage
Tons of garlic and ginger, ata rodo, Basil, scent leaf in groundnut oil. I usually don’t make my own chili oil, but here we are. Let it get hot, then I turned the heat all the way down. #saratuseats
Rice wine vinegar, soy, peanut butter, chili powder, a little sugar. Then added the cucumbers I’d left draining a while ago. So pretty. ImageImage
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4 Sep 20
Sautéed garlic makes me happy. Look at that. Like a little constellation against the cast iron sky.
brown sugar, fish sauce, sriracha, Black pepper.
Added the leftover steak I’d made previously back into the pan, coated it with the sauce.

Forgot to take a photo of the next step — added cooked egg noodles (use Indomie if that’s all that’s available). Coat until completely covered with the sauce.
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3 Sep 20
I’m thinking again of the thoughtful cinematography of this scene. Maria is downcast and anguished. The room is dark, save for a triangle of light. The woman lighting her way forward walks into the light by the window. Maria, slowly following behind.
I love when you can see the intention behind things.

Magic is not only magic when it’s a mystery. There is also magic in knowing how and why things work. It’s a more inspiring kind, because it means the wonder can be made to happen again and again.
Speaking of cinematography, look at the framing, coloring and lighting in this scene. Ugh! Gorgeous and intentional. Image
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31 Aug 20
New books. Can’t wait to dig in. Image
Can’t wait to dig into this, especially. Image
Also really looking forward to this. I hear this Mengiste novel is incredible. Image
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31 Aug 20
Kinda want chocolate chip cookies.
Just baked some chocolate chip cookies. Made a cortado, too 🥰 #Saratuseats ImageImageImage
Perfect. Image
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23 Aug 20
Bayern will likely win tonight, but I kinda want PSG to do the thing
Mbappe winning the UCL then the Club World Cup later will mean he’s won everything. I want that for the young king.
Plus, Neymar 🔥🔥🔥
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19 Aug 20
Spent the day driving through Zing in Taraba State. A gorgeous, gorgeous place. ImageImageImage
If to say Naija was a proper country, that’s a tourism zone. Hiking trials, bike trails, mountain bike races, resorts... alladat.
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13 Aug 20
Ok, let’s do this. Image
I like Level Up.

“Don’t be afraid to step into your greatness, people.”
I love how Level Up changes to Alarm Clock. The horns are giving me life.

I’ll have to listen back for the lyrics.
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3 Aug 20
I’m embarking on a bit of a kitchen adventure today — first time I’m smoking my own meat!

I got a lovely leg of 🐏 for Sallah, so I blended up some cumin, rosemary, paprika, black pepper and salt for a dry rub. Gonna let that smoke for 3 hours.

Wish me luck! ImageImageImageImage
I’m a bit nervous, can’t lie. Never done this before, and I already know I’ll be very pissed if it doesn’t turn out how I want.
For now, though, I’m dreaming of pulled ram sandwiches 😂
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7 Nov 19
Ok. Quick thread on rice farmers and agric policy in Ghana and Nigeria.
I traveled to Asusuare, two hours outside Accra, to visit some smallholder rice farmers. Mr. Charles here is the chairman of the association of over 3,000 farmers in the Greater Accra region. 30% women, average age 35.
Their challenges are similar to what one hears in Nigeria. I did a similar visit last year to Rice Farmers Assoc of Nigeria (RIFAN) in Badagry, but I work with farmers a lot so I hear a lot of this stuff.
Similarities: ave farm size in Both countries 2ha/person, 5-7tons/ha yield
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18 Oct 19
Ok, let’s do a thread on my time at the Nigeria-Niger border at Babban Mutum village in Katsina yesterday.
Ok, my images aren’t sending so will try when I’m back to civilization.

Anyway. Quick disclosure: this is one border, and I won’t extrapolate further than what I saw. There’s another border in Jibia, for example, but it was far from where I was. I had work there, too, but tired
One of the first things you notice in Babban Mutum: trucks everywhere. Everywhere. Loaded to the hilt with pretty much every household item you can think of.
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2 May 19
I’m at the Press Conference organized by Education as a Vaccine, FIDA, and Dorothy Ndjemanze Foundation, among others, on #AbujaPoliceRaidonWomen. I’ll share snippets of video showing these women’s experiences. Caution: it’s grim stuff.
Another survivor shared her story. #AbujaPoliceRaidonWomen
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8 Mar 19
The most extraordinary of women get all the (deserved) praise. Many of us, however, are mediocre, and the world is a cruel place for women who haven’t extraordinary brilliance, resilience, or persistence. We need a world for that works for those women, too #iwd2019
Much like mediocre men can coast, women need to be able to be mid in peace as well. Even those hashtag-amazing among us have off-days at work or home, and a more just world will see us not punished nearly as cruelly for our slip-ups. #iwd2019
I’ve been thinking about Billie King, who had to win a man Bobby Rogan (or whatever his name was) for women’s tennis to be taken seriously. But what if she’d lost? That would’ve put hundreds more women generations ahead back. Why should that be? #iwd2019
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